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Gold and Silver News
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02/29/12  Silver Hits 5–Month High with Gold "In Consolidation Period"  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
02/29/12  Gold and Silver Market Update  Peter Degraaf  The Market Oracle
02/28/12  Investing in Palladium: Palladium Demand Up 40% in Two Years  Luke Burgess  ETF Daily
02/27/12  By Gold  Jeff Clark  The Daily Reckoning
02/27/12  The Greatest Episodes of Market Manipulation...Is Silver Next?  Don Miller  ETF Daily News
02/26/12  Silver & Gold Looking at Gains on Week Despite Dull Markets  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
02/25/12  Silver Price Could Challenge $50  Hubert Moolman  The Market Oracle
02/24/12  If Gold Could Talk  Jeff Clark  The Market Oracle
02/17/12  Gold Fire Sale, Buy Now Sale Ends Soon  Darryl R Schoon  The Market Oracle
02/17/12  Gold, Silver Heading Up  Gold Report  The Market Oracle
02/16/12  Gold’s Demise!  Giuseppe L. Borrelli  The Market Oracle
02/16/12  Gold Retirement Inflation  William Bancroft  The Market Oracle
02/15/12  Why I’m Taking Gold Double–Eagles on My Next Trip to Utah  Martin Hutchinson  Money Morning
02/14/12  Gold is the Answer to Currency Wars  Eric McWhinnie  The Market Oracle
02/13/12  Is Silver Outperforming The Gold Fractal?  Hubert Moolman  The Market Oracle
02/13/12  Silver: The Shiny Bastard  Vronsky  Financial Sense
02/12/12  The Gospel of Gold According to Peter  The Gold Report  The Market Oracle
02/11/12  Gold in a Finacial Crisis  Mark Motive  Safe Haven
02/10/12  Gold Will Advance to $2,500 If Euro Zone Breaks Up  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
02/09/12  Doomsday Special: 7 Hard Asset Investments You Can Hold In Your Hand  Stoyan Bojinov  ETF Daily News
02/08/12  Gold and Silver Remain Strong as Greece Debt Nears Deadline  Eric McWhinnie  IB Times
02/08/12  Abandoning the U.S. Dollar for Gold  Jan Skoyles  The Market Oracle
02/08/12  Abandoning the Gold Standard Was a Seminal Moment  Edmund Conway  The Telegraph
02/07/12  This Precious Metal Could Rise 125% Over the Next 10 Months  DailyWealth  The Market Oracle
02/07/12  Common Misconceptions About Gold  Steve Saville  Safe Haven
02/06/12  Buying Gold in Uncertain Times  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/06/12  Silver Bullet for Cancer  Anthony Bond  The Daily Mail
02/06/12  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
02/05/12  U.S. Mint Gold Coin Sales Return to Fundamental Driven Demand  Video  The Market Oracle
02/04/12  Gold Bull Market Bigger than Ever  Jan Skoyles  The Market Oracle
02/02/12  Gold Surges 13.9% in January  Pete Grant  GoldSeek
02/02/12  Failure to Rig Gold Market During Dollar Devolution...  Rob Kirby  The Market Oracle
02/01/12  Gold Set for Biggest Monthly Gain of 21st Century  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
02/01/12  Silver Demand Is "Diminishing A Supply Surplus"  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
02/01/12  Europe Tiring Of Austerity Is Good For Gold In Both Euro and Dollar Terms  DoctoRx  ETF Daily News
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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02/29/12  George Osborne: The UK Has Run Out of Money  Rowena Mason  The Telegraph
02/28/12  To QE or Not to QE That is The Question  Jeb Handwerger  Safe Haven
02/27/12  Financial Markets 2012: Bombs... er Government Bonds, Fiat Currencies and Gold  Ty Andros  The Market Oracle
02/27/12  Herding Greek Cats from Bondage  Jim Willie CB  Gold-Eagle
02/26/12  Fed Conflates Inflation with Growth  Michael Pento  The Market Oracle
02/25/12  Don’t Buy Government Bonds  Bloomberg  The Market Oracle
02/24/12  Herding Greek Cats From Bondage, Gold and Silver Battleground  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
02/17/12  The Money Masters Are Living in Fear  Rudy Avizius  The Market Oracle
02/17/12  Will Gold Cleanse The World From Dirty Fiat Currencies?  Eric McWhinnie  The Market Oracle
