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Gold and Silver News
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11/30/16  Owning Gold and Silver in Troubling Times  Richard Mills  GoldSeek
11/29/16  Palladium: Signals of Market Supply Shortage  David Jensen  Safe Haven
11/28/16  Gold Prices Advance After Hitting 9–month Low as Dollar Declines  MarketWatch  Silver–Phoenix 500
11/27/16  Silver And Gold, We Can’t Understand It For Them  Jeffrey Lewis  Silver–Phoenix 500
11/26/16  Gold Price Skyrockets In India After Currency Ban (Part III)  Jayant Bhandari  Gold–Eagle
11/25/16  The Gold Bears Are in For a Massive Surprise  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
11/24/16  Gold to Rally More, Stocks Should Drop  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
11/23/16  Where Will Gold Price Go From Here?  Frank Holmes  Gold–Eagle
11/22/16  Gold Price Gains for Second Day on Dollar Decline  Reuters  Gold–Eagle
11/21/16  Global Stocks, PMs, Lifted By Hopes For Increased Demand From China  KitcoNews  Gold–Eagle
11/20/16  Speculators Bailing Out Of Gold – And That’s A Good Thing  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
11/19/16  We May Never Get Another Opportunity to Buy Gold at this Level Again  Chris Vermeulen  TalkMarkets
11/18/16  Islamic Gold – Important New Dynamic In Gold Market  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
11/17/16  Hidden Signs for Gold and Silver  P Radomski  TalkMarkets
11/16/16  Silver Price and The Winds of Complacency  Dr Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
11/15/16  Gold Price Should Go Higher On Global Risks and Trump  Mark O’Byrne  Gold–Eagle
11/14/16  Gold Could Hit $2,000 Under Trump, Here’s How  Sean Williams  Motley Fool
11/13/16  A Good Time To Be Buying Gold  Richard Mills  Market Oracle
11/12/16  Trump to Send Gold Price to $10,000  Jim Rickards  Market Oracle
11/11/16  Trump Win Signals $1,500 Gold and $24 Silver  Nick Barisheff  Gold–Eagle
11/10/16  Gold Surges 5% After America Votes Trump President  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
11/09/16  Credibility, Confidence, Chaos And Gold Price!  GE Christenson  Gold–Eagle
11/08/16  Gold Still In A Bull Market  Claudio Grass  Safe Haven
11/07/16  Gold Always Wins  Keith Weiner  Safe Haven
11/06/16  US Election Uncertainty Now Influencing Gold & Silver Prices  Clint Siegner  ValueWalk
11/05/16  Markets Not Much Action but Don’t Get Careless  Dan Norcini  MarketSanity
11/04/16  Gold: It’s All About the US Dollar  Kelsey Williams  Market Oracle
11/03/16  Silver Price Is Looking Really Bullish In Dollars, Euros and Rands  Hubert Moolman  Gold–Eagle
11/02/16  Precious Metals Stocks May Be Poised for a Major Upswing  Clive Maund  Investing
11/01/16  Gold Survives GDP PoP, FBI Then Adds A Prop  Mark Mead Baillie  Gold–Eagle
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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11/30/16  Indian Demonetization Denotes Severe Stress in the Global Gold Market  Stewart Dougherty  GoldSeek
11/29/16  Watch Tuesday, Stock Market Big Move Coming!  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
11/28/16  Europe Will Devalue Or Dissolve – Welcome To The Currency War  John Rubino  GoldSeek
11/27/16  Dollar Strength Warrants Caution On U.S. Equities  BCA Research  Financial Sense
11/26/16  This Is Where I Get Off  Jeff Thomas  GoldSeek
11/25/16  Breaking News – Spain Launches War on Cash  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
11/24/16  Chinese Renminbi Amid US Dollar’s Global Risk  Dan Steinbock  ValueWalk
11/23/16  The Spreading Bondfire And The Rising Price Of Gold  Darryl R Schoon  Gold–Eagle
11/22/16  Reversal Interest Rates Are the Next Big Challenge for Central Banks  Sam Rines  Market Oracle
11/21/16  When the Fake Stock Market Driven By Fake Data Finally Adjusts to Economic Realities?  Graham Summers  Investing
