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Gold and Silver News
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04/30/15  Gold’s Next Four Years Roller Coaster Ride, So Hold On Tight!  Roxanne Lewis  Gold–Eagle
04/29/15  Gold Price Rises, Silver Surges  Mark O’Byrne  Zero Hedge
04/28/15  China, India Import Massive Quantities of Gold from Switzerland  Mark O’Byrne  Zero Hedge
04/27/15  Rock–Paper–Silver  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
04/26/15  The U.S. Is A Corporation. Precious Metals Stand In The Way  Michael Noonan  Gold–Eagle
04/25/15  What Will Happen to You When the U.S. Dollar Collapses?  Jeff Thomas  InternationalMan
04/24/15  Gold, the SDR and BRICS  Alasdair Macleod  GoldMoney
04/23/15  Looming Bond Market Crisis Set to Improve Gold Demand  Harley Salt  Seeking Alpha
04/22/15  Currency Wars Back As Russia Buys Gold – 1M Troy March!  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
04/21/15  U.S. Must Return Rare ‘Double Eagle’ Gold Coins To Family  Reuters  Huffington Post
04/20/15  Goldbugitis  Bryan Post  Safe Haven
04/19/15  Buying Gold & Silver:You Have No Right to Be Scared  Guy Christopher  ValueWalk
04/18/15  Which Way Will Precious Metals Break?  Jordan Roy Byrne  GoldSeek
04/17/15  Gold Getting A Double Boost To 1238.90 Target  Rick Ackerman  GoldSilverWorlds
04/16/15  Gold Bullion To "Max Out At $5,000 Per Ounce" – Martin Armstrong  Mark O’Byrne  Zero Hedge
04/15/15  Silver and Gold Will Thrive Despite the Growth of Debt  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
04/14/15  Stacking Silver Equals Simple Solution  Gary Christenson;  Deviant Investor
04/13/15  Gold and Silver Policy Will Continue Until Pitchforks and Torches Appear  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
04/12/15  Positives For Gold – Negative and Rising Interest Rates  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
04/11/15  Positives For Gold – Negative and Rising Interest Rates  Mark O’Byrne  GoldSeek
04/10/15  Precious Metals Upside  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
04/09/15  U.S. Gold Market 2012–2014: Suffers Massive Deficits  Steve St. Angelo  GoldSeek
04/08/15   World Production Of Gold In 2014  Dr. Thomas Chaize  Gold–Eagle
04/07/15  Portrait of the Classical Gold Standard  Marcia Christoff–Kurapovna
04/06/15  Gold Reaches 7–Week High as Precious Metals Climb on Jobs Data  Jasmine Ng  Bloomberg
04/05/15  Silver Fortunes  Scott Wright  Safe Haven
04/04/15  Gold Bull Markets!  David Chapman  GoldSeek
04/03/15  Valuing Gold  Alasdair Macleod  GoldSeek
04/02/15  Gold and Silver Hold Their Own $Over Q1  Alasdair Macleod  SilverSeek
04/01/15  Crazy Is My Middle Name  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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04/30/15  Cash Payments – Prove You’re Not a Terrorist  Jeff Thomas  GoldSeek
04/29/15  The Third and Final Transformation of Monetary Policy  John Mauldin  GoldSeek
04/28/15  US Factories Crushed By Strong U.S. Dollar  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
04/27/15  Impending Stock Market Top – Trend Forecast Summer 2015  Toby Connor  Market Oracle
04/26/15  When the Nuclear Money Option Fails  Doug Wakefield  Safe Haven
04/25/15  What Will Happen to You When the U.S. Dollar Collapses?  Jeff Thomas  InternationalMan
04/24/15  FDIC Plots a Bank Heist Involving YOUR Accounts  Guy Christopher  ValueWalk
04/23/15  The U.S. Dollar’s Move Is More Dangerous than You Think  Michael E. Lewitt  Market Oracle
04/22/15  Is U.S. Stocks Bull Market’s Death Imminent?  Clif Droke  GoldSeek
