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Gold and Silver News
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01/31/13  Rush To Safety  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
01/31/13  Gold and Quantitative Easing: Inflation All Over Again?  P Radomski  The Market Oracle
01/31/13  Why the Fed Needs Golden Handcuffs  Jan Skoyles  24H Gold
01/30/13  The Real Reason Germany Wants its Gold Back  Peter Krauth  Money Morning
01/29/13  What Past and Future Speculative Bubbles Indicate for Gold and Silver!  GE Christenson  The Market Oracle
01/28/13  The Big Picture behind Germany Taking Half of Its Gold Home  Julian DW Phillips  Safe Haven
01/27/13  Silver Investing and the Sanctity of Savings  Dr Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
01/26/13  The Price of Silver in the Age of Broken Promises  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
01/25/13  Four Sensational Facts About Gold Investing  Frank Holmes  Before Its News
01/25/13  Buy Silver if Global Economy Strengthens  George Leong  Investment Contrarians
01/24/13  Hidden Inflation Means Gold is Going Higher  Robert M Williams  The Market Oracle
01/23/13  Why Owning Gold is Absolutely Essential – Charles Ponzi Meets Cassandra  GE Christenson  Revolution Radio
01/22/13  Silver Price Mania 2013  Jeff Uscher  Money Morning
01/22/13  Pacific Group Becomes Latest Hedge Fund Converting Assets to Physical Gold  GoldCore  GoldCore
01/21/13  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
01/21/13  Buba’s Gold  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
01/20/13  Gold And Silver Nearing "Crunch Time"  Michael Noonan  The Market Oracle
01/19/13  Will Platinum Outperform Gold?  P. Radomski  GoldSeek
01/18/13  Gold, Silver, and Real Assets to Shelter from The Coming Storm  Deviant Investor  GoldSeek
01/17/13  What do Silver to Gold and Platinum to Gold Ratios Tell Us?  P. Radomski  Kitco
01/16/13  Platinum Overtakes Gold at Last  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
01/15/13  Gold And Silver – Follow What The Market Says  Michael Noonan  Safe Haven
01/14/13  Stock Market Inflationary Rally May Spark Breakout In Gold  Jeb Handwerger  Kitco
01/13/13  Hedge Fund Disasters Are Hurting Gold  Michael Swanson  Howe Street
01/13/13  Why Gold’s Worth Buying on Dips  George Leong  Seeking Alpha
01/12/13  Monetary Inflation and the Real Silver Price Highs  Adam Hamilton   SilverSeek
01/11/13  2013 Gold and Silver Outlook  Jordan Roy–Byrne  Safe Haven
01/10/13  Pension Money Invested In Gold Bullion Is ’Peanuts’, At The Moment  GoldCore  GoldSeek
01/09/13  Platinum Market Analysis and Forecast for 2013  Alec Gimurtu  GoldSeek
01/08/13  If You’re Not Buying Gold And Silver,Don’t Blame Me!  Mark J Lundeen  Gold–Eagle
01/07/13  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
01/07/13  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
01/06/13  US Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Sales  Adam Hamilton  Silverseek
01/05/13  Buying Silver in the Age of Transitory Inflation and Other Political Delusion  Dr Jeff Lewis  GoldSeek
01/04/13  Dow Gold and Gold Silver Ratio Charts Remain Bullish  GoldCore  GoldSeek
01/03/13  Gold Recap 2012 and Outlook for 2013  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
01/02/13  Gold and Silver Updated  Gary Tanashian  Safe Haven
01/01/13  Gold And Silver Very Under–Rated Opposing Forces Into 2013  Michael Noonan  GoldSilverWorlds
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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01/31/13  Bernanke to Oprah: "I’ve Been Doping for Years"  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
01/31/13  Will the Fed End QE Summer 2013?  Jeff Uscher  Money Morning
01/31/13  Why There’s No Real Inflation – Yet  Martin Hutchinson  Money Morning
01/30/13  Is the Fed Doping the Greenback?  Axel Merk  The Market Oracle
01/29/13  How To Spot A Zombie  Raul I Meijer  The Market Oracle
01/28/13  Has 2013 Currency Crisis Begun?  Toby Connor  Kitco
01/27/13  The Bear Will Decimate Your Wealth  Adam Hamilton  The Market Oracle
