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Gold and Silver News
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08/31/14  Conditions In The Precious Metals Complex Are Changing  Taki T  GoldSilverWorlds
08/30/14  The Myth of the Unchanging Value of Gold  Ryan McMaken
08/29/14  Gold Shines Most in September on Seasonal Buys  Mark O’Byrne  Goldcore
08/28/14  CFR Recommends Policy Shift that is Very Bullish for Gold  Jason Hamlin  Gold–Eagle
08/27/14  How The Coming Silver Price Bubble Will Develop  Ted Butler  GoldSilverWorlds
08/26/14  Gold And Silver – Low Prices Are NOT The Reason To Buy PMs  Michael Noonan  GoldSeek
08/25/14  Gold Price Manipulation Still Alive  Toby Connor  Gold Scents
08/24/14  Inflation, Interest Rates, and Why You Should Own Gold  Jeff Opdyke  The Sovereign Investor
08/23/14  Gold and Silver Price Getting Set To Explode Higher  Austin Galt  Safe Haven
08/22/14  Expect Gold And Silver Prices To Retain Their Gains In Q3  Chris Thompson  GoldSilverWorlds
08/21/14  Gold And Silver’s Step Sums 1969–2014  Mark J Lundeen  Gold–Eagle
08/20/14  Allow Me To Reintroduce You To Silver And Gold  Darren V. Long  Silver Investing News
08/19/14  Palladium Reaches 13–Year High Over $900 oz as Gold Trading Volumes Surge 66%  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
08/18/14  Autocalls Syndrome In The Silver Market  Francois Lenotre  Market Oracle
08/17/14  New ‘LBMA Silver Price’ – Still Not Transparent  GoldCore  SilverSeek
08/16/14  Is Gold About to Stage a Massive Breakout?  Graham Summers  24H Gold
08/15/14  Gold and Silver – The Eternal Monetary Couple  Dan Popescu  Goldbroker
08/14/14  Buy Gold and Silver to Protect Your Wealth  David Levenstein  GoldSilverWorlds
08/13/14  Gold Price Uptrend Continuation  Gregor Horvat  Investing
08/12/14  Top 7 Reasons Why I’m Buying Silver Now  Jeff Clark  SilverSeek
08/11/14  3 Reasons Why Now Is a Good Time to Buy Silver  Jim Bach  Money Morning
08/10/14  Gold And Silver Will Rise With US Dollar Demise  Michael Noonan  GoldSeek
08/09/14  Silver Price Forecast – Metal to Gain Ground in August on These Factors  Jim Bach  Money Morning
08/08/14  Gold and Silver Ready to Rally?  Austin Galt  Gold–Eagle
08/07/14  Silver Pyramid Power  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
08/06/14  Buy Gold Like It’s 1999  John Hathaway  The Gold Report
08/05/14  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
08/04/14  Gold and Silver Good Vibrations  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
08/03/14  Gold And Silver New World Dis–Order Continues To Slip  Michael Noonan  Safe Haven
08/02/14  Gold Prices 1971 – 2014 in 3 Waves  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
08/01/14  Gold & Silver Performance Leave All Else Dead In The Water Since 2001  Vronsky  Gold–Eagle
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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08/31/14  Massive 60% Stock Market Correction Coming: "Period Of Extreme Turmoil"  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
08/30/14  The Stock Market is Getting Edgy  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
08/29/14  Central Banks at the Root of Evil  Dr Martenson  Peak Prosperity
08/28/14  Stock Market Staring Into the Great Abyss  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
08/27/14  Will The US Succeed in Breaking Russia to Maintain Dollar Hegemony?  Clive Maund  GoldSeek
08/26/14  Why Global Bond Yields Are Tumbling  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
08/25/14  Myths About Money and Inflation  Patrick Barron
08/24/14  U.S. Interest Rates – Is It Time To Ignore The Fed?  Sy Harding  Market Oracle
