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Gold and Silver News
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12/31/12  Government Reckless Spending and Soaring Debts Should Boost Gold and Silver 2013  Jeb Handwerger  Kitco
12/30/12  Gold and The Fiscal Cliff  Clif Droke  GoldSeek
12/29/12  Gold & Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Gold–Eagle
12/28/12  A Gold and Silver Paper Default in the Wake of an EU Collapse  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
12/27/12  Silver is a Low Risk Buy Now!  Bob Clark  The Market Oracle
12/26/12  Secret Service Bans Some Gold and Silver Coins on eBay  Jon Matonis  Financial Sense
12/25/12  Gold Regains Some Ground  Ben Traynor  FX Street
12/25/12  Silver Recent Price Drop is Just a Storm in a Teacup  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
12/24/12  2013 Gold Price Forecast  Peter Krauth  Money Morning
12/23/12  What Can 1 Ounce Of Gold Buy?  Editorial  Commodity HQ
12/22/12  QE3 Silver Impact  Adam Hamilton  Silverseek
12/21/12  Silver Price Forecast To Gain 29% in 2013  GoldCore  Seeking Alpha
12/20/12  Why Gold Price MUST Go Higher 2013  Adrian Ash  ETF Daily News
12/19/12  Gold Price Compression, Risk vs Reward  Robert M. Williams  Brother John F
12/18/12  Gold And Silver – Footprints Are One Thing, Bootprints Are Another  Michael Noonan  The Market Oracle
12/17/12  SILVER Window of Opportunity @ $29.68 – $26.23 by Jan 18 2013?  Joseph Russo  Howe Street
12/16/12  Short–Free Price For Silver is $101.35  Afcarl  The Market Oracle
12/15/12  Silver’s Strong Upleg  Adam Hamilton  GoldSilverWorlds
12/14/12  Gold – A Look Back, And A Look Forward  Peter Degraaf  Safe Haven
12/13/12  What Happens to Gold If the U.S. Dollar Does Not Collapse?  P Radomski  GoldSeek
12/13/12  Fed Continues Monthly $85 Billion Bond Buying – Gold Price Volatile  Editorial  GoldSilverWorlds
12/12/12  Why Silver May Soon Be Heading for $40  George Leong  Investment Contrarians
12/11/12  Renewed Interest In Gold As A Financial Asset  Valentin Petkantchin  GoldSeek
12/10/12  Own Physical Gold Now – While You Still Can!  Chris Sanders  GoldSeek
12/10/12  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
12/09/12  Platinum Coins Debt Ceiling Solution Again Gaining Momentum  Harry Bradford  The Huffington Post
12/08/12  Silver Investment Opportunity Time is Slipping Away  Dr Jeff Lewis  SilverSeek
12/07/12  Pent–Up Potential for Gold and Silver in 2013  Brian Sylvester  The Gold Report
12/07/12  Gold Set to Return to Run of Records in 2013  GoldCore  Zero Hedge
12/06/12  Why Gold Will Be the Super Commodity  InvestmentContrarian  Investment Contrarian
12/05/12  Gold and Silver  Florian Grummes  Safe Haven
12/04/12  More Signs of Silver Shortage  Editorial  GoldSilverWorlds
12/03/12  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
12/03/12  The Coming Silver Price Eruption  Alasdair Macleod  Goldmoney
12/02/12  Gold And Silver Power Bars  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
12/02/12  A Planned Crisis? Hold More Gold!  Deviant Investor  GoldSilverWorlds
12/01/12  Gold and Silver Are A Profitable Approach to the Coming Crises  DeepCaster LLC  24 Hour Gold
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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12/31/12  Stock Market Fiscal Cliff Meltdown Countdown  Philip R. Davis  The Market Oracle
12/30/12  What Happens When the Bond Markets Turn Against the US?  Graham Summers  Brother John F
12/29/12  Don’t Expect the News to Tell You Where EUR/USD Is Going Next  EWI  Safe Haven
12/28/12  The Coming Isolation Of The US Dollar  Jim Willie CB  Slverdoctors
12/27/12  Stock Market All the "greater fools" are in. No one left to Buy  Anthony Cherniawski  The Market Oracle
12/26/12  Ben Bernanke’s Ghost of QE Past, Present, and Future  DeviantInvestor  GoldSilverWorlds
12/25/12  2012 Calm Before Stock Market Storm 2013  Gordon T Long  GoldSeek
12/24/12  Watching Your Money Disappear  Detlev S Schlichter  Financial Sense
12/23/12  Why Reported Inflation Seems Different Than Reality  Lance Roberts  Financial Sense
