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Gold and Silver News
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11/30/15  So Misinformation About Gold Continues To Reign  Avi Gilburt  Gold–Eagle
11/29/15  Gold And Silver – No Ending Action, But End May Be Near  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
11/28/15  Fed Official’s Speeches And Gold  Arkadiusz Sieron  Gold–Eagle
11/27/15  Paper Gold Doesn’t Glitter  Egon von Greyerz  Gold–Eagle
11/26/15  Will Fresh QE From ECB Boost Gold?  Sam Kirtley  Seeking Alpha
11/25/15  4,000 Roman Coins Found Buried in Swiss Orchard Reinforce Gold Ownership  Michael J Kosares  USA Gold
11/24/15  Trouble Is Brewing in the Paper Markets for Gold and Silver  Clint Siegner  FX Street
11/23/15  Gold a Bargain in Real Terms  Michael J Kosares  Market Oracle
11/22/15  Gold And Silver – Value Of Knowing The Trend  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
11/21/15  Silver Prices and The Management of Perception  Jeff Lewis  SilverDoctors
11/20/15  Gold Price Rebounds on Short Covering, Bargain Hunting  Kitco  Gold–Eagle
11/19/15  Chinese Savers Turn to Gold as Rest of the World Exits Holdings  Staff  Bloomberg
11/18/15  Three Shocking Charts That Prove Gold Price Rally Is Coming  Sean Brodrick  Investment U
11/17/15  Gold Remains "Best Insurance For A Crisis" – Ficenec  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
11/16/15  Gold Price Is Primed For Recovery  Jeffrey Nichols  Gold–Eagle
11/15/15  Silver Prices and The Fed Meetings  Jeff Lewis  Silver–Phoenix 500
11/14/15  The Real Reason Behind Precious Metal Manipulation  Steve St. Angelo  SRSrocco Report
11/13/15  Central Banks Snapping Up Gold at Near–Record Pace, Council Says  Ranjeetha Pakiam  Bloomberg
11/12/15  Gold Forecast: Fed Watching Can Be Bad For Your Wealth  Ken Ticehurst  Gold–Eagle
11/11/15  Who Is Stockpiling Gold and Silver Coins to Pay Employees In the Coming Crisis?  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
11/10/15  The Big Silver ETF – Silver and Physical Inventory Part 2  Dr Jeff Lewis  Market Oracle
11/09/15  Silly Debt, Paper Dies, Gold Thrives  Gary Christenson  GoldSilverWorlds
11/08/15  Gold And Silver: Deception, Not Fundamentals Rule Precious Metals  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
11/07/15  Gold’s Medium–term Outlook Brightens on China, India  Clyde Russell  Reuters
11/06/15  The Discipline of Silver  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
11/05/15  Marc Faber Says "I Added To My Gold Position"  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
11/04/15  The Circle of Gold  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
11/03/15  Will The Fed Hike In December & What Does This Mean For Gold Prices?  Bob Kirtley  Market Oracle
11/02/15  Russia Set to Continue Gold Grab  Staff, ProactiveInvestor  Gold–Eagle
11/01/15  Gold And Silver – Month–End Technical Review  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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11/30/15  Bond Defaults to Send Shock Waves into Currency Markets  Gordon Long  Safe Haven
11/29/15  Stock Market Quiet Week as Primary 5 Continues  Tony Caldaro  Market Oracle
11/28/15  Yuan To Join SDR Basket As IMF Reserve Currency  Mark O’Byrne  Gold–Eagle
11/27/15  Triggers In US Dollar Collapse  Jim Willie CB  GoldSeek
11/26/15  What Does History Say About the First Rate Hike and Stocks?  Chris Ciovacco  Financial Sense
11/25/15  Stock Market Fireworks at the Open  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
11/24/15  Building Societies Aiming to Win Over Savers From the Banks  Charlotte Nelson  Market Oracle
11/23/15  Stock Markets – Have Men and Money Schemes Changed?  Doug Wakefield  Market Oracle
