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Gold and Silver News
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09/29/16  The Real Debate: Gold vs. Paper  Peter Schiff And Roy Sebag  Gold–Eagle
09/27/16  Gold Will Likely Soar To A Record Within Five Years  Mark O’Byrne  Gold–Eagle
09/26/16  Precious Metals Are Top Performers Since The First Rate Hike  Christopher Aaron  Gold–Eagle
09/25/16  The Precious Metals Rally Has Begun  Warren Bevan  Gold–Eagle
09/24/16  Gold Unleashed by the Fed  Adam Hamilton  Seeking Alpha
09/23/16  Gold Rises 1.5%, Silver Surges 3% After Fed Stays Ultra Loose At 0.25%  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
09/22/16  Higher Silver Prices For Many Years To Come  Hubert Moolman  Gold–Eagle
09/21/16  The War on Cash Is Still Good for Gold  Frank Holmes  GoldSeek
09/20/16  Gold Bugs Rejoice, Central Banks Think You’re On To Something!  John Stepek  GoldSeek
09/19/16  Silver Price: Why I Believe That Next Week Will Be A Strong Week  Joshua Rodriguez  Gold–Eagle
09/18/16  Another Billionaire Warns of Catastrophy and Emphasizes Gold  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
09/17/16  War is Peace, Silver is Plentiful, and Other Misconceptions  Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
09/16/16  Gold: The Best Performing Asset of the 21st Century  The Daily Coin  GoldSeek
09/15/16  Precious Metals Entering, Stocks & Bonds Exiting Bull Market  Jeb Handwerger  Gold–Eagle
09/14/16  Sorry, You Can’t Have Your Gold – Own Physical, Allocated Gold  Jeff Thomas  Internationalman
09/13/16  Morgan: Investors, Obtain REAL Money OUTSIDE the Banking System Immediately!  Mike Gleason  GoldSilverWorlds
09/12/16  Silver Will Be A Top Performing Asset In The Next Financial Crisis  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
09/11/16  Gold And Silver Are Money. Everything Else Is Debt. Globalist’s Biggest Scam  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
09/10/16  Gold Has Biggest One Day Rally Since Brexit As Elites Rush Into Gold  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
09/09/16  Gold’s Best–Kept Secret  JL Yastine  GoldSeek
09/08/16  Silver Bullion Surges 3.5% To Over $20 Per Ounce  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
09/07/16  Gold Price In Excess Of $8000 While US Dollar Collapses  Hubert Moolman  Gold–Eagle
09/06/16  Gold Price Up as Dollar Slips After Weak US Jobs Data  Reuters  Gold–Eagle
09/05/16  Silver – Stay Sober  Dan Norcini  SilverSeek
09/04/16  Gold Price: Mother Of All Bull Markets Has Only Just Begun  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
09/03/16  Physical Gold Delivery Failure By German Banks  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
09/02/16  China’s Monetary Ascension Is Paved with Gold  Stefan Gleason  TalkMarkets
09/01/16  Gold’s Strong Summer May be Harbinger of Things to Come  Michael J Kosares  GoldSeek
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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09/29/16  Here’s Why You Should Be in Cash Right Now  Jared Dillian  ValueWalk
09/27/16  What Blows Up First, Deutsche Bank?  John Rubino  GoldSeek
09/26/16  Stock Market More Correction Likely  Andre Gratian  Market Oracle
09/25/16  Stock Market Clear and Present Danger!  Chris Vermeulen  Market Oracle
09/24/16  Stock Market Unwinding, Still Nowhere Big Picture  Jack Steiman  Market Oracle
09/23/16  What’s Keeping the Stock Market Up?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
09/22/16  Wells Fargo Scandal Shows Next Bank Crisis Coming  Patrick Watson  Forbes
09/21/16  European Banks May be More Important Than the Fed This Week  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
09/20/16  Stock Market May Turn Ugly This Week  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
09/19/16  Subdued Global Growth and Flat Inflation Confront Central Banks  Bill Witherell  Financial Sense
09/18/16  The Financial Crisis Is Escalating!  Chris Vermeulen  Market Oracle
09/17/16  Stock Market: Seatbelts Buckled?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
09/16/16  3 Clear Signs the US Stock Market Is Doomed  Toni Sagami  Forbes
09/15/16  Wells Fargo and Other Banks Now Just Outright Stealing People‘s Money  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
09/14/16  Stock Market Freefall Episode Coming Soon  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
09/13/16  Central Banks May Choose Helicopter Money Over Negative Rates  Thorsten Polleit
09/12/16  Why the Greater Recession Will be Dollar Bearish  Michael Pento  Gold–Eagle
09/11/16  Hyperinflation Versus Deflationary Collapse  Darryl R Schoon  Gold–Eagle
09/10/16  USD/JPY Could Be Supported by BOJ Policy Stance  easyMarkets  Market Oracle
09/09/16  U.S. Stocks Election Jitters Coming?  Gary Savage  Market Oracle
09/08/16  Conceded: That Central Banks Have Cornered the Bond Markets  Graham Summers  Gains Pains & Capital
09/07/16  Economic Forecasts Have Nothing to do With Stock Market Direction  Sol Palha  GoldSeek
09/06/16  Did You See This Ominous Warning From The Stock Market?  Robert McHugh, Ph.D.  Gold–Eagle
09/05/16  Hyperinflation Is Coming To The US  Steve Saville  The Daily
09/04/16  Most Stock Market Investors Are One Recession Away from Annihilation  Jared Dillian  Newsmax
09/03/16  Few Buys in Global Stock Markets After Rallies  Adrian Day  Market Oracle
09/02/16  The Italian EU Referendum Could Result in the Death of the Euro  John Mauldin  Forbes
09/01/16  Awareness of Fed Credibility Problems Going MainstreamM  Clint Siegner  GoldSeek
