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12/31/16  Gold: No Bold Predictions for the New Year  Kelsey Williams  Market Oracle
12/30/16  These Commodity Markets Resource Sectors Will Soar in 2017  Lior Gantz  TalkMarkets
12/26/16  Here’s Why Gold Outperforms Stocks During Times Of Market Weakness  Luis Aureliano  Gold–Eagle
12/25/16  FORENSIC EVIDENCE: Why Silver Price Manipulation Will End  Steve St. Angelo  SilverSeek
12/24/16  Gold As A Percentage Of Global Financial Assets  I. M. Vronsky  Gold–Eagle
12/23/16  Central Banks Are Buying Gold As Investors Flee Gold  Rupert Hargreaves  Gold–Eagle
12/22/16  The War on Cash and Then on Gold  Clive Maund  Gold–Eagle
12/21/16  Islamic Finance Standards Spur Development of Gold, Silver Products  Bernardo Vizcaino  Reuters
12/20/16  Flation And The Surge Of Silver  Egon von Greyerz  Silver–Phoenix 500
12/19/16  Gold Price Can’t Go Down Forever  Mervyn Burak  Gold–Eagle
12/18/16  Forecast: Gold Prices Set For New Dip After Interest Rate Hike?  Darren Capriotti  Gold–Eagle
12/17/16  Radical Gold Underinvestment 3  Adam Hamilton  Safe Haven
12/16/16  Fed Raised Rates 0.25% – Rising Interest Rates Positive For Gold  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
12/15/16  Europe’s Financial System Fails, Gold Will Rise  Egon von Greyerz  MarketSanity
12/14/16  Deutsche Bank Turns Over Proof of Metals Price Rigging  Clint Siegner  TalkMarkets
12/13/16  Inflationary Expectations In 2017 Keep The Polish On Gold  Frank Holmes  TalkMarkets
12/12/16  A Second Fed Rate Hike, Will Gold Prices Spike?  Christopher Aaron  Gold–Eagle
12/11/16  Signs Of Inflation: Silver Leads Gold Price  Morris Hubbartt  Gold–Eagle
12/10/16  Gold Price Forecast: What Will The Federal Reserve Do Next Week?  Darren Capriotti  Gold–Eagle
12/09/16  Buy Silver, As It May Replace Gold As Money In India  Fergal O’Connor  SilverSeek
12/08/16  Gold Demand: Grand Slam For Islam  Stewart Thomson  Gold–Eagle
12/07/16  Trump Sets The Stage For A Huge Gold Rally In 2017  James Burgess  Brother John F
12/06/16  Dang It! Gold’s Supposed to Go Up!  Keith Weiner  Safe Haven
12/05/16  Gold and Silver Bullion Buying Opportunity for 2017?  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
12/03/16  Buy A House For 2.6 Ounces Of Gold?  Egon von Greyerz  Gold–Eagle
12/02/16  Silver Prices and Interest Rates  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
12/01/16  A ‘Wicked Rally’ in Gold Price Predicted  Michael Ballanger  GoldSeek
11/30/16  Owning Gold and Silver in Troubling Times  Richard Mills  GoldSeek
11/29/16  Palladium: Signals of Market Supply Shortage  David Jensen  Safe Haven
11/28/16  Gold Prices Advance After Hitting 9–month Low as Dollar Declines  MarketWatch  Silver–Phoenix 500
11/27/16  Silver And Gold, We Can’t Understand It For Them  Jeffrey Lewis  Silver–Phoenix 500
11/25/16  The Gold Bears Are in For a Massive Surprise  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
11/24/16  Gold to Rally More, Stocks Should Drop  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
11/23/16  Where Will Gold Price Go From Here?  Frank Holmes  Gold–Eagle
11/22/16  Gold Price Gains for Second Day on Dollar Decline  Reuters  Gold–Eagle
11/21/16  Global Stocks, PMs, Lifted By Hopes For Increased Demand From China  KitcoNews  Gold–Eagle
11/20/16  Speculators Bailing Out Of Gold – And That’s A Good Thing  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
11/19/16  We May Never Get Another Opportunity to Buy Gold at this Level Again  Chris Vermeulen  TalkMarkets
11/18/16  Islamic Gold – Important New Dynamic In Gold Market  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
11/17/16  Hidden Signs for Gold and Silver  P Radomski  TalkMarkets
11/16/16  Silver Price and The Winds of Complacency  Dr Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
11/15/16  Gold Price Should Go Higher On Global Risks and Trump  Mark O’Byrne  Gold–Eagle
11/14/16  Gold Could Hit $2,000 Under Trump, Here’s How  Sean Williams  Motley Fool
11/13/16  A Good Time To Be Buying Gold  Richard Mills  Market Oracle
11/12/16  Trump to Send Gold Price to $10,000  Jim Rickards  Market Oracle
11/11/16  Trump Win Signals $1,500 Gold and $24 Silver  Nick Barisheff  Gold–Eagle
11/10/16  Gold Surges 5% After America Votes Trump President  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
11/09/16  Credibility, Confidence, Chaos And Gold Price!  GE Christenson  Gold–Eagle
11/08/16  Gold Still In A Bull Market  Claudio Grass  Safe Haven
11/07/16  Gold Always Wins  Keith Weiner  Safe Haven
11/06/16  US Election Uncertainty Now Influencing Gold & Silver Prices  Clint Siegner  ValueWalk
11/05/16  Markets Not Much Action but Don’t Get Careless  Dan Norcini  MarketSanity
11/04/16  Gold: It’s All About the US Dollar  Kelsey Williams  Market Oracle
11/03/16  Silver Price Is Looking Really Bullish In Dollars, Euros and Rands  Hubert Moolman  Gold–Eagle
11/02/16  Precious Metals Stocks May Be Poised for a Major Upswing  Clive Maund  Investing
11/01/16  Gold Survives GDP PoP, FBI Then Adds A Prop  Mark Mead Baillie  Gold–Eagle
10/31/16  The Start Of A 658% BULL Move??  Mervyn Burak  Gold–Eagle
10/30/16  How Big Is Your Gold and Silver Picture?  David Smith  GoldSeek
10/29/16  A Loaf of Bread, A Gallon of Gas, An Ounce of Gold  Kelsey Williams  Market Oracle
10/28/16  Signs Of Life For The Price Of Silver  Darren Capriotti  Gold–Eagle
10/26/16  Unlike Paper Currency, Gold Maintained Value Throughout the Ages  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
10/25/16  Gold Firming With A Favoured Buy Signal  Mark Mead Baillie  Gold–Eagle
10/24/16  Wile E Coyote Gravity Report For Gold And Silver Prices  Keith Weiner  Gold–Eagle
10/23/16  Fiat Money And Gold  Alasdair Macleod  Gold–Eagle
10/22/16  Demand for US Mints Silver Eagles has ‘Returned with a Vengeance’  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
10/21/16  Gold Doesn’t Care Who Wins the US Election  Michael J Kosares  GoldSeek
10/20/16  Phase Two of the Gold & Silver Train Now leaving the Station. All Aboard?  Peter Degraaf  GoldSeek
10/19/16  Silver Price Discovery – It’s Still a Fixing  Dr Jeff Lewis  Market Oracle
10/18/16  Gold Prices To Rise As British Pound Heading Below Parity With US Dollar  Christopher Aaron  Gold–Eagle
10/17/16  Is Platinum Warning Of a Market Crash?  R Ackerman & C Fitzgerald  GoldSeek
10/16/16  Gold Manipulators Not Only Will Be Punished, They Have Been Punished  Gary Tanashian  GoldSeek
10/15/16  And You Thought the Silver Market was Rigged  Dr Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
10/14/16  The SPX Will Tank And Gold Will Rise!  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
10/13/16  Gold and Silver Metals Show Strength Relative to the USD Index  P Radomski_CFA  Gold–Eagle
10/12/16  How Much Gold And Silver Do You Need For Retirement?  GE Christenson  GoldSeek
10/11/16  Gold Realizes The Sad Trut, The Fed Screwed Up  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
10/10/16  Great News For Gold Bugs: The COT Report Is Playing Out As Usual  John Rubino  GoldSeek
10/09/16  Gold Prices Are Entering The Buy Zone  AG Thorson  Gold–Eagle
' 10/08/16  Gold Surges 5% In One Minute "Sterling Flash Crash" – Up 1.7%/Week  Mark O’Byrne  Market Oracle
10/07/16  Gold Price to Rally $80 into October 14th?  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
10/06/16  Gold Buying ‘Opportunity’ After Surprise 3.4% Drop  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
10/05/16  OPPORTUNITY!: Gold and Silver Fall Over 3% and 5%  Chris Mullen  GoldSeek
10/04/16  NIRP Is The Fuel That Will Rocket Gold To $5,000 Or Higher  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
10/03/16  Gold Prices & Silver Prices Steady Amid Bank Problems  Mike Gleason  Seeking Alpha
10/02/16  Silver WAY Undervalued  Adam Hamilton  Seeking Alpha
10/01/16  Gold Price: Three Reasons There’s More Upside Ahead  Joshua Rodriguez  Gold–Eagle
09/30/16  Which Four P.M.s Will Be The Best Investments During The Upcoming Financial Crash?  SRSrocco  Gold–Eagle
09/29/16  The Real Debate: Gold vs. Paper  Peter Schiff And Roy Sebag  Gold–Eagle
09/27/16  Gold Will Likely Soar To A Record Within Five Years  Mark O’Byrne  Gold–Eagle
09/26/16  Precious Metals Are Top Performers Since The First Rate Hike  Christopher Aaron  Gold–Eagle
09/25/16  The Precious Metals Rally Has Begun  Warren Bevan  Gold–Eagle
09/24/16  Gold Unleashed by the Fed  Adam Hamilton  Seeking Alpha
09/23/16  Gold Rises 1.5%, Silver Surges 3% After Fed Stays Ultra Loose At 0.25%  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
09/22/16  Higher Silver Prices For Many Years To Come  Hubert Moolman  Gold–Eagle
09/21/16  The War on Cash Is Still Good for Gold  Frank Holmes  GoldSeek
09/20/16  Gold Bugs Rejoice, Central Banks Think You’re On To Something!  John Stepek  GoldSeek
09/19/16  Silver Price: Why I Believe That Next Week Will Be A Strong Week  Joshua Rodriguez  Gold–Eagle
09/18/16  Another Billionaire Warns of Catastrophy and Emphasizes Gold  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
09/17/16  War is Peace, Silver is Plentiful, and Other Misconceptions  Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
09/16/16  Gold: The Best Performing Asset of the 21st Century  The Daily Coin  GoldSeek
09/15/16  Precious Metals Entering, Stocks & Bonds Exiting Bull Market  Jeb Handwerger  Gold–Eagle
09/14/16  Sorry, You Can’t Have Your Gold – Own Physical, Allocated Gold  Jeff Thomas  Internationalman
09/13/16  Morgan: Investors, Obtain REAL Money OUTSIDE the Banking System Immediately!  Mike Gleason  GoldSilverWorlds
09/12/16  Silver Will Be A Top Performing Asset In The Next Financial Crisis  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
09/11/16  Gold And Silver Are Money. Everything Else Is Debt. Globalist’s Biggest Scam  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
09/10/16  Gold Has Biggest One Day Rally Since Brexit As Elites Rush Into Gold  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
09/09/16  Gold’s Best–Kept Secret  JL Yastine  GoldSeek
09/08/16  Silver Bullion Surges 3.5% To Over $20 Per Ounce  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
09/07/16  Gold Price In Excess Of $8000 While US Dollar Collapses  Hubert Moolman  Gold–Eagle
09/06/16  Gold Price Up as Dollar Slips After Weak US Jobs Data  Reuters  Gold–Eagle
09/05/16  Silver – Stay Sober  Dan Norcini  SilverSeek
09/04/16  Gold Price: Mother Of All Bull Markets Has Only Just Begun  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
09/03/16  Physical Gold Delivery Failure By German Banks  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
09/02/16  China’s Monetary Ascension Is Paved with Gold  Stefan Gleason  TalkMarkets
09/01/16  Gold’s Strong Summer May be Harbinger of Things to Come  Michael J Kosares  GoldSeek
08/31/16  Stagflation to Force People into Gold  Michael Pento  Seeking Alpha
08/30/16  Gold Price Prediction Based On The 1983 Analogy  P. Radomski  Gold–Eagle
08/29/16  M1 Says Gold Price is Going to $10,000  B.I.Staff  Gold–Eagle
08/28/16  Ignore Yellen and Buy the Dip in Precious Metals  Jason Hamlin  GoldStockBull
08/27/16  Why The Smart Money Is Rushing Into Gold  John Grandits  Gold–Eagle
08/26/16  Need–to–Know Tips for Safeguarding Your Precious Metals  Clint Siegner  GoldSeek
08/25/16  Celente Sees Worst Market Crash, Military Conflict, & Gold Spike to $2,000/oz  Mike Gleason  MoneyMetals
08/24/16  Suspicious Reversal in Gold Price  P. Radomski  FX Street
08/23/16  Gold Price Likely To Go Much Higher On Safe Haven Demand  Joshua Rodriguez  Gold–Eagle
08/22/16  Billionaire Goes All In On Gold While Mainstream Media Remains Silent  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
08/21/16  Silver Analysis  Dan Norcini  SilverSeek
08/20/16  Rothchilds Buying Gold On "Greatest Experiment" With Money In "History of the World"  Mark O’Byrne  Silver Doctors
08/19/16  Gold – "Mother of All Bull Markets Has Only Just Begun" – Peter Grandich – Mark O’Byrne  Silver Doctors
08/18/16  Gold Price: Fresh Upside Breakout Is Imminent  Stewart Thomson  Gold–Eagle
08/17/16  Silver Miners Will Outperform Silver Price In The Forthcoming Bull Run!  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
08/16/16  A Golden Opportunity In Gold And Silver  Arkadiusz Sieron  Gold–Eagle
08/15/16  Gold Dore Import Dips 35% in Apr–June Quarter  Dilip Kumar Jha  Business–Standard
08/14/16  Gold And Silver – Panic Precious Metals Selling By Elite Overt  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
08/13/16  Silver Prices: 1 Reason Why Silver Could Hit $50.00 By 2017  Moe Zulfiqar  Profit Confidential
08/12/16  The Irrational Bias Against Gold  Nick Barisheff  Seeking Alpha
08/11/16  This Suggests That Silver Will Soon Spike Significantly Higher  Hubert Moolman  MarketSanity
08/10/16  ;Gold to Thrive in a Fiat Ponzi World with Negative Yield    John_Lee  Kitco
