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12/31/11  Gold Records 11th Annual Gain, Ends 2011 Up 11% as World Stocks Drop 8%  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
12/30/11  Gold Near-Term Forecast 2012  Pete Grant  GoldSeek
12/29/11  London Gold and Silver Prices Catch Up with Indian Slump  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
12/29/11  Precious Metals Update  Chris Mack  Financial Sense
12/28/11  Gold and Silver on the Verge of a Big Move  Chris Vermeulen  Safe Haven
12/27/11  Gold Rally Spied as ECB Member Sees "No Reason" Not to Use Q.E.  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
12/26/11  Why Buy Gold Now, Forecast $4,500  UnpuncturedCycle  The Market Oracle
12/25/11  This Past Week In Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
12/24/11  Gold Tilts Towards a Short-term Move Up  Przemyslaw Radomski  GoldSeek
12/23/11  What Are ECB Actions and Utility Stocks Saying About Gold?  Eric McWhinnie  Wall St Cheatsheet
12/23/11  Plan to Keep Your Assets Safe From an Out-of-control Government  Terry Coxon  GoldSeek
12/22/11  COMEX On The March To Irrelevance  Jim Willie CB  Financial Sense
12/22/11  Gold and Silver on the Verge of a Big Move  Chris Vermeulen  Safe Haven
12/21/11  Gold on the Cusp of $3,000+ Update  GoldRunner  Safe Haven
12/21/11  Gold and the Permanent Global Financial Crisis First 5 Years  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
12/21/11  Robust Demand for Bullion in Europe, Middle East and China Again  GoldCore  GoldCore
12/20/11  Gold Forecasts 2012, Goldman $1,810, Barclays $2,000 & UBS $2,050  GoldCore  Goldcore
12/19/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund
12/19/11  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund
12/18/11  Silver And Survivalism  Ryan Jordan  Gold-Eagle
12/18/11  Gold for What It’s Worth!  UnpuncturedCycle  The Market Oracle
12/18/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
12/17/11  Gold and Silver Bargain Time  Jeb Handwerger  The Market Oracle
12/16/11  $320 Silver is Going to Outperform $5,000 Gold  Editorial
12/16/11  Where Is Silver Price Going?  Hubert Moolman  IB Times
12/16/11  What Gold Supply Crunch?  Louis James  GoldSeek
12/15/11  Gold and Silver $20 Trillion Market Manipulation  Mach M  The Market Oracle
12/15/11  US Real Interest Rates Indicate Gold Undervalued  Sam Kirtley  IB Times
12/14/11  The 10 Biggest Gold-Hoarding Countries In The World  Mamta Badkar  Business Insider
12/14/11  Inflation, Deflation and Gold & Silver  William Bancroft  The Market Oracle
12/14/11  "Gold is money, everything else is credit"  Gijsbert Groenewegen  321 Gold
12/13/11  Gold Model Forecasts $4380 Gold Price  Willem Weytjens  Profitimes
12/13/11  Preparing for Gold 2012  Ned W Schmidt  The Market Oracle
12/13/11  Global Factors Hitting Gold and Silver  Eric McWhinnie  Wall St Cheatsheet
12/12/11  You Can’t Print More Gold, Price Could Reach $10,000  Frank Holmes  The Market Oracle
12/12/11  Gold and Silver Bull Market Pullbacks in Perspective  Jeff Clark  Safe Haven
12/11/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
12/10/11  Gold & Goldies Update  Alan Micik  321 Gold
12/09/11  Buying Silver Is Like Buying Gold At $554 Today  Hubert Moolman  Safe Haven
12/09/11  Buy Silver...Now!  Matt Badiali  The Daily Reckoning
12/09/11  Gold Tsunami on the Cusp of $3,000+?  GoldRunner  Safe Haven
12/08/11  Gold Is Crucial Diversification - Hedge Against Monetary and Systemic Risk  GoldCore  Zero Hedge
12/07/11  Gold For Bonds in Japan as Bond Buyers Get Gold Coins  GoldCore  Zero Hedge
12/07/11  Gold FIX Driving the Price  Julian DW Phillips  IB Times
12/06/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund
12/06/11  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund
12/06/11  Silver Ready For Take-Off?  Willem Weytjens  The Market Oracle
12/05/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
12/05/11  China’s September Gold Purchases Leap Sixfold  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
12/04/11  Another Reason Silver Prices Could Roar Higher  Matt Badiali  Daily Wealth
12/03/11  Gold and Silver Gain After Central Banks Launch Helicopters  Eric McWhinnie  Wall St. Cheatsheet
12/02/11  Is Gold Price Parabolic Blow Off Long Due?  Hubert Moolman  GoldSeek
12/02/11  Get Ready for Another Gold Buying Opportunity  Dominic Frisby  Financial Sense
12/01/11  Gold Jumps after Central Banks Launch Liquidity Measures  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
12/01/11  Is Gold Just a Safe Haven or Will It Re-enter the Monetary System?  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
11/30/11  Gold Could Gain from "Aggressive Monetary Policy"  Ben Traynor  Bullion Vault
11/30/11  Ron Paul on Return to the Gold Standard (When and How)  Mike Shedlock  Financial Sense
11/29/11  Hyperinflation Warning, Preserve Wealth Value with Gold  The Gold Report  The Market Oracle
11/28/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
11/28/11  Which Fiat Currency Behaves Most Like Gold?  Bob Kirtley  The Market Oracle
11/27/11  Gold Triple Play – Volatility, Currencies and Europe  Frank Holmes  Forbes
11/26/11  Gold; Russia Adds 19.5 Tonnes to Reserves in October Alone  GoldCore  Goldcore
11/25/11  Gold and Silver "Need Dollar to Weaken"  Adrian Ash  GoldSeek
11/24/11  Silver Supply Issues & Eurozone Contagion Deepens  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
11/23/11  Is Gold Still the Answer for Investors?  Bud Conrad  Safe Haven
11/23/11  Analysis Suggests Gold Going to $4,500  Lorimer Wilson  Gold-Eagle
11/23/11  China Changing the Global Gold Market  Larry D. Spears  Money Morning
11/22/11  Gold and Silver Precious Metal Charts Point to Higher Prices  Chris Vermeulen  Minyanville
11/22/11  Gold Takes Another Step Towards Reserve Currency Status?  William Bancroft  The Market Oracle
11/22/11  US $15 Trillion National Debt ‘Supercommittee’ Impasse Supports Gold  GoldCore  GoldSeek
11/21/11  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
11/21/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
11/21/11  Why Silver For A Monetary Collapse? Part 1  Hubert Moolman  Safe Haven
11/20/11  Gold Demand Hits New Record with Central Bank Buying Up Sixfold  Jason Hamlin  The Market Oracle
11/20/11  Not Your Father’s Gold Market  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
11/19/11  Accumulate Gold  Richard Russell  321 Gold
11/18/11  Whirlwind Debt Crisis Ensures Gold $2000 Assured  Jim Willie CB  Gold Seek
11/18/11  EU Gold Investment Demand Surges 135%  GoldCore  Business Insider
11/18/11  Investors Hedging Against Fiat Currency Devaluation with Gold  Adrian Ash  Pinnacle Digest
11/17/11  Gold Tactics and Silver Set For Surge  Stewart Thomson  Safe Haven
11/17/11  Will China’s Housing Market Boom Flow to Silver?  Jeff Lewis  IB Times
11/17/11  Gold Climbs as Euro Crisis Gets Worse Every Day  Ben Traynor  The Gold Report
11/16/11  Why Gold Should Set New Highs by Year End  Jeff Clark  Seeking Alpha
11/15/11  Gold Call Options at $2,000/oz  GoldCore  FX Street
11/15/11  Platinum, The Cheapest Precious Metal...  Willem Weytjens  The Gold Report
11/15/11  Gold – Commodity, Currency or Something Else?  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
11/14/11  Gold Has Resumed Its Glitter!  Sy Harding  Seeking Alpha
11/14/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
11/13/11  New Gold Target: $2,330  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
11/12/11  Gold Picture Bullish as Rumors Spread of ECB Nuclear Option  Ben Traynor  Bullion Vault
11/11/11  Here’s What Germany and China Really Think About Gold  Eric McWhinnie  IB Times
11/11/11  Gold Thoughts  Ned W. Schmidt  Safe Haven
11/10/11  Gold "Seeing Benefit from Safe Haven Demand"  Ben Traynor  GoldSeek
11/10/11  Gold Price Could Go to Infinity on Eurozone Debt Crisis Contagion  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
11/09/11  Silver: The People’s Money  Jeff Nielson  Gold-Eagle
11/09/11  Gold in Stair–Step Pattern Ahead of Potential Thrust  Mike Paulenoff  Fx Street
11/09/11  Gold Retests $1800 as Italian Bond Yields Hit "Dangerous Levels"  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
11/08/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
11/08/11  German Gold "Must Remain Off Limits", Instead Sell Italian Gold  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
11/08/11  Gold Gains Amid Berlusconi Confusion, Greece "Must Reform..."  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
11/07/11  Is Europe Warming Up Gold for its Final Act?  Eric McWhinnie  IB Times
11/07/11  The Politics of Gold Investment  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