04/21/15  Inflation, Central Banks, and Business Cycles  Jonathan Newman
04/20/15  The Over–Valued U.S. Dollar  GoldMoney  Market Oracle
04/19/15  OPEC Going Broke, Dumping U.S. Dollars. Is That Good Or Bad?  John Rubino  Seeking Alpha
04/18/15  US Stock Market Getting Scarier by the Day  Clive Maund  GoldSeek
04/17/15  Stock Market Poised for a Flash Crash  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
04/16/15  Credibility, Collateral, Confidence  Bill Holter  Gold–Eagle
04/15/15  All Indicators Are on an Aggressive Stock Market Sell Signal  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
04/14/15  Daggers for this Stock Market Bubble  Michael Pento  Market Oracle
04/13/15  EURUSD: Why Recent Ups and Downs Are NOT Random  Vadim Pokhlebkin  ElliottWave
04/12/15  Stock Market Showing Signs of Fatigue  Brad Gudgeon  Gold–Eagle
04/11/15  Stock Market Pivotal Events – History is Fact, Pt 1  Gary Tanashian  Valuewalk
04/10/15  Austrian Government to No Longer Guarantees Bank Deposits  Mark O’Byrne  Goldismoney2
04/09/15  Will Quantitative Easing Demolish Stock Market Indicators?  Harry Dent  MarketSanity
04/08/15  3 Sigma Extremes In the U.S. Treasury Bond Market  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
04/07/15  More Stock Market Scary Numbers  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
04/06/15  Gold and Silver Will Likely Rally While the Stock Market Whipsaws!  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
04/05/15  Most Widely Used Currency In Western World? Stupidity  Michael Noonan  Safe Haven
04/04/15  US Stock Market on Shaky Ground!  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
04/03/15  Will Stocks Just Correct or Collapse in 2015?  Chris Vermeulen  TheStreet
04/02/15  Why are Interest Rates So Low?  Mike Shedlock  Seeking Alpha
04/01/15  They Are Slowly Making Cash Illegal  Michael Snyder  Barbwire
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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04/30/15  U.S. GDP Economic Growth Flat–Lines, Fed Interest Rate Hike Evaporates  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
04/29/15  A Surprising Decline in Consumer Confidence  Doug Short  Financial Sense
04/28/15  Economic Stagnation – Let’s Blame The Savers  Michael Pento  Silver–+Phoenix500
04/27/15  Society’s Leaders Have Been Digging a Bottomless Economic Pit  Brian Bloom  Market Oracle
04/26/15  The "Living Wage" Mistake  Ryan W. McMaken
04/25/15  Poverty, Child Rearing, and Government Incentives  Adam Vass Gal
04/24/15  Distorted Financial System Expect Deflation, Inflation And Hyperinflation  Global Gold  GoldSilverWorlds
04/23/15  The Greek Debt Crisis, Bad news for Everyone  Eswar Prasad  The Economist
04/22/15  Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse  Doug Casey  GoldSeek
04/21/15  Why Deflation Won’t Work  Manish Thatte  GoldSeek
04/20/15  Vice Spending Slows, Unless You’ve Got the Herb  Andrew Zatlin  Financial Sense
04/19/15  The U.S. Economic Recovery: True or False?  Arkadiusz Sieron  Market Oracle
04/18/15  The Consequences of The Fed’s Interest Rate Hike  Arkadiusz Sieron  Seeking Alpha
04/17/15  US Stock Market Will Likely Drop 5% by Next Week!  Brad Gudgeon  Safe Haven
04/16/15  Your Taxes Have Nothing to do With the Government’s Need for Money  Chris Powell  GoldSeek
04/15/15  Small Business Optimism: A Nine–Month Low  Doug Short  Financial Sense
04/14/15  The U.S. Economic Recovery: True or False?  Arkadiusz Sieron  Market Oracle
04/13/15  Economists in Glass Houses  John Mauldin  Forbes
04/12/15  QE And ZIRP Create Deflation  Graham Summers  GoldSeek