08/09/16  Gold Price $2,150 Or Bust  Mervyn Burak  Gold–Eagle
08/08/16  Does Gold Continue It’s Bull Market Towards $1500 or Crash?  Chris Vermeulen  TalkMarkets
08/07/16  Bullion Investors: Stop Waiting For Bargains Or Get Left Behind!  Clint Siegner  I Journal
08/06/16  Gold In Sterling 2.2% Higher After Bank Of England Cuts To 0.25% and Expands QE  GoldCore  GoldSeek
08/05/16  Stocks Will Waterfall While Silver Will Skyrocket!  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
08/04/16  Why You Need Gold like Never Before  Mike Gleason  MarketSanity
08/03/16  Gold Price Is Now On Its Way To All–Time Highs  Hubert Moolman  Safe Haven
08/02/16  Gold Is an Obvious Trade in This Freaking Fantasyland  Jared Dillian  Market Oracle
08/01/16  Dollar And Gold Price Hint Inflation Out Of The Cage  Seeking Alpha
07/31/16  Central Banks Will Send Economies Spiraling And Precious Metals Skyrocketing  Joshua Rodriguez  Gold–Eagle
07/30/16  Gold and Pork Bellies  Nick Barisheff  Safe Haven
07/29/16  Silver Is Insurance Against The Worst Part Of This Depression  Hubert Moolman  SilverSeek
07/28/16  Still Waiting for a Precious Metals "Correction"? Get Off the Dime and Buy Some Silver!  David Smith  SilverSeek
07/27/16  Underpriced Silver Is the "Rip Van Winkle" Metal  Chris Martenson  SilverSeek
07/26/16  Silver Manipulation – Because They Needed the Eggs    Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
07/25/16  Gold Demand Remains Stable During Sector Weakness  Jordan Roy Byrne  GoldSeek
07/24/16  Gold And Silver – Debt Addiction Will Carry Precious Metals Higher, Guaranteed  Michael Noonan  Market Oracle
07/23/16  Is Gold Set To Hit $1,500 Per Ounce?  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
07/22/16  Gold Price Forecast: Long–Term Pattern Targets $2,700  Christopher Aaron  Gold–Eagle
07/21/16  Reason The Silver Price Will Explode Much Higher Than Gold  SRSrocco  Silver–Phoenix 500
07/20/16  Silver Investment Demand Merges with Industrial Demand  Jeff Lewis  Silver–Phoenix 500
07/19/16  From Gold Chains to Gold Reserves: Who has All of the Gold?  Karus Chains  Market Oracle
07/18/16  More Deflation Ahead: Silver & Gold, They’re A Must–Have  Hubert Moolman  Brother John F
07/17/16  Gold’s Record Selling Overhang  Adam Hamilton  GoldSeek
07/16/16  Gold Price Could Hit $5,000 or Even $10,000 in a Few Years  Jared Dillian  ValueWalk
07/15/16  This Confirms The Continuation Of Silver’s Rally  Hubert Moolman  GoldSeek
07/14/16  Platinum Is Outshining Gold  Frank Holmes  Gold–Eagle
07/13/16  Gold Bull Confirmed: What’s Next?  Jack Chan  Mining
07/12/16  Repeat Of 70s Pattern Shows That Silver $675 Price Is Realistic  Hubert Moolman  Seeking Alpha
07/11/16  Gold Prices: Headed Higher Into Late Summer  AG Thorson  Gold–Eagle
' 07/10/16  Gold And Silver Prices This Week: Strong Advance Continues  Christopher Aaron  Gold–Eagle
07/09/16  Brexit Vote and Gold  Arkadiusz Sieron  Market Oracle
07/08/16  Get Gold At $356 Per Oz By Buying Silver Today  Hubert Moolman  SilverSeek
07/07/16  Gold Heading Toward $1,400 As Bull Run Commences  The Gold Report  Silver Doctors
07/06/16  While You Were Watching 4th July Fireworks, Silver Surged Above $21  Jason Hamlin  GoldStockBull
07/05/16  Silver Price Independence Day Breakout!  Jim Willie  Silver Doctors
07/04/16  Gold Prices: The Road To $10,000  AG Thorson  Gold–Eagle
07/03/16  Silver Surges Over 11%  Christopher Aaron  Gold–Eagle
07/02/16  Gold–to–Palladium Ratio  Arkadiusz Sieron  GoldSeek
07/01/16  Silver Surges, Up 16% In Dollars In Month as Breaks Out Above $18  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
06/30/16  The True Nature of Gold Is Liberty  Stefan Gleason  TalkMarkets
06/29/16  Stock Market Meltdown Likely to Drive Gold Towards $1,500  Michael Swanson  GoldSeek
06/28/16  Gold Surges 20% In GBP In 2 Days On Brexit Fallout  Mark O’Byrne  Market Oracle
06/27/16  Major Debt and Dow Collapse Will Set Ideal Conditions For Silver  Hubert Moolman  Brother John F
06/26/16  Gold And Silver: Security, And BREXIT  Michael Noonan  Inside Futures
06/25/16  Markets Crash, Gold Skyrockets as Britain Takes Brexit  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
06/24/16  A New Balance Of Power In The Gold Market  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
06/23/16  These Conditions Ensure That Gold Will Continue To Rise Over The Coming Years  Hubert Moolman  GoldSeek
06/22/16  What Do The Fireworks In Metals Mean?  Avi Gilburt  GoldSeek
06/21/16  Is It Time to Dump Gold and Buy Platinum?  Bob Moriarty  Resource Investor
06/20/16  Silver Sleeping On the Job  Richard Mills  SilverSeek
06/19/16  Gold And Silver – Insanity Is World "Norm." Keep Stacking!  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
06/18/16  How to Use the Gold–to–Silver Ratio?  Arkadiusz Sieron  Resource Investor
06/17/16  Is Silver Next for Chinese Momentum Investors?  John Lee  SilverSeek
06/16/16  The Rush to Gold: A New Respect Is Growing  Guy Christopher  GoldSeek
06/15/16  Watch Gold Jump to $1,400 if U.K. Votes to Brexit  Sara Sjolin  MarketWatch
06/14/16  New Gold Rally! Gold Shines In A World Of Minus Interest Rates  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
06/13/16  Gold Shines as Equities Sink and Investors Fret  Staff TheStreet  Gold–Eagle
06/12/16  George Soros Buying Gold On BREXIT, EU –Collapse Risk   Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
06/11/16  Massive Gold Stock Investment Buying 2  Adam Hamilton  Zeal LLC
06/10/16  Investors Start To Make Big Bets On Gold  Darren Capriotti  Gold–Eagle
06/09/16  US Jobs Report Changes the Landscape for Gold  Brien Lundin  TalkMarkets
06/08/16  Former Bank of England Head Advocating Gold Ownership  Michael J Kosares  GoldSeek
06/07/16  The Rise Of The Silver Price Will Be Quick And Sudden  Hubert Moolman  Silver–Phoenix 500
06/06/16  Gold Climbs On US Jobs Report Miss  Joshua Rodriguez  Gold–Eagle
06/05/16  Gold And Silver – Friday May Have Marked A Pivotal Turnaround  Michael Noonan  Safe Haven
06/04/16  Silver Bullion: Perfect Storm Brewing in the Market  Mark O’Byrne  SilverSeek
06/03/16  The Gold Bull Market – Is it Time Yet?  Alex  GoldSeek
06/02/16  Are You Still Waiting For A Gold And Silver Pullback?  Peter Degraaf  TalkMarkets
06/01/16  Clash Of The Titans Propels Gold  Stewart Thomson  GoldSeek
05/31/16  Gold Price Forecasts Revised Higher To $1,400/oz – Citi Says "Buy the Dip"  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
05/30/16  A Few Questions To Those Who Slam Gold  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
05/29/16  Gold And Silver – At Significant Support. New "Story" Developing  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
05/28/16  These Crisis Markets Are Primed to Deliver Big Gains, Platinum Never Cheaper!  Justin Spittler  Market Oracle
05/27/16  Silver Rises as U.S. Housing Reports Buoy Outlook for Demand  Joe Deaux  Bloomberg
05/26/16  Gold : Just the Facts Ma’am  Dan Norcini  Safe Haven
05/25/16  Billionaires Buy Gold as Stagflation Triggers Demand  Staff  The Daily Bell
05/24/16  Gold – The Next Top Performing Asset to 2020 & Beyond  Chris Vermeulen  Market Oracle
05/23/16  Buy Silver – "Best Precious Metals Trade"  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
05/22/16  Gold Bull–Phase I Continues to Confound  Plunger  GoldSeek
05/21/16  There Will Soon Be a Run to Gold Like You’ve Never Seen Before  Mike Gleason  SilverSeek
05/20/16  Two Scenarios In Gold, Neither Particularly Bearish  Rick Ackerman  Gold–Eagle
05/19/16  Massive Silver Price Rally During The Coming US Dollar Collapse  Hubert Moolman  SilverSeek
05/18/16  Gold Price Possible $200 Rally  Bob Loukas  The Financial Tap
05/17/16  The Case For Gold, Gold History In Point Form  Daan Joubert  Gold–Eagle
05/16/16  Higher Silver Prices: The Fundamental Case  Christopher Aaron  Silver–Phoenix 500
05/15/16  Demand Skyrockets as "Chinese Floor" Ensures Upward Price Moves  Mike Gleason  Investment Watch blog
05/14/16  Gold and Silver, the Gathering Storm  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
05/13/16  Global Gold Investment Demand Surges Record 122% In Q1, 2016  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
05/12/16  Gold Bullion Is "Long Term Insurance Policy"  Mark O’Byrne  Resource Investor
05/11/16  China to Suck Up the World’s Physical Gold Scutify May  Minyanville
05/10/16  Commodities Overtake Stocks and Bonds with Best Rally Since 2010!  Chris Vermeulen  Seeking Alpha
05/09/16  Bianco:Gold a ’High Yield’ Asset in a Negative Rate World  FS Staff  Financial Sense
05/08/16  Gold And Silver ARE The Only Money [Hardly] In Existence  Michael Noonan  Safe Haven
05/07/16  Buy Gold, ‘Get Out Of The Stock Market’ Warns Druckenmiller  Mark O’Byrne  Resource Investor
05/06/16  Monetary Liquifaction, Gold And The Time Of The Vulture  Darryl R Schoon  GoldSeek
05/05/16  A Few Facts About Gold That NaySayers Conveniently Ignore  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
05/04/16  SILVER: Prospects for the Birth of a New Bull Run  Joseph Russo  Safe Haven
05/03/16  Gold & Silver Rally Huge as Central Bankers & Analysts Flub  MoneyMetals  Seeking Alpha
05/02/16  SILVER: Prospects for the Birth of a New Bull Run  Joseph Russo  Safe Haven
05/01/16  The Next Technical Price Targets for Gold & Silver  Chris Vermeulen  Counting Pips
04/30/16  Is Silver a Better Bet Than Gold in the Near Future?  Chris Vermeulen  Seeking Alpha
04/29/16  Silver: The "Five Year Plan" and the Great Leap Forward  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
' 04/28/16  Is Gold More Productive Than Cash?!  Axel Merk  Market Sanity
04/27/16  Silver Price Predictions  P. Radomski  Silver–Phoenix 500
04/26/16  Long Awaited Gold Price Breakout  Jim Willie  Gold–Eagle
04/25/16  How The Credit Markets Will Blow Up During The Coming Silver Rally  Hubert Moolman  TalkMarkets
04/24/16  Gold Price Target is $3,000 and Silver is $75 per Ounce  Jason Hamlin  Kitco
04/23/16  Silver’s New Bull Market  Adam Hamilton  Zeal LLC
04/22/16  Gold and Silver are on the Cusp of a Massive Rally!  Chris Vermeulen  The Gold and Oil Guy
04/21/16  Take Off Your Tin Foil Hat – Banksters Admit to Gold Rigging  Nathan McDonald  Safe Haven
04/20/16  A Powerful Signal for the Coming Silver Price Rally  Hubert Moolman  GoldSeek
04/19/16  Negative Interest Rates May Be Positive for Gold  John Browne  Europac
04/18/16  Silver Manipulation Cultists Cheer "Proof"  Dan Norcini  Trader Dan
04/17/16  Stronger Reasons For Buying Gold/Silver Right Now  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
04/16/16  Silver Up 5.6%; Gold Down 1% as Deutsche Bank Settles Gold and Silver Manipulation Suits  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
04/15/16  Gold Could Explode Higher as Precious Metals Become Shariah Compliant  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
04/14/16  Buy Gold – Advises HSBC  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
04/13/16  Silver Price Surges 8% In 6 Days To Over $16 Per Ounce  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
04/12/16  Is $500 Silver Possible?  AG Thorson  Gold–Eagle
04/11/16  Gold And Silver – Fallacy Of East v West And Price Of Precious Metals  Michael Noonan  Market Oracle
04/10/16  Gold and Silver: Ripe for a Recovery!  Peter Zihlmann  GoldSeek
04/09/16  Buy Gold and Silver to Avoid "Cyber Financial Warfare"  Mark O’Byrne  Market Oracle
04/08/16  Gold Once Again Proves To Be The Best Defense Strategy  Claudio Grass  Gold and Liberty
04/07/16  Perth Mint Silver Coins Have Second Highest Monthly Demand  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
04/06/16  Fort Knox Gold Paradox  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
04/05/16  Silver Bullion Is Coiled Spring and Will "Explode Higher"  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
04/04/16  Gold Rush by Russia Makes Up for Billions Lost in Currency Rout  Andrey Biryukov  Bloomberg
04/03/16  Gold Mint at Europe’s Heart Says Sub–Zero Rates Buoy Sales  Ranjeetha Pakiam  Bloomberg
04/02/16  Silver Is A Coiled Spring  Adam Hamilton  Seeking Alpha
04/01/16  Tracking The Big Gold Buyers In 2016  Darren Capriott  Gold–Eagle
03/31/16  By 2020 Germany Wants Half Its Gold Reserves Back  Frank Holmes  Gold–Eagle
03/30/16  Gold Still Most Desirable Currency in Wake of Brussels Attack  The GR Staff  Mining
03/29/16  Goldman is Dead Wrong on Demise of Gold  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
03/28/16  Gold Price, Pregnant With Possibility  Jeffrey Nichols  GoldSeek
03/27/16  Who Sets the Gold Price?  Arkadiusz Sieron  Seeking Alpha
03/26/16  Pre–1965 Silver Pocket Change Provides Investors With an Economic Future  Guy Christopher  SilverSeek
03/25/16  A Love Affair: India and Gold  David Chapman  GoldSeek
03/24/16  Silver Fundamentals: The Numbers Don’t Lie  Jeff Nielson  Silver–Phoenix 500
03/23/16  A Big Reason Why Silver Price Is Set To Soar  Hubert Moolman  SilverSeek