08/23/14  Rising Interest Rates and The End of Stimuland  Raul I Meijer  Money Morning
08/22/14  Stock Market Crash a Historical Pattern?  Wim Grommen  Market Oracle
08/21/14  Is the U.S. Dollar and Stock Market Ready to Crash?  James Hall
08/20/14  The Fed And The "Salvador Dali Effect"  Dante Bayona  Gold–Eagle
08/19/14  Intervention and The Misery of Fiat Currency  Jeff Lewis  Market Oracle
08/18/14  HFT Rats Find New Targets Even as They Flee Banks  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
08/17/14  Stock Market Investors Conditioned To Catch The Falling Knife  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
08/16/14  Bonds Persist in Their Warning About the U.S. Economy  Sy Harding  Forbes
08/15/14  If Mr. Rogers Ruled Wall Street  Dennis Miller  FSM
08/14/14  Black Swans on Final Approach  Gary Christenson  Deviant Investor
08/13/14  When Stock Diversification Gets Out of Hand  Dennis Miller  GoldSeek
08/12/14  Hopelessly Devoted to Inflation  Michael Pento  24h Gold
08/11/14  Deflation’s Final Curtain Call  Clif Droke  GoldSeek
08/10/14  Yields on 10-Year Treasuries Fall, Confounding the Experts  Jeff Sommer  NY Times
08/09/14  Connecting the Bankster Dots on the DOJ’s Latest Moves  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
08/08/14  Gold and Silver – From Price Manipulation to Hyperinflation  Dr Jeff Lewis  Investing
08/07/14  The Most–Anticipated Stock Market Crash  John Rubino  Dollar Collapse
08/06/14  The Fed Could Up QE to $1Trillion a Month: Marc Faber  Matthew Belvedere  CNBC
08/05/14  Inflation Trumps U.S. Economic Growth  Peter Schiff  Safe Haven
08/04/14  Life in The Post QE World  Jim Mosquera  Safe Haven
08/03/14  Fiat Currencies, The Cleanest Dirty Shirt  Karl Smith  Forbes
08/02/14  Big Banks Shift to Lower Gear Banking Operations  Gary Shilling
08/01/14  US Failure: Unintended Consequence  Jim Willie CB  GoldSeek
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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08/31/14  The Eurozone is a Growing Problem for U.S. Economy  Sy Harding  Forbes
08/30/14  A World Without Fractional Reserve Banks and Central Planning  John Rubino  Zero Hedge
08/29/14  Economy vs. Fed Rate Hikes  Chris Ciovacco  Seeking Alpha
08/28/14  Europe’s Depressing Economy Dog Days of Summer  Steve H Hanke
08/27/14  A Nation of Shopkeepers – Supply–Side (Voodoo) Economics?  John Mauldin  Valuewalk
08/26/14  Gold Is the Money of Kings, Debt the Money of Slaves  Staff  Financial Sense
08/25/14  Why Isn’t Fed Monetary Pumping Helping the U.S. Economy?  Frank Shostak
08/24/14  U.S. Housing Bull Market Over? House Prices Trend Forecast Current State  Nadeem Walayat  Sentirate
08/23/14  The Mega Debt and Sustainable Capitalism  Tom Naysburn  Zanadome
08/22/14  The Black Box Economy  Stephen Mihm  Boston Globe
08/21/14  Loss of Faith in the Fed  Charles Hugh–Smith  Zero Hedge
08/20/14  The Coming U.S. Economic Collapse Will Trigger a Revolution  Harry Dent  Wealth Daily
08/19/14  The Keynesian Counterfactual is Japan  Michael Pento  Affluent Investor
08/18/14  A New Interest Rates Record Is Set... And It Is Foreboding  Steve Sjuggerud  Daily Wealth
08/17/14  High Frequency Failure Economics  Andrew McKillop  Sonafx
08/16/14  The Something For Nothing Society – Inflation and Getting Paid NOT to Work  Ty Andros  GoldSeek
08/15/14  Writing Off America’s Losses In Iraq And Ukraine  Andrew McKillop  Market Oracle
08/14/14  Future ’Inflation’ and The Fed’s Madness  Steve Saville  Safe Haven
08/13/14  Not As Much Labor Force Slack as Yellen Believes  EconMatters  Business Insider
08/12/14  U.S. Economy Nothing New Under the Sun  Andy Sutton  GoldSeek
08/11/14  The Picture of America’s Old and Sick Economy  Jas Jain  Safe Haven
