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Gold and Silver News
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02/28/14  The Heart of Gold  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
02/27/14  Equilibrium Gold Price Model  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
02/26/14  Gold Rises to 17–Week High  D. Roy and N. Larkin  Bloomberg
02/25/14  The Coming Silver Storm: The Public Is Not Prepared  Steve St Angelo  Silverseek
02/24/14  Gold: Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be  John Ing  Safe Haven
02/23/14  All Eyes On Gold And China When Silver Could Be The Tipping Point  Michael Noonan  Inside Futures
02/22/14  Salty Dogs Surf Silver  Erik Swarts  Market Anthropology
02/21/14  Significant Silver Price Rallies Usually Follow Major Dow Peaks  Hubert Moolman  SilverSeek
02/20/14  These Gold Charts Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster  Frank Holmes  GoldSeek
02/19/14  Silver:50 Days and 100 Years  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
02/18/14  Silver Prices Rise Dramatically At The End – Are We Close To The End?  Hubert Moolman  Safe Haven
02/17/14  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  GoldSeek
02/16/14  Bankers Can [Will] Steal Your Cash But Cannot Touch Your Gold and Silver  Michael Noonan  Safe Haven
02/15/14  Silver Confirms Gold’s Breakout  Jason Hamlin  Kitco
02/14/14  Gold as the Portfolio Choice for All Seasons  Michael J Kosares  GoldSeek
02/13/14  Paper Gold Ain’t as Good as the Real Thing  Doug French  Safe Haven
02/12/14  Gold International Buying  Jeff Clark  Market Oracle
02/11/14  Gold $2800. Fiction Or Fact?  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
02/10/14  Gold And Silver Prices Poised To Rise Dramatically  James West  Gold–Eagle
02/09/14  How Gold is Currently Being Priced  Rick Mills  Ahead of the Herd
02/08/14  2014 Y–T–D: Gold 1 Fantasies 0   Ned W Schmidt  Safe Haven
02/07/14  Silver Outperforming  Alasdair Macleod  Safe Haven
02/06/14  JP Morgan Holds Highest Amount Of Physical Silver In History  Staff  GoldSilverWorlds
02/05/14  Now Is the Time to Buy Gold  Bud Conrad  Safe Haven
02/04/14  Could Gold Surprise Investors in 2014?  Mohammad Zulfiqar  Daily Gains Letter
02/03/14  Gold Extends Gains Amid China Holiday  Michal Darila  World Business Press
02/02/14  U.S. Mint Gold–Coin Sales Jump 63% in January; Silver Triples  Debarati Roy  Bloomberg
02/01/14  Gold As A Stagflation Hedge  Michael Kosares  Gold–Eagle
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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02/28/14  Gold Price Explodes In Ukrainian Currency  Taki T.  GoldSilverWorlds
02/27/14  Gold, QE, The Federal Reserve and Janet Yellen  Bob Kirtley  Market Oracle
02/26/14  Stay Ahead of This Currency Shift  Peter Krauth  Money Morning
02/25/14  The Coming Derivatives Disaster  Fred Sheehan  Market Oracle
02/24/14  Many Homeowners Never Heard of Company Managing their Mortgage  Mark DeCambre  Quartz
02/23/14  Why the Banks Are Doomed!  Charles Hugh Smith  Washingtons Blog
02/22/14  Currency Wars, the Great Destabilizer  Steve H Hanke
02/21/14  Shadow Banking Stealth Mutation: The Acronyms for the Next Financial Crisis  Gordon T Long  GoldSeek
02/20/14  3 Reasons for the Russian Ruble’s Decline to Record Lows  Sober Look  Financial Sense
02/19/14  Ugly Scenario Epiphany & Forecast Formula  Jim Willie  GoldSeek
02/18/14  Usurious Returns on Phantom Money: The Credit Card Gravy Train  Staff  Ellen Brown
02/17/14  At The Fed, The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same  Ron Paul  Safe Haven
02/16/14  Dollar Flirting with Disaster at 5th Breach of Fiat Cliff  Joseph Russo  Safe Haven
02/15/14  Fiat Money – A House Built On Sand  Richard Mills  GoldSeek
02/14/14  9 Key Considerations To Protect Deposits From Coming Bail–Ins  Mark O’Byrne  Goldcore
02/13/14  Is the Stock Market Repeating the 1929 Run Up to the Great Depression Crash?  Staff  Washingtons Blog
02/12/14  No Honeymoon for Janet Yellen  Axel Merk  GoldSeek
02/11/14  The Split Birth of New Scheiss Dollar  Jim Willie  Gold–Eagle
02/10/14  As Sochi Starts, 1929 Stock Market Crash Warnings Accelerate  Doug Wakefield  Safe Haven
02/09/14  Who Owns The Federal Reserve?  Ellen Brown  Global Research
02/08/14  The Staggering Numbers Your Bank Doesn’t Want You to See  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
02/07/14  The Euro Is A Rearview Gauge Of Geopolitical Risk  Andrew McKillop  Market Oracle
02/06/14  Forex Trading Alert: U.S. Dollar Declines Against Major Currencies  Nadia Simmons  Gold–Eagle
02/05/14  How Much Further Could Stocks Drop?  Chris Ciovacco  Safe Haven
02/04/14  British Pound GBP USD Bearish Reversal  Gregor Horvat  Market Oracle
02/03/14  Stock Market Dow Divergence Continues. Market Risk Is Rising  Christopher Quigley  Market Oracle
02/02/14  Enough is Enough: Fraud–Ridden Banks Are Not L.A.’s Only Option  Staff  Ellen Brown
02/01/14  U.S. Stocks See Worst Monthly Decline in Over a Year  Anora Mahmudova  Market Watch
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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02/28/14  Gold Advances as Yellen Says Economic Data Points to ‘Softness’  Debarati Roy  Bloomberg
