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Gold and Silver News
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08/31/12  Investor Window to Buy Gold Below $1,700 Is Closing  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
08/30/12  Prepare For Gold and Silver Sector Fireworks  Bob Kirtley  Trefis
08/29/12  Why Platinum is a Screaming Buy  Martin Hutchinson  Money Morning
08/28/12  Reasons Why China Wants Its Citizens to Own Gold and Silver  Dr Jeff Lewis  GoldSeek
08/27/12  Propaganda, Politics, and the Gold Standard  Andy Sutton  GoldSeek
08/26/12  Silver Uptrend Pending Break of Major Downtrendline  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
08/25/12  Gold Needs to Consolidate Before Commencing Major Uptrend  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
08/24/12  Gold Gets Stoked  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
08/24/12  Gold and the $600 Billion Question  Clif Droke  Financial Sense
08/23/12  Financial Alchemy and Fraud in Gold  Vin Maru  GoldSeek
08/22/12  Breakout in Precious Metals  Scott Silva  GoldSeek
08/22/12  Silver Hits 2–Month HighBen Traynor  GoldSeek
08/21/12  Great Expectations for Silver in an Inflationary World  Dr Jeff Lewis  Seeking Alpha
08/21/12  Gold’s Little Brother Is Talking  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
08/20/12  Watch Out For A Silver Breakout Higher  Jeb Handwerger  Stockhouse
08/19/12  Are Central Banks Still Hoarding Gold?  Eric McWhinnie  Wall St Cheatsheet
08/18/12  Gold Just Became Money Again, Big Changes Ahead  Doug Horning  Safe Haven
08/17/12  Gold Up–Date  David Levenstein  Gold-Eagle
08/16/12  How to Introduce a Gold Standard  Rafal Rudowski  Financial Sense
08/15/12  Which Way Will the Pendulum Swing for Gold?  Frank Holmes  Gold Is Money 2
08/14/12  Olympic Calm Before Coming Financial Storm  Mark O’Byrne  Seeking Alpha
08/13/12  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
08/12/12  Gold’s ‘Fearless’ Summer Turnaround  Clif Droke  Safe Haven
08/11/12  The Dumb Money Hates Silver, it’s Time to Buy  Peter Krauth  Resource Investor
08/10/12  Get Ready for the Gold Rebound Before It Is Too LateBrian Sylvester  GoldSeek
08/09/12  Gold Seeks Foothold Above $1600  Ben Traynor  FX Street
08/08/12  GOLD Close to Confirming Breakout to All–time Highs  DavidBanister  The Market Oracle
08/07/12  Gold "Popular Again" Despite Worries Over Indian Monsoon  Ben Traynor  GoldSeek
08/04/12  Gold and Silver Regaining Footing  Jeb Handwerger  ETF Daily News
08/03/12  Buying The Summer Lows While Gold Bottoms  Vin Maru  Safe Haven
08/02/12  Breakout In Gold?  Scott Silva  Gold-Eagle
08/01/12  Silver Price Slammed Lower  Jesse  Jesses Crossroadsc Cafe
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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08/31/12  Fed’s QE Policy is on the Chopping Block  Gary Dorsch  GoldSeek
08/30/12  Euro Neck and Neck with Almighty Dollar, Render Unto Caesar Part II  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
08/29/12  Firestorms & Currency Twisters  Jim Willie  Financial Sense
08/28/12  Fed Easing Discussion  Ben Traynor  GoldSeek
08/27/12  What the FED Should Do Now  Michael S. Rozeff  GoldSeek
08/26/12  The US Dollar, the World’s Controller  Pravda  The Market Oracle
08/25/12  EUR/USD is at a Technical Juncture  Angelo Airaghi  Safe Haven
08/24/12  The Fantasy of Debt: No Trade–Offs, No Sacrifices  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
08/24/12  The Federal Reserve and Quantitative Easing!  Ian Campbell  Safe Haven
08/23/12  What Happened To The Debt?  Raul I Meijer  Business Insider
08/22/12  The Dollar Waves Good–Bye  Morris Hubbartt  Gold-Eagle
08/22/12  Crunch Time for Central Banks  Michael Pento  24H Gold