03/22/16  Silver – A Long–Term Perspective  Gary Christenson  SilverSeek
03/21/16  Federal Reserve to Cause Super–Spike in Gold Prices?  Profit Potential  Gold–Eagle
03/20/16  Gold And Silver – Shanghai Exchange Effect On Silver?  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
03/19/16  Silver Price Soars 4%, Gold Consolidates On Federal Reserve  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
03/18/16  Gold and Paper 1951 – 2016  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
03/17/16  David Morgan: Silver Supply under $16 Is Limited  Mike Gleason  Safe Haven
03/16/16  Gold’s Latest Rally Could Have Durability  Frank Holmes  GoldSeek
03/15/16  Gold, Silver, Zika, ZIRP, and NIRP Viruses  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
03/14/16  Cash and Gold, Standing in the Way of Servitude and Slavery!  Mike Hoy  GoldSeek
03/13/16  Gold And Silver – Precious Metals Amid A World Of Lies And Deception  Michael Noonan  Market Oracle
03/12/16  Can Gold Climb to $1400/oz?  Jordan Roy–Byrne  Safe Haven
03/11/16  Silver Cheapest To Gold In 7 Years – ETF Holdings Surge  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
03/10/16  Gold and Hillary’s Scary New Cash Tax  Justin Spittler  Zero Hedge
03/09/16  Silver Price Rise Will Be Quick And Sudden  Hubert Moolman  SilverSeek
03/08/16  New Gold Bull Market Now Official; Breaking Point in Paper Gold?  Clint Siegner  GoldSSeek
03/07/16  Confirming The Big Gold Wave Of 2016–2017  Dr. F.T. Dao  Gold–Eagle
03/06/16  Gold Has Officially Moved Into The Bull Market!  Joshua Rodriguez  Gold–Eagle
03/05/16  Massive Gold Investment Buying  Adam HamiltonAdam Hamilton  Seeking Alpha
03/04/16  Gold and the US Monetary Base Signals the Greatest Depression  Hubert Moolman  GoldSeek
03/03/16  What Is The Most Important Fundamental Reason For Gold?  Avi Gilburt  Gold–Eagle
03/02/16  February Demand For US Gold Coins Up 236% From 2015  KitcoNews  Gold–Eagle
03/01/16  Silver Prices in Five Years?  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
02/29/16  Gold Price Generates Long–term Buy Signal  Gary Savage  Market Oracle
02/28/16  Gold And Silver – February Heralding End Of Down Trend?  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
02/27/16  "Buy Gold" As "Insurance Is Warranted" – Deutsche Bank  Mark O’Byrne  Brother John F
02/26/16  Gold’s Full House  Gary Tanashian  GoldSeek
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02/24/16  Gold Price And Silver Price Forecast – Bullish Consolidations  Christopher Aaron  Gold–Eagle
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02/21/16  Gold Has Outperformed Stocks Since 1967!?  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
02/20/16  The Big Wave Prospect Of Silver In 2016  Dr. F.T. Dao  Silver–Phoenix 500
02/19/16  Two Top Reasons Why Silver Is A Must–Have  Hubert Moolman  SilverSeek
02/18/16  Gold Soars as Wall Street Tastes Fear  Peter Spina  GoldSeek
02/17/16  Silver Forecast: Silver Prices In Five Years?  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
02/16/16  Silver, Gold, the Argentina Peso, and Exponentially Increasing Prices  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
02/15/16  Last Week Was More Of The Same, Which Is Good For Gold And Silver  Mark J Lundeen  Gold–Eagle
02/14/16  Gold’s Macrocosm: The Planets Align  Gary Tanashian  Market Oracle
02/13/16  The Coming Silver Price Rally Will Be Fueled By A Crashing Dow  Hubert Moolman  Kitco
02/12/16  Why Is Gold Price Is Up Nearly $60 This Morning  ?Michael Kosares  Gold–Eagle
02/11/16  If You Miss Buying Gold – You Will Regret, it Later  Chris Vermeulen  Small Cap Network
02/10/16  The Paradox of Silver Supply, Demand, and Sentiment  Dr Jeff Lewis  Market Oracle
02/09/16  Don’t Laugh, We Could See Silver $100+  Mike Gleason  Seeking Alpha
02/08/16  Collapse Of The Paper Gold & Silver Market May Be Close At Hand  Steve St. Angelo  GoldSeek
02/07/16  US Dollar Meltdown & Gold Surge  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
02/06/16  Is the Gold Price Manipulated?  Arkadiusz Sieron  Market Oracle
02/05/16   Gold Forecast: Gold Price Starts The New Year With A Bang  Ken Ticehurst  Gold–Eagle
02/04/16  HUI Now Confirming Gold Move Higher  Dan Norcini  Safe Haven
02/03/16  Gold Price Firmer As World Stock Markets Still Uneasy  Kitco  Gold–Eagle
02/02/16  Central Bank Created Silver Price Rally  Gary Christenson  SilverSeek
02/01/16  Silver Price Breaks Higher on Rising Anxiety  AnyOption  Market Oracle
01/31/16  Gold Price Potential Upside 2016  Peter Degraaf  Market Oracle
01/30/16  US Mint Gold Bullion Coin Sales  A. Hamilton  Market Oracle
01/29/16  The Coming Perfect Storm In Silver  SRSrocco  Silver–Phoenix 500
01/28/16  Inflation, Deflation And Gold  Arkadiusz Sieron  Gold–Eagle
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01/26/16  Gold Silver Ratio Update  Roland Watson  Gold–Eagle
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01/24/16  Silver Undervalued Versus Stocks, Bonds, Property and Gold  Mark O’Byrne  Market Oracle
01/23/16  Peak Gold and Silver – It’s Here!  Stefan Gleason  FX Street
01/22/16  Gold: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions  John Ing  Gold–Eagle
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01/17/16  Gold And Silver: New World Order: Public Be Damned, Preferably Dead  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
01/16/16  Gold Bullion Retains "Key Role Of A Major Diversifier"  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
01/15/16  Stagflation: Implications For Gold and Silver  Stewart Thomson  Silverdoctors
01/14/16  Silver, Silliness, Gold, and Risk  GE Christenson  Gold–Eagle
01/13/16  Sales Surge After U.S. Mint Quadruples Silver Eagles Allocation  Marcy Nicholson  Reuters
01/12/16  Paper Gold Utopia For Alchemists  John Hathaway  Gold–Eagle
01/11/16  This Is What Gold Does In A Currency Crisis, China Edition  John Rubino  Market Oracle
01/10/16  The QE Fallacy and Precious Metals  Avi Gilburt  Gold–Eagle
01/09/16  Gold Price Higher In Most Currencies in 2015 – Up 4% This Week  Mark O’Byrne  Market Oracle
01/08/16  Perth Mint Silver Coins Sales Surge 56%  Mark O’Byrne  Market Oracle
01/07/16  Gold Price Up On Mid East, Asia Risk – Jan. Best Monthly Showing  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
01/06/16  Silver Rides a Runaway Expense Train  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
01/05/16  Silver Leads World Asset Classes Post–Fed  Christopher Aaron  Gold–Eagle
01/04/16  Gold Advanced During 2015 in Most Major Currencies  Jason Hamlin  GoldStockBull
01/03/16  Gold and The Public’s Complacency  Richard Appel  GoldSeek
01/02/16  Gold Forecast For 2016 And Next Year’s Monetary Experiment  John Rubino  Safe Haven
01/01/16  Fueling Gold Price 2016 Upleg  Adam Hamilton  Zeal LLC
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12/31/16  Major Stocks Bear Market Still Looms  Adam Hamilton  Safe Haven
12/30/16  In 2017 Be the Bank  David Galland  Market Oracle
12/26/16  Moment of Truth for US Bonds  Gary Savage  GoldSeek
12/25/16  A Broken Bond Bounce Beckons!  Gordon T Long  GoldSeek
12/24/16  Stock Market Something Wicked This Way Comes, Crash?  James Quinn  Zero Hedge
12/23/16  Considerable Down Day for Wall Street  Harry Boxer  FX Street
12/22/16  Why Are Foreign Nations Dumping US Treasuries  Dan Steinbock  TalkMarkets
12/21/16  Stock Market Doesn’t Look Right  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
12/20/16  Chinese Yuan’s Day of Reckoning  Michael Pento  Kitco
12/19/16  Stock Market Consolidation?  Andre Gratian  Market Oracle
12/18/16  US Bond Market Implosion Continues  Gary Savage  Market Oracle
12/17/16  The Absurdity Of Using A Fallacy For A Correlation In The US Dollar And Euro  Avi Gilburt  GoldSeek
12/16/16  Stock Market Sell Signals Being Generated  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
12/15/16  The Soon To Erupt Euro Experiment  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
12/14/16  Euro Devaluation Accelerates, Has Europeans Wishing They’d Bought Gold  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
12/13/16  The Bank of Japan Has Primed the Markets For a Crash  GrahamSummers  Brother John F
12/12/16  Official Warning: Stocks Are Going to Crash  Graham Summers  Brother John F
12/11/16  The Problem Is A Single Central Bank, Not A Single Currency  Steve Saville  Investing
12/10/16  Will ECB Increase Their Bond–buying Program?  Mark O’Byrne  Market Oracle
12/09/16  Euro Devaluation Accelerates  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
12/08/16  Is The Bank Of Japan Trying To Crash The Markets?  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
12/07/16  Warning: Market Crashes Hit When the Most Investors LEAST EXPECT IT  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
12/06/16  The Coming Stock Market Crash and WWIII  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
12/05/16  Goldman Sachs Is Big Winner In Trump Election Victory  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
12/03/16  Is the Yellen Fed TRYING to Crash Stocks To Hurt Trump?  Graham Summers  Brother John F
12/02/16  Stock Market Possible Breakdown  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
12/01/16  The US Bond Bear Market Has Begun!  Jared Dillian  ValueWalk
11/30/16  Indian Demonetization Denotes Severe Stress in the Global Gold Market  Stewart Dougherty  GoldSeek
11/29/16  Watch Tuesday, Stock Market Big Move Coming!  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
11/28/16  Europe Will Devalue Or Dissolve – Welcome To The Currency War  John Rubino  GoldSeek
11/27/16  Dollar Strength Warrants Caution On U.S. Equities  BCA Research  Financial Sense
11/26/16  This Is Where I Get Off  Jeff Thomas  GoldSeek
11/25/16  Breaking News – Spain Launches War on Cash  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
11/24/16  Chinese Renminbi Amid US Dollar’s Global Risk  Dan Steinbock  ValueWalk
11/23/16  The Spreading Bondfire And The Rising Price Of Gold  Darryl R Schoon  Gold–Eagle
11/22/16  Reversal Interest Rates Are the Next Big Challenge for Central Banks  Sam Rines  Market Oracle
11/21/16  When the Fake Stock Market Driven By Fake Data Finally Adjusts to Economic Realities?  Graham Summers  Investing
11/20/16  Stock Market Air Pocket Due  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
11/19/16  Deutsche Bank Turmoil Shows Risks of Weakening Bank Capital Standards  Anjan V. Thakor  sfgate
11/18/16  What Happens When The Banks Aren’t Safe?  Jim Rickards  Market Oracle
11/17/16  EURO Yearly Cycle Low  Gary Savage  GoldSeek
11/16/16  Trump’s Mandate to Yellen: Print More Money or You’re Fired!  Michael Pento  TalkMarkets
11/15/16  Human Derivatives and Gold  Stewart Dougherty  GoldSeek
11/14/16   Are Bonds, Commodities And Stocks About to Tank?  Gary Savage  Gold–Eagle
11/13/16  Make Inflation Great Again! Is Trump the ‘Inflation President’?  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
11/12/16  What Investors Can Expect from the Trump Revolution  Clif Droke  Investing
11/11/16  Uncertainty Drives Central Bank Gold Purchases  Mark O’Byrne  Market Oracle
11/10/16  Financial Markets Were Caught Flat–footed. Will There be a Recovery?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
11/09/16  The Presidential Election Won’t Stop The Mother Of All Deflations  SRSrocco  Gold–Eagle
11/08/16  Central Banks Have Broadcast What Is About To Hit  Graham Summers  GoldSeek
11/07/16  Time To Short the U.S. Dollar?  Chris Vermeulen  Safe Haven
11/06/16  The Stock Market Grand Illusion  Tim Wood  Safe Haven
11/05/16  Very Tough Session for Wall Street  Harry Boxer  FX Street
11/04/16  Interesting Aspects Of The Current Financial Situation  Steve Saville  GoldSeek
' 11/03/16  The Global Bond Bubble Is Ready to Burst  Alex Barrow  Financial Sense
' 11/02/16  The Market Just Gave Us Three "Tells", But Few Are Paying Attention  Graham Summers  GoldSeek
11/01/16  Stock Market – Things are Getting Interesting  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
10/31/16  Stock Market, Precious Metals: The Month Ahead  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
10/30/16  Dollar and Yuan Cash In on the Global Money–Printing Trend  Alasdair Macleod
10/29/16  A Lot of Reasons to Stay Stock Market Short  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
10/28/16  The Twists and Turns of the Greenback  Steve H Hanke
10/26/16  Broken Central Banks: 4 Quick Pix  Jim Willie CB  GoldSeek
10/25/16  Large Sell–off in Stock Market Looming  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
10/24/16  Is China About to Go "Scorched Earth" on the US Dollar?  Graham Summers  GoldSeek
10/23/16  Will a Rising US Dollar Crush Gold‘s Fledgling Bull?  Jordan Roy Byrne  Gold–Eagle
10/22/16  Quantitative Easing, Helicopter Money and Gold  Arkadiusz Sieron  Investing
