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Gold and Silver News
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08/31/13  Gold’s Strongest Months Since 1975 Are September And November  GoldCore  Zero Hedge
08/30/13  Gold Price is Going Higher Whether or Not FED Tapers  Jason Hamlin  Seeking Alpha
08/29/13  Gold, Silver and the Status Quo  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
08/29/13  Why Silver Prices Will Double  Michael Lombardi  FX Street
08/28/13  Gold and Silver Pop Like Coiled Springs  Jesse  The Market Oracle
08/28/13  Gold and Silver Ratio Signals Much Higher Silver Prices  Hubert Moolman  Silverseek
08/27/13  The Gold Update  Mark Mead Baillie  DeMeadville
08/26/13  What’s on the Cards for Silver?  Jan Skoyles  The Real Asset
08/25/13  Faithless Gold Money  Bill Bonner  Gold News
08/24/13  Using Gold to Forecast Silver’s Final Blow–Off Rally  Hubert Moolman  Safe Haven
08/23/13  13 Reasons Why Gold Will Hit $5000/oz  Jim Willie CB  GoldSeek
08/23/13  Gold’s Outlook In The Coming Era Of Bank Bail–ins  GoldBroker  GoldSilverWorlds
08/22/13  Gold Eases Decline Over Fed Woes  Staff  Gold–Eagle
08/21/13  What Happens When You Tell Indians to Stop Buying Gold  Frank Holmes  IB Times
08/21/13  Silver: The $100 History  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
08/20/13  Silver Price 13% Jump Confirms Recovery in Gold Even as T–Bond Yields Rise  Adrian Ash  Financial Sense
08/19/13  Gold And Silver Fundamentals Never Say When, Charts Do, It Pays To Listen  Michael Noonan  Safe Haven
08/18/13  Gold as a System Hedge  Matt Machaj  The Market Oracle
08/17/13  It’s Time To Buy Gold Again  Sy Harding  The Market Oracle
08/16/13  Platinum and Palladium See Rising Investment Demand  GoldCore  Zero Hedge
08/16/13  Will China Confiscate its Citizen’s Gold?  Julian DW Phillips  Safe Haven
08/15/13  Silver: The Gold Silver Ratio Bottom Finder  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
08/14/13  Silver Price Correction Over, Seasonally Strong September Ahead  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
08/14/13  Gold Right on the Doorstep of a Big Rally  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
08/14/13  Gold Technicals Improve And Silver Leads  Stewart Thomson  Silverseek
08/13/13  The Price Has Crashed; It’s Time To Buy Silver  Joe Paulson  Gold and Silver Blog
08/13/13  Where Silver Prices Are Heading  Tony Daltorio  Money Morning
08/12/13  Silver Short Squeeze  Adam Hamilton  Gold–Eagle
08/11/13  Gold And Silver – Only Votes Cast In Elections Count, Same For Markets  Michael Noonan  Safe Haven
08/10/13  Silver Prices – It’s All About the Concentration  Dr Jeff Lewis  Before Its News
08/10/13  Futures Markets Signal Gold Price Ready To Erupt  Dickson Buchanan  GoldSeek
08/10/13  Indian Gold to Silver Investment Demand  Dr Jeff Lewis  GoldSeek
08/09/13  Three Forces That Will Send Gold Price Soaring  Sean Brodrick  Investment U
08/09/13  COMEX Deliverable (Registered) Gold Declines By Almost 60,000 Ounces  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
08/08/13  The Silver Noise is Deafening!  GE Christenson  Deviant Investor
08/07/13  Silver Fundamentals Are Strongest Ever  Taki T  GoldSilverWorlds
08/07/13  What’s In The Fed’s Gold Vaults?  John Browne  GoldSeek
08/06/13  Poor Economy Equals Low Gold Price?  Jeff Clark  GoldSeek
08/05/13  COMEX Registered Gold Inventory Continues To Drift Lower  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