11/07/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
11/06/11  Why Eurozone Debt ‘resolution’ Hasn’t Seen Gold and Silver Plunge  Julian D. W. Phillips  Mineweb
11/06/11  G–20 Demands German Gold To Keep Eurozone Intact; Like, Ja Sure!  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
11/05/11  Central Banks Quietly Accumulating Gold  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
11/04/11  US Mint Sales Show Buyers Want Silver  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
11/04/11  Indian Silver Demand to Blossom Amidst Festival  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
11/04/11  Silver Is Ready, Are You?  Hubert Moolman  SilverSeek
11/03/11  $2,000/ounce for Gold is Now Within Sight  Garry White  The Telegraph
11/03/11  Silver, Greece and Greenspan  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
11/02/11  Last Chance to Buy Gold & Silver At a Discount  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
11/02/11  Gold & Silver Currency Tactics  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
11/02/11  Chinese Silver Investment Going Parabolic  Dan Collins  Financial Sense
11/01/11  How Will the Yen Intervention Affect Gold and Silver?  Eric McWhinnie  The Market Oracle
11/01/11  Make Sure You Hold Some Gold as Government ‘Ponzi Schemes’ Escalate  David Levenstein  Mineweb
10/31/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
10/31/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/30/11  How Will Gold and Silver React to the EU Bailout Plan?  Eric McWhinnie  Wall St Cheatsheet
10/30/11  Will Precious Metals Go Up With the Stock Market?  P Radomski  Safe Haven
10/30/11  Sit on Your Gold as Currencies Become Worthless  Paul Tustain  Mineweb
10/29/11  Gold as "Risk Management Vehicle" and "Store of Wealth"  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
10/28/11  Gold Gains as Eurozone Optimism "May Fade" Following Details  Ben Traynor  Revolution
10/28/11  Hands Off Germany’s Gold!!!  Adrian Ash  Bullion Vault
10/28/11  Gold Gains as Eurozone Optimism "May Fade" Following Details  Ben Traynor  Revolution
10/28/11  Hands Off Germany’s Gold!!!  Adrian Ash  Bullion Vault
10/28/11  A Golden Mistake Worth Repeating  Jeff Clark  Safe Haven
10/27/11  Gold Breaks Out and Consolidates Above $1,700/oz.  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
10/27/11  Gold, Silver and Fraudulent Investor Traps  Jim Willie CB  Gold Seek
10/27/11  Fireworks in Europe Confirm that Gold and Silver are Still the Safe Havens  George Maniere  Seeking Alpha
10/26/11  Gold Climbs as Euro Crisis Terrifies Markets  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/26/11  Occupy Gold  Byron King  The Daily Reckoning
10/26/11  Stack Attack on Gold  Bill Fleckenstein  Financial Sense
10/25/11  Gold to Average $1,900 Into 2012  Brian Sylvester  The Gold Report
10/25/11  Silver Waits to Begin Breakout  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
10/25/11  Silver in Late Stages of Base Building  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/24/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
10/24/11  TSA Agents Harass Man Over Silver Coins  Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones  Prison Planet
10/24/11  The Slippery Slope of Sliver  EconMatters  The Market Oracle
10/23/11  Gold Bullish Outlook Remains Despite Declines  Przemyslaw Radomski  The Market Oracle
10/23/11  Is Gold Good for Society?  Eric McWhinnie  Wall St Cheatsheet
10/22/11  What’s Going On With Gold?  Eric McWhinnie  Kitco
10/22/11  Algorithms, Bullion and Criminals...  Rob Kirby  Gold Seek
10/21/11  Silver at Crossroads, Analysis Suggests Should Go Much Higher  Hubert Moolman  The Market Oracle
10/21/11  India’s Gold and Silver Imports Jump 80%...  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
10/20/11  Preemptive Strike Against Precious Metals Nears End  Jeff Nielson  Gold-Eagle
10/20/11  Gold and Silver Investment Prospects - Auerback  Brian Sylvester  Mineweb
10/19/11  Three Reasons for Higher Gold & Silver Prices  Peter Degraaf  Financial Sense
10/19/11  Alternative Misery Index Drives Gold Demand  Michael J Kosares  The Market Oracle
10/18/11  Will Weak Bank Earnings Force Investors into Gold?  Eric McWhinnie  Wall Street Cheatsheet
10/18/11  Silver’s Savage Correction Appears to be Complete  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/18/11  Gold: Final Opportunity to Load Up Ahead of Major Rally  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/17/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
10/17/11  Gold to silver Ratio Could be Set to Decline Again  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
10/17/11  The European Union and Silver  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
10/16/11  Gold Building a Base above $1650  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/16/11  Gold, Gold, Gold... What About Silver?  Przemyslaw Radomski  Silver Seek
10/15/11  Gold to Top $2,000 on Central Bank Buying: Chart of the Day  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
10/14/11  Euroland & the Gold Rebound  Jim Willie CB  Financial Sense
10/13/11  Gold Gains, ECB "Could Print Euros" to Fund Own Bailout  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/13/11  Days Of Reckoning Are Here: Accumulate Gold, Silver and Hard Assets  Jeb Handwerger  24hGold
10/12/11  Gold: MACD And The Greed Factor  Stewart Thomson  Safe Haven
10/12/11  Gold is Not in a Bubble: It’s On Its Way to $10,000 an Ounce  Nick Barisheff  Safe Haven
10/12/11  Hedging With Gold Against Imminent Economic Collapse  Editorial  The Gold Report
10/11/11  Gold Starts Week Strongly  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/11/11  Peak Silver Revisited  Steve St. Angelo  Financial Sense
10/11/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
10/10/11  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/10/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/09/11  Gold Back in Favour with Top Fund Managers  Claire Milhench  Reuters
10/09/11  Gold Price Protection in Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation  Julian D. W. Phillips  Mineweb
10/08/11  Gold Gains on the Week...  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/07/11  The Gold Price Conspiracy Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want You to Know About  Peter Krauth  Money Morning
10/07/11  U.S. Gold Confiscation – How It Could Happen and How to Avoid It  David L. Ganz  Mineweb
10/06/11  Gold Tests $1600 Support as Eurozone Fears Banking Crisis  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/05/11  Silver Eagle bullion Coins Sales Headed for Another Record–setting Year  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
10/05/11  Indian Silver Demand Leads to ‘Supply Issues’  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
10/04/11  Gold Up as Equity Markets Fall on Greek Debt Debacle  GoldCore  FX
10/04/11  A Rock, A Hard Place & Gold  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/04/11  Will The U.S. Ever Build A Strategic Metals Reserve?  Anthony David  Critical Strategic
10/03/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund
10/03/11  Physical Silver Shortage to Follow Paper Selloff  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
10/03/11  Europe’s Debt Crisis Clearly Very Bullish for Gold and Silver - Gardner  Brian Sylvester  Mineweb
10/02/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
10/02/11  6 Reasons Not To Panic About The Precious Metal Plunge  John Browne  Prison Planet
10/01/11  Corruption and Financial Manipulation Behind Gold and Silver Takedown  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
09/30/11  Effect on Gold, Silver Prices of a Greek Default & the Eurozone/bank Crisis  Julian Phillips  Gold-Eagle
09/29/11  Peak Silver?  Ryan Jordan  Financial Sense
09/29/11  Recent Gold Takedown A Form of Economic Warfare  Bob Chapman  Prison Planet
09/28/11  He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
09/28/11  GOLD UPDATE  David Levenstein  Gold-Eagle
09/27/11  Mints Can’t Keep Up With Silver Coin & Bar Demand  Dillon Gage Metals  Mineweb
09/27/11  France Bans Cash Sales Of Gold & Silver Over $600  Paul Joseph Watson  Prison Planet
09/27/11  How The Silver Shortage Will Unfold  Tehmaas S. Gorimaar  Gold-Eagle
09/26/11  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
09/26/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
09/25/11  Too Much Gold, Not Enough Space in Bullion–vaults  Bloomberg  Bloomberg
09/25/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