10/21/16  The Stock Market is an Accident Waiting to Happen  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
10/20/16  Can we have a Stock Market Flash Crash?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
10/19/16  Euro ‘Will Collapse" – Is ‘House of Cards" Warns Founder of Euro  Mark O’Byrne  Zero Hedge
10/18/16  BoE Blames Brexit for Sterling Drop Inflation, Masks QE Money Printing Cause  N. Walayat  Market Oracle
10/17/16  Stock Market Crash or No Crash?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle<
10/16/16  Brace Yourself for the Quadrillion–Dollar Reckoning  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
10/15/16  US T–Bill Rejection At Ports In Progress  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
10/14/16  Market Negative Expectations After Tuesday’s Decline – New Downtrend?  Paul Rejczak  FX Street
10/13/16  Very Negative, Critical Day for the Stock Market  Harry Boxer  FX Street
10/12/16  Could the Fed Buy Stocks?  M Guild & A Danaher  Financial Sense
10/11/16  Bubble Blind Central Bankers  Michael Pento  Gold–Eagle
10/10/16  – But There’s a Bigger Issue at Stake  Rachael Levy  Business Insider
10/09/16  WARNING: the Markets Might Crash HERE AND NOW  Graham Summers  Market Oracle
10/08/16  Pound Sterling Flash Crashes. Is the SPX Next?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
10/07/16  Gold for When Markets Go Bump in the Night  Michael J Kosares  USA Gold
10/06/16  The End of US Dollar Dominance?  Axel Merk  GoldSeek
10/05/16  WARNING: The Bond Markets Are Signaling Something MASSIVE is Coming  Graham Summers
10/04/16  An Interest Rate Hike Would Be Ugly for US Bonds  Jared Dillian  Market Oracle
10/03/16  Deutsche Bank – Signs of Stock Market Panic!  Gordon T Long  GoldSeek
10/02/16  Stocks, Bonds, Gold and Commodites – It’s January 2013, With a Twist  Gary Tanashian  Market Oracle
10/01/16  It’s Not Just Deutsche Bank. The Whole Financial Sector Is Dying  John Rubino  GoldSeek
09/30/16  HSBC’s Just Warned of a Potential 1987–Type Crash  Graham Summers
09/29/16  Here’s Why You Should Be in Cash Right Now  Jared Dillian  ValueWalk
09/27/16  What Blows Up First, Deutsche Bank?  John Rubino  GoldSeek
09/26/16  Stock Market More Correction Likely  Andre Gratian  Market Oracle
09/25/16  Stock Market Clear and Present Danger!  Chris Vermeulen  Market Oracle
09/24/16  Stock Market Unwinding, Still Nowhere Big Picture  Jack Steiman  Market Oracle
09/23/16  What’s Keeping the Stock Market Up?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
09/22/16  Wells Fargo Scandal Shows Next Bank Crisis Coming  Patrick Watson  Forbes
09/21/16  European Banks May be More Important Than the Fed This Week  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
09/20/16  Stock Market May Turn Ugly This Week  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
09/19/16  Subdued Global Growth and Flat Inflation Confront Central Banks  Bill Witherell  Financial Sense
09/18/16  The Financial Crisis Is Escalating!  Chris Vermeulen  Market Oracle
09/17/16  Stock Market: Seatbelts Buckled?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
09/16/16  3 Clear Signs the US Stock Market Is Doomed  Toni Sagami  Forbes
09/15/16  Wells Fargo and Other Banks Now Just Outright Stealing People‘s Money  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
09/14/16  Stock Market Freefall Episode Coming Soon  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
09/13/16  Central Banks May Choose Helicopter Money Over Negative Rates  Thorsten Polleit
09/12/16  Why the Greater Recession Will be Dollar Bearish  Michael Pento  Gold–Eagle
09/11/16  Hyperinflation Versus Deflationary Collapse  Darryl R Schoon  Gold–Eagle
09/10/16  USD/JPY Could Be Supported by BOJ Policy Stance  easyMarkets  Market Oracle
09/09/16  U.S. Stocks Election Jitters Coming?  Gary Savage  Market Oracle
09/08/16  Conceded: That Central Banks Have Cornered the Bond Markets  Graham Summers  Gains Pains & Capital
09/07/16  Economic Forecasts Have Nothing to do With Stock Market Direction  Sol Palha  GoldSeek
09/06/16  Did You See This Ominous Warning From The Stock Market?  Robert McHugh, Ph.D.  Gold–Eagle
09/05/16  Hyperinflation Is Coming To The US  Steve Saville  The Daily
09/04/16  Most Stock Market Investors Are One Recession Away from Annihilation  Jared Dillian  Newsmax
09/03/16  Few Buys in Global Stock Markets After Rallies  Adrian Day  Market Oracle
09/02/16  The Italian EU Referendum Could Result in the Death of the Euro  John Mauldin  Forbes
09/01/16  Awareness of Fed Credibility Problems Going MainstreamM  Clint Siegner  GoldSeek
08/31/16  7 Things to Remember When Inflation Returns  John Mauldin  Forbes
08/30/16  Have The Markets Become Too Big to Fail?  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
08/29/16  Stocks, the Era of Centralization is Ending  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
08/28/16  Stock Market – All Is Calm, All Is Not Right  Doug Wakefield  TalkMarkets
08/27/16  US Dollar Dips as Fed Speech Approaches  Jemima Kelly  Reuters
08/26/16  Can Stocks Survive Without Stimulus?  Clif Droke  Financial Sense
08/25/16  Precious Metals and Financial Blasphemy, Part 2  Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
08/24/16  Are Central Banks Secretly Preparing For Another Financial Crisis?  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
08/23/16  Bank of Ireland to Charge for Placing Cash on Deposit  Mark O’Byrne  Silver Doctors
08/20/16  Which Price Ratio Matters Most in a Fiat Ponzi?  Jeff Lewis  Gold–Eagle
08/19/16  4 Reasons Not to Buy Bonds Now  Jared Dillian  ValueWalk
08/18/16  Even Hedge Funds Can’t Understand Today’s Manipulated Markets  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
08/17/16  Deutsche Bank Analyst Says: "Stock Market Shock Is the Only Way Out"  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
08/16/16  The Colombian Peso Going Higher  Austin Galt  FX Street
08/15/16  Stock Market Headed for 10% Decline  Brad Gudgeon  Silver–Phoenix 500
08/14/16  Gold Against Foreign Currencies Update  Jordan Roy Byrne  The Daily Gold
08/13/16  Irish Banks Most Vulnerable In Stress Tests  Mark O’Byrne  Gold–Eagle
08/12/16  Stock Market Bounce May be Over  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
08/11/16  What Drives The US Dollar?  I. M. Vronsky  Gold–Eagle
08/10/16  Wake Up And Smell The Bull–Trap!  Chris Vermeulen  Seeking Alpha
08/09/16  Beware the False Stock Market Breakout  Gary Savage  GoldSeek
08/08/16  Banker Bunker Mentality, Big US Banks On The Brink  Jim Willie  GoldSeek
08/07/16  Donald Trump Warns of ‘Very Scary Scenarios’ for Stocks Ahead  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
07/29/16  Stock Market Insiders Are Secretly Selling, Cycle Top Next Month  Chris Vermeulen  Investing 08/05/16  Bond King Gross: "Don’t Like Bonds, Most Stocks," Favors Real Assets  John Gittelsohn  Bloomberg
08/04/16  What You Need to Know If You’re Exposed to Muni Bonds   Rodney Johnson  Market Oracle
08/03/16  Stock Market Sell Signals Made  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
08/02/16  4 Stages of Fiat Monetary Madness  Michael Pento  FX Street
08/01/16  Bank of Japan Disappointment Sets Stage For Further Yen Appreciation  Staff  AnyOption  Market Oracle
07/31/16  US Dollar Set For Massive Smackdown  Austin Galt  Market Oracle
' 07/30/16  Are Central Banks Crazy Enough to Think Helicopter Money is the Answer?  Rodney Johnson  Equities
' 07/29/16  Stock Market Insiders Are Secretly Selling, Cycle Top Next Month  Chris Vermeulen  Investing
07/28/16  Deutche Bank Stock Price Crash – The EU Has Problems Far Beyond the Brexit  Harry Dent  Market Oracle
07/27/16  Stocks Could Easily Fall 40% From Here  Graham Summers  Investing
07/26/16  Here’s One Currency That Could Go to Zero  Jared Dillian  Market Oracle
07/25/16  Stock Market Caution  Marty Chenard  Market Oracle
07/24/16  Stock Market Rally IS Over  Victor Reklaitis  MarketWatch
07/23/16  Investments – If You Can’t Touch it, You Don’t Own it  Jeff Thomas  GoldSeek
07/22/16  Don’t Get Sucked Back Into the Stock Market, Nothin’s Changed  Justin Spittler  Activist Post
07/21/16  Gold And The Perpetual Bonds Era  Stewart Thomson  Gold–Eagle
07/20/16  Waiting on the Euro to Bottom  Gary Savage  investing
07/19/16  The Looming Shortage in Government Bonds  Sober Look  Financial Sense
07/18/16  Will AUD/USD Selling Continue?  Richard Cox  Market Oracle
07/17/16  Will They Come For Your IRA?  Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
07/16/16  Historic Stock Market Investing Returns Are Gone Forever  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
07/15/16  Not Too Late For Real Money In A World, Distracted  Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
07/14/16  Europe Sinking Fast as Italy Unravels and Deutsche Bank Collapses  Jeff Berwick  Silver Doctors
07/13/16  Could the US Bond Market Bubble Finally Be Ready to Burst?  Harry Dent  Market Oracle
07/12/16  ECB and BOJ Now Trapped in Endless Counterfeiting  Michael Pento  TalkMarkets
07/11/16  Stock Market – INFLATION – DEFLATION  Gary Savage  Market Oracle
' 07/10/16  Dead Pulses & Urgent Systemic Reform  Jim Willie  GoldSeek
07/09/16  Deutsche Bank or Dumb Bank?  Chris Vermeulen  TalkMarkets
07/08/16  Forget Shorting the Stock Market  Gary Savage  Market Oracle
07/07/16  European Bank Stocks Plunge! It’s Not The Brexit Stupid  James Quinn  Market Oracle
07/06/16  Stock Market 5–year Cycle?  Ed Carlson  Market Oracle
07/05/16  Deutsche Bank to Trigger the Next Financial Crisis!  Ben Moshinsky  Business Insider
07/04/16  A Perplexing Stock Market  Andre Gratian  TalkMarkets
07/03/16  BrExit Gold And Silver – The Only Money That Matters  Michael Noonan  Market Oracle
07/02/16  Gold, Silver Reaction Following Brexit, Central Bank Desperation Never More Evident  Michael Ballanger  GoldSeek
07/01/16  Gold, Silver, Bonds and Stocks Path Towards Inflation  Gary Tanashian  Gold–Eagle
06/30/16  The Fed’s Money Printing Brings a Strange Outcome  Rodney Johnson  TalkMarkets
06/29/16  Dow, Euro & Brexit Recap  Austin Galt  Safe Haven
06/28/16  British Pound BrExit Crash Wins Britain Currency War!  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
06/27/16  Stocks Bear Market Resumes or Just More Noise  Tony Caldaro  Market Oracle
06/26/16  Does BREXIT Matter? Outlook for Sterling  Marc Horn  Market Oracle
06/25/16  Pound Plunges, FTSE Stock Futures Slump on LEAVE Win  Jeremy Herron  Bloomberg
06/24/16  Stock Market Waiting for the Reversal  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
06/23/16  Stock Market on Verge of Melt Down?  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
06/22/16  Here’s Why German Banks Consider Hoarding Billions of Euros in Vaults  John Mauldin  Forbes
06/21/16  Could Central Bankers Be Gold and Silver’s BIGGEST Allies?  Mike Gleason  MoneyMetals
06/20/16  Why Is the Japanese Yen a Safe–Haven Currency?  Matthew Kerkhoff  Financial Sense
06/19/16  Nasdaq Underperforming Again, Brexit Is Next Up  Jack Steiman  Investing
06/18/16  Stock Market On the Brink?  Robert Appel  Profit Confidential
06/17/16  Flash Crash – Stock Market May See a Large Move Overnight  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
06/16/16  The Dow, Interest Rates, Debt and Silver Cycles Will Deliver A Fatal Blow  Hubert Moolman  Seeking Alpha
06/15/16  The Stock Market Is Poised for a Huge Selloff  Chris Vermeulen Ken Goldberg  The Street
06/14/16  Stocks Fall on Terrorism Fears, Fed Uncertainty, Possible UK Brexit  David Carrig  USA Today
06/13/16  Stock Market Correction Near  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
06/12/16  Stock Market Headwinds At 2116, Some Key Sectors Quit At Long–Term Down Trend Lines  Jack Steiman  Market Oracle
06/11/16  Final Top Of US Bond Bull Market Set For 3rd Qtr of 2016  Austin Galt  Safe Haven
06/10/16  Small–cap Stocks Send Bear–market Signal  Anthony Mirhaydari  MarketWatch
06/08/16  Stock Market Rally Appears Complete  Bert Dohmen  Forbes
06/07/16  Bad U.S.Jobs Report Prompts Stocks Bear Market Rally Towards New All Time Highs!  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
06/06/16  Two Charts That Prove Central Banks Are Losing Control  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
06/05/16  Bonds, Stocks, Gold and Silver ‘Inflation Trade’ Alive and Well  Gary Tanashian  Investing
06/04/16  US Dollar Crashes As Economic Recovery Lie Is Exposed  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
06/03/16  Negative Interest Rates Amplify Currency Wars  Sol Palha  GoldSeek
06/02/16  Stock Market: Rough Week Ahead  Ed Carlson  Market Oracle
06/01/16  The Bail–In: Or How You Could Lose Your Money in the Bank  David Chapman  GoldSeek
05/31/16  "Gold Wars": Rothschild Banker Exposes Fraudulent Nature of Fiat Money  Mario Innecco  Market Oracle
05/30/16  The Ugly Truth About Stock Market Manipulation and Gold Prices  Mike Swanson  GoldSeek