11/20/16  Stock Market Air Pocket Due  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
11/19/16  Deutsche Bank Turmoil Shows Risks of Weakening Bank Capital Standards  Anjan V. Thakor  sfgate
11/18/16  What Happens When The Banks Aren’t Safe?  Jim Rickards  Market Oracle
11/17/16  EURO Yearly Cycle Low  Gary Savage  GoldSeek
11/16/16  Trump’s Mandate to Yellen: Print More Money or You’re Fired!  Michael Pento  TalkMarkets
11/15/16  Human Derivatives and Gold  Stewart Dougherty  GoldSeek
11/14/16   Are Bonds, Commodities And Stocks About to Tank?  Gary Savage  Gold–Eagle
11/13/16  Make Inflation Great Again! Is Trump the ‘Inflation President’?  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
11/12/16  What Investors Can Expect from the Trump Revolution  Clif Droke  Investing
11/11/16  Uncertainty Drives Central Bank Gold Purchases  Mark O’Byrne  Market Oracle
11/10/16  Financial Markets Were Caught Flat–footed. Will There be a Recovery?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
11/09/16  The Presidential Election Won’t Stop The Mother Of All Deflations  SRSrocco  Gold–Eagle
11/08/16  Central Banks Have Broadcast What Is About To Hit  Graham Summers  GoldSeek
11/07/16  Time To Short the U.S. Dollar?  Chris Vermeulen  Safe Haven
11/06/16  The Stock Market Grand Illusion  Tim Wood  Safe Haven
11/05/16  Very Tough Session for Wall Street  Harry Boxer  FX Street
11/04/16  Interesting Aspects Of The Current Financial Situation  Steve Saville  GoldSeek
11/03/16  The Global Bond Bubble Is Ready to Burst  Alex Barrow  Financial Sense
11/02/16  The Market Just Gave Us Three "Tells", But Few Are Paying Attention  Graham Summers  GoldSeek
11/01/16  Stock Market – Things are Getting Interesting  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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11/30/16  Could a "Greek–Style" Carry Tax on Cash Come to the US?  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
11/29/16  U.S. Debt – This Looming Crisis Could Ruin Many  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
11/28/16  To Really ‘Make America Great Again,’ End the Fed!  Ron Paul  Ron Paul
11/27/16  The New Trade Future In Asia Pacific  Dan Steinbock  TalkMarkets
11/26/16  Will Trumponomics Save Us From A Bust?  Brendan Brown
11/25/16  Another US Election Year, Another Bunch Of Fake Economic Growth Numbers  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
11/24/16  Krugman’s Aliens Have Arrived – They Are Called "Trumponomists"  Gordon T Long  Market Oracle
11/23/16  Obstacles to Trump’s Economic Growth Plans  Raul I Meijer  Market Oracle
11/22/16  US Presidents and Recessions – What Can We Learn?  Urban Carmel  Financial Sense
11/21/16  The Real Barrier To Trump‘s Economic Policies!  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
11/20/16  Trump Prepares to Takeover Fed  Mike Whitney
11/19/16  5 Reasons You Should Buy Trump Insurance–And It’s Not Trump’s Fault  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
11/18/16  Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan: Lincoln Had a Bolder Solution  Ellen Brown
11/17/16  Counterfeit Products Hurt the Consumer and the Economy  Patrick Watson  Forbes
11/16/16  U.S. Economy at Major Long–Term Pivotal Point  Clif Droke  Safe Haven
11/15/16  Demographics: The Boomers Have Already Been Overtaken by the Millennials  Urban Carmel  Financial Sense
11/14/16  Trump and the Coming of Helicopter Money  Jim Rickards  Daily Reckoning
11/13/16  Business Spending Drops: Evidence Now Undeniable  Andrew Zatlin  Financial Sense
11/12/16  Trump: It is Important to Audit the Federal Reserve  Kurt Nimmo  Infowars
11/11/16  And Of Course, No One is Talking About the US National Debt  Rodney Johnson  Market Oracle
11/10/16  Trump Election Victory Won’t Lead to More Economic Growth  Staff  ValueWalk
11/09/16  Something Big Is About to Happen  Patrick O’Hare  Financial Sense