09/24/11  Precious Metals: Just a Squiggle  John Rubino  Safe Haven
09/23/11  What Another Banking Crisis Would Mean for the Gold Price  Julian Phillips  Gold-Eagle
09/22/11  Weight Of The World  Richard Zimmerman  Gold-Eagle
09/21/11  Perfect Storm Creates Tidal Wave of Gold Demand  Frank Holmes  321 Gold
09/21/11  Positive Prognostications on Palladium Prices  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
09/20/11  Gold Up on Italy Downgrade  Amanda Cooper  Reuters
09/20/11  How Far Can Gold and Silver Climb?  Jeff Clark  Safe Haven
09/19/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
09/19/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
09/18/11  Silver is Once Again Beginning a Runup  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
09/18/11  Don’t Sell Your Silver Until It Hits $150  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
09/17/11  Fall 2011: Gold Breakout Season?  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
09/17/11  What A Major Banking Crisis Would Do To The Gold Price  Julien D.W. Phillips  Gold-Eagle
09/16/11  Turning East  Richard Zimmerman  Gold-Eagle
09/15/11  Gold is Confidence in Money Systems  Julian D. W. Phillips  Gold Seek
09/14/11  TD Securities Increases 2012 Gold Forecast to $1,975/oz.  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
09/14/11  Report From The Gold Battlefield  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
09/13/11  Gold and Silver Resist Stronger Dollar’s Headwinds  Mike Paulenoff  The Market Oracle
09/13/11  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund
09/12/11  The Gold and Silver Precious Metals Tsunami  GoldRunner  The Market Oracle
09/12/11  Gold New Record High on Greek Default And Eurozone Contagion Risk  Ty Durden  Zero Hedge
09/11/11  The Case for Gold & Silver Investment Gets Stronger and Stronger  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
09/11/11  Gold Stimulus  Scott Silva  Gold-Eagle
09/11/11  Gold Continues "White–Knuckle Ride"  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
09/10/11  Silver to Shine as Indian Expatriates Boost Demand  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
09/09/11  Why Invest in Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion?  Nick Barisheff  The Market Oracle
09/09/11  Gold – The Safest Haven?  Ian R Campbell  The Market Oracle
09/08/11  False Comparison to 2008  Jim Willie CB  Gold-Eagle
09/08/11  The Silver Siren: Reversion To Reality  Rob Kirby  The Market Oracle
09/07/11  Swiss Franc Peg Could Pave the Way for $2,000 Gold  A. Cooper & J. Harvey  Mineweb
09/07/11  Gold Prices Punch Through $1900 Level  David Levenstein  Gold-Eagle
09/07/11  140 Years Of Silver Volatility  Antal E. Fekete  Safe Haven
09/06/11  Gold Reaches $1,900 Again – Supported by Risk of U.S. Recession  Gold Core  Prison Planet
09/06/11  The Gold Price Parabola And Silver Rocket Update  GoldRunner  The Market Oracle
09/06/11  Strong Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Sales for August–U.S. Mint  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
09/05/11  Governments Increasingly Buying Gold  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
09/05/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
09/04/11  $1,500 or $2,000 Gold?  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
09/03/11  Has Gold Really Been So Frantic?  Ben Traynor  Safe Haven
09/02/11  Gold Rises 12% in August as Stocks Plunged  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
09/02/11  The Gold Market From 1969 To 2011  Mark J Lundeen  Gold-Eagle
09/02/11  Tracking Gold  Doug Hornig  Safe Haven
09/01/11  Twelve Reasons To Own Gold & Silver Now!  Mark Thomas  Gold-Eagle
09/01/11  Galluping Gold!  Adrian Ash  Gold-Eagle
09/01/11  Why Bankers, Governments and the Media Hate Gold  Mac Slavo
08/31/11  Gold Forecast $1,950 September & $2,500 Before Years End  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
08/31/11  Gold and Silver Aren’t the Only Precious Metals Making a Killing  Peter Krauth  Money Morning
08/30/11  Investing In Gold Is An Excellent Way To Protect Your Wealth  David Levenstein  Gold-Eagle
08/30/11  Americans Turn to Gold Over Stocks  Douglas A. McIntyre
08/29/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
08/29/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
08/29/11  Buy Gold Price Dip With Both Hands  Jason Hamlin  The Market Oracle
08/28/11  Gold & Silver: The Smack Down Is Over  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
08/27/11  The Silver Tide is about to Rise  Bob Kirtley  The Market Oracle
08/26/11  Will Silver Benefit From Rising Gold Margin Requirements?  Jeb Handwerger  Safe Haven
08/26/11  The Neverending Story of a "Gold Bubble"  Frank Holmes  321 Gold
08/26/11  Pure Media Bias On Gold  Andy Sutton  Gold-Eagle
08/25/11  Gold Eyes $2,000oz  Gary Dorsch  Gold-Eagle
08/25/11  Prepare for Gold $2100  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
08/24/11  The Upside for Gold & Silver Will Knock Your Socks Off – Embry  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
08/24/11  This Is It!  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
08/23/11  Gold Off Charts as Prices Heading ‘Parabolic’  Nicholas Larkin  Prison Planet
08/23/11  Gold Imports Into India Set to Cross the 1,000 Tonne Mark  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
08/22/11  $5,000 Gold and $200 Silver Lie Ahead Within Four Years - Rob McEwen  Mineweb
08/21/11  Why Silver Over Gold?  Mike Paulenoff  The Market Oracle
08/21/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
08/20/11  Silver Is Now Starting to Fly Again  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
08/20/11  Perfect Storm Sees Gold & Silver Surge  Gold Core  Gold Core
08/20/11  Peter Schiff on Record Gold Prices: I Told You So!  Video  You-Tube
08/19/11  Gold Soars, Stocks Slide as Data Roils Markets  Herbert Lash  Reuters
08/18/11  GOLD & SILVER: Full Spectrum Dominance  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
08/18/11  Welcome To The New American Gold Rush  Sarah DiLorenzo  The Huffington Post
08/18/11  The "Other" Precious Metal  Byron King  The Daily Reckoning
08/17/11  Gold Needs to Triple To Equal 1980 Peak ’Chart’  Mac Slavo  www.shtfplan
08/17/11  Euro Zone Jitters Help Boost Gold  Jan Harvey  Mineweb
08/17/11  Metals Traders & Investors Flock to Gold  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
08/16/11  Silver Prices Likely to Follow Gold’s Lead – Analysts  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
08/16/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
08/16/11  Breaking The Silver Manipulation Barrier  Brandon Smith  www.alt–
08/15/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
08/15/11  Jump In Gold Price  Julian D.W. Phillips  Gold–Eagle
08/15/11  Abandoning the Gold Standard Was a Seminal Moment...  Edmund Conway  The Telegraph
08/14/11  Watching Silver and S&P Stocks Index  Mike Paulenoff  The Market Oracle
08/14/11  Gold Up 5% on the Week  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
08/14/11  Not Just Speculators & Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists Are Buying Gold  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
08/13/11  It’s Not Nuts to Squirrel Away Gold  Zoe Tustain  Mineweb
08/12/11  Gold Available for Cash, Dries Up as Prices Rise Even Higher  F. Tang & P. Rogo  mineweb
08/12/11  Adding Shine To Silver  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
08/11/11  Gold Up as Fed Will Push QE3 if Necessary  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
08/11/11  Silver and a Broad Market Crash  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
08/11/11  Gold Up as Fed Will Push QE3 if Necessary  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
08/10/11  Silver Prices to Rise More Than Gold, Short term–Hecla CEO Baker  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
08/10/11  Gold Hits Premium Over Platinum & Situation Could Persist  Reuters  Mineweb
08/10/11  As The Global Monetary System Cracks, Gold Surges  David Levenstein  Gold–Eagle
08/09/11  Silver Could Make it to $65–$75 an Ounce – Morgan  Sally Lowder  Mineweb
08/09/11  Gold Surges Through $1,700 as Global Monetary System Falters  David Levenstein  Mineweb
08/09/11  Silver $75 Looming  The Gold Report  The Market Oracle
08/08/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
08/08/11  Gold Massively Underinvested – Silver Data Overwhelming: Eric Sprott  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
08/08/11  Commodities other Than Gold to Fall on U.S. Ratings Downgrade  Manolo Serapio Jr  Mineweb
08/07/11  Why Downgrade Is The End Of The World  Anon.