08/04/13  The Uneconomic Return of Scrap Precious Metals and Hyperinflation  Dr Jeff Lewis  GoldSeek
08/03/13  A Forensic Investigation of Gold Market  Jesse  The Market Oracle
08/02/13  Untangling Gold at the Bank of England  Alasdair Macleod  Gold Money
08/02/13  London Metals–Fraud Revealed  Jeff Nielson  Market Daily News
08/02/13  Goldman Sachs’ "Warehouse Shuffle" Just Cost You $5 Billion  David Zeiler  Money Morning
08/01/13  Gold, Silver, And The Sins Of The Past  Gary Christenson  GoldSilverWorlds
08/01/13  Don’t Get Left Out Of The Gold  Roxanne Lewis  Gold–Eagle
08/01/13  The Dow and Gold Silver Ratio Signals Coming Silver Rally  Hubert Moolman  Safe Haven
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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08/31/13  Syria, Pipeline Politics, OPEC & the US Dollar  Jim Willie CB  GoldSeek
08/30/13  Stay Away From Bankers – They’re Your Deadly Enemies  Richard Daughty  The Market Oracle
08/29/13  The Biggest Race to Print Paper Money in History?  Michael Lombardi  Profit Confidential
08/28/13  Bond Markets No Safe Haven from Stock Market Risk  EWI  Safe Haven
08/27/13  Shadow Banking, and Why it Should Still Freak You Out!  S. Claessens, L. Ratnovski  Vox
08/26/13  The Coming Stock Market Crash  Sam Chee Kong  The Market Oracle
08/25/13  Your Money Is Not Safe In The Big Banks  Rudy Avizius  Op Ed News
08/24/13  Gold Acts As A Safe Haven Against USD And GBP  GoldCore  Zero Hedge
08/23/13  When Exchanges Crash Do They Dream of Electronic Sheep  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
08/23/13  Confusion, Financial Reality Hidden By Commonly Used Theory and Jargon  Dan Amerman  The Market Oracle
08/22/13  BRICS Currency Crisis Is Looming  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
08/21/13  QE Party is Ending, Rising Interest Rates Means the Fed Could Go Bankrupt  Graham Summers  The Market Oracle
08/20/13  The Fed Can’t Afford to Taper QE  John Handbury  The Market Oracle
08/19/13  Why the Dow Fell 225 Points  Diane Alter  Daily Finance
08/18/13  The Fed ‘Put’  Barry Ferguson  Financial Sense
08/17/13  The Only Market Crash Talk Worth Trading  Keith Fitz–Gerald  Money Morning
08/16/13  The Incredible Shrinking COMEX Gold Warehouse Inventories  JS Kim  Gold–Eagle
08/15/13  Rampant Stock Market Manipulation  Philip R. Davis  The Market Oracle
08/14/13  This is So Depressing  Fred Sheehan  Safe Haven
08/13/13  Bank of America and JPMorgan – How Illegal Activity Pays  Greg Madison  Money Morning
08/13/13  Important Stock Market Warning Signs  George Leong  The Market Oracle
08/12/13  The Next Crisis has Begun, Currency Markets  Toby Connor  Goldscents
08/12/13  The Detroit Bail–In Template for Fleecing Pensioners to Save the Banks  Ellen Brown  The Market Oracle
08/11/13  U.S. Dollar – Time to Worry?  Selfie  Ashraf Laidi
08/11/13  A Monetary Master Explains Inflation  Terry Coxon  Casey Research
08/10/13  2 Ex–JPMorgan Employees To Be Arrested  Ben Protess Etal  NY Times
08/10/13  Reflections on ‘Paper Reserves’ of Central Banks  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
08/09/13  U.S. Steps Up JPMorgan Probe Over Bear Stearns Mortgages  E. Flitter, etal  The Huffington Post
08/08/13  The Disturbing Evolution of Central Banking  Michael Ashton  Safe Haven
08/08/13  America’s Biggest Bank Being Investigated By DOJ  Shahien Nasiripour  The Huffington Post
08/08/13  The Next Crisis Has Begun: in the Currency Markets  Toby Connor  Goldscents
08/07/13  What’s Next for the U.S. Dollar and Currencies?  Axel Merk  GoldSeek