05/29/16  The Global Currency Reset and the Gold Backed Yuan  Mario Innecco  Market Oracle
05/28/16  The Next Systemic Lehman Event – New Scheiss Dollar & Gold Trade Standard  Jim Willie  Silver Doctors
05/27/16  Is There A Stocks Bear Market in Progress?  Chris Vermeulen  Seeking Alpha
05/26/16  Another Stock Market "line in the sand"  Lance Roberts  Seeking Alpha
05/25/16  Now Jim Rogers Predicts Trillion–Dollar ‘Biblical’ Market Crash  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
05/24/16  Stock Market Crash Death Cross Doom Prevails  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
05/23/16  Will Venezuela Be Forced to Embrace the US Dollar?  Daniel Fernandez Mendez
05/22/16  Danish Central Bank Stumbles with Its Currency Peg to the Euro  Uffe Merrild  Infowars
05/21/16  Stock Market Laterally Painful  Jack Steiman  Market Oracle
05/20/16  Bank Bail–Ins Pose Risks To Retail Depositors  Mark O’Byrne  Gold–Eagle
05/19/16  On The Precipice Of A Global Stock Market Collapse?  Staff  CBN Europe
05/18/16  Stock Market Retracement Rally May be Complete Today  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
05/17/16  Stock Market Fooling Them Yet Again  Jack Steiman  FX Street
05/16/16  ‘Print the Money’: Trump’s ‘Reckless’ Proposal Echoes Franklin and Lincoln  Ellen Brown  TruthDig
05/15/16  The Fed Is Finally Coming Clean About Inflation  Graham Summers  The Daily
05/14/16  Gold, Silver and the Stock Market  Gary Tanashian  Market Oracle
05/13/16  How Recent Foreign Currency Fluctuations Affected Major Stocks  Nicholas Kitonyi  Market Oracle
05/12/16  Yen: Getting Harder to Ease  Kurt Kallaus  Financial Sense
05/11/16  Is a Cash Ban and Carry Tax Coming to the US?  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
05/10/16  Stock Market Crash! This Is How Bad It Really Is!  Hubert Moolman  Market Oracle
05/09/16  Euro Technical Analysis and the BrExit Vote  Austin_Galt  Safe Haven
05/08/16  Stock Market Getting Ready for the Next Flash Crash  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
05/07/16  Print or Die. The Central Banker’s Dilemma  Video Mario Innecco  Market Oracle
05/06/16  Euro Desperation Will Achieve Self Destruction – MAP Wave Analysis  Marc Horn  Market Oracle
05/05/16  Stock Market Holding On By A Thread  Jack Steiman  FX Street
05/04/16  Central Banks Need a Higher Gold Price : Hello GATA  Dan Norcini  GoldSeek
05/03/16  When the Truth is Found to be Lies, Confidence in Currency Dies  Gary Christenson  GoldSeek
05/02/16  Stock Market Correction Underway  Thomas Sobon  Seeking Alpha
05/01/16  How Much Longer Until Stock Market Bubble Bursts?  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
04/30/16  Stock Market Decline Continues  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
04/29/16  Will Stock Market Crash 24% in the Next Three Months?  Graham Summers  Brother John F
04/28/16  The FOMC Statement and the Stock Market  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
04/27/16  Stock Market – That’s all Folks!  Ed Carlson  Market Oracle
04/26/16  Bond Bust Will Be Biggest Crash in History–Mike Maloney  Greg Hunter  USA Watchdog
04/25/16  US Bonds Nearing Their All–time High  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
04/24/16  Technical Versus Fundamental Currency Analysis – What Is Better?  Boris Dzhingarov  Market Oracle
04/23/16  USD/JPY May Be Losing Its Influence on Stocks  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
04/22/16  Harry Dent: Stock Market 70% Crash By Late 2017 – Gold $400–$800  Gordon T Long  MarketSanity
04/21/16  Stocks or US Dollar About to Enter a Bear Market  Michael_Pento  Safe Haven
04/20/16  British Pound Caught In Strong Trading Range  Richard Cox  Market Oracle
04/19/16  Markets – When In Doubt Inflate Financial Paper  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
04/18/16  Wall Street Mafia Utilizes Psychological Warfare to Con the Masses  Staff  Tactical Investor
04/17/16  Janet Yellen’s Interest Rate Intentions Are Good For Gold  Frank Holmes  Gold–Eagle
04/16/16  SDR Does Not Stand for Secret Dollar Replacement  Marc Chandler  Financial Sense
04/15/16  Stock Market Dow Rally Almost Done  Austin Galt  Market Oracle
04/14/16  The USD is a Puzzle. I May Have a Solution  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
04/13/16  The War on Savings, Bail–Ins, Push to Go Cashless  Ellen Brown
04/12/16  Bank Bail–Ins Begin as EU Bank "Bailed In" In Austria  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
04/11/16  Why the Chinese Yuan Will Lose 30% of its Value  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
04/10/16  USD Breaking Down vs YEN  Mike Paulenoff  FX Street
04/09/16  Currency Wars, the Devaluation Delusion  Steve H Hanke
04/08/16  Insidious Banking Crime Syndicate  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
04/07/16  Why You Shouldn’t Expect to See the Stock Market Reach New Highs  Harry Dent  Equities
04/06/16  The Great Quickening – Finance & Currency  Jim Willie CB  GoldSeek
04/05/16  Stock Market Chaos Is Coming!  Chris Vermeulen  Safe Haven
04/04/16  Canadians Switch Out of Canadian Dollars Into U.S. Dollars Now!!  Clive Maund  GoldSeek
04/03/16  Wall Street is Coo–Coo for CoCo Bonds, Risky?  Alexandra Lienhard  Trader Planet
04/02/16  A Tale Of Two Currencies  Alasdair Macleod  GoldMoney
04/01/16  Stock Market Worst Case Scenario – 73% Down From Here  James Quinn  The Burning Platform
03/31/16  Stock Market Window Dressing May be Over  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
03/30/16  Currency Wars, the Devaluation Delusion  Steve H Hanke  Silver–Phoenix 500
03/29/16  Nz’s Surprise Interest Rate Cut, Global Currency War?  Nicholas Kitonyi  Market Oracle
03/28/16  Bank Deposits That Go To Zero and Capital Controls for Two Years  Graham Summers  Market Oracle
03/27/16  Bankrupt Banks Brutally Bleeding, Worldwide  I. M. Vronsky  Gold–Eagle
03/26/16  EUR/USD Likely to Fall Back Below 1.10  Richard Cox  Market Oracle
03/25/16  The Greatest Stock Market Crash Of Your Life Is Just Ahead  Mark O’Byrne  Zero Hedge
03/24/16  The ONLY Buyer of Stocks Just Stopped Buying Buckle Up  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
03/23/16  Global Stocks Fall, Bonds and Gold Rise After Terrorist Attacks In Brussels  Mark O’Byrne  Resource Investor
03/22/16  Stock Market Cycles are Delayed. A Panic May Play Catch–up  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
03/21/16  Stock Market Manipulation: You Better Believe It!  Gary Savage  Gold–Eagle
03/20/16  It’s a Currency and Financial Extinction Level Event  Gordon T Long  Market Oracle
03/19/16  Junk Bonds, Here We Go Again!  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
03/18/16  FOMC Bring on the Clowns, Dollar, Gold and Bonds  Dan Norcini  Market Oracle
03/17/16  Dollar Outlook: Peak Dollar?  Axel G Merk  Financial Sense
03/16/16  Stock Market Crash is Imminent – This Chart Explains EverythingH  arry Dent  Market Oracle
03/15/16  U.S. Inflation Comeback: Did Inflation Ever Go Away?  Mike Shedlock  Mishtalk
03/14/16  Money Velocity Proves Q.E. Failure  Jim Willie CB  GoldSeek
03/13/16  US Dollar Strength is a Manifestation of US Dollar Shortage  Gordon T Long  GoldSeek
03/12/16  Stock Market Rally is Abating  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
03/11/16  Bonds, Debt and Gold – Keep The Money Game Churning  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
03/10/16  U.S. Treasury Shorts Pounded into the Ground  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
03/09/16  The Great Quickening – Finance & Currency  Jim Willie  GoldSeek
03/08/16  Is This Whole Stock Market Bounce Just One Big Trap?  Graham Summers  Brother John F
03/07/16  Currencies, They Are All Still Sinking!  Video Mario Innecco  Market Oracle
03/06/16  Stocks Have Rallied Based on Hope (Nothing’s Changed)  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
03/05/16  Stock Market Pop–n–drop is Probable, or Maybe just a Drop  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
03/04/16  Donald Trump – Bad For US Dollar, Good For Gold?  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
03/03/16  The Stock Markets Are Misreading the Economic Data  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
03/02/16  Exponential Craziness Almost Seems Normal  GE Christenson  Gold–Eagle
03/01/16  Overseas Stock Markets are Down. SPX Targeted by HFTs  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
02/29/16  Another Pull Back in the Stock Market Due?  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
02/28/16  Stocks Bear Market Uptrend Nearing its Peak  Tony Caldaro  Market Oracle
02/27/16  Why the Euro Is a Doomed Currency  Doug Casey  GoldSeek
02/26/16  Central Bank Inflation Targets: Be Careful What You Wish For  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
02/25/16  An Escalating War on Cash  John Browne  FX Street
02/24/16  Stock Market Calm Before the Storm?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
02/23/16  Bonds Aren’t Buying the Stock Market Rally  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
02/22/16  US Dollar and The Global ‘Peg Pain Trade’  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
02/21/16  Stock Market Drop Likely Monday, Gold Price Topping?  Brad Gudgeon  Gold–Eagle
02/20/16  Stock Market Danger Ahead  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
02/19/16  The U.S. Ban on Cash Has Already Begun  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
02/18/16  Stocks Dive as Confidence in Fed Fades  Mike Whitney
02/17/16  Euro Bond Crisis Returns As Germany Pushes Euro Sovereign Debt Bail–in Clause  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
02/16/16  Devalue or Die; Negative Interest Rate Wars Have Begun  Sol Palha  GoldSeek
02/15/16  Potential Stocks Bear Market Uptrend Underway  Tony Caldaro  Market Oracle
02/14/16  Is Deutsche Bank the Next Lehman Brothers?  Alessandro Bruno  Profit Confidential
02/13/16  Stock Market Observations  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
02/12/16  The War on Cash is About to Go into Hyperdrive  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
02/11/16  Mutual Funds, ETFs at Risk of a Run Warns David Stockman  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
02/10/16  Financial Crisis 2007 All Over Again – Banks Starting To Implode  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
02/09/16  NDX, Banks and EuroStoxx All Tumble  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
02/08/16  Stocks Bear Market Continues  Tony Caldaro  Market Oracle
02/07/16  Illusory Economic Recovery Supported by Hot Money  Sol Palha  Safe Haven
02/06/16  Gold Reversal and Last Chance for Stock Market Shorts  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
02/05/16  As the Stock Market Turns.  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
02/04/16  The Dethroning of Cash: Discouraged, Penalized, Even Banned?  Stefan Gleason  Safe Haven
02/03/16  Ugly Day on Wall Street  Harry Boxer  FX Street
02/02/16  Great News! This Bull Market Is About to Collapse  Matthew Carr  Investment U
02/01/16  Stock Market A–B–C Correction Unfolding  Andre Gratian  TalkMarkets
01/31/16  A Short History Of Paper Money  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
01/30/16  Be Prepared for Stock Market Insanity  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
01/29/16  Stock Market Gloom and Doom  Stephen Lendman  Market Oracle
01/28/16  Stock Market Crash: Is the Dow Headed for a Repeat of 2008  Sol Palha  Gold–Eagle
01/27/16  Corporate Earnings Are Down, But Debt Keeps Rising  Harry Dent  Equities
01/26/16  US Dollar Edges Higher Against Major Currencies  Richard Nehme  Undercurrent News
01/25/16  Currency Reset is More Likely Than China to Goose the Gold Price  Chris Powell  GoldSeek
01/24/16  Chronicle Of A Debt Foretold – When Central Banks Buy Equities  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
01/23/16  You Will Lose Money If You Short Now  Chris Vermeulen  CNA Finance
01/22/16  The Fed’s Role in the Stock Market Slide  Mike Whitney
01/21/16  Can Stock Values Simply "Disappear"? Yes  EWI  Market Oracle
01/20/16  The International War on Cash  Jeff Thomas  GoldSeek
01/19/16  The Bursting of the Bond Bubble Has Begun – Pt 2  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
01/18/16  The Stock Market Punch Bowl is Gone  Dan Norcini  Gold–Eagle
01/17/16  Major Stocks Bear Market Awakening  Adam Hamilton  Zeal LLC
01/16/16  Stock Market Hour of Truth is Upon Us  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
01/15/16  Global Stock Market Crash Goes Wild As Fed Goliath Dies  David Haggith  GoldSeek
01/14/16  The Bearish Turn In The Stock Market  Harry Dent  Market Oracle
01/13/16  Stock Market Rally is Running Out of Time  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
01/12/16  Rigged U.S. Ttreasury Bond Market Double Barreled Hidden Q.E. To Infinity  Jim Willie  Market Oracle