08/07/11  Gold and Silver Price Will Continue to Rise  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
08/07/11  Buy A House With Silver  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
08/06/11  Gold is the True Reserve Currency  Michael Pento  321 Gold
08/06/11  Silver Recovery Set To Continue  Seven Days Ahead  The Market Oracle
08/05/11  Gold to Hit $2,000 Before Year End  Garry White  The Telegraph
08/05/11  Gold Sets Dollar Sterling and Euro Record Hish on Eurozone Credit Crunch  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
08/05/11  Gold Accelerates as U.S. Equities Enter Cyclical Stocks Bear Market  Jordan Roy Byrne  The Market Oracle
08/04/11  The 2011 Gold Season Is Just Around The Corner  Frank Holmes  Gold–Eagle
08/04/11  Gold Up–date  David Levenstein  Gold–Eagle
08/04/11  Gold New Record High on U.S. Debt Downgrade Risk  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
08/03/11  Gold Heading for $1850 This Year  Ross Norman  Mineweb
08/03/11  Sharp Increase in Central Bank Gold Reserves  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
08/03/11  Gold and Silver are the Safe Plays  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
08/02/11  What’s Your Silver Investing Strategy?  Anthony David  The MarketOracle
08/02/11  Too Big to Bail  Aubie Baltin  Gold–Eagle
08/02/11  Make Some Lemonade  Warren Bevan  Gold–Eagle
08/01/11  Silver – an Historical Comparison   Willem Weytjens
08/01/11  U.S. Debt Ceiling Crisis Only a Minor Player in Gold and Silver Prices  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
08/01/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
07/31/11  Gold and Silver Beyond the Limit  Peter Schiff  The Daily Bell
07/31/11  Gold and Silver Unaffected by Debt Crisis  Julian DW Phillips  The Market Oracle
07/30/11  Looking For A Snap Back  Jeffrey Nichols  Gold–Eagle
07/29/11  Gold Could Top $2,500 an Ounce and Might Even Hit $5,000, says Citigroup  Proactive Investors
07/29/11  Gold Near Record USD and EUR High  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
07/29/11  Gold and Silver Inter–metal Dynamics  Ashraf Laidi  The Market Oracle
07/28/11  Gold Breaches $1625, U.S. Credit Ratings Downgrade Now Almost Certain  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
07/27/11  Gold: Plenty of Room to Move Higher and Higher  Jeffrey Nichols  Mineweb
07/27/11  Silver Slam – Epic Fail  Warren Bevan  Gold–Eagle
07/27/11  Economic Rape Of Europe Nearly Complete (Part II)  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
07/26/11  Gold at Highest Price Ever and Nobody Seems to Care! – Moriarty  Karen Roche  Mineweb
07/26/11  Why Gold Could Go Much Higher  Anthony Wile  The Daily Bell
07/26/11  Gold and Silver Price Will Continue to Rise  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
07/25/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
07/25/11  Gold and the Sovereign Debt Crisis  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
07/25/11  Where is the Precious Metals Sector Headed Next?  P .Radomski  The Market Oracle
07/24/11  Chartcap  Erik Swarts  Safe Haven
07/23/11  EU Debt Restructuring Leads to Bailout Euphoria/Silver to Double to $100  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
07/22/11  Gold: Accerated Rate Of Rise Tactics  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
07/22/11  Debt vs. Gold: The Hidden Link Explained  Ben Traynor  Gold–Eagle
07/22/11  How to Make Sense of the Gold–to–Silver Ratio  Myra P. Saefong  Market Watch
07/21/11  Silver Today vs 2008, Does it Look Familiar?  Willem Weytjens  The Market Oracle
07/21/11  On Gold  Robert Barone  321 Gold
07/20/11  The Global De Facto Gold Standard  Steve McCann  American Thinker
07/19/11  Gold Reaches Value of £1,000 an Ounce for first Time Ever  My Finances  My Finances
07/19/11  Fuelling Gold’s historic rally  Gary Dorsch  321 Gold
07/19/11  Precious Metals Ready For Big–Time Run As Global Breakdown Begins  Jordan Roy–Byrne  Gold–Eagle
07/18/11  Gold Hits Record $1600 & Silver Back Through $40 in London  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
07/18/11  This Past Week In Gold  Jack Chan  Gold–Eagle
07/18/11  Gold Soars Above $1,600 per Ounce for First Time  The Economic Times  The Economic Times
07/17/11  Price of Gold to Hit $1700+ in Next Few Months–Technical analysts  Mineweb  Mineweb
07/16/11  Gold & Silver Picking Up Steam Relative to Stocks  Ciovacco  Gold–Eagle
07/15/11  Gold and Silver Likely to Go Parabolic Due to ’Global Shockwaves’ if U.S. Defaults  GoldCore  GoldCore
07/15/11  Hidden Yen Signal & Gold Breakout  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
07/15/11  Silver Breaks Out of Basing Pattern, Starts Next Major Uptrend  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
07/14/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund
07/14/11  Gold and Silver Poised to Surge on Ticking Debt Bombs  James West
07/14/11  Bernanke Just Lit The Fuse Under Gold & Silver  Jason Hamlin  Gold–Eagle
07/13/11  Silver Poised for Powerful Rally  The Gold Report  The Market Oracle
07/13/11  Silver Platter Investor Opportunity  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
07/13/11  PALLADIUM: It May Again Become The Most Precious Metal  vronsky  Gold–Eagle
07/12/11  Gold Update  David Levenstein  Gold–Eagle
07/12/11  Gold In Excellent Position For Seasonal Breakout  Jordan Roy–Byrne  Gold–Eagle
07/11/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
07/10/11  Gold: Summer Trip And A Long–Term Overview  P.Radomski  Gold–Eagle
07/09/11  Swiss Parliament to Discuss Gold Franc  Agnese Smith  Market Watch
07/08/11  The Great Gold & Silver Summer Is Technically Here!  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
07/08/11  Silver Platter Investor Opportunity  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
07/07/11  Silver: It’s All About Inventories  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
07/06/11  Gold Rises as Portugal Catches Eurozone Debt Plague  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
07/05/11  Paper Markets A Joke: Bullion Prices to Go Supernova  Dr. Chris Martenson  Financial Sense
07/04/11  $2,300 Gold Now a Conservative Target  Ronald Stoeferle  Mineweb
06/28/11  Gold headed to $5,000 per ounce?  Willem Weytjens  Gold–Eagle
06/28/11  World Production of Gold, 2011  Dr. Thomas Chaize
06/28/11  The Eurozone Crisis and What it Means for Gold & Silver  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
06/27/11  The Greeks Are Buying Gold – So Should You  Ed.  Daily Mail
06/27/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
06/26/11  Growing Fan Base  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
06/25/11  Chinese Gold Sales to Surge Two Fold  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
06/25/11  U.S. House & White House Debate Transparency of U.S. Gold Reserves Info  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
06/25/11  Ron Paul Worries Fort Knox Gold is Gone  Jennifer Liberto
06/24/11  Gold Falls in Dollars But Hits New High in Sterling as Greeks Hoard Bullion  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
06/24/11  Greeks Turn Savings To Gold And Perth Mint Silver  Gold Core  Prison Planet
06/24/11  Gold and Silver Imports in India Surge 222%  GoldCore
06/23/11  Gold Going to $5,000 or More!  Lorimer Wilson  Market Oracle
06/23/11  Take the Bird in the Hand, not the Pipedream in the Bush  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
06/22/11  Gold on the Brink... of What?  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
06/22/11  The Real Interest Rate Case for Higher Gold Prices  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
06/21/11  Indian Gold And Silver Imports Surge By Stunning 500% In May  Tyler Durden  Prison Planet
06/21/11  6 Myths Of The "Gold Bubble"  Adrian Ash  Gold–Eagle
06/20/11  Is Gold About To Have Its Status Upgraded?  Frank Holmes  Gold–Eagle
06/20/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
06/19/11  Fort Knox U.S. Gold Reserves to be Independently Audited and Assayed?  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
06/18/11  Silver Correction Appears to be Over  Bob Kirtley  The Market Oracle
06/17/11  Big Gold Weighing Down Stocks ETF – Physical Gold Outperforms  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
06/17/11  Are We Running Out of Silver?  Jeff Clark  Casey, Research
06/16/11  Is There A COMEX Silver Shortage?  Ryan Jordan  Gold–Eagle
06/15/11  Newmont’s O’Brien Sees Gold at $1600 This Year and Higher Next  Michael Taylor  Mineweb
