Silver remains one of the most robust investments of the last decade.  Appreciating nearly eight hundred fifty (850) per cent since 2001, its halcyon days are far from over.  Many astute precious metals pundits are calling for $100+ silver valuations in the foreseeable future.

Most of the investing public, however, is ignorant about silver’s potential let alone its current uses and history.  So, as a follow-up to Silver’s Fascinating Facts, Part 1, here are some more interesting facts about silver.

1    Silver is being rediscovered and utilized for its antibacterial and antiviral properties.  When silver nanoparticles come in contact with bacteria and viruses, they chemically break down their cell membranes, disrupt their structures, and inhibit cell growth.  Best of all, bacteria and viruses do not develop resistances to silver as they often do to antibiotics.

2    Silver is a powerful sanitizer.  Research has shown that the catalytic action of silver in conjunction with oxygen produces a non-invasive cleansing mechanism as opposed to chlorine and other disinfectants.

3    Throughout history, more people have used silver for money than gold.

4    Silver used in aeronautical alloys are now commonplace in the space programs of various nations.  A silver-aluminum-lithium alloy employed in several NASA space shuttle missions, is considered the strongest aluminum alloy known to man.

5    More than two-thirds of the silver bullion produced in the world is a by-product of lead, copper, and zinc mining.

6    The above ground silver supply has been falling steadily for one hundred years.  A hundred years ago, there were twelve billion ounces of refined silver in the world.  Today, that figure has fallen to an estimated three hundred million ounces.

7    The earliest Egyptian histories record that silver was considered more precious than gold.

8    Recent medical research reveals that silver promotes the production of cell growth, increasing the rate of healing in wounds and bones.

9    Nano-particle silver dressings are now being employed in major hospitals to prevent post-surgery infection.

10    “Curad Bandages” is marketing a line of wound care products using silver as a natural anti-bacterial.

11    Every electrical action in the modern automobile is activated by silver coated contacts.

12    So far in 2012, the US Mint has sold one hundred ninety-one silver US Eagles for every gold US Eagle manufactured.

13    The production of hydraulic fluids, antifreezes, polyester fabrics, and flexible plastics is made more efficient by the use of silver.

14    Silver production and secondary recovery have failed to meet demand each of the last fifteen years.

15    24,171 silver coated quartz tiles protected NASA’s Magellan space craft from overheating under twice the solar radiation received during earth orbit.

16    The major silver producing countries include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Australia, and Russia.

17    The United States coins minted prior to 1965 contained ninety percent silver.  A $1,000 face value bag of pre-1965 US silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars contains seven hundred fifteen ounces of silver.

The recognition of silver as an investment class is just becoming understood by the general public.  In spite of silver’s extremely low visibility on the overall investment spectrum (stocks, bonds, annuities, money markets, CDs, and real estate) it still has enjoyed a sensational run-up this century.  We are forecasting that when the average investor starts becoming aware of silver’s value as a financial asset, i.e. real money, in addition to it being a technological and industrial metal, the price of silver is going to “blow up” in a very, very big way.  Make sure that you buy some before it does.  You do not want to be standing alone at the station when the silver express roars away.

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