01/11/16  Stock Market Crash – Last Week was The 2nd and Final Warning  Clive Maund  GoldSeek
01/10/16  The Impact of a Strong U.S. Dollar  Donald W Dony  Market Oracle
01/09/16  Fed’s Stock Market Distortions Unwind  Adam Hamilton  Seeking Alpha
' 01/08/16  Stock Market Perfect Storm!  John Rubino  Market Oracle
01/07/16  Stock Market’s Remaining Pillars Are Crumbling  John Rubino  Investing
01/06/16  Three Reasons Stocks Will Crater In 2016  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
01/05/16  Manufacturing Hits The Global Stock Markets  Jack Steiman  FX Street
01/04/16  Wild Swings in Markets Likely to Continue  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
01/03/16  A ‘Witch’s Brew’ Bubbling in Bond Market ETFs  Gordon T Long  Zero Hedge
01/02/16  Keep Alert for a Stock Market Breakdown  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
01/01/16  Stock Market Topping Out  Gary Savage  Market Oracle
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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12/31/16  Pending Home Sales Unexpectedly Dive 2.5 Percent  Michael Shedlock  Mishtalk
12/30/16  Will Trump Bring Inflation to America’s Shores?  Stefan Gleason  Brother John F
12/26/16  The Big Four Economic Indicators: Real Personal Income in November  Doug Short  TalkMarkets
12/25/16  I Bet We’ll Get Four or More Interest Rate Hikes Next Year  Jared Dillian  ValueWalk
12/24/16  Will Trump End The Fed?  Arkadiusz Sieron  GoldSeek
12/23/16  Housing Affordability in Today’s Largest Cities  Jill Mislinski  Brother John F
12/22/16  A KEYNESIAN CHALLENGE: Prove Deflation is Bad For ME!  Gordon T Long  GoldSeek
12/21/16  Warnings We’ll Wish We’d Heeded – Plunging US Jobless Claims  John Rubino  Safe Haven
12/20/16  While Dismantling Obamacare, U.S. Congress Aims for Social Security Reform  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
12/19/16  India’s Move to Cashless Society is Hurting Their Economy  Mark Melin  ValueWalk
12/18/16  US DEBT - A Total Disregard For Fiscal Responsibility  Andy Sutton  Andy Sutton
12/17/16  Financial Markets Award Trump Nobel Prize in Economics  David Galland  Market Oracle
12/16/16  Trump’s Debt Financial Revolution!  Chris Vermeulen  Market Oracle
12/15/16  Interest Rate Hike Could Trigger Stock, Financial Markets Meltdown  Graham Summers  Market Oracle
12/14/16  Do Larger Federal Budget Deficits Stimulate Spending?  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
12/13/16  Trump, Reagan Economies at Polar Opposites  Michael J Kosares  GoldSeek
12/12/16  "World Economies In Trouble: Middle–East Oil Exports Lower Than 40 Years Ago  SRSrocco  SRSRocco Report
12/11/16  Cracks In US Treasury Bond Market, The Japanese Factor  Jim Willie  Silver Doctors
12/10/16  Boom and Bust  Matthew Kerkhoff  Financial Sense
12/09/16  Our Future Economy, Jobs, Banking, And Governance  Raymond Matison  Market Oracle
12/08/16  The Imminent Multi–Trillion Dollar Surge In Social Security & Medicare Costs  Dan Amerman  Market Oracle
12/07/16  Are Fiscal Stimulus Expectations Too High?  Bala Murali Krishna  ValueWalk
12/06/16  If Trump Doesn’t Do This, We Will Have the Great Depression 2.0  John Mauldin  Forbes
12/05/16  Here’s How We Can Avoid a Horrific Economic Future  John Mauldin  Forbes
12/03/16  We Are Putting Off the Inevitable  John Mauldin  Forbes
12/02/16  Can Trump Salvage The Sinking US Economic Ship?  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Collapse
12/01/16  The Federal Reserve And Interest Rates: Definitely NOT What You Think  Kelsey Williams  Market Oracle
11/30/16  Could a "Greek–Style" Carry Tax on Cash Come to the US?  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
11/29/16  U.S. Debt – This Looming Crisis Could Ruin Many  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
11/28/16  To Really ‘Make America Great Again,’ End the Fed!  Ron Paul  Ron Paul
11/27/16  The New Trade Future In Asia Pacific  Dan Steinbock  TalkMarkets
' 11/26/16  Will Trumponomics Save Us From A Bust?  Brendan Brown
' 11/25/16  Another US Election Year, Another Bunch Of Fake Economic Growth Numbers  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
11/24/16  Krugman’s Aliens Have Arrived – They Are Called "Trumponomists"  Gordon T Long  Market Oracle
11/23/16  Obstacles to Trump’s Economic Growth Plans  Raul I Meijer  Market Oracle
11/22/16  US Presidents and Recessions – What Can We Learn?  Urban Carmel  Financial Sense
11/21/16  The Real Barrier To Trump‘s Economic Policies!  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
11/20/16  Trump Prepares to Takeover Fed  Mike Whitney
11/19/16  5 Reasons You Should Buy Trump Insurance–And It’s Not Trump’s Fault  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
11/18/16  Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan: Lincoln Had a Bolder Solution  Ellen Brown
11/17/16  Counterfeit Products Hurt the Consumer and the Economy  Patrick Watson  Forbes
11/16/16  U.S. Economy at Major Long–Term Pivotal Point  Clif Droke  Safe Haven
11/15/16  Demographics: The Boomers Have Already Been Overtaken by the Millennials  Urban Carmel  Financial Sense
11/14/16  Trump and the Coming of Helicopter Money  Jim Rickards  Daily Reckoning
11/13/16  Business Spending Drops: Evidence Now Undeniable  Andrew Zatlin  Financial Sense
11/12/16  Trump: It is Important to Audit the Federal Reserve  Kurt Nimmo  Infowars
11/11/16  And Of Course, No One is Talking About the US National Debt  Rodney Johnson  Market Oracle
11/10/16  Trump Election Victory Won’t Lead to More Economic Growth  Staff  ValueWalk
11/09/16  Something Big Is About to Happen  Patrick O’Hare  Financial Sense
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02/23/16  U.S. Inflation: Prepare for 4% or More!  Ned W Schmidt  Safe Haven
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02/21/16  Why This Financial Crisis Will Be Worse Than 2008  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
02/20/16  Rising U.S. Interest Rates? Never Mind  John Rubino  Safe Haven
02/19/16  Why Negative Interest Rates Will Fail  Frank Hollenbeck
02/18/16  U.S. Banks Ready for Negative Interest Rates?  James Hall  BATR
02/17/16  Inflation Doesn’t Come From Seasonally Adjusted Employment  Michael Pento  Gold–Eagle
02/16/16  Deranged Central Bankers Blowing Up The World  James Quinn  Zero Hedge
02/15/16  Financial Meltdown 2008–style in 2016?  Clif Droke  Safe Haven
02/14/16  Why the Federal Reserve Always ‘Happens’ to Be Wrong  Stefan Gleason  Zero Hedge
02/13/16  Is This the Debt Bubbles Last Rattle?  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
02/12/16  Negative Interest Rates: Their Devastating Impact on Our Economy  Harry Dent  Equities
02/11/16  The Fed Doesn’t have a Clue!  Axel Merk  Zero Hedge
02/10/16  Is 2016 the Year of the Next Recession?  Alan Murray  Fortune
02/09/16  US Economy Slides One Step Further Towards A Recession  Dr David J Harris  Market Oracle
02/08/16  How Pension Plans are Responding to Financial Repression  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
02/07/16  More Economic Problems, Jobs, Nasdaq Breaking Down  Jack Steiman  Market Oracle
02/06/16  U.S. Recession 2016 has Arrived; Factory Orders Decline 2.9%, Inventories Rise  Mike Shedlock  Mishtalk
02/05/16  End of the Fed: It Can’t Do Any of the Things It’s Supposed to Do  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
02/04/16  Spend or Die! The Era of Negative Interest Rates  Matthew Kerkhoff  Financial Sense
02/03/16  Time For Retailers to Panic?  Rodney Johnson  Market Oracle
02/02/16  How the Fed Is Suffocating the Economy  Clif Droke  Financial Sense
02/01/16  Stock Market, BOJ Negative Rates, Poor GDP, Up We Go  Jack Steiman  FX Street
01/31/16  Ignore Stocks As The REAL Crisis Is Far Bigger And Far Worse  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
01/30/16  Seven Years of Monetary Quackery; Can the Fed Admit It Got It Wrong?  Mike Whitney
01/29/16  Fed Message, the Global Economy Stinks!!!!  Jack Steiman  FX Street
01/28/16  The End Is Near, Apple’s Revenue ‘Falls Off A Cliff’  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
01/27/16  As Corporate Earnings Slow, What Will Happen To Taxes?  Rodney Johnson  Market Oracle
01/26/16  Will The Fed Bail Out The Bulls This Week?  Chris Ciovacco  Safe Haven
01/25/16  High Food Pricing Killing Benefits of Low Energy Prices  Richard Mills  GoldSeek
01/24/16  Robots & AI Will Destroy 5.1 Million Jobs by 2020  Mike Shedlock  Dollar Collapse
01/23/16  Growth Expectations Evaporating  Sheraz Mian  Financial Sense
01/22/16  Why We Need a Recession  Ronald–Peter Stoferle
01/21/16  Financial Crisis in the Making that QE–4 Can’t Stop!  Chris Vermeulen  Market Oracle
01/20/16  Why This Economic Slump Has Legs  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
01/19/16  Financial Crisis 2016 – This Is Not 2008: It’s Actually Worse  Michael Pento  TalkMarkets
01/18/16  U.S. Economy – The Chart that Explains Everything!  Mike Whitney
01/17/16  Global Economy at Stall Speed, Monetary Velocity and Interest Rates  Andy Sutton  Gold–Eagle
01/16/16  The Bond Bubble Has Begun Bursting  Graham Summers  Infowars
01/15/16  The Jig Is Up For The Fed  Rick Ackerman  GoldSeek
01/14/16  Global Economy Can’t Withstand Four 2016 Fed Hikes  Sho Chandra  Safe Haven
01/13/16  Reasons Why the Market Is Out of Step With the Fed on Rates  Sober Look  Financial Sense
01/12/16  Economic Recession, Could the Unthinkable Happen in 2016?  Clif Droke  GoldSeek
01/11/16  The Shrinking Global Economy, In Three Charts  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
01/10/16  Retail Is Doing Terrible Because Americans Don’t Have Any Money  Staff  Financial Sense
01/09/16  Is this the Wile E. Coyote Moment for Global Markets?  Joe Weisenthal  Business Insider
01/08/16  Prediction: Massive Tax Grab Coming in 2016 at All Levels of Government  Gordon T Long  GoldSeek
01/07/16  Why 2016 Will Shock to the Downside!  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
01/06/16  Are We Headed for Another Economic Bust?  Frank Shostak  Infowars
01/05/16  Government ‘Processing Error’ Sinks U.S. Housing Market Reports for Entire Year  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
01/04/16  Will 2016 Bring Another 2008–Type Financial Crash?  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
01/03/16  The Fed’s Academic–Based Theories Are Creating a BRUTAL Economic Reality  Graham Summers  Market Oracle
01/02/16  Is the US on the Verge of Recession?  Jill Mislinski  Financial Sense
01/01/16  Why Austrian Investing Is Important In The Era Of State Imposed Fiat Money  Rahim Taghizadegan  GoldSilverWorlds
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12/31/16  2016 the Year of BrExit – Exactly Why it Happened  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
12/30/16  European Commission Threatens Widespread Gold, Asset Confiscation  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
12/26/16  The Big Theme for 2017: a Global Cash Ban  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
12/25/16  Greece’s Debt Problem Has Reached a Dangerous Point  Allison Fedirka  ValueWalk
12/24/16  The Global Move Towards a Cashless Society  Stratfor  Financial Sense
12/23/16  European Financials take a Hit  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
12/22/16  Chinese Yuan’s Day of Reckoning  Michael Pento  Kitco
12/21/16  Brace Yourself For Italy’s Bankruptcy  John Mauldin  equities
12/20/16  Bail–Ins Coming To Italy? World’s Oldest Bank "Survival Rests On Savers"  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
12/19/16  Freedom in America Disappearing in Plain Sight  Stephen Lendman  Market Oracle
12/18/16  The Fed is BEGGING China to Crash the Markets  Graham Summers  Investing
12/17/16  Trump Making Deficits and Public Debt Great Again  Arkadiusz Sieron  Gold–Eagle
12/16/16  Forget About Fake News – Worry About Fake Money  Guy Christopher  Activist Post
12/15/16  Why Europe Must End In Tears  Alasdair Macleod
12/14/16  Italy’s Banking Crisis Is Nearly Upon Us  John Mauldin  Forbes
12/13/16  Corporations Getting In Bed With The Government  James Quinn  Market Oracle
12/12/16  A Failed EU – Means an Expanded Dictatorship  Satre
12/11/16  Can Italy Be Saved?  Bill Witherell  Investing
12/10/16  Boom and Bust  Matthew Kerkhoff  Financial Sense
12/09/16  Ireland EU Exit?  Christopher Quigley  Market Oracle
12/08/16  Dallas Pension Showdown: Mayor Seeks to "Target Those Who Got Rich From System"  Michael Shedlock  Zero Hedge
12/10/16  Boom and Bust  Matthew Kerkhoff  Financial Sense
12/07/16  Mass Migration and Bank Weakness Threaten The Italian Economy  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
12/06/16  The World Prays for the End of America’s Global Hegemony  Dylan Waller  Market Oracle
12/05/16  Why Italy’s Referendum Carries Risks for the Entire EU  Staff  G.R.I.
