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Gold and Silver News
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06/30/15  Not Owning Gold Bullion Shows "Ignorance of Monetary History"  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
06/29/15  The Criminality of The Comex  Craig Hemke  SilverSeek
06/28/15  Silver – Boiling Down The Narratives  Dr Jeff Lewis  Market Oracle
06/27/15  Extreme Gold/Silver Shorting  Adam Hamilton  Safe Haven
06/26/15  In Gold We Trust 2015: Gold Remains In A Secular Bull Market  Ronald Stoeferle  GoldSilverWorlds
06/25/15  Gold Ticks Up from 2–week Low as Market Eyes Greece  Staff  Reuters
06/24/15  The Forgotten History (and Potential Future) of Silver as Money  Stefan Gleason  Safe Haven
06/23/15  Hold "Cash", "Gold and Silver" To Protect Against "Systemic Risk" – Fidelity  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
06/22/15  Gold – Watching the Fed  Jeffrey Nichols  GoldSeek
06/21/15  Asian Metals Market Update  Chintan Karnani  
06/20/15  Of Silver Shortages and New Cartels  Dr. Jeff Lewis  GoldSeek
06/19/15  Gold and Economic Inequality  Mark Thornton
06/18/15  Gold Coins "Not Available" in Europe? – Untrue!  Mark O’Byrne  Market Oracle
06/17/15  What Is The Stagnant Gold Price Telling Us?  Nicholas Kitonyi  Market Oracle
06/16/15  Texas Gives Wall Street Bankers the Gold Finger  Clint Siegner  GoldSeek
06/15/15  Another Silver Short Sqeeze Looms  Craig Hemke  SilverSeek
06/14/15  Gold Investing Guidebook  Jared Dillian  Market Oracle
06/13/15  Silver Price Lows and Bond Market Bubbles  Gary Christenson  GoldSilverWorlds
06/12/15  Indian Silver Demand Explodes to US Silver Owners’ Delight  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
06/11/15  Gold Bashers – Just For You!  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
06/10/15  Central Banks Predict Gold Market – But Not The Way You Think  Bob Prechter  ElliottWave
06/09/15  Gold and Silver End Mixed While Dollar Drops  Chris Mullen  GoldSeeker
06/08/15  Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Sales Hit New Record Q1 2015  Steve St. Angelo  SilverSeek
06/07/15  Gold And Silver – Too Many Are Still Getting It Wrong  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
06/06/15  Radical Gold Underinvestment  Adam Hamilton  GoldSeek
06/05/15  Gold At $64,000 – Bloomberg’s ‘China Gold Price’  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
06/04/15  Why Physical Precious Metals Are Safer than Mining Stocks  David Smith  ValueWalk
06/03/15  Here’s What the Next Gold Bull Market Will Look Like  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
06/02/15  If Gold Isn’t "Money" Why Do Clearinghouses and Sovereigns Want It?  Graham Summers  Market Oracle
06/01/15  If the Dollar is No Longer King Then Gold is Going to Replace It  Peter Cooper  GoldSeek
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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06/30/15  China Resets The Currency Markets  Chris Vermeulen  The Gold and Oil Guy
06/29/15  Possible Stock Market Panic Coming!  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
06/28/15  The Twilight of Cash?  Andy Sutton  GoldSeek
06/27/15  USD Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Conclusions  Gary Tanashian  Safe Haven
06/26/15  Why Banks Rob Depositors: "Because That’s Where the Money Is"  David Smith  The Daily
06/25/15  When the Tide Turns Into Cash  Dr Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
06/24/15  Euro Bourses and Euro Currency’s Inverse Relation Still In Play  Ashraf Laidi  Investing
06/23/15  Stock Market is on a Hair Trigger  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
06/22/15  If You Have Money in a US Bank Account Be Aware  Chris Vermeulen  Safe Haven
06/21/15  The Final Phase Of The U.S. Treasury Bond Market Bubble  Austin Galt  Safe Haven