11/22/15  The Fed Has Set the Stage for a Stock Market Crash  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
11/21/15  Stock Market Nifty–Fifty Becomes Fab–Five; Return of the ‘Four Horseman’  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
11/20/15  The Fed–induced Stock Market Farce  James Quinn  Market Oracle
11/19/15  U.S. Inflation Setup to Upset  Ned W Schmidt  Gold–Eagle
11/18/15  Is a Major Stock Market Top Forming?  Brad Gudgeon  Gold–Eagle
11/17/15  Stock Market at Make or Break Moment  Puru Saxena  Financial Sense
11/16/15  Stock Market – Another Brutal Monday  John Rubino  Safe Haven
11/15/15  The U.S. Shadow Interest Rate Casts Gloom  Peter Schiff  TalkMarkets
11/14/15  US Stock Market: Anatomy of a Correction  GaryTanashian  Nftrh
11/13/15  Stock Market Breakdown  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
11/12/15  The US Dollar Rally Could Trigger a $9 Trillion Debt Implosion  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
11/11/15  What is Needed for a Stocks Bear Market Scenario  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
11/10/15  Pieces of the Puzzle Lining Up for Potential Stock Market Crash  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
11/09/15  Over–Valued Stocks And Under–Valued Gold  Clive P. Maund  Gold–Eagle
11/08/15  Does the Bond Market Drive the Gold Price?  Arkadiusz Sieron  FX Street
11/07/15  Worlds Largest Debtor Ever Raises U.S. ‘Debt Ceiling’, Again  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
11/06/15  When Will America Jail Their Banksters?  James Hall
11/05/15  Day Follows Night: Gold Follows US Bonds  Dan Norcini  Gold–Eagle
11/04/15  How China and the West Work Together to Manipulate the Global Currency War  Brendan Brown
11/03/15  US Stocks Rebound May Be Hollow  Anthony Cherniawski  Zero Hedge
11/02/15  Stock Market Overbought  Jack Steiman  Market Oracle
11/01/15  Writing May Be on the Walmart  Patrick O’Hare  Financial Sense
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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11/30/15  Chinese Debt Snowball Gaining Momentum  John Rubino  Safe Haven
11/29/15  The Big Four Economic Indicators: Real Personal Income for October  Doug Short  Advisor Perspectives
11/28/15  Economics Is About Scarcity, Property, and Relationships  Michael J. McKay
11/27/15  U.S. Federal Reserve Rate Hike  EconMatters  Market Oracle
11/26/15  You Can’t Eat Gold or a Debt Sandwich  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
11/25/15  Janet Yellen Responds as a Central Banker Would  Gary Tanashian  GoldSeek
11/24/15  Will Fed Raise the Discount Interest Rate Today?  Ashraf Laidi  FX Street
11/23/15  Limits to Economic Growth – Challenge and Choices  Nicole Foss  Market Oracle
11/22/15  Has Deflation Been Defeated?  Clif Droke  GoldSeek
11/21/15  The End Of The Economic Recovery, In One Chart  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
11/20/15  Japans Sinking Economy – Is Anybody Okay Out There?  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
11/19/15  Central Banks Will Not Be Able to Halt Economic Collapse  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
11/18/15  The Gig Economy Is the New Normal  John Mauldin  GoldSeek
11/17/15  How the Great Depression 2.0 Will Soon Unfold  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
11/16/15  Brutal Economic News As The World Rolls Over  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
11/15/15  How Many More U.S. Recession Confirmations Do You Need?  James Quinn  The Burning Platform
11/14/15  Is the US Heading Towards Recession?  PuruSaxena  Market Oracle
11/13/15  The "Need" To Raise Interest Rates  Bill Holter  Jsmineset
11/12/15  Social Security The Long Slow Default  Kirby R. Cundiff