11/08/16  Thanks to Obamacare, US Government Debt Is Worse Than You Think  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
11/07/16  Atlanta Fed President Open to ‘Relatively Mild Form of Extremely Hot’  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
11/06/16  Here’s the Proven Model That Could Save Health Care and the US Economy  John Mauldin  Market Oracle
11/05/16  Trouble Ahead for USD-Denominated Sovereign Debt?  BCA Research  Financial Sense
11/04/16  The Next Crisis Is Already Baked Into The Cake  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
11/03/16  US Economy – Are We Approaching the Peak?  Staff  Financial Sense
11/02/16  A Falling Stock Market Cannot Be Allowed – Financial Repression Is Now "In–Play"!  Gordon T Long  Market Oracle
11/01/16  Corporate Earnings Fairytale Has an Unhappy Ending  Michael Pento  Gold–Eagle
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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11/30/16  Can President Trump Really Drain the Swamp?  SARTRE
11/29/16  The US Is Undemocratic by Its Very Nature  George Friedman  ValueWalk
11/28/16  Italian Bank Collapse European Sovereign Bond Carnage, Criss–Crossed Fuses & Lit Bonfire  Jim Willie  Gold–Eagle
11/27/16  Italy: The Biggest Elephant Jeopardizing Europe and the Euro  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
11/26/16  Global Epocalypse Inevitable According to Trump’s Chief and World’s Largest Failing Bank  David Haggith  GoldSeek
11/25/16  War On Cash Goes Global – India and Citibank In Australia  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
11/24/16  Debt Crisis: Why 2017 Will Be a Decisive Year for China’s Economy  Stratfor  Financial Sense
11/23/16  The Trump Trade War Already Started  Patrick Watson  Forbes
11/22/16  US Education System Broken: Let’s Try ‘Ed–Exit’  Ron Paul  Safe Haven
11/21/16  The End of Liberalism, Globalization and American‘s Alienation – Global Impacts  Dr R M Mathew  Market Oracle
11/20/16  Rickards: The Next Crisis Is Coming, and a New World Government May Come With It  Staff  Financial Sense
11/19/16  UK Might Be on the Verge of Another Political Crisis  George Friedman  ValueWalk
11/18/16  Drain The Swamp? You Bet!  Bob Hoye  Safe Haven
11/17/16  What Exactly is True Capitalism?  Frank Holmes  Market Oracle
11/16/16  Trump Triumphs as UK Brexit Faces a Serious Threat  John Browne  FX Street
11/15/16  Crisis Is Coming: The Elites Plan To ‘Steal’ Your Money  Jim Rickards  Market Oracle
11/14/16  President Trump – Why Market Loves Him and Experts Wrong  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
11/13/16  The Rhetoric and Reality of Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy  Stratfor  Financial Sense
11/12/16  Trump, Brexit – Democrazy  David Galland  Market Oracle
11/11/16  Trump: The Beginning of an Era? Or the End of One?  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
11/10/16  America is The Poisoned Chalice  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
11/09/16  We’re All Hedge Funds Now, Part 4  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
11/08/16  Watch The Eu Banks After The Us Election  Gordon Long  GoldSeek
11/07/16  The American Election and the Fall of the Fourth Estate    Market Oracle
11/06/16  American Civil War II – Fourth Turning Intensifying (Part I)  James Quinn  Market Oracle
11/05/16  Will BoJ’s New Framework Become a Turning Point for Gold?  Arkadiusz Sieron  GoldSeek
11/04/16  The Demise of the U.S. Middle Class  Harry Dent  Market Oracle
11/03/16  The Economic Twilight Zone in Japan  Rodney Johnson  equities
11/02/16  The Fight Against The North American Union And Globalism Is In Standing Rock  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
11/01/16  Blame Government, Not Markets for Monopoly  Dr Ron Paul  Townhall
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