12/03/16  Is Japan About to Implode the $10T $USD Carry Trade?  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
12/02/16  America, Is It Finally Time for Us to Say Goodbye?  James Quinn  Market Oracle
12/01/16  Economic Imperialism Could Lead to China’s Demise  Rodney Johnson  equities
11/30/16  Can President Trump Really Drain the Swamp?  SARTRE
11/29/16  The US Is Undemocratic by Its Very Nature  George Friedman  ValueWalk
11/28/16  Italian Bank Collapse European Sovereign Bond Carnage, Criss–Crossed Fuses & Lit Bonfire  Jim Willie  Gold–Eagle
11/27/16  Italy: The Biggest Elephant Jeopardizing Europe and the Euro  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
11/26/16  Global Epocalypse Inevitable According to Trump’s Chief and World’s Largest Failing Bank  David Haggith  GoldSeek
11/25/16  War On Cash Goes Global – India and Citibank In Australia  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
11/24/16  Debt Crisis: Why 2017 Will Be a Decisive Year for China’s Economy  Stratfor  Financial Sense
11/23/16  The Trump Trade War Already Started  Patrick Watson  Forbes
11/22/16  US Education System Broken: Let’s Try ‘Ed–Exit’  Ron Paul  Safe Haven
11/21/16  The End of Liberalism, Globalization and American‘s Alienation – Global Impacts  Dr R M Mathew  Market Oracle
11/20/16  Rickards: The Next Crisis Is Coming, and a New World Government May Come With It  Staff  Financial Sense
11/19/16  UK Might Be on the Verge of Another Political Crisis  George Friedman  ValueWalk
11/18/16  Drain The Swamp? You Bet!  Bob Hoye  Safe Haven
11/17/16  What Exactly is True Capitalism?  Frank Holmes  Market Oracle
11/16/16  Trump Triumphs as UK Brexit Faces a Serious Threat  John Browne  FX Street
11/15/16  Crisis Is Coming: The Elites Plan To ‘Steal’ Your Money  Jim Rickards  Market Oracle
11/14/16  President Trump – Why Market Loves Him and Experts Wrong  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
11/13/16  The Rhetoric and Reality of Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy  Stratfor  Financial Sense
11/12/16  Trump, Brexit – Democrazy  David Galland  Market Oracle
11/11/16  Trump: The Beginning of an Era? Or the End of One?  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
11/10/16  America is The Poisoned Chalice  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
11/09/16  We’re All Hedge Funds Now, Part 4  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
11/08/16  Watch The Eu Banks After The Us Election  Gordon Long  GoldSeek
11/07/16  The American Election and the Fall of the Fourth Estate    Market Oracle
11/06/16  American Civil War II – Fourth Turning Intensifying (Part I)  James Quinn  Market Oracle
11/05/16  Will BoJ’s New Framework Become a Turning Point for Gold?  Arkadiusz Sieron  GoldSeek
11/04/16  The Demise of the U.S. Middle Class  Harry Dent  Market Oracle
11/03/16  The Economic Twilight Zone in Japan  Rodney Johnson  equities
11/02/16  The Fight Against The North American Union And Globalism Is In Standing Rock  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
11/01/16  Blame Government, Not Markets for Monopoly  Dr Ron Paul  Townhall
10/31/16  Divergent Themes in Late 2016  Andy Sutton  GoldSeek
10/30/16  Central Banks Now Doing More Harm Than Good, Says Economist  Cris Sheridan  Financial Sense
10/29/16  China Looks to Cool Hot Real Estate Market  Mark Melin  Financial Sense
10/28/16  America’s "Pivot to Asia" May Be Over  G.R.I.  Financial Sense
10/26/16  Trump’s Gettysburg Address Against the New World  SATRE  Market Oracle
10/25/16  Ungovernability  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
10/24/16  Did a Secret Central Banking Cabal Just Turn AGAINST the US?  Graham Summers  Brother John F
10/23/16  Why The Global Economy Will Disintegrate Rapidly Back to Olduvai Gorge  Raul I Meijer  Market Oracle
10/22/16  Preparing for Post–Election US Social Unrest  Stefan Gleason  GoldSeek
10/21/16  Cashless Society – Risks Posed By The War On Cash  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
10/20/16  ‘Trumpophobia’ and the American Election – Impacts on Global Peace  Dr R M Mathew  Market Oracle
10/19/16  US Political and Social Gulf – How Much Wider Can the U.S. Continue to Split?  Harry Dent  Market Oracle
10/18/16  Seek Your Independence: Anything Else Will Destroy You  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
10/17/16  Iceland Today, the US Tomorrow?  Dr Ron Paul  Market Oracle<
10/16/16  World War III On The Brink: War Will Continue Until It Triggers Economic Collapse  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
10/15/16  Hillary: Deceit, Debt, Delusions (Part Two)  James Quinn  Zero Hedge
10/14/16  Major Factors Affecting Foreign Exchange Rates  Daffa Zaky  Market Oracle
10/13/16  The World Is Turning Dangerously Insular  John Mauldin  Forbes
10/12/16  Hillary Deceit, Debt, Delusions  James Quinn  Zero Hedge
10/11/16  Is This How World War III Begins, In Almost Complete Silence  ?Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
10/10/16  Who Will Exit the EU Next?  Adriano Bosoni  STRATFOR
10/09/16  ISIS is Tearing Europe Apart  John Mauldin  Business Insider
10/08/16  Are U.S. Banks Safer Today Than They Were In 2008?  Chris Vermeulen  CNA Finance
10/07/16  China Might Be Deutsche Bank’s Last Hope  Olivier Garret  ValueWalk
10/06/16  Could Deutsche Bank Crisis Cause the EU to Collapse?  Jayne Adye  The Commentator
10/05/16  WARNING: The Coming Collapse Of U.S Net Worth Will Wipe Out Millions Of Us  Steve St. Angelo  SRSRocco
10/04/16  Deutsche Bank Is Failing, ATMs Go Dark on Jubilee End Day  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
10/03/16  William White on the Negative Side Effects of Ultra-Easy Money  Staff  Financial Sense
10/02/16  The World Is On The Edge Of A Deflationary Black Hole  Egon von Greyerz  TalkMarkets
10/01/16  I Don’t See How Germany Can Contain the Deutsche Bank Collapse  Graham Summers  Market Oracle
09/30/16  Gold Bullion ‘Vulnerable’ as US Fed & Euro Interest–Rate Policies Challenge  dAdrian Ash  Bullion Vault
09/29/16  Euro Might Start To Unravel If Collapse Of Deutsche Bank Materializes  Mark O’Byrne  Gold–Eagle
09/27/16  Martial–Law Rolls Out Across the US As Jubilee Nears  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
09/26/16  Nomura First Major Bank to Predict China Default; BIS Sounds Alarm  ValueWalk  Financial Sense
09/25/16  The Unseen Revolution in Chinese Finances  Stratfor  Financial Sense
09/24/16  Here’s How the EU’s Crisis Is Tearing NATO Apart  Karman Bokhari  ValueWalk
09/23/16  Germany Has No Power to Solve the European Crisis  Lili Bayer  ValueWalk
09/22/16  Ignore the Fed, Something MASSIVE is Brewing in Europe’s Banks  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
09/21/16  The Fed Has Set Us Up For A Massive 50% Market Collapse  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
09/20/16  Global Bond Bubble has Finally Reached its Apogee  Michael Pento  Gold–Eagle
09/19/16  Six Events That Will Shape Europe in the Next 9 Months  GRI  Financial Sense
09/18/16  US Election 2016 – Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count  David Galland  Market Oracle
09/17/16  Italy Is the Mother of All Systemic Threats  George Friedman  Forbes
09/16/16  Next Financial Crisis Will be Far Worse than 2008  Kim Iskyan  The Street
09/15/16  The Era of Centralization is Ending and the Elites Are Terrified!  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
09/14/16  Hillary Clinton Became Unelectable Long Ago  Raul I Meijer  State of Globe
09/13/16  The Meaning of 911 Fifteen Years After  SARTRE
09/12/16  North Korea Rocks Wall Street  Staff  Market Oracle
09/11/16  Emerging Markets Are Headed for Trouble  Global Risk Insights  GRI  Financial Sense
09/10/16  The ECB’s Private Deals Are Distorting the European Markets  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
09/09/16  Will Deutsche Bank Collapse the Global Market?  Clif Droke  Gold–Eagle
09/08/16  BrExit UK Economic Collapse Evaporates, GDP Forecasts for 2016 and 2017  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
09/07/16  "No Limit to Monetary Easing" Says Bank of Japan  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
09/06/16  G20 Meets in China To Fight Anti–Globalism And Usher In New World Order  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
09/05/16  As The World Economy Is Burning Central Bankers Are Clueless  Egon von Greyerz  Gold–Eagle
09/04/16  Psychological Manipulation & Economic Deception are now the Order of the day  Sol Palha  GoldSeek
09/03/16  The U.S. Election Year Fix is In, But Can Janet Make It To November?  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
09/02/16  Humanity at Risk  Stephen Lendman  Market Oracle
09/01/16  Debt Bubble in Ireland and Globally  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
08/31/16  The Next Monetary Experiment – Japan Prepares To Buy Everything  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
08/30/16  The Right Lessons from Obamacare‘s Meltdown  Ron Paul  Zero Hedge
08/29/16  How to Leave the European Union  Stratfor  STRATFOR
08/28/16  Is the UK Economy Doing Better Post–Brexit?  Staff  Financial Sense
08/27/16  This America, This House Divided, Cannot Stand  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
08/26/16  Here’s the Real Reason Behind Closer Russia–Turkey Ties  Geo. Friedman  ValueWalk
08/25/16  White House Plans For a Disastrous Succession  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
08/24/16  Germans Warned To ‘Stockpile’ Food, Water and Cash In Case Of ‘War’  Mark O’Byrne  Gold–Eagle
08/23/16  13 Biggest Political and Financial Distortions in the World  Jared Dillian  ValueWalk
08/22/16  The Last Known Gold Deposit  Frank Holmes  ValueWalk
08/21/16  Low / Negative Interst Rate’s Legacy  Raymond Matison  Market Oracle
08/20/16  Big Policies, Bigger Failures  Peter Schiff  GoldSeek
08/19/16  US Presidential Election 2016: Liberty Loses No Matter Who Wins  Ron Paul  Safe Haven
08/18/16  Europe Has Two Options: Revolution or Elections  Charles Gave  Mauldin Economics
08/17/16  The Lurking Disaster Germany and Saudi Arabia Have in Common  John Mauldin  Forbes
08/16/16  Planned Fracturing of EU Jubilee Year Continues: Greece, Italy, Spain Consider Exitting  Pete Gorman  Dollar Vigilante
08/15/16  Why the U.S. Benefits from Global Financial Crisis  Clif Droke  Kitco
08/14/16  Central Banks Are Choking Productivity  Peter Schiff  GoldSeek
08/13/16  What Would Future EU–UK Relations Look Like?  Arkadiusz Sieron  GoldSeek
08/12/16  Nassim Taleb Warns The Biggest Black Swan Event of All Is Coming  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
08/11/16  Globalization Is Dead, But The Idea Is Not  Raul I Meijer  Market Oracle
08/10/16  The US is becoming Argentina  David Nichols  GoldSeek
08/09/16  Now The Markets Themselves Are Too Big To Fail  John Rubino  GoldSeek
08/08/16  Why Did Britain Vote to Leave the EU?  Arkadiusz Sieron  Safe Haven
08/07/16  The U.S. Political year of ‘Neither’ and the 12th Amen? What if?  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
08/06/16  UK’s Prime Minister Commits to Successful Brexit  John Browne  GoldSeek
08/05/16  UK interest Rate PANIC CUT! As Banks Prepare to Steal Customer Deposits  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
08/04/16  Venezuela in Chaos With Work Camps and 1,000% Inflation – Coming Soon to the West?  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
08/03/16  Fed Ex–Chairman May Have Given Japan the Answer to Debt Problems  John Mauldin  Market Oracle
08/02/16  Why Should The IMF Care About It’s Credibility?  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
08/01/16  Huge Stakes in the US Presidential Race  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman
07/31/16  Mainstream Media – The Blind Leading the Clueless  Jeff Thomas  Sprott Money
07/30/16  Doug Casey on "Brexit"  Justin Spittler  GoldSeek
07/29/16  Hubris, Instability and Entertainment – The Only Thing That Grows Is Debt  -Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
07/28/16  On the Italian and Eurozone Doomsday Scenario  Steve H Hanke
07/27/16  Terrorism Fuels Nationalism and Deglobalization of the World  Patrick Watson  ValueWalk
07/26/16  Japan’s Lemming Central Bank Blindly on the Path Towards Hyperinflation  Michael Pento  Market Oracle
07/25/16  An Upside Down World  Chris Puplava  Financial Sense
07/24/16  Why Donald Trump is the Best Candidate  Kurt Nimmo  Infowars
07/23/16  The Serious Warning No One’s Talking About  Justin Spittler  Market Oracle
07/22/16  Central Banks Reveals the Biggest Threat to the Global Financial System  John Mauldin  Forbes
07/21/16  Why Abenomics Cynics Are Buying Gold And Selling The Yen  Frank Holmes  Gold–Eagle
07/20/16  China Economic Troubles – Is Kyle Bass Finally Getting His Revenge?  Clif Droke  GoldSeek
07/19/16  Erdogan Might Have Known about the Coup but Didn’t Prevent It on Purpose  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
07/18/16  Erdogan Reign of Terror Following Failed Coup Plot  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman
07/17/16  Attempted Military Coup in Turkey  Stephen Lendman  Market Oracle
07/16/16  When Will They Learn?  Jeff Thomas  Market Oracle
07/15/16  A Brexit in Name Only?  John Browne  GoldSeek
07/14/16  Pound Replaces Oil As Leading Indicator  Kurt Kallaus  Financial Sense
07/13/16  Brexit Doesn’t Change the Sad Reality of Europe  John Mauldin  Forbes
07/12/16  The Third–Quarter Geopolitical Forecast  Stratfor  STRATFOR
07/11/16  Japanese Stock Market Nikkei and Yen Preparing to Reverse Trends  Tony Caldaro  Market Oracle
07/10/16  Brexit: A Portent for the EU and Possibly for the US  Richard Larsen  Financial Sense
07/09/16  The EU’s Founding Members Are Giving Up  Patrick Watson  Forbes
07/08/16  Greenspan,Gold, and the Banality of Evil  Clint Siegner  GoldSeek
07/07/16  "Incredibly Stupid" Juncker Opens Pandora’s Box  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
07/06/16  Europe Could Have Bigger Issues Beyond Brexit  Harry Dent  Market Oracle
07/05/16  Policy Uncertainty and Global Equities  BCA Research  Financial Sense
07/04/16  Independence Day Hypocrisy, Not Democracy  Stephen Lendman  Rense
07/03/16  Italian Banks & Moving The Risk During Crisis  Dan Amerman  Financial Sense
07/02/16  China Can and Will Confiscate Gold When it Suits Them!  Julian DW Phillips  Safe Haven
07/01/16  14 Signs the World Is on the Verge of Generational Chaos  John Mauldin  Forbes
06/30/16  Brexit Exposing A Lot Of Fault Lines Within EU  Gordon T. Long  GoldSeek
06/29/16  Brexit Victory over the EU Globalists  SATRE
06/28/16  After ‘Brexit,’ Can the United States Exit a Few Things Too?  Ron Paul  The New American
06/27/16  Brexit: Anti–Neoliberal Rebellion  Stephen Lendman  Market Oracle
06/26/16  Will The European Union Just Dissolve?  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
06/25/16  Brexit Surprise, Will Others Follow Britain?, Still Nothing Bearish Yet  Jack Steiman  Market Oracle
06/24/16  Brexit or Not, Mediterranean Political Uncertainty Will Roil the EU  Stratfor  Financial Sense
06/23/16  Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else?  Brandon Smith ActivistPost
06/22/16  Fascist Victory Behind the European Union  SARTRE  From The Trenches World Report
06/21/16  Brexit Rules The Week  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
06/20/16  Brexit Fear–Mongering  Stephen Lendman  Rense
06/19/16  How Germany Could Upset Europe Before UK Referendum  Marc Chandler  Marctomarket
06/18/16  Brexit: "The Vote Heard Around the World"  EWI  Market Oracle
06/17/16  How Will a Brexit Vote Impact Gold and Silver Prices?  Jason Hamlin  Seeking Alpha
06/16/16  The Lies That Sustain US  Barry M Ferguson  BMFInvest.blogspot
06/15/16  Philosophy of the New World Order  Satre  Market Oracle
