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Gold and Silver News
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02/28/13  Buy Silver Now!  Peter Zihlmann  Silverseek
02/27/13  Invest in Palladium as Reserve Dries Up  Peter Krauth  Money Morning
02/27/13  This Price Dip is a Good Time to Buy Silver  Diane Alter  Money Morning
02/27/13  Political Considerations for Silver Prices  Bob Kirtley  IB Times
02/26/13  What Drives the Price of Gold and Silver?  Keith Weiner  Safe Haven
02/26/13  The Truth About The COMEX  Claudio Grass  GoldSilverWorlds
02/26/13  Gold – REVISITED Weekly Buy Signal  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
02/25/13  Silver Back in Buying Territory Ahead of Powerful Uptrend  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
02/25/13  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
02/24/13  This Past Week In Gold  Jack Chan  Gold–Eagle
02/23/13  Now is the Time to Buy Gold and Silver  Jordan Roy Byrne  The Market Oracle
02/22/13  Gold – Here Is The Good News  Editorial  GoldSilverWorlds
02/22/13  Keep Your Head When Investing In Precious Metals  Jeb Handwerger  Safe Haven
02/21/13  GOLD – In Your Self–Interest  Editorial  Deviant Investor
02/20/13  Embrace Silver’s Volatility All the Way to the Bank  Jeff Clark  Safe Haven
02/19/13  Prospects Of Platinum & Palladium In 2013 And Beyond  David Smith  GoldSilverWorlds
02/19/13  China And India Gold Demand Returns  Paula Flood  GoldCore
02/18/13  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
02/18/13  Bullish on Gold But JP Morgan Excessively Short in Silver  Ted Butler  GoldSilverWorlds
02/17/13  Why You Can Bet on Platinum Prices Going Higher  Jeff Uscher  Money Morning
02/16/13  Four–Letter ‘G’ Word Discussed on TV  Keith Weiner  Safe Haven
02/15/13  Why the U.S. Mint Keeps Running Out of Silver Coins  Tony Daltorio  Money Morning
02/15/13  Platinum is the Next Profit Opportunity in China’s Commodity Boom  Matt Badiali  The Market Oracle
02/14/13  The Case for Silver Outpacing Gold  Miguel Perez–Santalla  Safe Haven
02/13/13  Crash Course In Short Term Gold & Silver Price Forecasting  Editorial  GoldSilverWorlds
02/12/13  Silver Is Probably The Best Asset In The World  Ted Ferguson  GoldSilverWorlds
02/12/13  Gold – Weekly Buy Signal  Editorial  Deviant Investor
02/11/13  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
02/11/13  Silver Coin Clipping in the Digital Era  Dr. Jeffrey Lewis  SilverSeek
02/10/13  Gold And Silver Are A Buy! $1600 and $28 Targets?  Michael Noonan  GoldSilverWorlds
02/09/13  Why Buy Gold?  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
02/08/13  Investing in 2013: The Case for Palladium  Tony Daltorio  Money Morning
02/07/13  Silver Prices – The Big Picture  Deviant Investor  Deviant Investor
02/06/13  Politicization, Currencies & Gold: The Lost Battle of Central Banks  Guillermo Barba  GoldSilver
02/05/13  Why Buy Silver?  Editorial  Deviant Investor
02/04/13  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
02/04/13  At Least Platinum Looks Good  Warren Bevan  Gold–Eagle
02/04/13  Silver as an Investment  Editorial  Visual Capitalist
02/03/13  Silver: Buy, Hold Or Sell?  P. Zihlmann  Silverseek
02/02/13  JPMorgan Forecasts Gold $1,800 By Mid 2013  GoldCore  Zero Hedge
02/01/13  Why Buy Gold?  GE Christenson  Safe Haven
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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02/28/13  US Treasury Bonds The Biggest Bubble In History About to Pop  Jeff Berwick  GoldSeek
02/28/13  Fed To Prompt Currency Crash and Return to Gold Standard  GoldCore  IB Times
02/27/13  Inflation and Taxes, More and More Coming  Jeff Berwick  Before Its News
02/26/13  The Fed Has Set Us Up For the Stock Market Crash of 2013  Graham Summers  Brother John F
02/25/13  How the Fed Will Crash the U.S. Bond Market  Richard Moyer  The Market Oracle