12/22/12  Silver Prices and the Return of the Yen Carry Trade  Dr Jeff Lewis  Before Its News
12/21/12  Japan Big Bank QE, Weakening Yen to Inflate Economy and Stocks  Gary Dorsch  Before Its News
12/20/12  Global Economy Drowning in Printed Money  Darryl R Schoon  Brother John F
12/19/12  Hidden U.S. Treasury Bond Market Risks?  Axel Merk  The Market Oracle
12/18/12  Currency Cartel: Counterfeiting "Risk Free"  Gordon T Long  Financial Sense
12/17/12  QE4, The Fed’s Fantastic Failure  Clif Droke  GoldSeek
12/16/12  QE 4: Folks, This Ain’t Normal  Chris Martenson PhD  Financial Sense
12/15/12  Inflation Targeting is Dead, Long Live Inflation!  Adrian Ash  GoldSeek
12/14/12  QE3 Decision: Fed Vows To Buy Bonds Until Economy Recovers  Abram Brown  Forbes
12/13/12  Obama may put Gold Sanctions on Iran As Currency Wars Escalate  Mark O’Byrne  IB Times
12/12/12  Global Employment Condition Gives Central Banks More Ammo  Roger Baettig  IB Times
12/11/12  Why Gold is Money  Ben Mountifield  247 Bull
12/10/12  Dollar Cliff?  Axel G Merk  Financial Sense
12/10/12  Stock Market PANIC Coming!  Darah Bazargan  Safe Haven
12/09/12  Gold, True Safe Havens Needed as Fed Monetizes Uncle Sam  Eric McWhinnie  The Market Oracle
12/08/12  Research Shows ALL Paper Money Systems Failed  David Morgan  GoldSilverWorlds
12/07/12  Discuss:Global Danger of Derivatives Marke  Video  Financial Sense
12/06/12  The Coming Derivatives Panic That Will Destroy Global Financial Markets  John Rolls  Infowars
12/05/12  What Happens to Gold If the U.S. Dollar Collapses?  P Radomski  ETF Daily News
12/04/12  Is the Yen Doomed?  Axel Merk  321 Gold
12/03/12  Euro-US Dollar (EUR/USD) Analysis  ForexAbode  IB Times
12/02/12  Is European Money Growth Helping Stoke U.S. Inflation?  Michael Ashton  Safe Haven
12/01/12  Silver Outperforming Gold May Signal Inflationary Rally  Jeb Handwerger  Safe Haven
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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12/31/12  Why Inflation is the Economy’s Hidden Iceberg in 2013  Martin Hutchinson  Money Morning
12/30/12  75 Facts Revealed – How Is America Really Doing?  The ECB  GoldSilverWorlds
12/29/12  2012 – Year Of Living Dangerously In Review  James Quinn  The Burning Platform
12/28/12  Weakest Holiday Retail Sales Growth Since 2008 Means Time to Short Retailers  Keith Fitz–Gerald  Money Morning
12/27/12  Politicians Will Not Sandbag a Very Promising Recovery  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
12/26/12  Global Recovery Overshadowed by Washington  Chris Puplava  Financial Sense
12/25/12  Why Bernanke’s Terrified of 2013  Graham Summers  Newsdoors
12/24/12  U.S. Miles Driven Economic Indicator Hits Another Post–Crisis Low  Doug Short  Business Insider
12/23/12  Republican Sellout Invites Stagflation  John Browne  Business Insider
12/22/12  The Entitlement Cliff  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/21/12  The Irreversible Plight of the Aging Welfare State  Eric Fry  The Daily Reckoning
12/20/12  Economic Signs That Deflation is Far From Over  EWI  The Market Oracle
12/19/12  Why the Federal Reserve Is So Dangerous  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
12/18/12  Sorting Out the Decade  John Mauldin  Financial Sense
12/17/12  Sorting Out a Decade of Debt, Investment Conclusions  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
12/16/12  What Inflation Means For You: Inside the Consumer Price Index CPI  Doug Short  Advisor Perspectives
12/15/12  The Truth About The Federal Reserve’s Socialist Agenda  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
12/14/12  U.S. Economy, We Can Ignore Reality!  DeviantInvestor  GoldSeek
12/13/12  Why the Ballooning Student Debt Should Be on Your Radar  John Whitefoot  Investment Contrarians
12/12/12  Global Economic Growth Estimates Slashed for 2013  Sasha Cekerevac  Investment Contrarians
12/11/12  Systemic Risk from Global Financial Derivatives  Sheri M. Markose
12/10/12  A Three Ring Circus  Andy Sutton  Gold–Eagle