08/10/14  The QE Could Be Coming to an End – So What?  Matt Machaj  GoldSeek
08/09/14  Argentina’s Debt Default: A Devastating Lesson in Unfunded Government Liabilities  Dickson Buchanan Jr.  Investing
08/08/14  Confusing Capitalism with Fractional Reserve Banking  Frank Hollenbeck
08/07/14  How U.S. Dollar Destruction Threatens the Global Economy  Steve Forbes  Forbes
08/06/14  Your Insurance Company Lands in Rehab – Will Your Annuity Survive?  Dennis Miller  GoldSeek
08/05/14  Defining Away Economic Failure  Paul Craig Roberts  Prison Planet
08/04/14  How an American Hedge Fund Forced Argentina into Default  Matthew Yglesias  Vox
08/03/14  Alphabet Soup: GDP, ECB, QE and Q2  Sheraz Mian  Financial Sense
08/02/14  BLS Jobs Report Perfect for Goldilocks  Sheraz Mian  Financial Sense
08/01/14  The EU’s Anti Economic Austerity Hypocrites  Steve H Hanke  Huffington Post
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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08/31/14  Corporations Join Droves of Americans Renouncing US Citizenship  Nick Giambruno  International Man
08/30/14  Rethinking Japan’s "Lost Decades"  Peter St. Onge
08/29/14  The Monopoly of the Government Education Cartel  James Hall  Activist Post
08/28/14  U.S. Empire’s Bumpy Ride  Stephen Merrill  Market Oracle
08/27/14  U.S. Self Checkmate in War on Islam  Jack D Douglas  LewRockwell
08/26/14  A Call to Revolution  William Wallace  Market Oracle
08/25/14  The West Set Up the ISIS Endgame  Andrew McKillop  Market Oracle
08/24/14  A World Economy Made of BRICS?  Rodney Johnson  Seeking Alpha
08/23/14  The Something for Nothing Society – Lifecycle of Bureaucracy  Ty Andros  Money Morning
08/22/14  Here‘s Where Socialism is Poisoning the American Dream  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
08/21/14  Is China’s Economy Too Big to Transform?  Emil Graesholm GRI  Financial Sense
08/20/14  Europe’s Economic Malaise: The New Normal?  George Friedman  Stratfor
08/19/14  What Have We Accomplished in Iraq?  Ron Paul  Fits News
08/18/14  U.S. Empire of Death and Lies  Eric Margolis  LewRockwell
08/17/14  Trouble in the Global Economy? McDonald’s, Wal–Mart Say So  George Leong  Daily Gains Letter
08/16/14  America the Neighborhood Bully Recklessly Throws its Weight Around  Peter Schiff  Safe Haven
08/15/14  Back In Iraq: We Only Want To Save You  Danny Schechter  Op Ed News
08/14/14  Global Policy Divergence – Really??  Axel Merk  Safe Haven
08/13/14  China Economy Transformation or Bust  John Mauldin  Forbes
08/12/14  Politics of the U.S. Election Cycle and Policy Spin  EconMatters  Business Insider
08/11/14  Foreign Policy and Chaos Theory  Andrew McKillop  Market Oracle
08/10/14  Follow The Money All The Way To The Next War  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
08/09/14  Cold War 2.0 Is a Financial War  James Rickards  Future Fastforward
08/08/14  "Bail In Regime" Sees UK Banking System Downgraded By Moodys  Mark O’Byrne  Gold Core
08/07/14  How Obama’s Support of Israel Undermines U.S. Foreign Policy  Shamus Cooke  Global
08/06/14  Immunity Politics And The End Of Democracy  Andrew McKillop  Market Oracle
08/05/14  We are America, the Exceptional Empire, Above All Law  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
08/04/14  Zionism And The American Dream  Andrew McKillop  Market Oracle
08/03/14  How BRICS’ New Bank Will Challenge the West  Antonio Timoner  Financial Sense
08/02/14  Useful Idiots and the Something For Nothing Society – Part 2  Ty Andros  GoldSeek
08/01/14  The West’s Reckless Rush Towards War with Russia  Chris Martenson  Safe Haven
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