02/24/13  The ‘End’ of QE – Hype or Tripe?  Andy Sutton  GoldSeek
02/23/13  Currency Wars – China Robbing Joe To Pay Chan  Richard Mills  Financial Sense
02/22/13  Lords of Finance: The Backroom World of Central Banking  Dan OConnor
02/21/13  Are You About to Lose Your Savings in the Global Currency War?  Peter Krauth  Money Morning
02/20/13  British Pound at Risk as Currency Wars Intensify  GoldCore  Zero Hedge
02/19/13  U.S. Dollar Rally Reason for Falling Gold Price  Donald W Dony  The Market Oracle
02/18/13  Bank Of America Back Door Bailout Comes To Light  Gretchen Morgenson  NY Times
02/17/13  No End in Sight for Global Currency Wars  Gary Dorsch  The Market Oracle
02/16/13  Currency Cold War  Michael Pento  IB Times
02/15/13  Why Inflation in 2013 Is Imminent  Jeff Uscher  Money Morning
02/14/13  Currency Wars Are Evil  Axel G Merk  GoldSeek
02/13/13  Is Japan About to Fire the First Shots in a 1930s Style Currency War?  Keith Fitz–Gerald  Money Morning
02/12/13  Ron Paul: "6,000 Years of History, Gold Is Always Money, Paper Money Fails"  GoldCore  GoldSeek
02/11/13  Venezuela Launches First Nuke In Currency Wars, Devalues Currency By 46%  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
02/11/13  World Currency System Moving Towards Catastrophe  James Rickards  GoldSilverWorlds
02/10/13  Monetary Flood, Nothing At All, Then All at Once  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
02/09/13  Central Banks Rigging the Markets, Regulators Blind to LIBOR Fraud  Brady Willett  The Market Oracler
02/08/13  Pitched Currency War Among Central Banks  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
02/07/13  Currency Wars Heat Up: Hollande Proposes target for Euro  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
02/06/13  QE for Dummies  Dr Martenson  Financial Sense
02/05/13  Own Physical Gold & Silver As Currency Wars Will Destroy Our Money  Editorial  GoldSilverWorlds
02/04/13  Banking and the State, It Will End in Hyperinflation  Thorsten Polleit
02/03/13  Wake–Up Call for America: China’s Currency Growing Worldwide  Sasha Cekerevac  The Market Oracle
02/02/13  United States Is the Biggest Money Printing Loser  Peter Schiff  The Market Oracle
02/01/13  Currency Wars and ECB’s Shrinking Balance Sheet  Ashraf Laidi  Top News
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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02/28/13  U.S. Healthcare Blues, Our Medical Bills Are Killing Us  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
02/27/13  America’s Middle Class Caught in a Vice  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
02/26/13  Machine Gun Economics  Andrew Snyder  Investment U
02/25/13  How the Fed Could Fix the Economy–and Why It Hasn’t  Ellen Brown  Seeking Alpha
02/24/13  How Long Can U.S. Economy’s Sweet Spot Last This Time?  Sy Harding  Seeking Alpha
02/23/13  Krugman’s Call for a U.S. Housing Market Bubble To Fight Recession  Daniel James Sanchez
02/22/13  House Subcommittee Demands Answers on Fed’s Exit Strategy  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
02/21/13  Inflation In 38 Seconds  Mike Maloney  GoldSilverWorlds
02/20/13  CBO – The Coming Raid on Social Security  Bruce Krasting  Financial Sense
02/19/13  The Second–Mortgage Shell Game  E. M. Lynch  NY Times
02/18/13  Deflation Arrives In The Eurozone  Raul I Meijer  The Market Oracle
02/17/13  U.S. Economy: "Recovery" Doesn’t Fool Struggling Americans  David Zeiler  Money Morning
02/16/13  Pensions Catastrophe, Government Tricks Digging a Very Deep Hole  John Mauldin  Mauldin Economics
02/15/13  The Deflationary Spiral Bogey  Robert Blumen
02/14/13  Why America’s Economic Confidence Is Fragile  George Leong  The Market Oracle
02/13/13  State of The Union – Where is U.S. Unemployment Headed?  Ian R Campbell  Safe Haven
