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Gold and Silver News
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05/31/15  Gold Price in Different Currencies  Arkadiusz Sieron  Market Oracle
05/30/15  Don’t Dare Sell Your Gold!  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
05/29/15  Gold Is "100% Guarantee from Legal and Political Risks" States Russian Central Bank  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
05/28/15  Gold Price Has Bottomed – More Evidence  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
05/27/15  Silver is a Special Metal  Aden Sisters  SilverSeek
05/26/15  China Sets Up Gold Bullion Fund For Central Banks  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
05/25/15  Silver Price Projections For 2020  Gary Christenson  GoldSilverWorlds
05/24/15  What You Know for Certain – Huge Demand for Gold And Silver  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
05/23/15  Gold Price Primary Driver Bullish  Adam Hamilton  Zeal LLC
05/22/15  New World Currency Backed By Gold or Silver?  Chris Vermeulen  Seeking Alpha
05/21/15  It’s Time to Hold More Cash and Buy Gold  Mark O’Byrne  ETF Daily News
05/20/15  History Shows A Gold Bull Market Is Fast Approaching  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
05/19/15  Are Gold and Interest Rates About To Take Off Higher?  Jeb Handwerger  Gold–Eagle
05/18/15  Gold And Silver – Elite’s Game Of Jenga In Place. Your Move  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
05/17/15  Silver Buying Only Starting  Adam Hamilton  GoldSeek
05/16/15  The Next Gold Bull Market Starts Before October  Jeff Clark  GoldSeek
05/15/15  What Might be behind the Gold Price Jump  Michael J Kosares  USA Gold
05/14/15  Silver Bullion Buying Outstripping Supply  Mark O’Byrne  Zero Hedge
05/13/15  The Biggest Silver Haul in History  Theodore Butler  SilverSeek
05/12/15  Buy Silver or You Will Die!  Jeff Clark  SilverSeek
05/11/15  ‘The Economist’ Anti–Gold Article – Case Study in Disinformation  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
05/10/15  Gold Prices Edge Higher After U.S. Payrolls Data  L. Cohen and J. Harvey  Reuters
05/09/15  Gold And Silver China’s Pivotal Role: More Questions Than Answers  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
05/07/15  Can Gold Save the World From the Credit Bubble?  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
05/06/15  Gold Extends Gains on Sluggish US Data, Dollar  Staff  Reuters
05/05/15  Gold Long–term Outlook for Massive Parabolic Run to $5,000  Clive Maund  Market Oracle
05/04/15  In Three To Five Years Gold Will Be Priceless  Chris Vermeulen  Talk Markets
05/03/15  Gold And Silver – Thieving Bankers Operate In Open; Public Have Eyes Wide Shut  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
05/02/15  Emerging Mexican Silver  Scott Wright  Safe Haven
05/01/15  50–Year Gold Price Projection  Avi Gilburt  Gold–Eagle
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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05/31/15  Should We Dump the Euro?  Frank Hollenbeck
05/30/15  Gold, Silver and US Dollar Strength  Alasdair Macleod  GoldSeek
05/29/15  This New Currency Could Wipe Out the Euro  Sean Brodrick  Investment U
05/28/15  Gold and the Suicidal Credit–Based Money System  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
05/27/15  Why the Stock Market Will Crash  James Quinn  Market Oracle
05/26/15  The Money Illusion: What This Picasso Tells Us About the Dollar  Michael E. Lewitt  Money Morning
05/25/15  The Solution to Ultra–Low Interest Rates  Andrew Snyder  Market Oracle
05/24/15  European Banks Vulnerable Today As 2008 Financial Crisis  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
05/23/15  Bull Market in Bonds Now Ending – Risks Ahead  Staff  Financial Sense
05/22/15  Bond Bull Coming to an End – Bonds Now a Center of Risk  James J Puplava  Financial Sense
05/21/15  Choppy Asian Stock Markets  Kit Tang  CNBC
05/20/15  Update: When Does the Market Break Down?  Marty Chenard  Safe Haven
05/19/15  Payments, Currencies, and Broken Money  Dr Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
05/18/15  The Stock Market is Topping!  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
05/17/15  War On Cash – Why the IRS Seized All the Money from a Country Store  EWI  Market Oracle
05/16/15  Hyper–Deflationary Death Race 2000  Dr Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
05/15/15  US Economy Nearing Recession, Dollar Falling Hard  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse Blog
05/14/15  Debt Bomb – Big Volatility Shakes Bond Market Investors  Bob Stokes  MrTopStep
05/13/15  Technical Excess Equals Trouble in Bond Land  Bob Hoye  Safe Haven
05/12/15  Debt Scenarios Still Weighing on Euro  Richard Cox  Market Oracle
05/11/15  Banks – Dick Bove’s Warning  David Kotok  Financial Sense
05/10/15  U.S. Dollar Danger Zone  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
05/09/15  The War On Cash: Governments Grabbing or Taxing Cash At Will Now  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
05/07/15  What’s Next for The U.S. Dollar and Currencies?  Axel Merk  Market Oracle
05/06/15  Why the Fed Thinks the US Economy Still Needs Help  AP  CNBC
05/05/15  Stock Market Last Hurrah?  Andre Gratian  Market Oracle
05/04/15  Big Banks Profit While Main Street Suffers  Antonius Aquinas  Market Oracle
05/03/15  Stock Market Correction Time?  Tony Caldaro  Market Oracle
05/02/15  The End of Cash?  David Chapman  Safe Haven
05/01/15  Why Deflation is Unlikely  Alasdair Macleod  GoldSeek
