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06/30/16  The True Nature of Gold Is Liberty  Stefan Gleason  TalkMarkets
06/29/16  Stock Market Meltdown Likely to Drive Gold Towards $1,500  Michael Swanson  GoldSeek
06/28/16  Gold Surges 20% In GBP In 2 Days On Brexit Fallout  Mark O’Byrne  Market Oracle
06/27/16  Major Debt and Dow Collapse Will Set Ideal Conditions For Silver  Hubert Moolman  Brother John F
06/26/16  Gold And Silver: Security, And BREXIT  Michael Noonan  Inside Futures
06/25/16  Markets Crash, Gold Skyrockets as Britain Takes Brexit  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
06/24/16  A New Balance Of Power In The Gold Market  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
06/23/16  These Conditions Ensure That Gold Will Continue To Rise Over The Coming Years  Hubert Moolman  GoldSeek
06/22/16  What Do The Fireworks In Metals Mean?  Avi Gilburt  GoldSeek
06/21/16  Is It Time to Dump Gold and Buy Platinum?  Bob Moriarty  Resource Investor
06/20/16  Silver Sleeping On the Job  Richard Mills  SilverSeek
06/19/16  Gold And Silver – Insanity Is World "Norm." Keep Stacking!  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
06/18/16  How to Use the Gold–to–Silver Ratio?  Arkadiusz Sieron  Resource Investor
06/17/16  Is Silver Next for Chinese Momentum Investors?  John Lee  SilverSeek
06/16/16  The Rush to Gold: A New Respect Is Growing  Guy Christopher  GoldSeek
06/15/16  Watch Gold Jump to $1,400 if U.K. Votes to Brexit  Sara Sjolin  MarketWatch
06/14/16  New Gold Rally! Gold Shines In A World Of Minus Interest Rates  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
06/13/16  Gold Shines as Equities Sink and Investors Fret  Staff TheStreet  Gold–Eagle
06/12/16  George Soros Buying Gold On BREXIT, EU "Collapse" Risk  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
06/11/16  Massive Gold Stock Investment Buying 2  Adam Hamilton  Zeal LLC
06/10/16  Investors Start To Make Big Bets On Gold  Darren Capriotti  Gold–Eagle
06/09/16  US Jobs Report Changes the Landscape for Gold  Brien Lundin  TalkMarkets
06/08/16  Former Bank of England Head Advocating Gold Ownership  Michael J Kosares  GoldSeek
06/07/16  The Rise Of The Silver Price Will Be Quick And Sudden  Hubert Moolman  Silver–Phoenix 500
06/06/16  Gold Climbs On US Jobs Report Miss  Joshua Rodriguez  Gold–Eagle
06/05/16  Gold And Silver – Friday May Have Marked A Pivotal Turnaround  Michael Noonan  Safe Haven
06/04/16  Silver Bullion: Perfect Storm Brewing in the Market  Mark O’Byrne  SilverSeek
06/03/16  The Gold Bull Market – Is it Time Yet?  Alex  GoldSeek
06/02/16  Are You Still Waiting For A Gold And Silver Pullback?  Peter Degraaf  TalkMarkets
06/01/16  Clash Of The Titans Propels Gold  Stewart Thomson  GoldSeek
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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06/30/16  The Fed’s Money Printing Brings a Strange Outcome  Rodney Johnson  TalkMarkets
06/29/16  Dow, Euro & Brexit Recap  Austin Galt  Safe Haven
06/28/16  British Pound BrExit Crash Wins Britain Currency War!  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
06/27/16  Stocks Bear Market Resumes or Just More Noise  Tony Caldaro  Market Oracle
06/26/16  Does BREXIT Matter? Outlook for Sterling  Marc Horn  Market Oracle
06/25/16  Pound Plunges, FTSE Stock Futures Slump on LEAVE Win  Jeremy Herron  Bloomberg
06/24/16  Stock Market Waiting for the Reversal  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
06/23/16  Stock Market on Verge of Melt Down?  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
06/22/16  Here’s Why German Banks Consider Hoarding Billions of Euros in Vaults  John Mauldin  Forbes
06/21/16  Could Central Bankers Be Gold and Silver’s BIGGEST Allies?  Mike Gleason  MoneyMetals
06/20/16  Why Is the Japanese Yen a Safe–Haven Currency?  Matthew Kerkhoff  Financial Sense