02/12/13  The Economic Errors of Keynes  Philipp Bagus
02/11/13  U.S. Economy Death Cross – Trouble Coming to Paradise  Gordon T Long  GoldSeek
02/11/13  Americans Are Using Their Houses as ATMS Again  Diana Olick  CNBC
02/10/13  John Williams: How to Survive the Illusion of Economic Recovery  The Gold Report  ETF Daily News
02/09/13  Student Loans Ticking Bomb; Why It’s Such a Big Problem  Michael Lombardi  Profit Confidential
02/08/13  U.S. Econcomy ALL IS WELL! PhD in Stupidity  James Quinn  The Market Oracle
02/07/13  Low Interest Rates Impoverish Savers  BATR  The Market Oracle
02/06/13  ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Was a Head–Fake, Budget Woes Are Here to Stay  Morgan Korn  Yahoo
02/05/13  Beware "Credit Supernova’ Looming Ahead : Bill Gross  Jeff Cox  CNBC
02/04/13  January Jobs Data Will Disappoint;Fed To Keep Monetizing Debt  Michael Pento  Gold–Eagle
02/03/13  U.S. May Have Already Fallen Over The Cliff  Nick Barisheff  Gold–Eagle
02/02/13  The Frightening Financial Crisis Facing Young Americans  Ben Gersten  Money Morning
02/01/13  How Business "Recesses" Itself  Jeffrey Tucker  The Daily Reckoning
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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02/28/13  ‘Ungovernable’ Italy: Debt Crisis Back on Table  William L. Watts  Marketwatch
02/27/13  China Tests Japanese and U.S. Patience  Rodger Baker  Stratfor
02/26/13  New Economic Data Reveals More Bad News for the Eurozone  Sasha Cekerevac  ETF Daily News
02/25/13  U.S. Tyranny for the Good of its Victims  Dr. Ron Paul  Safe Haven
02/24/13  Euro–zone Debt Crisis – Whatever It Takes  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
02/23/13  Will Obama Confiscate Guns and Gold?  Jeff Berwick  Activist Post
02/22/13  Chinese Cyberspies Have Hacked Most Washington Institutions  C. Timberg & E. Nakashima  washington Post
02/21/13  If Europe Were a House,It’d Be Condemned  Graham Summers  Before Its News
02/20/13  French and US Unions: ‘How Stupid Do You Think We Are?’  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
02/19/13  The U.S. Drone Threat  Dr Ron Paul  Safe Haven
02/18/13  How To Solve Our Unemployment, Economic, and Mortgage Problems  Editorial  Deviant Investor
02/17/13  Are US Retirement Accounts at Risk?  Michael J Ross  Financial Sense
02/16/13  Obama’s New Minimum Wage Will Eliminate At Least 467,000 Jobs  Ben Gersten  Money Morning
02/15/13  Politicians Waging War on Work  Nicholas Freiling
02/14/13  U.S. Rogue State Business  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
02/13/13  Obama’s State of the Union Speech to Disguise True Agenda  David Zeiler  Money Morning
02/12/13  The World is Going to War–Gerald Celente  Greg Hunter  USA Watchdog
02/11/13  Germans Sue Wall Street Banks  D. Griffin & D. McLaughlin  Bloomberg
02/11/13  Global Economy Living Off Fed’s Gravy Train  Michael Ivanovitcvh  CNBC
02/10/13  Beware The Consequences of Pre–Emptive War  Ron Paul  Safe Haven
02/09/13  Illusions of Euro–zone Economic Stabilization  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
02/08/13  Euro–zone Prisoner of Bureaucracy, The Good, the Bad, and the Greek  John Mauldin  Fx Street
02/07/13  Is America a Police State Yet?  Wendy McElroy  The Market Oracle
02/06/13  The EU‘s Systemic Corruption Makes Solving the Crisis Impossible  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
02/05/13  Immigration ‘Reform’ Will Turn the US into a Police State  Dr. Ron Paul  Safe Haven
02/04/13  Will American Rightists Turn Fascists?  Michael T Bucci  The Market Oracle
02/03/13  A Delusional and Dysfunctional State  Gordon Long  Safe Haven
02/02/13  2014: Too Late to Leave the U.S.?  Wendy McElroy  Activist Post
02/01/13  Oh No! Not Another Osama! This Time Created by France  Eric Margolis  Lewrockwell
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