02/16/12  The Federal Reserve’s Explicit Goal: Devalue The Dollar 33%  Charles Kadlec  The Daily Reckoning
02/16/12  Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar System  Jerry Robinson  Financial Sense
02/15/12  Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve  Video
02/15/12  On Banknotes  Bruce Krasting  BruceKrasting.blogspot
02/15/12  JPMorgan Chase Accepts Gold as Collateral on Loans  Dan Weil  Moneynews
02/14/12  The True Value of Money...[RATED ‘R’]  Charlie Brooker  The Guardian
02/13/12  Deficit Spending, Monetary Pumping and the Business Cycle  Pater Tenebrarum  Financial Sense
02/13/12  Stock Market Uptrend Nearing a Top  Tony Caldaro  The Market Oracle
02/12/12  Paper Currency in a Bitcoin World  David Zweig  Financial Sense
02/11/12  Will Currency Devaluation Fix the Eurozone?  Frank Shostak  The Market Oracle
02/10/12  Ten Things That Every American Should Know About The Fed  Michael Snyder  ETF Daily News
02/10/12  Money Market Funds Are in the Fight of Their Lives  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
02/09/12  The Deception of 0% Interest Rates, High Costs and Capital Destruction  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
02/09/12  Why Our Currency Will Fail  Chris Martenson
02/08/12  The Fed Resumes Printing Money to Monetize U.S. Government Debt  Casey Research  The Market Oracle
02/08/12  The Fed’s Explicit Goal: Devalue The Dollar 33%  Charles Kadlec  Forbes
02/07/12  Double Liability for Bank Shareholders, Officers and Directors  Chris Kitze  The Market Oracle
02/07/12  How to Prolong an Inevitable Market Correction  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/06/12  Euro/Usd Meets Key Resistance  Angelo Airaghi  Safe Haven
02/06/12  The Euro Zone and the Crisis of Sovereign Debt  Bob Chapman  Prison Planet
02/05/12  States Seek Currencies Made of Silver and Gold  Blake Ellis  CNN Money
02/04/12  "Robo–Signing" of Foreclosure Affidavits Just Tip of Iceberg  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
02/03/12  Iran’s Currency War Heats Up, And The People Rush to Metals  Jeffrey Lewis  IB Times
02/02/12  Fiat Money – The Confidence Trickster  Jan Skoyles  The Market Oracle
02/02/12  Official Currency Counterfeiters Run the World  Gary North  The Market Oracle
02/01/12  How U.S. Dollar Value Fit Into the Economy Big Picture?  EWI  The Market Oracle
02/01/12  The Impending Undeclared Default Of 5 Major US Banks  Jim Sinclair  JS Mineset
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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02/29/12  U.S. Economy Squeezed As Debt Accelerates  Dr Ron Paul  The Market Oracle
02/28/12  U.S. Economy Extend and Pretend is Coming To An End  James Quinn  The Market Oracle
02/27/12  How Austerity Hinders an Economic Recovery  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/26/12  Can the U.S. Economy Sidestep Europe’s Recession?  Sy Harding  The Market Oracle
02/25/12  Fatally Flawed Approaches to the U.S. Budget Deficit and Taxes...  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
02/24/12  18 Ways Government Wastes Your Money  David Zeiler  The Market Oracle
02/17/12  Lighting the Fuse  Dock Treece  Financial Sense
02/17/12  Where to Wait Out the Great Correction  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/16/12  MFGlobal Reveals You Have Bank Risk...  Barry Ritholtz
02/16/12  How Much Gold Does It Cost to Buy a Home In Britain?  Dominic Frisby  Financial Sense
02/15/12  Federal Government Spending, Hey, Big Spender?  Paul L Kasriel  The Market Oracle
02/14/12  AMERICA’S SOCIAL CRISIS  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
02/13/12  China, Economy, Inflation, Investing and on Buying U.S. Debt  Bloomberg  The Market Oracle
02/13/12  Of Jobs, Debts and Budgets  Richard Mills  Financial Sense
02/12/12  Widening U.S. Trade Gap Reflects Relative Economic Strength  Asha Bangalore  The Market Oracle
02/11/12  Get Ready for $5 Gas This Year: Ex–Shell CEO  Margo D. Beller  CNBC