06/14/11  Gold Update  David Levenstein  Gold–Eagle
06/13/11  Gold and Silver Rises So Far a Drop in the Bucket  Wiegand  Mineweb
06/13/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
06/10/11  Silver in China Could Turn Out to be the New Gold  Shivom Seth  Mine Web
06/10/11  Comex Silver Deliverable Inventory Hits New Low  Jesse  The Market Oracle
06/09/11  Gold Update  David Levenstein  Gold–Eagle
06/09/11  Surprise Surprise?  Aubie Baltin  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  Gold Within Reach of New Record Nominal High  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
06/08/11  Waiting For Godot  Scott Silva  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  Richard Russell: Buy Silver  Cullen Roche  Pragcap
06/07/11  Seasonal Gold Price Trends Favor Summer Purchases  Jonathan Kosares  Gold–Eagle
06/07/11  Gold Price Jumps on U.S. Economic Weakness  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
06/06/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
06/06/11  Market Sentiment And Volume Reach Extreme Panic Levels  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
06/06/11  Gold as Collateral – A Major Step for the Gold Market  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
06/05/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
06/05/11  Goldman Sachs & Richard Russell Concur With Maund  Clive Maund  Gold–Eagle
06/05/11  Gold On The Attack!  Roy Martens  Gold–Eagle
06/04/11  Will the Masses Soon Be Promoting Silver?  Submissions  The Market Oracle
06/03/11  Silver a Strategic Metal?  Anthony David  The Market Oracle
06/02/11  The Sky Is Falling – Up!  Scott Silva  Gold–Eagle
06/02/11  Silver the New Gold?  Gijsbert Groenewegen  321 Gold
06/01/11  Richard Russell: BUY SILVER  Cullen Roche
06/01/11  Why Gold Is Going Higher  David Galland  Casey Research
06/01/11  Asian Tiger Sinks Teeth Into Gold  Frank Holmes  The Daily Reckoning
05/31/11  Utah Law Makes Coins Worth Their Weight in Gold (or Silver)  William Yardley
05/30/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
05/27/11  Gold and Silver Provides Investors Timely Fire–Sale  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
05/26/11  Why Gold Is Going Higher  David Galland  Casey Research
05/25/11  Swings And Roundabouts  Neil Charnock  Gold–Eagle
05/24/11  Silver: High Prices ’Cure’ Depleted Inventories  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
05/23/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
05/21/11  Silver To Outshine Glittering Gold In The Long Term  Radomski  Gold–Eagle
05/17/11  "Silver Price: The Least You Should Worry About"  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
05/16/11  The Silver Take–Down: Anatomy Of A Crime  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
05/15/11  This Past Week In Gold  Jack Chan  Gold–Eagle
05/14/11  Silver – Time to Buy  Puru Saxena  321 Gold
05/13/11  Silver’s New Trading Range  Next Big Trade  Next Big Trade
05/10/11  Silver, the Investment of the Next Decade,... – Sprott  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
05/09/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
05/06/11  Silver Rally  Bob Moriarty  321 Gold
05/05/11  Silver Pullback is a Buying Opportunity  Sean Brodrick  Market Watch
04/29/11  Silver The Next Greatest Trade Ever?  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
04/28/11  Short Sellers Now Screaming About a Buy Side Silver Conspiracy  Avery Goodman
04/25/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
04/25/11  Four Scary Words: "Silver Delivery Not Possible"  Tyler Durden  Prison Planet
04/19/11  Gold Pushes Towards $1500 as Global Markets Decline  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
04/18/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
04/17/11  Could the Price of Silver Hit $50?  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
04/14/11  Silver the Canary in the Gold Mine  Darryl Robert Schoon  Gold–Eagle
04/04/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
04/01/11  Future Demand Growth for Silver Looks Remarkable  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
03/31/11  Silver Set For All Time Record Quarterly Close  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
03/30/11  Rick Rule; Global Megatrends Favor Gold, Silver & Resources  The Gold Report  Mineweb
03/29/11  Massive Capital Wave Approaches Gold  Neil Charnock  Gold–Eagle
03/28/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
03/26/11  Out in the Open  Richard Russell  321 Gold
03/25/11  Gold and Silver; Stagflation Protection  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
03/24/11  Silver Hits 31–Year High, Gold Close to Record High of $1445  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
03/23/11  Surf Warning: Tsunami to Lift Gold  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
03/22/11  International Turmoil  Peter Grant  Gold–Eagle
03/21/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
03/20/11  China Imports 245 Tonnes of Silver in February and Qatar SWF "Interested"  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
03/19/11  The Rule of Gold After the Financial Collapse  James Hunt  The Market Oracle
03/18/11  Gold and Silver Correction Ending  Mike Paulenoff  The Market Oracle
03/17/11  Disaster Demand In Precious Metals  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
03/16/11  Investors Flee Paper For Precious Metals  Jeb Handwerger  Financial Sense
03/15/11  Gold Drops as Japan’s Nuclear Panic Hits Global Stock Markets  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
03/14/11  Japan and Precious–metals: a snapshot  Rhona O’Connell  Mineweb
03/13/11  This Past Week In Gold  Jack Chan  Gold–Eagle
03/10/11  8 Reasons Why Silver Is the Investment of the Decade  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
03/09/11  Silver – No Signs of Exhaustion  Bob Hoye  321 Gold
03/08/11  Gold & Silver Update  Mark J Lundeen  Gold–Eagle
03/07/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
03/06/11  Silver Breakout, Bang Bang, Maxwell Silver Hammer  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
03/06/11  The Most Compelling Argument for Owning Silver I’ve Ever Heard  (video)DailyWealth  The Market Oracle
03/05/11  Silver Eagle Premiums Rise After US Mint Discontinues Production  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
03/04/11  Gold and Silver: New Highs As U.S. Dollar Loses Appeal As Safe Haven  Jeb Handwerger  The Market Oracle
03/03/11  As Silver Prices Rise, Silver Volatility will Grow  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
03/02/11  Short–term Correction for Silver Likely – Morgan  Geoff Candy
03/01/11  Silver Outweighs Gold  Peter Schiff  Safe Haven
02/28/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
02/28/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
02/27/11  The Global Flight into Gold and Silver  Bob Chapman  
02/26/11  Gold $2,300, Silver $150 and Looming Stock Market Crash  Jason Hamlin  The Market Oracle
02/25/11  What You Need to Know About Buying Silver Today  CaseyResearch  Casey Research
02/24/11  Silver Train Is A Comin: Are You Onboard?  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
02/11/11  Silver to Hit $50 in 2011, Gold to Follow – James Turk  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
02/10/11  Buying Silver While It’s Still Relatively Cheap  The Mogambo Guru  Gold–Eagle
02/09/11  Silver To Soar In 2011  Marc Davis  Gold–Eagle
02/08/11  Silver to Outperform Gold in 2011 – Eric Sprott  Marc Davis  Mineweb
02/07/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
02/06/11  Short–Term Buying Spree in Gold  Radomski  Gold–Eagle
02/05/11  Precious Metals And Industry  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
02/04/11  Big Gains To Be Made; Platinum & Palladium  Mike Stall  Gold–Eagle
02/03/11  The Simple Truth About Gold Leverage Programs  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
02/03/11  China Gold Buying "stuns" Precious–metals Traders  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
02/02/11  Coming Flight to Gold  Scott Silva  Gold–Eagle
02/01/11  Gold Wealth Building Tactics: India vs USA  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
01/31/11  Maund On Gold & Silver  Clive Maund  321 Gold
01/30/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Gold–Eagle
01/29/11  Why Has the Gold Price Been Falling?  Julian Phillips  Gold–Eagle
01/28/11  Will Gold, Silver and Oil Prices Soar on Social Unrest In The Middle East?  Jeb Handwerger  The Market Oracle
