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Gold and Silver News
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04/30/14  Listen, Silver: We Need to Talk  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
04/29/14  Buy Signal in the PM Sector  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
04/28/14  Gold Bounces Back Above $1,300 as Ukraine Crisis Escalates  Jason Hamlin  GoldStockBull
04/27/14  Safe Deposit Boxes Are Not Safe for Silver & Gold Buyers  James Anderson  GoldSeek
04/26/14  Remembering the Silver Parabola  Ryan Jordan  Safe Haven
04/25/14  Palladium Performs and Why It Continues To Increase In Price  Darren V. Long  Gold–Eagle
04/24/14  Gold, Banks, and Interest Rates  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
04/23/14  Silver Up and S&P Down  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
04/22/14  Gold Prices 2014: Do What Goldman Does, Not What It Says  David Zeiler  Money Morning
04/21/14  Press’ Anti–Gold Scare Tactics Largely Ineffective  Michael Kosares  Gold–Eagle
04/20/14  Gold, Silver and Stalling Economies  Alasdair Macleod  Safe Haven
04/19/14  Silver Conspiracy Fact Versus Conspiracy Theory  Dr. Jeffrey Lewis  GoldSeek
04/18/14  A New Cold War Means A New Record Price For Palladium  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
04/17/14  How Silver is Making a Slow Recovery in 2014  Emma Thomson  GoldSilverWorlds
04/16/14  Silver, Gold, and What Could Go Wrong  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
04/15/14  Understanding (and Ignoring) the Media Bandwagon Against Gold  James West  Gold–Eagle
04/14/14  The Gold Update  Mark Mead Baillie  Demeadville
04/13/14  Gold Preparing to Launch as U.S. Dollar Drops to Key Support  Jason Hamlin  Kitco
04/12/14   Better Tone to Gold and Silver  Alasdair Macleod  Market Oracle
04/11/14  Mainstream Gold and Silver Analysis Out of Touch  JeffLewis  SGT Report
04/10/14  How will Gold Respond to Global Deflation?  Clif Droke  Financial Sense
04/09/14  Deviant Gold Q&A  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
04/08/14  What’s Abuzz About Gold?  Frank Holmes  Gold–Eagle
04/07/14  Gold Climbs as US Jobs Data Soothes Interest Rate Fears  Staff  Reuters
04/06/14  The Power Of Elites is More Important Than China’s Gold  Michael Noonan  Safe Haven
04/05/14  If Reflation Is Here, Then Gold Is Your Ultimate Hedge  Staff  GoldSilverWorlds
04/04/14  Gold and Silver 6 Degrees of Separation as HFT Goes Mainstream  Jeff Lewis  Market Oracle
04/03/14  Gold Forecasts For China Drive Prices Higher  Staff  Gold–Eagle
04/02/14  Gold versus Silver  Steve Saville  321 Gold
04/01/14  Central Banks Add To Gold Reserves  Alasdair Macleod  Gold Money
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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04/30/14  Has The U.S. Dollar Lost its Safe Haven Status?  Axel Merk  GoldSeek
04/26/14  The U.S. Is Now a Global Satanic Empire  Jack D. Douglas  LewRockwell 04/28/14  Stock Market Bubble Phase: Gold Capitulation Follow Up  Toby Connor  Gold Scents
04/27/14  Banks Return to Risky Business  Suzanne McGee  The Guardian
04/26/14  Moving Towards Systemic Failure – Pathogenesis & Change Factors  Jim Willie CB  GoldSeek
04/25/14  The Central Banks Have Realized Their Worst Nightmares are Approaching  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
04/24/14  Weak U.S. Housing Data Supports Euro  Staff  Reuters
04/23/14  A U.S. Dollar Crash In a Matter of Months?  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
04/22/14  British Pound Looks Vulnerable At The Highs  Richard Cox  Market Oracle
04/21/14  Gold Forecast & Major Currency Is Collapsing  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
04/20/14  Amazing Story From Japan  John Rubino  Safe Haven
04/19/14  Bank Depositor Bail–Ins and Real Assets vs Liability–Based Assets  Dan Amerman  Safe Haven
04/18/14  Even The US Government Will Abandon the U.S. Dollar  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
04/17/14  High–Frequency Insider Trading  James Hall  GoldSeek
04/16/14  The Real Purpose Of QE – It’s Not Employment  Darryl R Schoon  GoldSeek
04/15/14  The Stock Market – Is Something Nasty About to Happen?  Anthony Cherniawski  Market Oracle
04/14/14  Are We Heading For Another 1987–Style Stock Market Crash?  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
04/13/14  Doctor Doom on the Fiat Money Empire Coming Financial Crisis  Andrew McKillop  Rense
04/12/14  85% of Pension Funds to Fail in Three Decades  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
04/11/14  All That Money But Where’s the Beef!  David Chapman  Safe Haven
04/10/14  Banker Liars, New Currency, Fatal Errors, Psycho War  Jim Willie  GoldSeek
04/09/14  Flash Boys – Why You Need to Read Michael Lewis’ New Expose  Shah Gilani  Market Oracle
04/08/14  The Real Reason the Stock Market Is Rigged  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
04/07/14  The Federal Reserve Has No Integrity  Paul Craig Roberts
04/06/14  It’s All About the Money!  David Chapman  321 Gold
04/05/14  The Emerging Dynamics Of Petro–Yuan Standard  Jim Willie  Gold–Eagle
04/04/14  Mixed Data Leaves Dollar of Two Minds  Marc Chandler  Financial Sense
04/03/14  Will the ECB Ever Really do QE?  MahiFX  Market Oracle
04/02/14  The Clock Is Ticking on This Massive Currency Shift  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