06/19/16  Nasdaq Underperforming Again, Brexit Is Next Up  Jack Steiman  Investing
06/18/16  Stock Market On the Brink?  Robert Appel  Profit Confidential
06/16/16  The Dow, Interest Rates, Debt and Silver Cycles Will Deliver A Fatal Blow  Hubert Moolman  Seeking Alpha
06/15/16  The Stock Market Is Poised for a Huge Selloff  Chris Vermeulen Ken Goldberg  The Street
06/14/16  Stocks Fall on Terrorism Fears, Fed Uncertainty, Possible UK Brexit  David Carrig  USA Today
06/13/16  Stock Market Correction Near  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
06/12/16  Stock Market Headwinds At 2116, Some Key Sectors Quit At Long–Term Down Trend Lines  Jack Steiman  Market Oracle
06/11/16  Final Top Of US Bond Bull Market Set For 3rd Qtr of 2016Austin Galt  
06/10/16  Small–cap Stocks Send Bear–market Signal  Anthony Mirhaydari  MarketWatch
06/09/16  Is the Fed Buying Stocks Outright to Prop Up the Markets?  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
06/08/16  Stock Market Rally Appears Complete  Bert Dohmen  Forbes
06/07/16  Bad U.S.Jobs Report Prompts Stocks Bear Market Rally Towards New All Time Highs!  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
06/06/16  Two Charts That Prove Central Banks Are Losing Control  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
06/05/16  Bonds, Stocks, Gold and Silver ‘Inflation Trade’ Alive and Well  Gary Tanashian  Investing
06/04/16  US Dollar Crashes As Economic Recovery Lie Is Exposed  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
06/03/16  Negative Interest Rates Amplify Currency Wars  Sol Palha  GoldSeek
06/02/16  Stock Market: Rough Week Ahead  Ed Carlson  Market Oracle
06/01/16  The Bail–In: Or How You Could Lose Your Money in the Bank  David Chapman  GoldSeek
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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06/30/16  The U.S. Housing Market Bubble Appears to Have Peaked!  Harry Dent  Seeking Alpha
06/29/16  Brexit’s Big Loser? Japan  John Rubino  GoldSeek
06/28/16  If We Don’t Do Anything, Obesity Will Bankrupt the US Economy  Patrick Cox  ValueWalk
06/27/16  European Integration Is Dead, Long Live Monetary Cooperation  Carmen Elena Dorobat
06/26/16  Brexit is Just What the Dr. Ordered  Peter Schiff  FX Street
06/25/16  Insanity Definition on Full Display in US Mortgage Market  Michael Pento  Market Oracle
06/24/16  We’re in a Global Bear Market, Says Leading Technician  FS Staff  Financial Sense
06/23/16  Believe it or Not: More Kids Live At Home Now than Since The Great Depression  Harry Dent Equities
06/22/16  Offshore Shakedown: FATCA, The Panama Papers and Why You Need a Self–Directed IRA  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
06/21/16  The Economic Reality of BrExit  Kshitij Anand  Economic Times
06/20/16  Three Reasons Why We’re Back to Late 2006  Andrew Zatlin  Financial Sense
06/19/16  The Fed Giveth and the Gold Bullion Banks Taketh Away  Michael Ballanger  Resource Investor
06/18/16  Former Central Banker Admits World Economy Remains in Recession and Depressed  Mario Innecco  Market Oracle
06/17/16  The US Consumer–Driven Economy Has Hit a Brick Wall  Tony Sagami  Forbes
06/16/16  Central Bankers Are Wrong About Inflation and Deflation  Frank Shostak
06/15/16  This Demographic Shift Makes Our Social Security Useless  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
06/14/16  New Gold Rally! Gold Shines In A World Of Minus Interest Rates  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
06/13/16  Free Trade, Brexit, and the WTO  Carmen Elena Dorobat
06/12/16  Short–term Treasury Yields Post Largest Single–day Drop in 6 Months  Ellie Ismailidou  MarketWatch
06/11/16  One Of The Best Predictors Of Recessions Is Rapidly Approaching  Myles Udland  Business Insider