06/20/15  US Banks Hoard $2 Trillion of Ultra–Safe Bonds  L. McCormick and D. Kruger  Bloomberg
06/19/15  The Importance of RMB Currency Internationalization  John Mauldin  FX Street
06/18/15  Global Bond Market Crash Could Be the Biggest Financial Crisis Ever  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
06/17/15  Ukraine’s Soaring Inflation  Steve H Hanke  Market Oracle
06/16/15  Stock Market Sell Signals Changing from Aggressive to Confirmed  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
06/15/15  Stock Market Caution as Greek Crisis Reaches Endgame  Christopher Quigley  Market Oracle
06/14/15  Stock Market Correction Continues  Tony Caldaro  Market Oracle
06/13/15  The Banking Game Exposed – Fast–tracking TiSA: Stealth Block to Monetary Reform  Ellen Brown  Ellen Brown
06/12/15  Japanese Yen – Is Kuroda Trying to Talk It Up?  Dan Norcini  GoldSeek
06/11/15  Literally, Your ATM Won’t Work!  Bill Bonner  Zero Hedge
06/10/15  Stock Market: Panic Before Everyone Else Does  James Quinn  Investment Watch Blog
06/09/15  Japanese Yen Falls to a 17–Year Low, Watch How It Got There  EWI  Counting Pips
06/08/15  Prepare Now For the Epic Crisis in Central Banking  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
06/07/15  Stock Market Crash – Are We Heading For 1987 All Over Again?  Toby Connor  Market Oracle
06/06/15  New Volatility in Bond Yields  Sheraz Mian  Financial Sense
06/05/15  Is the Stock Market Set up for a Flash Crash?  IRD  Investment Research dynamics
06/04/15  Interest Rates, Price Controls and Silver  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Daily
06/03/15  You Don’t Know Where the Stock Market is Heading!  Bob Loukas  GoldSeek
06/02/15  Stock Market On the Brink?  Andre Gratian  Market Oracle
06/01/15  Stock Market Corruption Becomes Business as Usual  Michael E. Lewitt  Money Morning
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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06/30/15  Bubbles Never Pop Painlessly  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
06/29/15  Turmoil as Greece Hurtles Towards Financial Collapse & Capital Controls  Mehreen Khan  The Telegraph
06/28/15  A Beginning but No End  Patrick O’Hare  Financial Sense
06/27/15  When Pigs Can No Longer Fly, It’s a Big Deal  Bill Fleckenstein  Financial Sense
06/26/15  When Will US Debt Hit the Wall?  Gary Christenson  SilverSeek
06/25/15  U.S. Housing Market Recovery? Nah, It’s Just Spiking Mortgage Rates  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
06/24/15  The Fed’s Futile Effort To Bail Out Obamanomics  Charles Kadlec  Forbes
06/23/15  Banking on Economic Acceleration  Patrick O’Hare  Financial Sense
06/22/15  Interest Rates Are Rising for All the Wrong Reasons  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
06/21/15  US Housing Market Bull, Bear or Crash Ahead?  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
06/20/15  Fed Shift Is Major Stock Market Risk  Adam Hamilton  Zeal LLC
06/19/15  Fed Cracking the Whip Will No Longer Work to Keep the Tiger Sitting on It’s Stool  Michael J Kosares  USA Gold
06/18/15  All About The Fed Today  Sheraz Mian  Zacks
06/17/15  Why the Fed Is Afraid To Raise Interest Rates  Michael Pento  Investing
06/16/15  Marc Faber Warns Financial System "Will Implode" – "Hold Precious Metals"  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
06/15/15  Where Are We in the Economic Cycle?  Cris Sheridan  Financial Sense
06/14/15  The Fallacies of GDP Economic Statistics  Alasdair Macleod  GoldMoney
06/13/15  Minimum Wages Hikes Are Actually Tax Hikes  Barry M Ferguson  Bmfinvest.blogspot
06/12/15  Is The Age Of Negative Interest Rates Ending Already?  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