08/06/13  Be Very Afraid Of The Stock Market, Amongst Other Things.  Michael Noonan  Safe Haven
08/06/13  Stock Market Decline May Come With Warning  Anthony Cherniawski  Alternative News Alert
08/05/13  A History of the Gold Standard  Tony Daltorio  Money Morning
08/04/13  Why QE Money Printing Hasn’t Stimulated the U.S. Economy  Clif Droke  Financial Sense
08/03/13  Detroit Bankruptcy Could Shake Muni Bonds to the Core  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
08/02/13  What to Expect When the Reign of the U.S. Dollar Comes to an End  Martin Hutchinson  Money Morning
08/01/13  China Trigger for Key American Stock Market Indices Collapse?  Michael Lombardi  Profit Confidential
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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08/31/13  Was Second Quarter The Peak For U.S. Economic Recovery?  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
08/30/13  Midwest Hot, Dry Spell Brings Back Drought Worries  David Pitt  ABC News
08/29/13  The Global QE Exit Crisis, Guidance Schmidance  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
08/28/13  Global Economy Suffers From Hypothermia  Raul I Meijer  The Automatic Earth
08/27/13  Debt, Inflation and Economy – Trying To Stay Sane In An Insane World  James Quinn  The Market Oracle
08/26/13  The Truth about the Real Size of the US National Debt  Staff  Pravda
08/25/13  Financial and Economic Meltdown Coming?!  DeepCaster LLC  The Market Oracle
08/24/13  This is What the Fed’s QE Has Done for Our Economy  Tara Clarke  Money Morning
08/23/13  Economic Napalm – Stock Market and Economic Crash to Begin Now!  Ty Andros  The Market Oracle
08/23/13  Market Bubbles and Economic Busts  Charles Goyette  The Market Oracle
08/22/13  What Has QE Actually Accomplished?  John Mauldin  Mauldin Economics
08/21/13  Still Making Stuff  Thomas J Smith  Financial Sense
08/20/13  Total Public Debt Now Eclipses GDP In The US  Hard Assets Alliance  GoldSilverWorlds
08/19/13  Introducing ‘Government Finance Quasi–Capitalism’  Doug Noland  Safe Haven
08/18/13  Get Ready: The Great Transfer of Wealth Is Coming  Steve St. Angelo  Financial Sense
08/17/13  Consumer Sentiment Drops  Tim Iacono  Financial Sense
08/16/13  Real Time Recession Indicator: 8.14.13  Guy Lerner  Safe Haven
08/15/13  U.S. Debt Nears a Tipping Point, Dire Economic Consequences  Garrett Baldwin  Money Morning
08/14/13  This is So Depressing  Fred Sheehan  Safe Haven
08/13/13  The Best Way to Ignite the U.S. Economy  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
08/13/13  Obamacare, Stimulus, and Other Economic Disasters  David Gordon
08/12/13  The Cult Of Economic Propaganda  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
08/11/13  The Half Full U.S. Economy  Peter Schiff  Real Clear Markets
08/10/13  It’s All About the Debt  David Chapman  Safe Haven
08/10/13  The Federal Reserve Relies on a Flawed Economic ModelLacy H. Hunt  Zero Hedge
08/09/13  The Part Time–ification of America: How We’ve Been Conned Again  Keith Fitz–Gerald  The Market Oracle
08/08/13  The Federal Reserve Relies on a Flawed Economic Model  Dr Lacy Hunt  Safe Haven
08/07/13  Debt, Income and Economy – Trying To Stay Sane In An Insane World  James Quinn  The Market Oracle
08/06/13  Why Is Nominal GDP in a Recession?  Graham Summers  The Market Oracle
08/05/13  There Are Big Problems on the U.S. Jobs Front  Diane Alter  Money Morning
08/04/13  Ruinous Inflation Proposals Mean America Will Be Zimbabwe 2  Michael S Rozeff  The Market Oracle