12/10/12  U.S. Looming Pensions Crisis: State Budgets Soon to Be Under Siege  John Mauldin  Ritholtz
12/09/12  Why the 98% Matter to the U.S. Economy  George Leong  Investment Contrarians
12/08/12  US Debt Crisis, Interest Rates and GDP  Zeal LLC  The Market Oracle
12/07/12  U.S. Household Net Worth: The "Real" Story  Doug Short  Seeking Alpha
12/06/12  Finger Prints of Recession 2013, Recipe for Economic Disaster  Ty Andros  The Market Oracle
12/05/12  Will the U.S. Economy Follow Brazil’s Rapid Drop in GDP Growth?  Sasha Cekerevac  Investment Contrarian
12/04/12  The Myth of Economic Austerity  Philipp Bagus
12/03/12  U.S. Recession 2013 100% Risks Follow On  Doug Short  Philstockworld
12/02/12  The Economic Deception At The Heart Of The Fiscal Cliff  Dan Amerman  Gold–Eagle
12/01/12  Hyperinflation, Who’s Right, ‘MISH’ or Peter Schiff?  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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12/31/12  No More Left–Right Politics  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
12/30/12  Empires of Illusion and the Credibility Trap  Chris Hedges  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
12/29/12  Justice  Editorial  Casey Research
12/28/12  Why TIPS Won’t Protect You from Inflation, and Other Government Lies  Dennis Miller  Before Its News
12/27/12  Monetary Malpractice: Deceptions, Distortions & Delusions  Gordon T Long  GoldSeek
12/26/12  The Fiscal Cliff Is Not the Problem, Looking on the Bright Side  John Mauldin  Business Insider
12/25/12  Why Government Security is Just Another Kind of Violence  Dr Ron Paul  Safe Haven
12/24/12  Fiscal Cliff Reality  Stephen Lendman  Global Research
12/23/12  Finally, A Few Bankers Face Criminal Prosecutions For Conspiracies  Danny Schechter  The Market Oracle
12/22/12  Is Japan Turning a Corner?  Carl Delfeld  Investment U
12/21/12  Eurozone 2013 Breakup Now Even More Likely  Martin Hutchinson  Money Morning
12/20/12  Apocalypse Now And The Asperger Syndrome  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
12/19/12  Welcome to Canada Inc., A Subsidiary of the American Corporate Empire  Andrew G Marshall  The Market Oracle
12/18/12  Shadow Forces Behind the Government  SARTRE, James Hall  Activist Post
12/17/12  Obama’s Crocodile Tears on Newtown Slayings as Dirty Drone Wars Rage On  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
12/16/12  How the State Will Die  Jeffrey Tucker  The Daily Reckoning
12/15/12  Mayan End of the World 2012 Prediction, Economy and Elite Use of Religion to Control  Nadeem Walayat  Brother John F
12/14/12  Why Iconic Japanese Brand Names Are On My Short Stocks List  Keith Fitz–Gerald  Money Morning
12/13/12  Scandalous Market Regulators Emerge After Every Economic Crisis  Mark Thornton  The Market Oracle
12/12/12  An Ungovernable Democracy  Gordon Long  Safe Haven
12/11/12  A Real Cliff of Incompetence, Excuses  Bill Fleckenstein
12/10/12  US Debt Crisis  Adam Hamilton  Gold–Eagle
12/10/12  How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan’s Attack on Pearl Harbor  Robert Higgs  Before Its News
12/09/12  Do Schools Kill Creativity?  Sir Ken Robinson  The Huffington Post
12/09/12  Society Is Killing Schools’ Ability to Encourage Creativity  Brian Rosenberg  The Huffington Post
12/09/12  The Learning Revolution, Circa 2012  Sam Chaltain  The Huffington Post
12/08/12  U.S. Looming Pensions Crisis: State Budgets Soon to Be Under Siege  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
12/07/12  Looking Past Headlines  Dock Treece  Safe Haven
12/06/12  Is the U.S. Fiscal Cliff the Result of Psychopath Leaders?  Brian Bloom  Before Its News
12/05/12  Phony Global Recovery is an Illusion  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
12/04/12  All I Want For Christmas Is The Truth  James Quinn  Zero Hedge
12/03/12  Popular Culture Promotes the Police State  BATR
12/02/12  America: A Threat to Liberty?  Detlev S Schlichter  Financial Sense
12/01/12  The US Is Now a Police State  Casey Research  Zero Hedge
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