02/27/14  Geithner: ‘We Saved the Economy, We Lost the Country’  Jeffrey Sparshott  The Wall Street Journal
02/26/14  Raising Minimum Wage – More Harm than Good?  Bob Eisenbeis  Financial Sense
02/25/14  Disappointing U.S. Economic Data  Michael Pento  The Huffington Post
02/24/14  The US Great Depression 1920/21  Jonathan Davis  Market Oracle
02/23/14  Housing "Firesales" Could Trigger Another Financial Crisis  Mike Whitney  Information Clearinghouse
02/22/14  Analysts Can’t Just Blame the Weather for Poor Housing Market Numbers  John Paul Whitefoot  Daily Gains Letter
02/21/14  Return of Goldilocks Economy Means a Weaker USD, but Beware the 3 Bears  Justin Pugsley  Forex Crunch
02/20/14  Homebuilder Confidence in U.S. Slumped in February on Weather  Michelle Jamrisko  Bloomberg
02/19/14  Economics Myths  Steve Saville  Safe Haven
02/18/14  The Economic Singularity  John Mauldin  GoldSeek
02/17/14  U.S. Housing Market Foreclosure Filings Jump as Investors Eye Exits  Mike Whitney  Counterpunch
02/16/14  Another Piece of the Puzzle Falls into Place  Toby Connor  Safe Haven
02/15/14  America’s Disappearing ‘middle–skill’ Jobs  Shane Ferro  Reuters
02/14/14  House Approves Higher Debt Limit Without Condition  J. Weisman and A. Parker  NY Times
02/13/14  Public Expecting Much Higher Inflation for 2014  Tim Iacono  Financial Sense
02/12/14  The Broken Limb and Burst Pipe Economic Fallacies  James Quinn  The Burning Platform
02/11/14  Debt Deleveraging Deception Continues  Michael Pento  King World News
02/10/14  A Most Dangerous Era  John Mauldin  Mauldin Economics
02/09/14  Ominous Looking Picture in U.S. Healthcare and Education Jobs  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
02/08/14  Western Drought Spells Killer Grocery Bills  Myra P. Saefong  Market Watch
02/07/14  Here’s How Bad Winter Weather is Hurting the Economy  Kristen Scholer  CNBC
02/06/14  Harvard Economist Pulling His Money From Bank Of America  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
02/05/14  Ben Bernanke’s Legacy: A Weak and Mediocre U.S. Economy  John P. Cochrannbsp;
02/04/14  Warped, Distorted, Manipulated, Flipped Housing Market  James Quinn  The Burning Platform
02/03/14  New U.S. Recession 2014–2015 90% Chance  JasJain  Market Oracle
02/02/14  Who Most Benefits From MyRAs: Savers Or The US Treasury?  Dan Amerman  Safe Haven
02/01/14  IRA Accounts – Whose Money Is It, Really?  Jeff Berwick  Market Oracle
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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02/28/14   China Starts To Make A Power Move Against The U.S. Dollar  Michael T. Snyder  Gold–Eagle
02/27/14  The Coming Global Monetary Reset  Andrew McKillop  21st Century Wire
02/26/14  Cold War II? WW III? Must War be the Answer? NO!  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
02/25/14  Russia Won The Sochi Games And Lost The Ukraine  Andrew McKillop  Market Oracle
02/24/14  Leave Ukraine Alone!  Ron Paul  Safe Haven
02/23/14  Obama, Let Them Eat Food Stamps  Wendy McElroy  Dollar Vigilante
02/22/14  While Ukraine Burns, Syria Cools – Sapping the Bedrock of Shaky Nations  Andrew McKillop  Market Oracle
02/21/14  The Shocking Deals Behind Bankster Fines  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
02/20/14  The Affordable Care Act: More Unintended Consequences Come to Light  Monty Guild  Financial Sense
02/19/14  The American Public’s Indifference to Foreign Affairs  George Friedman  Right Side News
02/18/14  Europe in the Calm Before the Next Financial Storm  Andrew Cullen  Mises
02/17/14  Economic Stink–Tanks  Andy Sutton  GoldSeek
02/16/14  China Hard Landing War–Gamed for World Economy  Simon Kennedy  Bloomberg
02/15/14  Why the Next Global Financial Crisis Will Be Unlike Any of the Last 200 Years  F.F. Wiley  Infowars
02/14/14  Record Tumble in Japan Machinery Orders Casts Doubt on Abenomics  Tetsushi Kajimoto  Reuters
02/13/14  Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the US Courts  Ben O’Neill  Mises
02/12/14  TV Propaganda and the Mind Control Culture  Sartre  Infowars
02/11/14  Prepare for When the New MyRA Becomes "TheirRA"  Peter Krauth  Money Morning
02/10/14  The American Dream is Dead, Obama Killed It  Mike Whitney  Op Ed News
02/09/14  Warning Of Riots: ‘The Collapse Is Engulfing The World‘  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
02/08/14  How Fragile are Emerging Markets?  Ken Rogoff  Project–Syndicate
02/07/14  The Financial System is Crumbling, Again  Graham Summers  GoldSeek
02/06/14  China, ’Mystery Meat’ of Emerging Markets  Liz Capo McCormick   Bloomberg
02/05/14  Pension Promises Go Unfulfilled  Dennis Miller  Investopedia
02/04/14  Inside the Bankster Settlements: Where All the Money Is Going  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
02/03/14  The Real State of the Union  Andy Sutton  Market Oracle
02/02/14  The Lost Century  Egon von Greyerz  Gold Switzerland
02/01/14  Canada Debt Crisis, Economic Meltdown, Why the ECB Cares  David Hague  Market Oracle
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