01/27/11  Buy Gold & Silver With Both Hands  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
01/27/11  Gold Can Still Reach New All–time Highs This Year  Jeffrey Nichols  Mineweb
01/26/11  The Battle Over Gold And Silver  Jason Hamlin  Gold–Eagle
01/25/11  Silver IS The New Gold  Ryan Jordan  Gold–Eagle
01/24/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
01/23/11  Is JPM Covering Up a Naked Silver Short Held By China As a Claim Against the Yanks?  Jesse  The Market Oracle
01/22/11  Hard Money, Soft Metal  Adrian Ash  Safe Haven
01/21/11  Gold Demand in China, India to Glitter  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
01/20/11  US Eagle Silver–coin Sales Already Hit New Record  Frank Tang  Mineweb
01/19/11  Win–Win With Silver!  Jerry Western with Lorimer Wilson  Gold–Eagle
01/18/11  Gold Update  Steve Saville  321 Gold
01/17/11  There’s No Substitute for Gold as the World–order Changes  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
01/15/11  Silver Remains One Of The Best Performing Assets Of The Decade  David Levenstein  Gold–Eagle
01/14/11  Are Gold Pool Accounts Safe?  Jeff Clark  The Market Oracle
01/13/11  Changing to a Silver Economy  Michael S Rozeff  The Market Oracle
01/12/11  Gold Price Manipulation?  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
01/11/11  World’s Richest Man Enters the Silver Market  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
01/10/11  Massive Silver Withdrawals From The Comex  Jesse  
01/09/11  A New Gold Boom Right Here in the USA  Q1 Publishing  The Market Oracle
01/08/11  Real Silver Highs 3  Adam Hamilton  Zeal LLC
01/07/11  The New Gold Rush  Nick Barisheff  Gold–Eagle
01/06/11  How High Will Gold Go in 2011  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
01/06/11  Silver Spikes Seen Ahead  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
01/05/11  Why Rising Rates are Super Bullish for Gold & Silver  Trendsman  Financial Sense
01/05/11  Gold, Silver Take a Plunge on Heavy Profit Selling  The Economic Times  The Economic Times
01/05/11  Gold and Silver Bears Back from Holiday, Prices Dive.  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
01/04/11  Silver Leads The Way  Howard S. Katz  Gold–Eagle
01/04/11  U.S. Mint: Strong Silver Bullion Sales on 3rd of Jan. 2011.  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
01/03/11  Hyperinflation Will Drive Gold to Unthinkable Heights  Egon von Greyerz
01/01/11  Silver: The Undervalued Asset Looking for a Catalyst  James J Puplava  Financial Sense
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12/31/11  Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts  Free Republic
12/30/11  Get Ready for Another Stock Market Plunge!  Anthony Cherniawski  The Market Oracle
12/29/11  U.S. Dollar being Replaced by China, Japan a Gold Positive!  Julian DW Phillips  The Market Oracle
12/29/11  U.S. Treasury Bonds About To Plunge? Implications For Stocks and Gold Silver  Willem Weytjens  The Market Oracle
12/28/11  Banking Stocks Downtrend Still Dominant  Mike Paulenoff  The Market Oracle
12/27/11  A Banking System Is Supposed To Serve The People...  Joseph E. Stiglitz  Vanity Fair
12/26/11  A Big Chunk of MF Global Customer Money Just Turned Up At JPM London  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
12/25/11  Dr. Strangelove In Europe (Did Kong Just Mount The Bomb?)  Karl Denninger
12/24/11  Markets the Friday Before Christmas, Even NYMEX Crooks Are Going Home Early  PhilStockWorld  Zero Hedge
12/23/11  ECB Lends Banks $639 Billion Over 3 Years  AP  Yahoo
12/23/11  ECB Rhetoric versus Reality on Money Printing  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
12/22/11  European Banks "Could Not Refuse" ECB’s "Free Money" Offer  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
12/22/11  The ECB’s LTRO – A Giant Inflationary Push  Pater Tenebrarum  Acting-Man
12/21/11  The Gold and Silver 70% Dividend  Peter Krauth  Money Morning
12/21/11  Another Preposterous Proposal to "Fix the Unfixable"  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
12/21/11  Gerald Celente: Warnings for of 2012  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
12/20/11  Bankrupt MF Global’s Fractional Reserves  Douglas French
12/19/11  Euro Collapse Crisis Sledgehammer Pounds Into Stock Market Santa Rally  Nadeem Walayat  The Market Oracle
12/18/11  Bankers Rule the World, The Network of Global Corporate Control  Stephen Lendman  The Market Oracle
12/18/11  Fitch: Euro Fix "technically and politically beyond reach"...  Joseph Cotterill  FT Alphaville
12/17/11  Europe Bank Run Underway, and Why You Should be Worried  Keith Fitz-Gerald  Money Morning
12/16/11  Pathogenesis Of Central Bank Ruin, Next Ground Zero Is Italy  Jim Willie CB  Financial Sense
12/16/11  Subject Banks to the Free Market or Turn Them into Utilities  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
12/15/11  If Fed Decides to Ease Again, Price Could Hit $1 Trillion  Jeff Cox  CNBC
12/15/11  Credit Crisis Part 2 or Another Reprieve?  Cliff Droke  Safe Haven
12/14/11  It’s Ludicrous To Think Too Much Debt Can Be Solved by More Debt  Jim Rogers
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08/07/11  Dollar to Drop on S&P Move  Reuters  Reuters
08/07/11  Here’s The Problem With This Market Crash...  Henry Blodget  Business Insider
08/06/11  US Loses AAA Credit Rating After S&P Downgrade  BBC News  BBC News
08/05/11  Dow Falls 512 in Steepest Decline Since ’08 Crisis  David K. Randall  ABC News
08/05/11  Gold Rallies as Japan Joins Global Currency War  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
08/04/11  Pelosi: $2.4 Trillion Added to Federal Limit Will Last Only 18 Months  Terence P. Jeffrey  CNS News
08/04/11  The Story of Money versus Fiat Currency  GoldSilver  The Market Oracle
08/04/11  Helicopter Ben Prepares Fed’s Next Flyover  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
08/03/11  Toothless Debt Deal Won’t Stop a U.S. Credit– Rating Downgrade  Jason Simpkins  The Market Oracle
08/03/11  U.S. Debt Deal is a Blank Check  Peter Schiff  The Market Oracle
08/03/11  Causes of an Unstable Market   Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
08/02/11  The Writing is on the Wall for the US and the Dollar  Roger Bootle  The Telegraph
08/02/11  U.S. Debt Deal is a Blank Check  Peter Schiff  The Market Oracle
08/02/11  Gold And The QE3 Ship.Are Both About To Sail?  Dave Banister  Gold–Eagle
08/01/11  Sell U.S. Gold–reserves to Pay Bills?  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
08/01/11  If Debt Is the Problem, Why Do You Want More of It?  Ron Paul  The Daily Bell
08/01/11  Dollar Status in Doubt if Debt Crisis Persists: IMF chief  AFP  Google
07/29/11  Bayonets and Gold  Richard Mills  Safe Haven
07/29/11  Seven Potential Consequences of a U.S. Debt Default  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
07/28/11  Most Americans Don’t Believe the U.S. Dollar Will Collapse  Jeff Clark  The Market Oracle
07/28/11  The Fed’s Killing The US Dollar Behind The Scenes  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
07/28/11  What Didn’t Change When Nixon Cut the Gold Link  Ben Traynor  The Daily Reckoning
07/27/11  When Push Comes to Shove, Gold is Real Money  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
07/26/11  Edwin Vieira Jr., on the Fed’s Transfer of Wealth  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
07/26/11  US Debt Default Will Punish Pensions  Barry Ferguson  Financial Sense
07/26/11  Eye on Euro  Mike Paulenoff  The Market Oracle
07/25/11  Stock Market Major Top and Gold Breakout Targets $1750  J W Jones  The Market Oracle
07/25/11  Don’t Get Caught Holding Dollars When The Default Arrives  Addison Wiggin  Yahoo News
07/25/11  The Costs of Printing Money  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
07/24/11  The Shadow Gold Price: $10,000 An Ounce  Mac Slavo
07/23/11  Who’s Afraid of Deflation?  Philipp Bagus  The Market Oracle
07/22/11  A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word  Jeff Clark  Prison Planet
07/22/11  Bull Market ’Topped’?  Julian D. Phillips  Gold–Eagle
07/22/11  Debt Ceiling Myths  Michael Pento  321 Gold
07/21/11  Supply, Demand & US Dollar  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
07/21/11  The Latest Travesty in the U.S. Banking System  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
07/20/11  US Dollar Whale Meets Gold Harpoon!  Stewart Thomson  Gold–Eagle
07/20/11  Bernanke: "Inflation is a tax"  Video  Youtube