01/26/13  French Internet Tax Should Have Web Giants Very Worried  David Zeile  Money Morning
01/25/13  Stock Market Last Believers: Government Grabs the Bag with Both Hands  EWI  Safe Haven
01/24/13  Is the Japanese Yen FINALLY Ready for a Pullback?  Simit Patel  The Market Oracle
01/23/13  2013 – The Permanent Financial Crisis  Ty Andros  Brother John F
01/22/13  These Popular Delusions Could Cost Investors Fortunes in 2013  Graham Summers  Before Its News
01/21/13  The Secret Word: Deflation  EWI  Safe Haven
01/20/13  In Counterfeiting We Trust  George  Barbarous Relic
01/19/13  U.S. Treasury Bond Market Forecast 2013, The "Bloated" Bubble  Gordon T Long  Safe Haven
01/18/13  Currency Wars Should Provide Support for Precious Metals  Sober Look  Financial Sense
01/17/13  Where Is the Inflation?  Mark Thornton
01/16/13  The Fiscal Cliff Deal Just Made U.S. Bonds Even More Risky in 2013  Martin Hutchinson  Money Morning
01/15/13  U.S. Trillion Dollar Battle: Print, Baby, Print!  Axel Merk  GoldSeek
01/14/13  The Japanese Yen Trade Is Exporting Inflation to China  EconMatters  Zerohedge
01/13/13  Silver Investing in the Age of Sentiment and Fiat Currencies  Dr Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
01/12/13  2013: The Year Of The Zombie Dollar  Byron King  The Daily Reckoning
01/11/13  Can Banks Really Just Create Money?  Paul Tustain  Gold Investment
01/10/13  The Real Idea Behind The U.S. Trillion Dollar Coin  Paul Brodsky  Before Its News
01/09/13  Get Real Money  Peter Schiff  USA Watchdog
01/08/13  British Pound Heading for Sterling Crisis 2015  Paul Tustain  The Market Oracle
01/07/13  U.S. Interest Rates Forecast 2013, Don’t Fight The Fed!  Robert M Williams  The Market Oracle
01/06/13  Did the Fed Lie About QE 3 and 4?  Graham Summers  The Market Oracle
01/05/13  U.S. Treasury Bonds, The Worst Investment for 2013  Sasha Cekerevac  Investment Contrarians
01/04/13  U.S. Treasury Bond Market’s Last Pillar Crumbles  Peter Schiff  The Market Oracle
01/03/13  A Look at Financial Crisis Year 2013  Clif Droke  Safe Haven
01/02/13  The Coming Isolation of US Dollar  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
01/01/13  Your Four Best Financial Resolutions for 2013  Investment U  Investment U
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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01/31/13  What if the Fed is Short Germany’s Gold?  Gijsbert Groenewegen  321 Gold
01/31/13  Q4 GDP Shrinks for the First Time Since the Great Recession  Diane Alter  Money Morning
01/31/13  Nanny Society – Loser Economy  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
01/30/13  The Fallacy Of The Need For A State Money Producer  Detlev S Schlichter  Financial Sense
01/29/13  Fracking – U.S. Going Down The Wrong Road  Robert M Williams  The Market Oracle
01/28/13  ‘Libertarian Turned Keynesian’ Responds  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
01/27/13  The Marginal Rule of Wicksteed  Jeffrey Tucker  The Daily Reckoning
01/26/13  Can U.S. Economy Avoid Recession in 2013?  Diane Alter  Money Morning
01/25/13  Deficits Ain’t Debt  Bruce Krasting  Financial Sense
01/24/13  The Free Money Miracle?  Jonathan Goodwin  The Market Oracle
01/23/13  Pensions, The Last Remaining Store Of Real Wealth  Raul I Meijer  Business Insider
01/22/13  The Coming Debt Limit Drama: Government Wins, We Lose  Dr Ron Paul  Zero Hedge
01/21/13  Crisis in Madrid Update  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
01/20/13  US Economy – The Erosion of Growth  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
01/19/13  U.S. Fiscal Farce, Failure, Fantasy & Fornication Forecasts 2013  James Quinn  Seeking Alpha
01/18/13  What the Labor Pool Collapse Means  Jeffrey Tucker  The Daily Reckoning
01/17/13  The Economics of Sequestration  James Hall
01/16/13  Why It’s a "Fake" U.S. Housing Market Recovery  Michael Lombardi  Profit Confidential
01/15/13  The Big Collapse is Still Ahead!  John Rubino  GoldSilverWorlds
01/14/13  Austrian Economics in 2013  Alasdair Macleod  GoldSeek