06/11/15  It’s All a Lie: The Truth about U.S. Housing Market Recovery  Harry Dent  Market Oracle
06/10/15  Volcker Warns U.S. State Finances Lack "Truth and Integrity"  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
06/09/15  Technology Needs Capital To Produce Economic Growth  Frank Shostak
06/08/15  New U.S. Housing Market Crisis in the Making? What’s the Solution?  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
06/07/15  The Fed’s Failure: U.S. New Home Sales Back to 1960s Levels  Rodney Johnson  Seeking Alpha
06/06/15  US Jobs Report Gives Green Light for a Interest Rate Hike?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
06/05/15  Kill the Export–Import Bank and Cut Corporate Taxes  Steve H Hanke
06/04/15  Even The Good Economic Numbers Are Bad  John Rubino  MarketSanity
06/03/15  Those Were the Days, My Friend  Paul Kasriel  Financial Sense
06/02/15  The Meaning of Financial Repression  Mark Thornton  Infowars
06/01/15  A Nation of Millennial Entitlements  Walter Brasch  Dissident Voice
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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06/30/15  Greece – Shoot the Dog and Sell the Farm  John Mauldin  GoldSeek
06/29/15  China Stock Market Crackup – The Final Trap Looms  Clive Maund  Market Oracle
06/28/15  On Monday, It’s China Versus Greece  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
06/27/15  Greece – The People Must Be Overthrown  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
06/26/15  "They Can’t Print Money Forever"  Ron Paul  GoldSeek
06/25/15  China Syndrome  Mike Whitney
06/24/15  What Borders Mean to Europe  George Friedman  Financial Sense
06/23/15  Banksters Responsible for Irish Crash  Antonius Aquinas  Market Oracle
06/22/15  Public Pensions: Live and Let Die  John Mauldin  Forbes
06/21/15  GREXIT – Greece Wants to Become Scotland, Seeks Subsidy from Euro Tax Payers  N Walayat  Market Oracle
06/20/15  The Elite’s Puppet Obama – Western World’s Worst Enemy For Freedom  Michael Noonan  Edge Trader Plus
06/19/15  Big Fat Greek Bank Run – Greece Banking System Could Collapse Monday  Nadeem Walayat  Market Oracle
06/18/15  Geopolitics Will Trump Economics in Greece  John Browne  FX Street
06/17/15  A Net Assessment of East Asia  George Friedman  Forbes
06/16/15  China – The People’s Republic of Debt  John Mauldin  ValueWalk
06/15/15  Canada and Australia: Heading Toward Recession?  BCA Research  Financial Sense
06/14/15  Cyberwarfare Threat To Nuclear, Banking and Financial System  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
06/13/15  The Future of Greece and Gold  Arkadiusz Sieron  Sunshine Profits
06/12/15  Let’s Hope Machines Take Our Jobs: We Want Wealth, Not Jobs  Peter St. Onge
06/11/15  Global Trade War US/EU against BRICS  Satre  Intellihub
06/10/15  Why Greece Must Leave Eurozone  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
06/09/15  Is Deutsche Bank World’s Largest Holder of Derivatives in Trouble?  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
06/08/15  George Soros Pushes US Bailouts and Weapons for Ukraine  Ron Paul  Safe Haven
06/07/15  Uptown Slowdown: The Rich Are Slowing Their Spending Now, Too!  Harry Dent  MarketSanity
06/06/15  China’s Five Year Plan and The End of an Era  Alasdair Macleod  GoldMoney
06/05/15  Japan’s Easy–Money Experiment and the Future  Brendan Brown
06/04/15  Euro–zone Bail–Ins Coming – EU Gives Countries Two Months To Adopt Rules  Mark O’Byrne  Zero Hedge
06/03/15  Greek Government Favours Drachma – Won’t Bow to Blackmail  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
06/02/15  Global Dynamics Playing Larger Role in Fed Policymaking  GRI  Financial Sense
06/01/15  Alexis Tsipras: The Bell Tolls for Europe  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
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