04/01/14  Inflation Is Coming, What to Do NOW!  Jeff Clark  GoldSeek
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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04/30/14  Economists Are Stupid, Useless And Dangerous  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
04/29/14  Schadenfreude: Economists "Stunned" By Housing Fade  Lance Roberts  Zero Hedge
04/28/14  US Housing Market Is Down For The Count  Raul I Meijer  Market Oracle
04/27/14  Fed Follies, U.S. Housing Market Fiasco  David A. Stockman  The Burning Platform
04/26/14  QE Is A Fraud Perpetrated By "Made Men"  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
04/25/14  The Great Recession Grinds On – Measuring Misery Around the World  Steve H Hanke  Market Oracle
04/24/14  U.S. Quarterly Economic Review – Optimism at the Fed  John Mauldin  Market Oracle
04/23/14  A Crisis vs. the REAL Crisis: Keep Your Eye on the Debt Ball  Laurynas Vegys  Casey Research
04/22/14  The Sad State of the Economics Profession  Frank Hollenbeck
04/21/14  The Disappearing Jobs!  David Chapman  GoldSeek
04/20/14  Economic Outlook Darkens  Alasdair Macleod  Gold Money
04/19/14  More To U.S. Economic Slowdown Than Weather  Sy Harding  Seeking Alpha
04/18/14  The Windy City has a $26.5 Billion Pension Problem  Rodney Johnson  Survive & Prosper
04/17/14  Glaring Q.E. Failure Spotted  Jim Willie  GoldSeek
04/16/14  How I Intend to Survive the Meltdown of America  Louis James  Safe Haven
04/15/14  Faulty Logic, Central Bank Meddling as ECB Embraces ‘Quantitative Easing’  Detlev S Schlichter  Financial Sense
04/14/14  The Global Banking Game Is Rigged, and the FDIC Is Suing  Ellen Brown  Web of Debt Blog
04/13/14  Learn to Trust Your Own Financial Judgment  Dennis Miller  GoldSeek
04/12/14  Beware Another U.S. Recession is Lurking  Clif Droke  Safe Haven
04/11/14  As They Do, Not As They Say  Michael Ashton  Safe Haven
04/10/14   For More Jobs and Stability, Set the Economy Free  John P. Cochran
04/09/14  Whatever It Takes 2.0?  Axel Merk  Merk Investments
04/08/14  Rising Interest Rate Realities  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
04/07/14  Why Keynesian Economists Don’t Understand Inflation  Frank Hollenbeck
04/06/14  Meet "Lowflation": Deflation’s Scary Pal  Peter Schiff  Gold–Eagle
04/05/14  The Budget Box & Containing the Craziness  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
04/04/14  Underground Shadow Commerce is the Real Economy  Staff  BATR
04/03/14  Three Ways to Combat Economic Recovery, Feels Like a Recession  John Paul Whitefoot  DailyGainsLetter
04/02/14  Feed the Rich and Starve the Middle Class  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
04/01/14  The Three Stooges Debunk myRA  Dennis Miller  Millers Money
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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04/30/14  The Political Future Of Dumbing Down  Andrew McKillop  Market Oracle
04/29/14  Fed Knows LIBOR Rate Rigging is a Criminal Conspiracy  Ellen Brown  USA Watchdog
04/28/14  How The Fed Ravaged The Main Street Housing Market, Again  David Stockman  LewRockwell
04/27/14  When Does Government Policy Become Criminal Behavior?  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
04/26/14  The U.S. Is Now a Global Satanic Empire  Jack D. Douglas  LewRockwell
04/25/14  The Great American Giveaway  Andy Sutton  GoldSeek
04/24/14  Washington’s Budget Fiasco: A Timeline  Staff  CNN
04/23/14  Cold War 2.0  Stephen Lendman  Sjlendman.blogspot
04/22/14  Nevada Standoff a Symptom of Increasing Authoritarianism  Ron Paul  Safe Haven
04/21/14  Elite Herd Psychology And War By Default  Andrew McKillop  Market Oracle
04/20/14  America has Become a Police State  Staff  Washingtons Blog
04/19/14  From Monroe to the Bush–Obama Doctrines, American KARMA is Long Overdue  Michael T Bucci  Market Oracle
04/18/14  Old World Order New World Order, Chaos And Change  Andrew McKillop  Revolution
04/17/14  Every Central Bank for Itself  John Mauldin  Forbes
04/16/14  Fed Rigs Markets, Not the Flash Boys  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
04/15/14  Baltic Freight, Shipping Credit and China  Gordon Long  Safe Haven
04/14/14  Are We In Worse Shape Today Than Prior To The Last Financial Crisis?  Darren V. Long  Gold–Eagle
04/13/14  Manipulated Stocks Markets And The Empty Bag  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
04/12/14  Listening to the Canary  Terry Coxon  Safe Haven
04/11/14  They Snuck In Eurobonds Through The Backdoor  Raul I Meijer  Before Its News
04/10/14  Corporatocracy  James Hall  Market Oracle
04/09/14  Obama Issues Threats To Russia And NATO  Paul Craig Roberts  Infowars
04/08/14  Are the U.S. and Russia Capable of Waging a Financial War?  Julian D. W. Phillips  24H Gold
04/07/14  Abenomics Stagflation – It’s in Shinzo Abe’s (Political) Genes  Richard Mills  Safe Haven
04/06/14  The Unsustainable Distortion That is America  Gordon Long  Safe Haven
04/05/14  The Fed Desecrates The U.S. Constitution  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
04/04/14  3 First Steps To Cleanse The Economic System  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
04/03/14  Obamacare Ship of Fools  James Quinn  Zero Hedge
04/02/14  Across Europe Secession Movements Intensify  Sartre  BATR
04/01/14  China’s Shadow Banks and the Risk of a Property Crash  Henny Sender  Financial Times
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