04/11/15  How an Artificial Economy Collapses Organically  Dr Jeff Lewis  Silver–Coin–Investor
04/10/15  Greece, Gold, The Death Of Paper Money And The Modern State  Darryl R Schoon  GoldSeek
04/09/15  Economists in Glass Houses  John Mauldin  Forbes
04/08/15  How the Federal Reserve Has Completely Fooled Us for Years  Steve Sjuggerud  Daily Wealth
04/07/15  Even the BLS has run out of Bullshit – Recession Confirmed  Admin  The Burning Platform
04/06/15  The Shockingly Bad Fiscal Health of Chicago  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
04/05/15  U.S. Jobs Report Huge Miss  Myles Udland  Business Insider
04/04/15  Is the U.S. Government Lying About Unemployment Statistics?  David Eifrig  Daily Wealth
04/03/15  The Great Inflation Canard  Steve H Hanke
04/02/15  Is the U.S. Headed for a Recession?  David Eifrig  Daily Wealth
04/01/15  Why Is the Fed Punishing My Parents?  Shawn Ritenour
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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04/30/15  Will China Launch QE?  Marc Chandler  Financial Sense
04/29/15  CIA Prefab State Terror for Human Bondage  BATR
04/28/15  Greece: Down and Probably Out  Steve H Hanke  Market Oracle
04/27/15  Thoughts on Japan, the Yen and Gold  Erik Swarts  Safe Haven
04/26/15  Truth – The Cure for Cognitive Dissonance  James Quinn  Zero Hedge
04/25/15  Migration Crisis Puts Europe’s Policy Missteps Into Focus  Jim Yardley  The NY Times
04/24/15  Is China The Next United States?  Mark Fleming–Williams  Econmatters
04/23/15  They Said Go to College – Learning to Become Debt Slaves  James Quinn  Zero Hedge
04/22/15  Greek Crisis and Southern Europe Immigrant Situation  Luciano Malocco  Market Oracle
04/21/15  Why Deflation Won’t Work  Manish Thatte  GoldSeek
04/20/15  Greece Debt Default and Drachma By End of April?  Mark O’Byrne  GoldCore
04/19/15  It Takes a Different Breed to Be Contrarian  Justin Spittler  Casey Research
04/18/15  Boomers Selling Retirement Assets Could Change Investment Prices For Decades?  Daniel R. Amerman  GoldSeek
04/17/15  Why Russia Will Send More Troops to Central Asia  Staff  STRATFOR
04/16/15  None Dare Call It Fraud – It‘s Just A "Savings Glut"  lucas2012infos  Zero Hedge
04/15/15  The Ultimate Middle East Dilemma: Time For Us To Stop Intervening?  Harry Dent  Economy and Markets
04/14/15  New World Militarism: Who Profits  Ron Paul
04/13/15  Just How Unreliable Is the U.S. Electricity Grid?  Sean Brodrick  Investment U
04/12/15  U.S. Hegemony and Dollar Threatened By New Chinese Bank  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
04/11/15  History Lesson for Hypocrites, Warmongers, and Fools  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
04/10/15  Euro–zone Crisis – Germany’s Trade Surplus Is a Problem  John Mauldin  Money Morning
04/09/15  Russia’s Central Bank Governor Is Way Smarter Than Ours  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
04/08/15  Best Government – Governs Least  Sartre  Intellihub
04/07/15  U.S. Democratic Party – Requiem For The People’s Party  Stephen Merrill  Market Oracle
04/06/15  "Destroying Nation After Nation": American Hell for Yemen  Margaret Kimberley  Global Research
04/05/15  Full Definition of INSANITY  Bill Holter  GoldSeek
04/04/15  Is Greece’s Debt Odious?  Marc Chandler  Financial Sense
04/03/15  America Clueless In The Middle East  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
04/02/15  Did The Fed Just Admit to Deep Uncertainty About Our Retirement?  Dan Amerman  Goldseek
04/01/15  The Fall of Tyranny, the Rise of Liberty  George Smith  Goldseek
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