01/13/13  Gargantuan and Growing: The U.S. Debt Figure You’ve Probably Never Heard Of  EWI  Safe Haven
01/12/13  Outlook for the US Economy in 2013  Brian Bloom  The Market Oracle
01/11/13  Keynesian Inflation Propaganda Exposed  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
01/10/13  Why Stop at a $1 Trillion Coin?  Michael Shedlock  Safe Haven
01/09/13  Global Debt Crisis Explained  Liam Fisher  The Market Oracle
01/08/13  Storyline Of 2012 – The Economy, Money & Gold  Nick Barisheff  GoldSilverWorlds
01/07/13  The Fiscal Cliff is Part of a Larger Cliff  Jim Mosquera  Safe Haven
01/06/13  How the Federal Reserve is Showing Financial Fear  Robert Prechter  Business Week
01/05/13  Monetary Malpractice  Gordon T Long  Financial Sense
01/04/13  Congress Avoids the Fiscal Cliff by Selling Us Down the River  Peter Schiff  Business Insider
01/03/13  Fiscal Cliff Deal and the U.S. Economy Swan Dive of 2013  James Hall
01/02/13  10 Secrets About Economics  Richard Johnsson  Safe Haven
01/01/13  Temporary Fixes  Joe Duarte  Financial Sense
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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01/31/13  American Bases In Germany And The Gold Basis  Antal E. Fekete  Gold–Eagle
01/31/13  DON’T BE MISLED, GOVERNMENT LIES!  Roxanne Lewis  Gold–Eagle
01/31/13  Meet the Global Corporate "Supra–Government"  Andrew G Marshall  Blacklisted News
01/30/13  Public Schools Are Black Holes, Don’t Drop Your Child into One  LewRockwell  The Market Oracle
01/29/13  U.S. Action in Mali is Another Undeclared War  Dr Ron Paul  Antiwar
01/28/13  Davos $14 Trillion Extortion for a Global Warming Scam  Sartre
01/27/13  USA 2013: The Existing Social Order Will be Swept Away  James Quinn  Before Its News
01/26/13  Financial Tensions Could Lead to Protectionism  Bloomberg  The Market Oracle
01/25/13  President Obama Falls for a Fallacy  Steve H Hanke  Before Its News
01/24/13  Decline of the Middle Class Under Obama  Ben Gersten  Money Morning
01/23/13  Inaugural Address: What Obama Did Not Say  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
01/22/13  UK Moves Away from the European Project  Adriano Bosoni  Real Clear World
01/21/13  The Institutionalization of Tyranny  Paul Craig Roberts
01/20/13  Price for Eurozone Collapse is Too High  Pravda  The Market Oracle
01/19/13  France and the UK Could Be the Lynchpins of Europe  John Browne  Business Insider
01/18/13  The Ticking Trillion Dollar Debt Bomb  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
01/17/13  U.S. Government Raids Pension Funds to Avoid Debt Default  Diane Alter  Money Morning
01/16/13  America Stepping Back as Global Policeman  George Friedman  STRATFOR
01/15/13  Japan Godzilla, France the Next Greece Whilst US Plays Debt Crisis Games  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
01/14/13  Gun Confiscation – Last Refuge of the Tyrant  SARTRE
01/13/13  US Won’t Default; Politics of the Debate  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
01/12/13  Financial Ticking Time Bomb 2013, Japan the Greece of Asia  Sasha Cekerevac  Before Its News
01/11/13  Is American Justice Dead?  David Galland  Casey Research
01/10/13  Krugman’s $1 Trillion Platinum Coin  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
01/09/13  The Crisis of the American Middle Class, The Long–Term Threat to U.S. Power  STRATFOR  STRATFOR
01/08/13  Why The Fiscal Cliff "Deal" is Spelled P–O–R–K  Keith Fitz–Gerald  Money Morning
01/07/13  Institutionalized Inequality in America: Widening Gap Between Rich and Poor  Stephen Lendman  Global Research
01/06/13  French Government Chastises Its Latest Tax Exile  Mark Nestmann  Financial Sense
01/05/13  Europe 2013 – A Year of Decision  George Friedman  Stratfor
01/04/13  The New Year’s First Heist  Douglas French  The Daily Reckoning
01/03/13  Obedience To Authority, Should We Trust The Government?  James Quinn  Washingtons blog
01/02/13  Preppers, Patriots and Pirates  James Hall  Activist Post
01/01/13  New Year’s Resolutions for Congress  Dr Ron Paul
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