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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09/29/16  It’s Not Just Obamacare, Healthcare Systems Are Failing Everywhere  Patrick Cox  ValueWalk
09/27/16  Fed Goes From ZIRP to NIRP!  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
09/26/16  Pension Shortfalls Could Be 4X To 7X Greater Than Reported  Dan Amerman  Financial Sense
09/25/16  US Economy GDP Growth Estimates in Free–Fall  Mike Shedlock  Market Oracle
09/24/16  The Fed’s Market Myth is Unraveling Before Our Eyes, Bloodbath Coming!  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
09/23/16  The Implications of the Italian Banking Crisis Could Be Disastrous  George Friedman  Forbes
09/22/16  Federal Reserve, US Interest Rates – America Needs A Brain  Barry M Ferguson  Market Oracle
09/21/16  U.S. Economy – We Can’t Party Like it’s 1999  Rodney Johnson  Market Oracle
09/20/16  Fascist Business Model: Reich Economics  Jim Willie  Gold–Eagle
09/19/16  American Economics  Andy Sutton  Silver–Phoenix 500
09/18/16  Fed Huffing and Puffing  David Chapman  Gold–Eagle
09/17/16  Banker Bunker Mentality, Big US Banks On The Brink  Jim Willie  Market Oracle
09/16/16  The Fed’s Monetary Monkeying Is Ruining Your Retirement and the Economy  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
09/15/16  Stop the Fed Before it Kills Again!  Mike Whitney
09/14/16  You Didn’t See This Bubble Burst Coming  Harry Dent  WolfStreet
09/13/16  The Economy Slows, Just as the Fed Talks About Raising Rates  Andrew Zatlin  Financial Sense
09/12/16  The Fed Plans for the Next Crisis  Ron Paul  Infowars
09/11/16  Negative Interest Rates Will Kill Economic Growth  Peter Schiff  Europac
09/10/16  ‘Helicopter Money Coming’  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
09/09/16  Failure of Inflation Targeting?!  Axel Merk  Gold–Eagle
09/08/16  We’re Reaching Point Zero of Debt Creation  Harry Dent  MarketSanity
09/07/16  GDP is More of a Fuzzy Reflection of the Economy  John Mauldin  Forbes
09/06/16  The Financial Big Bang Is Closer Than Ever  Andrew Hoffman  SilverSeek
09/05/16  Negative Interest Rates and the War on Cash  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
09/04/16  John Maynard Keynes’ "General Theory" Eighty Years Later  Antonius Aquinas  Zero Hedge
09/03/16  US Jobs Disappoint, Nothing Terrible  Jack Steiman  Market Oracle
09/02/16  Stagnant Wages & Hidden Inflation  John Mauldin  Market Oracle
09/01/16  Unknown Voluntary Servitude and the Creature from Jekyll Island  Richard Mills  Safe Haven
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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09/29/16  Euro Might Start To Unravel If Collapse Of Deutsche Bank Materializes  Mark O’Byrne  Gold–Eagle
09/27/16  Martial–Law Rolls Out Across the US As Jubilee Nears  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
09/26/16  Nomura First Major Bank to Predict China Default; BIS Sounds Alarm  ValueWalk  Financial Sense
09/25/16  The Unseen Revolution in Chinese Finances  Stratfor  Financial Sense
09/24/16  Here’s How the EU’s Crisis Is Tearing NATO Apart  Karman Bokhari  ValueWalk
09/23/16  Germany Has No Power to Solve the European Crisis  Lili Bayer  ValueWalk
09/22/16  Ignore the Fed, Something MASSIVE is Brewing in Europe’s Banks  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
09/21/16  The Fed Has Set Us Up For A Massive 50% Market Collapse  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
09/20/16  Global Bond Bubble has Finally Reached its Apogee  Michael Pento  Gold–Eagle
09/19/16  Six Events That Will Shape Europe in the Next 9 Months  GRI  Financial Sense
09/18/16  US Election 2016 – Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count  David Galland  Market Oracle
09/17/16  Italy Is the Mother of All Systemic Threats  George Friedman  Forbes
09/16/16  Next Financial Crisis Will be Far Worse than 2008  Kim Iskyan  The Street
09/15/16  The Era of Centralization is Ending and the Elites Are Terrified!  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
09/14/16  Hillary Clinton Became Unelectable Long Ago  Raul I Meijer  State of Globe
09/13/16  The Meaning of 911 Fifteen Years After  SARTRE
09/12/16  North Korea Rocks Wall Street  Staff  Market Oracle
09/11/16  Emerging Markets Are Headed for Trouble  Global Risk Insights  GRI  Financial Sense
09/10/16  The ECB’s Private Deals Are Distorting the European Markets  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
09/09/16  Will Deutsche Bank Collapse the Global Market?  Clif Droke  Gold–Eagle
09/08/16  BrExit UK Economic Collapse Evaporates, GDP Forecasts for 2016 and 2017  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
09/07/16  "No Limit to Monetary Easing" Says Bank of Japan  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
09/06/16  G20 Meets in China To Fight Anti–Globalism And Usher In New World Order  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
09/05/16  As The World Economy Is Burning Central Bankers Are Clueless  Egon von Greyerz  Gold–Eagle
09/04/16  Psychological Manipulation & Economic Deception are now the Order of the day  Sol Palha  GoldSeek
09/03/16  The U.S. Election Year Fix is In, But Can Janet Make It To November?  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
09/02/16  Humanity at Risk  Stephen Lendman  Market Oracle
09/01/16  Debt Bubble in Ireland and Globally  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
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