06/14/16  Bookmaker Odds Still Strongly Favour REMAIN for Brexit  Adam Payne  Business Insider
06/13/16  Presidential Dictatorship  Antonius Aquinas  Market Oracle
06/12/16  Bilderberg Will Not Allow Britain to BrExit – Where Is The Mainstream Media?  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
06/11/16  EU Referendum Forecast, REMAIN Panics on BrExit LEAVE Shock 10 Point Lead  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
06/10/16  The World Can No Longer Absorb China’s Surplus  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
06/09/16  Could Trump Be A Democratic Plant?  Marc Bodnick  Quora
06/08/16  Trump as "Political Stalking–Horse" for Hillary?  Nick Gass  Politico
06/07/16  The Keynesians Stole The Jobs  Ron Paul
06/06/16  U.S. Conservatives Will Align With Hillary Clinton to Stage Global War  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
06/05/16  Bankers Warn of BrExit Financial Armageddon If British People Vote for Freedom  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
06/04/16  Utopia Meets Reality in the EU  Stratfor  STRATFOR
06/03/16  Monetary Stimulation Creates Bubbles, Not Prosperity Nor Growth  Claudio Grass  The Daily
06/02/16  Now Japanese Prime Minister Abe Predicts Imminent Global Economic Catastrophe  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
06/01/16  10 Questions About Our Broken Financial System  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
05/31/16  Warning: Venezuelan Style Martial Law Will Soon Come To The US  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
05/30/16  Memorial Day Crocodile Tears from Those Who Create Wars  Walter Brasch  Walter Brasch
05/29/16  Hard Times and False Mainstream Media Narratives  James Quinn  Zero Hedge
05/28/16  Cash Holdings of High Fliers Are A Massive Risk in This Era  Pete Gorman  Dollar Vigilante
05/27/16  Bill Gross on the Fed, Short Credit, Japan and more  Staff  ValueWalk
05/26/16  Afghanistan’s Inexhaustible Insurgency In Europe  Staff  STRATFOR
05/25/16  Zombie Economy Soon to Have its Zombie Epocalypse  David Haggith  Safe Haven
05/24/16  Venezuela Descends Into Chaos, Europe and US Next?  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
05/23/16  The Titillating and Terrifying Collapse of the Dollar  Michael Pettis  Seeking Alpha
05/22/16  Avoiding a War in Space  Omar Lamrani  STRATFOR
05/21/16  China Blowing Even Bigger Credit Bubble Puts World at Greater Risk  Staff  Financial Sense
05/20/16  Stocks Prepare to Crash as the Last Buyer Stops Buying  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
05/19/16  Corruption and Cronies  M. Guild, A. Danaher  Financial Sense
05/18/16  Global Liquidity Conditions Still Negative  Staff  Financial Sense
05/17/16  Financial Armageddon Looms As The EURO UNION IMPLOSION Nears  I M Vronsky  Gold–Eagle
05/16/16  How Referenda Threaten the EU  STRATFOR  STRATFOR
05/15/16  Parliamentary Coup in Brazil  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman
05/14/16  Why We Are So Bad at Solving Problems  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
05/13/16  China Slamming Into a Brick Wall  Staff  Financial Sense
05/12/16  Fiscal Policy to the Rescue?  Sober Look  Financial Sense
05/11/16  Greece Again Surrenders to Troika Bandits  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman
05/10/16  Trump Puts The Idea of a US Government Debt Default On The Table  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
05/09/16  Canada to Trial "Guaranteed Minimum Income"  GRI  Financial Sense
05/08/16  China Blowing Even Bigger Credit Bubble Puts World at Greater Risk  FS Staff  Financial Sense
05/07/16  Donald Trump, King of Debt Seeks US Presidency  Peter Schiff  Europac
05/06/16  Central Planners Versus Contrarian Logic  Doug Wakefield  Safe Haven
05/05/16  War, Debt, Default and Socialism – Just Another Day In America  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
05/04/16  A Currency War Battle That Europe and Japan Can’t Afford To Lose  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
05/03/16  How Brexit Could Help All of Europe  Ferghane Azihari
05/02/16  Exit the Dragon – China’s Debt Is Everyone’s Problem  Stratfor  Financial Sense
05/01/16  Consensus Forming: China Heading Back Into Financial Crisis  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
04/30/16  Brexit to Factor in US June Interest Rate Decision  R. Kaplan  Bloomberg
04/29/16  The Sad Truth About the State of the Financial System Today  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
04/28/16  Global Recession in 2016 and Beyond – The Obvious Evidence  Rajveer Rawlin  Safe Haven
04/27/16  Why Investors Should be Skeptical of Anyone in Power  Rodney Johnson  Equities
04/26/16  One Year After: Freddie Gray and ‘Structural Statism’  Mike Whitney  Investors
04/25/16  Disenfranchising Large Segments of Americans  Walter Brasch  Dissident
04/24/16  de Gaulle was Right! The EU is NOT For Britain  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
04/23/16  Panama Papers Lay Bare China’s Corruption, Environmental Woes  GRI  Global Risk Insights
04/22/16  EU’s Growing Refugee Panic, How to Change Terms of Deal with Devil (Turkey)  Mike Shedlock  MishTalk
04/21/16  Deutsche Bank Settles Lawsuit for Price Rigging, Turns "State’s Evidence" on Other Banks  Clint Siegner  GoldSeek
04/20/16  Is Deutsche Bank’s Gold Manipulation The Main Scam Or Just A Side–Show?  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
04/19/16  Rousseff Impeachment Neoliberal Coup Attempt in Brazil  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman
04/18/16  Corruption and Impeachment in Brazil, Chance for Change in Brazil’s Scandal  Staff  Stratfor
04/17/16  Investigating Deutsche Bank’s Euro21 Trillion Derivative Casino  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
04/16/16  How Elites Justify Global Taxation – Anatomy of a Jubilee Psyop  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
04/15/16  Why We’re About to See the Largest Wealth Drought in Modern History  Harry Dent  Equities
04/14/16  So They Can Establish a One–World Bank and Taxation System?  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
04/13/16  America’s Money Controlled Political Process  Stephen Lendman  Rense
04/12/16  Propaganda Leaflet Backfires as Anger Spurs BrExit Support  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
04/11/16  As Ukraine Collapses, Europeans Tire of US Interventions  Ron Paul  Antiwar
04/10/16  The Minimum Wage Debate – So What?  Andy Sutton
04/09/16  Cash Banned, Freedom Gone  Thorsten Polleit
04/08/16  The More Corrupt the State, the More Numerous the Laws  Nick Giambruno  GoldSeek
04/07/16  NYT Debate on Zionism: A Small Positive Step Short of a Giant Leap Needed  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman
04/06/16  Vietnam War at 50: Have We Learned Nothing?  Ron Paul  Safe Haven
04/05/16  The European Union Is Anti–European  Louis Rouanet
04/04/16  Tollerance, Intollerance And Liberty  Raymond Matison  Market Oracle
04/03/16  Stratfor’s Second–Quarter Geopolitical Forecast  Stratfor  Financial Sense
04/02/16  Cuba’s Economic Potential: Beyond Hype and Wariness  GRInbsp; Financial Sense
04/01/16  Federal Reserve Cartel’s Main objectives; Manipulate Markets and The Masses  Sol Palha  GoldSeek
03/31/16  New Legislation Permits FDIC to Seize Bank Deposits for Bail–Ins  Graham Summers  Brother John F
03/30/16  Why Putin Loves Donald Trump  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
03/29/16  A European PATRIOT Act Will Not Keep People Safe  Ron Paul  Zero Hedge
03/28/16  China Economy Soft Landing or Bust? SSEC Stock Market Analysis  Chris Vermeulen  TalkMarkets
03/27/16  CFOs Say China, US Political Turmoil Pose Greatest Risk to Economic Outlook  Staff  Financial Sense
03/26/16  President Obama, Look in the Mirror  Bob Moriarty  321 Gold
03/25/16  Is that Buzzing Sound Helicopter Money?  Marc Chandler  Financial Sense
03/24/16  Yellen, Draghi, Kuroda: Deranged Lab Rats  James Quinn  Zero Hedge
03/23/16  Brussels Attacks Tear at the Fabric of the European Union  STRATFOR  STRATFOR
03/22/16  Erdogan Repudiates Democracy, Freedom and Rule of Law  Stephen Lendman  The Peoples
03/21/16  The Coming Debacle Will Be Magnified By Derivatives Causing Banks To Fail  Mark J Lundeen  Gold–Eagle
03/20/16  Is Italy the Next Greece?  Tim Wallace  Telegraph
03/19/16  The Profound Impact of E–commerce on International Trade  Boris Dzhingarov  Market Oracle
03/18/16  The Spectre of Brexit Haunts London’s Financial Sector  GRI  Seeking Alpha
03/17/16  Leading Indicators Show US, Global Economy at a Tipping Poin  FS Staff  Financial Sense
03/16/16  Global Stakes for the Brexit Vote  John Browne  GoldSeek
03/15/16  Warning From the Bank for International Settlements  Mike Whitney
03/14/16  Loretta Lynch, and the Government War on Free Speech  Ron Paul  Infowars
03/13/16  Strike! China’s Growing Labor Unrest  GRI  Financial Sense
03/12/16  The Spreading Tentacles of NIRP  David Kotok  Financial Sense
03/11/16  European Migrants Crisis – Be Careful What You Wish For, Angela  Raul I Meijer  Market Oracle
03/10/16  OECD Warns Leading Indicators Point to Slower Global Economic Growth  Paul Hannon  Wall Street Journal
03/09/16  EU Surrenders to Turkey’s Blackmail of Migrants War  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
03/08/16  Free Trade Is the Path to Prosperity  Georgi Vuldzhev
03/07/16  China: A 5–Year Economic Plan And 50 Million Jobs Lost!  Raul I Meijer  Market Oracle
03/06/16  Is China Really in Decline? Unpacking China’s Economic Figures  Qingzhen Chen  Seeking Alpha
03/05/16  France Tells British Voters Migrants Will Flow to Britain After EU Exit  Elizabeth Pineau  Reuters
03/04/16  Fantasy Ceasefire in Syria  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman.blogspot
03/03/16  The Risks Facing European Banks  Bill Witherell  Financial Sense
03/02/16  The Great Corporate Earnngs Fraud  James Quinn  Zero Hedge
03/01/16  New Delhi’s Dream of Indian Economy Surpassing China  Sol Palha  Safe Haven
02/29/16  Regime Change in Turkey? More Likely Than You Think  Mike Whitney
02/28/16  BOJ: Quantitative Easing Has Been a Failure  Cris Sheridan  Seeking Alpha
02/27/16  Obsoleting Banks, Brokers, Clearinghouses & Exchanges  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
02/26/16  The Balkanization of Europe  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
02/25/16  The Fed’s Nightmare Scenario  Peter Schiff  Zero Hedge
02/24/16  The Central Banks Are Pushing the World Towards Deflation  Chris Vermeulen  CNA Finance
02/23/16  Are Asian Central Bankers Even Crazier Than Our Own?  Raul I Meijer  Zero Hedge
02/22/16  Japan Has Officially Lost Control of Its Financial System  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
02/21/16  OPEC Lost the Shale–Oil War: Deflation Looms  Andrew Butter  Market Oracle
02/20/16  Marc Faber Warns "They Will Bankrupt the World!"  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
02/19/16  Latest Turkey Ankara Blast: Terrorism or False Flag?  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman
02/18/16  The 2016 Financial Market Meltdown and The Golden Age  Chris Vermeulen  CNA Finance
02/17/16  Has Chicago Reached Debt Boiling Point?  Rodney Johnson  Market Oracle
02/16/16  Capital Flight Intensifies in Italy and Spain  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
02/15/16  Move Over Greece, It’s Italy’s Turn  Staff  Financial Sense
02/14/16  Is There Gold In Them Thar Vaults?  David Jensen  Safe Haven
02/13/16  Where to Hide Your Money From Reckless Governments  Justin Spittler  GoldSeek
02/12/16  More Bankruptcy For Your Retirement Portfolio  Rodney Johnson  Economy and Markets
02/11/16  Federal Reserve Economic Stimulus Plan Cinches the Noose  David Haggith  Gold–Eagle
02/10/16  Stock Market SPX Setting Up for Its Largest Decline Yet  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
02/09/16  Government Mandatory Depression Screening is A Depressing Thought  Ron Paul  Prison Planet
02/08/16  Western Double Standards on North Korea  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman
02/07/16  Chicago on Brink of Bond Market Shutoff  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
02/06/16  End of the Fed: It Can’t Do Any of the Things It’s Supposed to Do  Ed Bugos  Dollar Vigilante
02/05/16  TPP is Economic Warfare, Trade Can Make Everyone Worse Off  Dylan Waller  Market Oracle
02/04/16  Were Iowa Caucuses Rigged?  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman
02/03/16  Europe:Why It’s Going to Get a Lot Worse Before It Gets Better  Brian Whitmer  Market Oracle
02/02/16  Is U.S. Congress Declaring War on ISIS, or on You?  Ron Paul  Infowars
02/01/16  the Single Most Dangerous Catalyst for a Global Financial Crisis  Staff  Financial Sense
01/31/16  The Populist Revolution: Bernie Sanders and Beyond  Ellen Brown  Ellenbrown
01/30/16  Japan Just Lit the Fuse on a $9 Trillion Debt Implosion  Graham Summers  Market Oracle
01/29/16  A Dangerous Moment for Social Security  Justin Spittler  Silver–Phoenix 500
01/28/16  Italian Bank Panic & Bail–In, The Next Domino To Fall  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
01/27/16  Capital Controls Are Coming  Nick Giambruno  Zero Hedge
01/26/16  "Congress is Writing the President a Blank Check for War"  Ron Paul  Infowars
01/25/16  Financial Collapse 2016: Could This Be "The Big One"?  Mike Whitney
01/24/16  Fukushima Mon Amour  Jeffrey St. Clair
01/23/16  Bernanke: Don’t Worry, China’s $28 Trillion Debt Is an "Internal Problem"  Michael Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
01/22/16  Central Banks: the Biggest Short of All  Mario Innecco  Market Oracle
01/21/16  The Next Financial Crisis Has Begun  Graham Summers  Market Oracle
01/20/16  China Fake Economic Statistics – Everybody’s Doing It  John Rubino  Market Oracle
01/19/16  A Look at the Global Stock Markets  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
01/18/16  New US Sanctions on Iran?  Stephen Lendman  Global
01/17/16  "Invisible Hand" Looms Large Over China  Staff  Financial Sense
01/16/16  Stocks To Crash Worldwide In 2016  I. M. Vronsky  Gold–Eagle
01/15/16  Hyperinflation Yes, But Not Where We Expected  Keith M Barron PhD  Financial Sense
01/14/16  Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Address – Brilliant Bullshit!  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
01/13/16  Shipping Said to Have Ceased, Is the Worldwide Economy Grinding to a Halt?  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
01/12/16  The China Syndrome: The Coming Global Financial Meltdown  Charles Hugh Smith  Straight Line Logic
01/11/16  Oregon Standoff: Isolated Event or Sign of Things to Come?  Ron Paul  Infowars
01/10/16  China Stock Market Crash Terrorises Global Stock Markets  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
01/09/16  Where Is the Chinese Stock Market Headed?  Austin Galt  Market Oracle
01/08/16  Explaining Chinese Capital Flight  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
01/07/16  America’s Right–wing Fascism, Millennials and Why Good People Must Do Something.  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
01/06/16  Obama’s Gun Control Actions Open Legal Can of Worms  Staff  FOXNEWS
01/05/16  Why China Will Bring Down The World Markets!  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
01/04/16  Saudi Executions Reflect Regional Violence of Pro–Western Despotic Regimes  Stephen Lendman  Market Oracle
01/03/16  Iraq’s Longstanding Nightmare Continues  Stephen Lendman  Market Oracle
01/02/16  China’s Security of Supply  Richard Mills  Market Oracle
01/01/16  Will A Cascading ‘Crackup–Boom’ Start In The ‘Peripheral Nations’?  Gordon T Long  GoldSeek
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