07/20/11  "Economic Collapse" Due To Money Printing By Early 2013  Tyler Durden  Business Insider
07/19/11  Silver and Coal Top Commodities H1; Gold to be Strong in H2  Frank Holmes  Mineweb
07/19/11  Central Banks Unanimously Prefer Gold Over Paper  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
07/19/11  Doing The Global Currency Shuffle  Brandon Smith   Alt Market
07/18/11  Exploding Government Debt to Send Gold to $3000, Silver to $300  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
07/18/11  Treasury To Stop Funding Its Market Manipulation Fund To Delay US Bankruptcy  Tyler Durden
07/18/11  Will USD and Euro Go Down Together?  Christopher Laird  Financial Sense
07/17/11  48 hrs. to Save the Euro as Greece Deal Stalls  The Daily Express  The Daily Express
07/16/11  The Bell Tolls For Thee, Dollar  Jeff Berwick  Gold–Eagle
07/15/11  The Collapse of Paper Money & the Vertical Move of Gold  Darryl Robert Schoon  321 Gold
07/15/11  Return of the Gold Standard as World Order Unravels  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The Telegraph
07/15/11  It Ain’t Money If I Can’t Print It!  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
07/14/11  Could A Federal Reserve Bank Go Bust?  William Baldwin  Forbes
07/14/11  Sovereign Debt Blows Big Holes in Big Banks  John Browne  321 Gold
07/14/11  FDIC Quietly Grows Troubled Bank List by 180  My Budget360  My Budget360
07/13/11  Paul Calls Fed’s Bernanke "cocky" in House Hearing  Andy Sullivan  Reuters
07/13/11  If You Thought 2008 Was Bad...  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
07/12/11  Dollar Could Send Stocks and Commodities Higher  Chris Vermeulen  The Gold and Oil Guy
07/12/11  Why QE2 Failed: The Money All Went Offshore  Ellen Brown
07/12/11  Don’t be Fooled by Political Posturing  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
07/11/11  What Will Replace the Dollar as Global Currency?  Matthew Lynn  Market Watch
07/10/11  A Wile E. Coyote Market  John Hussman PhD  Financial Sense
07/09/11  The Euro and You  Frederick Sheehan  The Daily Reckoning
07/08/11  Gold Falls, U.S. Debt Ceiling Plan B Insane  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
07/07/11  Moody’s Rates Portugal’s Bonds As Junk!  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
07/06/11  There Ain’t No Stinkin Inflation  Bruce Krasting  Financial Sense
07/05/11  Currency Moves and Central Bank Meetings Abound  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
07/04/11  Smoke and Mirrors  Dr. Aubie Baltin  Gold–Eagle
06/28/11  Mark ’Set for Comeback’ as German Euro Crisis Deepens  Martyn Brown  The Express
06/28/11  The Twin Spiral USD And EUR Collapse  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
06/27/11  Enter the Dragon ’to save the euro’  M. Moore & P. Foster & A.Cave  The Telegraph
06/27/11  The War Over Money  Andy Sutton  Gold–Eagle
06/26/11  Greek Debt Crisis Fears Trigger Flight to Safety  Ed.  The Telegraph
06/25/11  Dow Slides for Seventh Week Out of Eight  Ken Sweet
06/25/11  Stock Market Plunge Protection Team Losing Traction?  Brian Bloom  The Market Oracle
06/25/11  New Stocks Bear Market?  Zeal LLC  The Market Oracle
06/24/11  The U.S. Federal Reserve Plan For QE3 – And Why It’s a Done Deal  Keith Fitz–Gerald  Money Morning
06/24/11  If The Dollar Goes, What Happens To Your Portfolio?  Jeff Clark  Gold–Eagle
06/24/11  Stealth QE3 Comes to Fruition, Soaring Inflation is Next  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
06/23/11  Currency Indices & Gold/Silver Prices – What’s Next?  P. Radomski  Gold–Eagle
06/23/11  Why the Eurozone and the Euro Are Both Doomed  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
06/22/11  Euro: Safer than the U.S. Dollar?  Axel Merk  321 Gold
06/21/11  Bank Reserves, Money Supply, and a Secular Change in Credit  Steve Saville  321 Gold
06/21/11  Bullion Blows–Up Banksters  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
06/20/11  Dollar’s Close Friday Important for Stocks and Commodities  Chris Ciovacco  Financial Sense
06/19/11  Fiat Currencies Weight in Gold, The Real Prices of Things  Casey Research  The Market Oracle
06/18/11  9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve, Fed Inspector General Can’t Explain  VIDEO  The Market Oracle
06/17/11  Dollar’s Close Friday Important for Stocks and Commodities  Chris Ciovacco  Financial Sense
06/16/11  UK to Force Firewalls Upon Major Banks...  Robert Peston  BBC
06/16/11  Is There A COMEX Silver Shortage?  Ryan Jordan  Gold–Eagle
06/14/11  Central Bankruptcy – Why QE3 is Inevitable  Michael Pento  Financial Sense
06/13/11  Magic Money  Warren Bevan  The Market Oracle
06/12/11  What the U.S. Dollar & the Euro Mean to the S&P 500  J W Jones  The Market Oracle
06/11/11  Free Coinage Of Gold & Silver – Then And Now  Hugo Salinas Price  Gold–Eagle
06/10/11  The War on Digital Currency  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
06/09/11  What "Backs" Today’s Money?  Steve Saville  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  Higher Prices are Around the Corner  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  The Dollar Will Fall Because The Fed Won’t Stop The Juice  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  Gold and the Collapsing Dollar  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
06/07/11  The QE Fraud On America  Robert McHugh, Ph.D.  Gold–Eagle
06/07/11  Has A Major Correction Begun?  Warren Bevan  Gold–Eagle
06/06/11  An Emerging Free Market Currency  Joel Bowman  Daily Reckoning
06/05/11  Silver:Euro  Erik SwartzMarket Anthropology  Market Anthropology
06/05/11  Making Cents of the Currency Crisis  William R. Thomson  321 Gold
06/05/11  Currency No.1  Adrian Ash  Gold–Eagle
06/04/11  Currency Market Volatility Should Support Gold and Silver  Jebb Handwerger  The Market Oracle
06/03/11  QE3 and the Globalist Plan to Destroy the Dollar  Kurt Nimmo  Info Wars
06/01/11  U.S. Dollar Could ’collapse’: UN  Patrick Worsnip  Prison Planet
06/02/11  After The Dollar: What Comes Next?  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
06/01/11  Second Biggest Weekly Drop Ever In Treasurys  Tyler Durden  Prison Planet
06/01/11  Green Shoots, Exit Strategy, No QE3  Jim Willie CB  Goldseek
05/31/11  Endless Quantitative Easing  Puru Saxena  Gold–Eagle
05/30/11  That Other Invisible Hand  BarbarousRelic  barbarous–
05/27/11  USD Structural Decline and Gold  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
05/26/11  Gold Price Falls As Euro and Pound Gain  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
05/25/11  Debt Ceiling Jeopardizes Dollar’s Reserve Status  Axel Merk  321 Gold
05/24/11  Headed for a ’Gold Standard System’ by 2014 – Ian Gordon  Zig Lambo  Mineweb
05/23/11  How Many People Will Go Hungry When The U.S. Dollar Ponzi Scheme Collapses?  Market Bust  Prison Planet
05/21/11  Eurozone Debt Sends Euro Lower & Gold to New Record  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
05/17/11  US Data Drag Down the Dollar  Chris Gaffney  The Daily Reckoning
05/16/11  U.S. Dollar Bull Monkey Dance Will End Badly, with a QE3 party?  David Banister  The Market Oracle
05/15/11  Stock Market Headaches  Jack Steiman  The Market Oracle
05/14/11  A Counterfactual Look at Inflation  Vedran Vuk  Financial Sense
05/13/11  Massive Debt Means Weaker Dollar for Years to Come  Bob Chapman  Prison Planet
05/10/11  "Risk Off" Currencies Rally on Greek Credit Downgrade  Chris Gaffney  The Daily Reckoning
05/09/11  It’s the End of the Dollar as We Know It Part 3 of 3  John Butler  The Daily Reckoning
05/06/11  USD Sentiment at RECORD NEGATIVE EXTREME – Implications for Silver  Clive Maund
05/05/11  Dollar Retreats To 2½–Year Low  Javier E. David  Wall Street Journal
04/29/11  Currency Dead End Paradoxes  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
04/28/11  Fed Wants Even Higher Inflation  Axel Merk  321 Gold
04/25/11  Silver Set to Soar as Paper Folds?  John Browne  321 Gold
04/25/11  Don’t Like a Weak Dollar? Might as Well Get Used to It  Jeff Cox  CNBC
04/19/11  Marc Faber: The Dollar’s Value In The Future Will Be Zero  Gregory White  Business Insider
04/18/11  Stock Market Update  Toby Connor  Gold–Eagle
04/17/11  The War On Money  Dollar Vigilante  Financial Sense
04/14/11  Currencies  David Petch  Gold–Eagle
04/04/11  Utah Gold Standard(Part I)  Adrian Ash  Gold–Eagle
04/01/11  A Tale of Two Currencies  Jeb Handwerger  Financial Sense
03/31/11  A Lesson from Charlie Sheen (about the Stock Market)  Jared Levy  The Market Oracle
03/30/11  Get Ready for the Meltdown of the US Treasury Bond Market  GEAB  GEAB