02/10/12  What If Iran Closed The Straits Of Hormuz?  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
02/09/12  Iran Crisis Sets Stage for Crude Oil $200  Dr. Kent Moors  Money Morning
02/08/12  US Debt Will Explode Without Changes  Editor  Wall Street Pit
02/08/12  Illusion Of Economic Recovery – Feelings & Facts  James Quinn  The Burning Platform
02/07/12  US Unemployment Hits 22.5% in Alternate Estimate  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
02/07/12  What the Biggest Threat To The 2012 Economy Is?  Reggie Middleton  Safe Haven
02/06/12  U.S. Economy Is Flatlining  Jesse  The Market Oracle
02/06/12  U.S. Employment Report Masks Depth of U.S. Jobs Crisis  Barry Grey  The Market Oracle
02/05/12  Bernanke: Economy Cannot Grow Its Way Out of Fiscal Problems  Video  CNBC
02/04/12  What Every U.S. Investor Should Know About Inflation  Tony Caldaro  The Market Oracle
02/03/12  Real U.S. Economic Picture: "There is No Recovery"  Paul Craig Roberts  Global Research
02/02/12  Decline of U.S. Economy is the Logical Outcome of Keynesian Economics  Ron Hera  Libertys Flame
02/02/12  Creating More Debt to Solve the Crisis  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/01/12  Solution to America’s Economic Gridlock Crisis  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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02/29/12  A Primer on the Euro Breakup  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
02/28/12  Inverted Totalitarianism and the Corporate State  Sartre  The Activist Post
02/27/12  Our Depraved Future of Debt Slavery (Part II)  Ashvin Pandurangi  The Market Oracle
02/26/12  Greece Makes Pact With the Devil Over Gold  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
02/25/12  How Greece Could Take Down Wall Street  Ellen Brown  The Market Oracle
02/24/12  Greece Makes Pact With the Devil Over Gold  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
02/17/12  Pistol Packing Granny  TommyD
02/17/12  U.S. Secret Armies Gear Up for Global War  Global Research  The Market Oracle
02/16/12  Bad Week for Freedom  James Quinn  Financial Sense
02/16/12  Iran Warns 6 Countries in Europe It Will Cut Off Oil  R. Gladstone and A. Cowell  The NY Times
02/15/12  We’ve Been Neo–Conned!  Dr Ron Paul  The Market Oracle
02/14/12  On Obamacare Overreach  Dr Ron Paul  The Market Oracle
02/13/12  Will the U.S, NATO Attack Iran?  Paul Craig Roberts  The Market Oracle
02/13/12  Student Loan ‘Debt Time Bomb’  Janet Lorin  Businessweek
02/12/12  Sovereign Bond Risk Soars as Greece Plan Rebuffed, Aid Withheld  Abigail Moses  Bloomberg
02/11/12  We Are Getting Dangerously Close to a Major War  LewRockwell  The Market Oracle
02/10/12  12 Reasons To Hate The Settlement  Yves Smith  The Huffington Post
02/10/12  Self-Interest and the Pathology of Power  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
02/09/12  China Buys Up Saudi, Russian Oil to Squeeze Iran  Reuters  CNBC
02/08/12  U.S. War With Iran?  Danny Schechter  The Market Oracle
02/08/12  "Day One – The War With Iran"  by Douglas Herman
02/08/12  China to Bail Out Europe? Quite The Opposite...  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
02/07/12  Are Federal Reserve Presidents Gaming the System?  David Zeiler  Money Morning
02/06/12  U.S. Home Foreclosures and Shadow Banking  Ellen Brown  The Market Oracle
02/05/12  RON PAUL – Forget Fiat Currency GOLD is REAL Money!  Video  You-Tube
02/04/12  SOPA, PIPA, The State of US Surveillance  Doug Horning  Safe Haven
02/03/12  IRS: Offshore Banks Will Need to Disclose Precious Metals  Mark Nestmann  Financial Sense
02/02/12  Greece Prime Minister Calls "Crisis Meeting" Attacks E.U.  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
02/02/12  The Petrodollar Explained  Xtranormal  Youtube
02/02/12  Corruption in Fascist Business Model  Jim Willie  Financial Sense
02/01/12  To Fix U.S. Economy, Stop Government Meddling!  David Galland  The Market Oracle
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