08/21/12  The Fate of the Euro  JR Nyquist  Financial Sense
08/21/12  Export led World Economic Collapse UNDERWAY  Ty Andros  The Market Oracle
08/20/12  Trade of the Year – Gold Versus Paper  Adam Brochert  GoldSeek
08/19/12  Market Manipulation, What Do Stocks Get That Credit and Bonds Don’t?  Graham Summers  The Market Oracle
08/18/12  The "Fear" Trade, Gold the Only True Safehaven  Richard Mills  Safe Haven
08/17/12  The Fiat Currency World and Fake Gold Medals  Jeff Berwick  The Market Oracle
08/16/12  Smuggled Cash, Gold & Silver Seizures Soar at Italy’s Borders  DK Matai  The Market Oracle
08/15/12  Stock Market Running On Empty!  Unpunctured Cycle  The Market Oracle
08/14/12  Credit Crunch Fifth Anniversary  Alasdair Macleod  Gold Money
08/13/12  Stock Bear Looming?  Adam Hamilton  Safe Haven
08/12/12  China Ponzi Banks Duping Depositors  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
08/11/12  European Bankers and Top Politicians Fear Collapse of the Euro  DK Matai  The Market Oracle
08/10/12  Ignoring the Effects of 40 Years of Money Printing  Eric Fry  The Daily Reckoning
08/09/12  Billionaire Calls Market "A Ponzi Scheme"  Terry Weiss  Money Morning
08/08/12  Borat Talking About Breaking Up Banks  Bloomberg  The Huffington Post
08/07/12  Why More Money Printing Will Increase Unemployment  Michael Pento  Forbes
08/04/12  Euro Crisis – What Crisis?  Christopher Quigley  The Market Oracle
08/03/12  Central Banks Have Now Been Revealed to be Impotent!  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
08/02/12  Federal Reserve Inching Towards More Quantitative Easing  Ben Traynor  GoldSeek
08/01/12  On the Road to Freedom From Fiat Money Economics  Gary North  The Market Oracle
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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08/31/12  Europe Remains the Wildcard in the Global Economy  Investment Contrarian  The Market Oracle
08/30/12  Reader Questions On Hyperinflation  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
08/29/12  Consumer Confidence Reveals QE, "Wealth Effect" Not Working  Lance Roberts  Financial Sense
08/28/12  The Silent Economic Depression  Gordon T Long  The Market Oracle
08/27/12  America: The Land of Debt  Investment Contrarian  The Market Oracle
08/26/12  The Day of Economic Reckoning Is Near  The Gold Report  Business Insider
08/25/12  Do Whatever it Takes!  Doug Noland  Safe Haven
08/24/12  Professor Bernanke’s Terrifying Blindness on the Great Depression  Michael S Rozeff  The Market Oracle
08/24/12  Is Germany Entering a Recession?  John Mauldin  Financial Sense
08/23/12  The MF Global Magical Mystery Tour  James Hall  Infowars
08/22/12  Low Water – Slow Boats  Bruce Krasting  Financial Sense
08/22/12  Another Big Banking Crisis Is Coming Our Way  A. Arapoglou, and J. Scofield
08/21/12  Does Austrian Economics Predict Inflation or Deflation?  Steve Saville  Safe Haven
08/21/12  The Winding Down of Fannie and Freddie?  Douglas Noland  Financial Sense
08/20/12  Bernanke’s Dual Mandate Trap  EconMatters  Business Insider
08/19/12  Economic Collapse, We Still Don’t Get It  Andy Sutton  The Tree of Liberty
08/18/12  What If the Mighty Mississippi River Dries Up?  Lewrockwell  Safe Haven
08/17/12  Is the World Economy ’A House of Cards’?  Ian Campbell  Safe Haven
08/16/12  What We Can Learn from a Great Economist  David Gordon
08/15/12  Why The Government Is Destroying The U.S. Dollar  Dan Amerman  Financial Sense
08/14/12  Post Olympic Recession Depression  Jan Skoyles  The Market Oracle
08/13/12  U.S. Economy Huge Reality Check Ahead?  Shah Gilani  The Market Oracle
08/12/12  Crackpot Economists Don’t Know How to End the Fed  Gary North  The Market Oracle