11/11/15  The Business Cycle Is Winding Down  Rodney Johnson  FX Street
11/10/15  Stock Markets Discover That Higher Interest Rates Are Bad  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
11/09/15  U.S. Three Month Treasury Yields Turn Negative, Recession Warning?  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
11/08/15  The Shadowy World of Shadow Statistics  John Mauldin  Financial Sense
11/07/15  Bill Gross: ‘100% Chance’ Fed will Raise U.S. Interest Rates in December  Charles Stein  Bloomberg
11/06/15  Have We Seen the Peak in Economic Growth?  Tim Duy  Financial Sense
11/05/15  The Fed Desperately Tries to Maintain the Status Quo  Ronald–Peter Stoferle
11/04/15  QE’s Creeping Communism  Peter Schiff  Zero Hedge
11/03/15  Global Fiscal and Monetary Madness  Michael Pento  King World News
11/02/15  You Will Hear the Roar of the Printing Presses from Mars  Michael J Kosares  USA Gold
11/01/15  One of America’s Largest Companies is Stockpiling Food and Gold  Justin Spittler  GoldSeek
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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11/30/15  Politicians Driving The World Towards War – Fourth Turning  James Quinn  Safe Haven
11/29/15  Turkey Downs Russian Jet to Draw NATO and US Deeper into Syrian Quagmire  Mike Whitney
11/28/15  Did Washington Order Russian Aircraft Shot Down?  Stephen Lendman  Rense
11/27/15  Will Turkey Drag NATO into War With Russia in Syria?  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
11/26/15  Terrorism – Grinch that Stole Christmas  Sartre
11/25/15  Finally, Return to Athens  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
11/24/15  Schengen Is Cracking – Can the EU Withstand the Pressure?  Global Risk Insights  Financial Sense
11/23/15  Laurence Kotlikoff on "Pernicious" Changes to Social Security  FS Staff  Financial Sense
11/22/15  Five World Currencies That Are Closely Tied To Commodities  Frank Holmes  Seeking Alpha
11/21/15  A Secret New Government Tax, Unveiled  EWI  Investment Watch Blog
11/20/15  The Great Fall Of China Started At Least 4 Years Ago  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
11/19/15  After Paris Attacks The Eurozone Is Hanging By a Thread  Ed Bugos  Dollar Vigilante
11/18/15  Paris Attacks: The Acuity of Hindsight  Stratfor  Financial Sense
11/17/15  Ominous Parallels: The Roman Empire, The E.U., And Mass Migration  John Rubino  Safe Haven
11/16/15  Grandmaster Putin Beats Uncle Sam at His Own Game  Mike Whitney  The Ugly Truth
11/15/15  RED ALERT: Paris Terror Attacks – What to Expect Next  STRATFOR  Market Oracle
11/14/15  UK BrExit Referendum as European Union Faces Migration Catastrophe  NadeemWalayat  BIN
11/13/15  US Dollar Rally Could Trigger a $9 Trillion Debt Implosion  Graham Summers  Gains Pains Capital
11/12/15  The American Way of Endless Wars  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman
11/11/15  One of the Greatest Deceptions of Our Time?  Harry Dent  TalkMarkets
11/10/15  Trump vs Sanders, Establishment Rule still in Control  SARTRE
11/09/15  The Battle Over China’s GDP  GRI  Financial Sense
11/08/15  How an Economic Downturn Affects Latin America  Staff  STRATFOR
11/07/15  Volkswagen and China: A Perfect Fit  Raul I Meijer  Market Oracle
11/06/15  Doug Casey on the Nanny State  Doug Casey  GoldSeek
11/05/15  Government – The Most Devious Liars In The Room  James Quinn  The Burning Platform
11/04/15  CISA Systemic Domestic Spying, U.S. Police State is Here  SARTRE
11/03/15  Europe Will Never Be The Same. Neither Will The World  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
11/02/15  What’s Wrong With Australia?  Tim Iacono  Financial Sense
11/01/15  Europe in Deflation: Got (cheap) Milk?  Nico Isaac  ElliottWave
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