08/04/13  U.S. Economic Review – Inflation, GDP and Long-term Interest Rates  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
08/03/13  How We Can Fix State Education and the U.S. Economy  David Zeiler  Money Morning
08/02/13  Detroit Broke City  Peter Schiff  Safe Haven
08/01/13  Economic Future – The Blip!  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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08/31/13  The Shadowy Web of Collateral and War  Dr Jeff Lewis  GoldSeek
08/30/13  Syria and the U.S., UK and Israel Grand Plan  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
08/30/13  Warlordism In The M.E.N.A. – The Slide Towards World War III  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
08/29/13  The Secret US Geo–Economic Strategy  Gordon Long  Safe Haven
08/28/13  ‘I Have a Drone’ M.E.N.A., Obama And The Warlords Romp And Jostle  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
08/27/13  Bankrupting France, On the Edge of Euro–zone Periphery  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
08/26/13  Private Property Is the Essence of Liberty  Ron Paul  Liberty Garden
08/25/13  China & India’s Gold vs. Silver Imports Diverge as Analysts Warn on QE Taper  Adrian Ash  GoldSeek
08/24/13  How the Fed QE Taper Will Affect Foreign Markets  Garrett Baldwin  Money Morning
08/23/13  Obama Destroys the Middle–Class  Mike Whitney  Counterpunch
08/23/13  China’s Unprecedented Demographic Time Bomb Problem Takes Shape  STRATFOR  The Market Oracle
08/22/13  France Promises Socialist Delusion  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
08/21/13  China’s 7 Perils Are All Western  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
08/20/13  Why We All Lose if the Fed Wins  Chris Martenson  Safe Haven
08/19/13  China Probe is Latest Legal Headache for JPMorgan  David Henry  Reuters
08/18/13  Russian Economy to Fall into Abyss?  Pravda  The Market Oracle
08/17/13  China Releases ‘Willfully Fraudulent’ Inflation and GDP Data  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
08/16/13  America is Detroit  Robert Kiyosaki  The Market Oracle
08/15/13  Is the U.S Losing the War of Terror?  Michael S Rozeff  The Market Oracle
08/14/13  Abenomics And The Fukushima Syndrome  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
08/13/13  Japan’s Econcomy Stalling, Global Panic At Any Moment?  Michael Snyder  Economic Collapse Blog
08/13/13  Japan – Is Abenomics Running Out of Steam?  Bill Witherell  Financial Sense
08/12/13  The Cycles of Empires  Alex Stanczyk  Financial Sense
08/11/13  The Euro–Zone Crisis Will Be Back Very Shortly  Graham Summers  The Market Oracle
08/10/13  Washington Thinks American’s Are Stupid Sheeple  Paul Craig Roberts
08/09/13  Wealth Redistribution Is The Result Of How Money Is Created  Taki T  GoldSilverWorlds
08/08/13  How Martial Law In America Will Affect You  Wendy McElroy  Safe Haven
08/07/13  We Are Closer To Communism Than One Might Think  Staff  GoldSilverWorlds
08/06/13  Official: Fukushima Leak Is An ‘Emergency’  Reuters  The Huffington Post
08/05/13  Detroit Bankruptcy and the Drive Toward Dictatorship  Barry Grey  The Market Oracle
08/04/13  How We Can Fix State Education and the U.S. Economy  David Zeiler  Money Morning
08/03/13  How the U.S. Empire Actually Functions  Paul Craig Roberts
08/02/13  Socialism – Appeasing Envy  Henry Hazlitt  The Market Oracle
08/01/13  Asia is in Collapse. The Next Fed Chairman Doesn’t Matter.  Graham Summers  Zero Hedge
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