08/11/12  How Each Failing Eurozone Economy Affects the Others  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
08/10/12  America’s Greatest Threat  Monty Guild  Financial Sense
08/09/12  Exactly What Can the ECB Do?  Graham Summers  The Market Oracle
08/08/12  The Consequences of Contagion?  Ian Campbell  Safe Haven
08/07/12  The Lingering Locust Clouds Of Zombie Money  Raul I Meijer  Business Insider
08/04/12  Systemic Upheaval, Economic Recovery Vs Propaganda Reality Check  Jim Willie CB  Gold-Eagle
08/03/12  World Economies In Uncharted Financial Territory, Hold Cash and Gold  Bill Bonner  The Market Oracle
08/02/12  Escape From Economics  Paul Craig Roberts  Global Research
08/01/12  Rising U.S. Food Prices are About to Eat Away Your Savings  Ben Gersten  Money Morning
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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08/31/12  GOP Brownshirts Stomp on Ron Paulians  Paul Craig Roberts  Lewrockwell
08/30/12  A Big Bad Brick Wall  Raul I Meijer  The Market Oracle
08/29/12  Destroying Internet Freedom by Taxation  BATR  The Market Oracle
08/28/12  Angela Merkel Just Revealed the Truth About Europe  Graham Summers  NOW Truth
08/27/12  Inventing an Iranian Threat  Stephen Lendman  Global Research
08/26/12  America Goes Fundamentalist  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
08/25/12  America’s Descent Into Poverty  Paul Craig Roberts  Infowars
08/24/12  What Do the Rise and Fall of Empires Suggest?  DK Matai  The Market Oracle
08/24/12  Welcome to Soviet America, Naomi Wolf on the Crackdown of Dissent  Videos
08/23/12  Power Politics vs. American Prosperity  Ian Fletcher  The Peoples
08/22/12  Power Politics vs. American Prosperity  Ian Fletcher  The Huffington Post
08/22/12  America – Governed by Organized Crime!  John Rolls  The Market Oracle
08/21/12  Netanyahu ‘determined to attack Iran’ Before US Elections?  ToI Staff  Times of Israel
08/21/12  The French Fake Global Warming ‘Crisis’  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
08/20/12  Financial Markets, Politics, and the New Reality  STRATFOR  The Market Oracle
08/19/12  Canada’s Housing Market – Boom Or Bust?  Vin Maru  GoldSeek
08/18/12  Republicans Hope, but Don’t Change  Peter Schiff  Safe Haven
08/17/12  Ecuador Tells America’s Poodle to Go to Hell  Stephen Lendman  The Market Oracle
08/16/12  What the Last Roman Emperor Would Tell Obama Today  Keith Fitz–Gerald  Money Morning
08/15/12  Romneys V.P. Nominee Paul Ryan to Make Election a Budget War  David Zeiler  Money Morning
08/14/12  Europe’s Most Dangerous Politicians  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
08/13/12  Obama Administration Drops Criminal Investigation of Goldman Sachs  Barry Grey  Global Research
08/12/12  Bankster Fraud Has Driven 100 Million Into Poverty, Killing Many  Washington’s Blog  Prison Planet
08/11/12  The Decline of Empire: ‘Why America Failed’  Jesse  The Market Oracle
08/10/12  The House has Burnt Down  Hugo Salinas Price  Financial Sense
08/09/12  The Real Story Behind the Knight Capital Trading Fiasco  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
08/08/12  Lawyers and Banks Offer Full Range of Criminal Services to the Elite  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
08/07/12  The U.S. is Moving Towards War in Syria  Dr Ron Paul  The Market Oracle
08/04/12    Stephen Lendman
08/03/12  Euro–zone Quarantining PIIGS Against Catching Spanish Flu  Gary North  The Market Oracle
08/02/12  Unintended Consequences of Well–Intended Policies  Dr. Lacy Hunt  GoldSeek
08/01/12  Blowback from U.S. Role as Global Tax Cop  Mark Nestmann  Financial Sense
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