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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05/31/15  Q1 GDP Second Estimate Goes Negative  Doug Short  Financial Sense
05/30/15  US Housing Market – Something Smells Fishy  James Quinn  The Burning Platform
05/29/15  Goldman Sachs Warns "Too Much Debt" Threatens World Economy  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
05/28/15  GDP, Inflation, Employment Economic Statistics: It’s All a Lie  Rodney Johnson  Equities
05/27/15  Is Inflation on Our Doorstep?  Matthew Kerkhoff  Financial Sense
05/26/15  The Chinese and U.S. Economies Are Bubble–Thin  Michael E. Lewitt  Money Morning
05/25/15  Into the Breach  Dr Jeff Lewis  Brother John F
05/24/15  Will Interest Rates Ever Rise?  James Hall  Market Oracle
05/23/15  Inaccurate Economic Statistics and The Threat to the Bond Market  Alasdair Macleod  GoldMoney
05/22/15  A Weird Discrepancy in the US Economy  Sam Ro  Business Insider
05/21/15  Government Regulation and Economic Stagnation  Peter St. Onge
05/20/15  Stall Speed Economy – Get Used to It  Tim Duy PhD  Financial Sense
05/19/15  Interest Rates Spiking Everywhere  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
05/18/15  Velocity of Money – The Chart the Fed Doesn’t Want You to See  Andrew Snyder  Investment U
05/17/15  No Money, No Growth  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
05/16/15  A Novel Way to Kill Jobs and Tax Employers  Christopher J. O’Connell
05/15/15  Is the Keynesian Output Multiplier a Real Thing?  Frank Shostak
05/14/15  The Misleading Read on Retail Sales  Urban Carmel  Financial Sense
05/13/15  Small Business Optimism Rises, But Sales Expectations Remain Weak  Doug Short  Financial Sense
05/12/15  U.S. Economy is the Tallest Midget  Dick Parsons  StreetInsider
05/11/15  Keynesian Central Bank Craziness Causing Insane Asset Bubbles In Real Estate  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
05/10/15  Is a Global Economic Recession Coming?  Arkadiusz Sieron  Seeking Alpha
05/09/15  Credit Insanity: The Biggest Debt Bomb in History and the Fuse is Lit  Staff  Elliott Wave Analytics
05/07/15  Economy Tied in a Spending Knot  Patrick O’Hare  Briefing
05/06/15  How the Headlines on GDP Growth Were Wrong  Urban Carmel  Financial Sense
05/05/15  This Financial "Seismograph" Signals A Monetary Earthquake  Secular Investor  Zero Hedge
05/04/15  U.S. GDP Sucking Spoilt Milk From A Bloated Dead Sow  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
05/03/15  The U.S. Government: Adding Illiquidity to Insolvency  Christopher P. Casey  Dollar Vigilante
05/02/15  Investigating The U.S. GDP Deflator  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
05/01/15  What Does The Strong U.S. Dollar Mean For The Economy?  Arkadiusz Sieron  GoldSeek
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
  (For Current Articles, click here.  For Articles by Month & Year, click Gold News Archives.)
05/31/15  We Need Actual Free Trade, Not the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)  Ryan W. McMaken  Infowars
05/30/15  The Pressure Just Shifted from Greece to the US and EU  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
05/29/15  How Rich Countries Get Rich – Freedom, Global Poverty, and the Failure of Foreign Aid  Andrew Syrios
05/28/15  Should We Dump the Euro?  Frank Hollenbeck
05/27/15  China Warns of "inevitable" War with the US  Lily Kuo  Qz
05/26/15  Mario Draghi’s Slippery Downward Slope  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
05/25/15  Global Debt Now $200 Trillion  Kit Daniels  Infowars
05/24/15  The Great Un–Participation  Dr Jeff Lewis  Silver–Coin–Investor
05/23/15  Is Greece Still A Country If Someone Else Owns Its Assets?  John Rubino  Financial Sense
05/22/15  America Superpower 2016  Ian Bremmer  Market Oracle
05/21/15  Countdown to Global Financial Collapse  Raymond Matison  Market Oracle
05/20/15  The Patriot Act is now USA Freedom Act  Sartre  Intellihub
05/19/15  Global Bond Bubble Will Explode Violently  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
05/18/15  Draghi Warns ECB Economic Policies May Lead to Financial Instability  Michael Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
05/17/15  A Financial "Perfect Storm" May Be Brewing  Dan Amerman  GoldSeek
05/16/15  Why Not Tell Greece How To Run A Democracy?  Raul I Meijer  Zero Hedge
05/15/15  Extorting Low–Income Individuals to Help "the Poor"  Gary Galles
05/14/15  China–Japan Before China–Taiwan  EconMatters  ValueWalk
05/13/15  World War II and the Origins of American Unease  George Friedman  Market Watch
05/12/15  New World Order – Greece Not Allowed Leave EU  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
05/11/15  Splitting Up Iraq  Mike Whitney
05/10/15  The Rich Get Richer  Mike Whitney  Market Oracle
05/09/15  Britain: A Functioning Democracy It’s Not  John Rubino  The Automatic Earth
05/07/15  Beyond Baltimore: Political Looting of Nation’s Wealth  Clint Siegner  Market Oracle
05/06/15  U.S. Fears a European "Lehman Brothers"  GoldCore  Zero Hedge
05/05/15  Biggest Inflection Point for 2015 Happening Right Now  Chris Puplava  Financial Sense
05/04/15  USA FREEDOM Act: Just Another Word for Lost Liberty  Ron Paul  Infowars
05/03/15  U.S.A. Caught In Enormous Policy Vise – ZIRP & QE Destructive Influence  Jim Willie CB  GoldSeek
05/02/15  Immigration Crisis Drives a Deep Wedge Between E.U. States  Staff  STRATFOR
05/01/15  China: Lender of First (and Last) Resort  G.R.I.  Seeking Alpha
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