06/10/16  How Fiat Money Destroys Culture  Jorg Guido Hulsmann
06/09/16  Will You Heed the New Signs of Economic Crisis?  David Smith    GoldSeek
06/08/16  Fed Interest Rate Hikes: Wash. Rinse. Repeat  Patrick O’Hare  Financial Sense
06/07/16  3 Signs the German Economy Is Falling Apart  John Mauldin  Business Insider
06/06/16  US Jobs Report Has Payrolls Growth lowest for More Than 5 Years  Jesse  Market Oracle
06/05/16  Prominent Billionaire Investors Warn of Financial Crash, Quietly Position Themselves  Michael Rivero  Econintersect
06/04/16  Funniest BLS US Jobs Report Ever!  James Quinn  The Burning Platform
06/03/16  Dollar Bubble: The Three Reasons The US Dollar Will Soon Crash  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
06/02/16  The $6 TRILLION Corporate Debt Implosion Begins  Graham Summers  GoldSeek
06/01/16  Will the Fed be Blind Sided by Stagflation?  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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06/30/16  Brexit Exposing A Lot Of Fault Lines Within EU  Gordon T. Long  GoldSeek
06/29/16  Brexit Victory over the EU Globalists  SATRE
06/28/16  After ‘Brexit,’ Can the United States Exit a Few Things Too?  Ron Paul  The New American
06/27/16  Brexit: Anti–Neoliberal Rebellion  Stephen Lendman  Market Oracle
06/26/16  Will The European Union Just Dissolve?  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
06/25/16  Brexit Surprise, Will Others Follow Britain?, Still Nothing Bearish Yet  Jack Steiman  Market Oracle
06/24/16  Brexit or Not, Mediterranean Political Uncertainty Will Roil the EU  Stratfor  Financial Sense
06/23/16  Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else?  Brandon Smith ActivistPost
06/22/16  Fascist Victory Behind the European Union  SARTRE  From The Trenches World Report
06/21/16  Brexit Rules The Week  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
06/20/16  Brexit Fear–Mongering  Stephen Lendman  Rense
06/19/16  How Germany Could Upset Europe Before UK Referendum  Marc Chandler  Marctomarket
06/18/16  Brexit: "The Vote Heard Around the World"  EWI  Market Oracle
06/17/16  How Will a Brexit Vote Impact Gold and Silver Prices?  Jason Hamlin  Seeking Alpha
06/16/16  The Lies That Sustain US  Barry M Ferguson  BMFInvest.blogspot
06/15/16  Philosophy of the New World Order  Satre  Market Oracle
06/14/16  Bookmaker Odds Still Strongly Favour REMAIN for Brexit  Adam Payne  Business Insider
06/13/16  Presidential Dictatorship  Antonius Aquinas  Market Oracle
06/12/16  Bilderberg Will Not Allow Britain to BrExit " Where Is The Mainstream Media?  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
06/11/16  EU Referendum Forecast, REMAIN Panics on BrExit LEAVE Shock 10 Point Lead  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
06/10/16  The World Can No Longer Absorb China’s Surplus  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
06/09/16  Could Trump Be A Democratic Plant?  Marc Bodnick  Quora
06/08/16  Trump as "Political Stalking–Horse" for Hillary?  Nick Gass  Politico
06/07/16  The Keynesians Stole The Jobs  Ron Paul
06/06/16  U.S. Conservatives Will Align With Hillary Clinton to Stage Global War  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
06/05/16  Bankers Warn of BrExit Financial Armageddon If British People Vote for Freedom  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
06/04/16  Utopia Meets Reality in the EU  Stratfor  STRATFOR
06/03/16  Monetary Stimulation Creates Bubbles, Not Prosperity Nor Growth  Claudio Grass  The Daily
06/02/16  Now Japanese Prime Minister Abe Predicts Imminent Global Economic Catastrophe  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
06/01/16  10 Questions About Our Broken Financial System  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
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