03/29/11  The Inflation Knuckleball  Michael Pento  Gold–Eagle
03/28/11  The Fox Is In The Hen House  Aubie Baltin  Gold–Eagle
03/26/11  The Treasury Auction Shell Game  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
03/25/11  Global Money Printing Q.E. Tsunami To Lift Gold  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
03/24/11  Euro’s Collapse Is Not ’Unthinkable’  Mia Lamar  CNBC
03/23/11  Dollar Collapse Inevitable  Jeff Clark  Gold–Eagle
03/22/11  Fed and Inflation  Ron Paul  Safe Haven
03/21/11  How the Fed Is Wrecking the U.S. Dollar  Joseph T Salerno  The Market Oracle
03/20/11  Why Haven’t Riots Hit The US Yet?  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
03/19/11  America, Poised for a Hyperinflationary Event?  Michael Pollaro  Forbes
03/18/11  Is QE3 Ahead?  Llewellyn H Rockwell Jr  Gold–Eagle
03/17/11  That Ticking Sound You Hear is the U.S. Bond Market  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
03/16/11  Currency Meltdown Coming  Greg Hunter
03/15/11  Why U.S. Treasury Bonds Are No Longer the Interest Rate Market Bellwether  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
03/14/11  Japanese Yen Strength to Be Short–Lived?  Chris Gaffney  The Daily Reckoning
03/13/11  Inflation–Related Thoughts  Steve Saville  Gold–Eagle
03/10/11  QE: Hyper–Inflation to Oblivion  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
03/09/11  Inflation...It’s What’s For Dinner  Gary Tanashian  Gold–Eagle
03/08/11  A Hyperinflationary Deluge Is Imminent  Egon von Greyerz  Zerohedge
03/07/11  Investing in Silver Instead of Toilet Paper Currencies  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
03/06/11  Utah Considers Return to Gold, Silver Coins  Stephen Clark  Fox News
03/05/11  Currency Revaluation Won’t Fix America’s Trade Mess  Ian Fletcher  The Market Oracle
03/04/11  Cheap Money, Speculation andGold Hoarding  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
03/03/11  Disasters Rocking U.S. Dollar?  Axel Merk  The Market Oracle
03/02/11  Taps for the Dollar  Michael Pento  Safe Haven
03/01/11  Is the U.S. Dollar on the Brink?  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
02/28/11  Why is the Dollar Falling in Gold and Currency Terms?  Julian Phillips  Gold–Eagle
02/27/11  Buying Bad Debt to Return Bank Solvency  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/26/11  QE2: The Road To A Gold Standard  Dr.Jim Willie  Gold–Eagle
02/25/11  Gold & Silver Rise Again As History’s Chosen Currencies  Ron Robins  Gold–Eagle
02/24/11  Bernanke, You Stupid Bastard  Karl Denninger  321 Gold
02/11/11  Is Deflation Really A Risk Today?  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
02/10/11  Kevin Bambrough: Fiat Currencies Are Worthless  George Mack  321energy
02/09/11  Which Currency Will Crash First?  Rosanne Lim  Gold–Eagle
02/08/11  Inflation is a Deliberate Policy Everywhere  Steve Saville  321 Gold
02/07/11  The Dollar Index Vs. Gold & Commodities  Aaron J Basile  Gold–Eagle
02/06/11  Food Prices Aren’t Rising... Fiat Currencies Are Collapsing  Jeff Berwick  Gold–Eagle
02/05/11  Interview: Jim Rickards on Inflation and Currency Wars  Ron Hera  Financial Sense
02/04/11  Commodity Prices Rise as Inflation Pressures Mount  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
02/03/11  The Dollar Index: How Low Can You Go?  Guy Lerner  Safe Haven
02/02/11  USD OMG  Richard Russell  321 Gold
02/01/11  Egypt’s Revolution and Inflation  Steve Saville  321 Gold
01/31/11  Bear Signs On Wall Street!  Mark J Lundeen  Gold–Eagle
01/30/11  A Mockery of a Sham  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
01/29/11  The History of U.S. Currency
01/28/11  The Fed & Precious Metals  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
01/27/11  The Fed, The Fear Index And The Dollar  Ciovacco CM  Gold–Eagle
01/26/11  Inflation Is So Much Worse Than We’re Told  Chris  Chris
01/25/11  A Teaser, Part Deux  Karl Denninger  321 Gold
01/24/11  Gold to Benefit as Currency Woes Continue  David Levenstein  Mineweb
01/23/11  The Politics of Deflation  Vijay Boyapati  The Market Oracle
01/22/11  Why the Fed Creates So Much Money  The Mogambo Guru  Safe Haven
01/21/11  The Biggest Lie in Finance Today  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
01/20/11  This Simple Indicator Could Spell Disaster in the Stock Market  Jared Levy  The Market Oracle
01/20/11  Money–supply Firing on All Cylinders?  Michael Pollaro  Forbes
01/19/11  QE2 and its Consequences (Part I)  Ron Hera  Gold–Eagle
01/18/11  Fed Spinning Gold  Scott Silva  Gold–Eagle
01/17/11  Here We Go Again  Toby Connor  Gold–Eagle
01/16/11  Medium Term EUR/GBP Downtrend Resuming  Seven Days Ahead  The Market Oracle
01/15/11  Will Gold Be Currency Or Will Cash Be Illegal?  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
01/14/11  Liquidate the Fed  Fred Sheehan  The Market Oracle
01/13/11  U.S. Media Selling Views and Calling it News  John Kozy  The Market Oracle
01/12/11  Bank of China Seeks to Create Global Currency  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
01/11/11  China’s View From Across the Pacific  Dave Gonigam  The Daily Reckoning
01/10/11  Destruction of the U.S. Dollar, The Real Reason Paul Volcker Wants Out  Jeff Berwick  The Market Oracle
01/09/11  Falling Euro May Offer the Best Investment Opportunity of 2011  Bryan Rich  The Market Oracle
01/08/11  At Least 10 States Have Introduced Gold Coins–As–Currency Bills  Jillian Rayfield  TPMDC
01/07/11  The EuroZone Can’t Kick The Can Much More  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
01/06/11  Another Sign of the Dollar Collapse  Jerry Robinson  Financial Sense
01/05/11  A Look At The British Pound  Dominic Frisby  Financial Sense
01/04/11  2–Year High for Oil Pushes the Loonie Higher  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
01/03/11  Market Turning Points  Andre Gratian  Safe Haven
01/01/11  98 TARP Recipients Close To Failure  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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12/31/11  Trends 2012: The End of the Euro, The End of the Investor  Ilargi  The Automatic Earth
12/30/11  Britain Loses Spot as Sixth-largest Economy to Brazil  CEBR  The Telegraph
12/29/11  2012 Offers Few Economic Reasons for Optimism  John Browne  The Market Oracle
12/29/11  12 Trends for 2012  Gerald Celente
12/28/11  What Happened To Economic Growth?  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
12/27/11  Global Economic Crisis: The U.S. An Insolvent and Ungovernable Country  LEAP  The Market Oracle
12/26/11  Recession Crazes  Adam Hamilton  Safe Haven
12/25/11  A Festivus Miracle for the GDP?  Paul Kasriel  Safe Haven
12/24/11  Restoring Economic Growth Is Not Possible, Invisible Mending?  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
12/23/11  World Economy at a ‘very dangerous juncture’: IMF Chief  AFP  Breitbart
12/23/11  The Unfolding of a Global Economic Downturn  John Hussman PhD  Financial Sense
12/22/11  Learning from MF Global’s Bankruptcy  William Bancroft  The Market Oracle
12/22/11  Mainstream Economists’ Monetary Insanity  Antal E. Fekete  Safe Haven
12/21/11  U.S. Housing Market Overview  Mike Stathis  The Market Oracle
12/21/11  How Central Banks Attempt to Prop Up the Economy  Eric Fry  The Daily Reckoning
12/21/11  82% Chance California Pensions Are Going Under...  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
12/20/11  Most Americans Still Have No Idea How Bad the U.S. Economy Is  Editorial  The Economic Collapse Blog
12/19/11  U.S. Economy Center Cannot Hold, Where Is My Return to the Mean?  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
12/18/11  China Economy May Drag World Down  Barry Elias  Free Republic
12/18/11  1 in 2 Americans are Now Poor or Low-income  AP  MSNBC
12/18/11  Head Of The IMF Warns Of A "1930s Depression"  The American Dream  Prison Planet
12/17/11  U.S. Exposure to Europe - Unknown Unknowns  Fred Sheehan  Wall Street Pit
12/16/11  Republicans Push $915 Billion Spending Bill  Rachelle Younglai  Reuters
12/16/11  Lagarde: Global Economy Facing Gloomy Prospects  Martin Crutsinger  The Huffington Post
12/15/11  Those "New" E.U. Fiscal Rules Aren’t So New  Shah Gilani  Money Morning
12/15/11  Housing Prices Have Further to Fall  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
12/14/11  It’s Time to Brace for a Repeat of Financial Crisis 2008, Recession 2012  Martin Hutchinson  Money Morning
12/14/11  Sorting Out the Euro-zone Mess  John Mauldin  FX Street
12/14/11  The Medicine Becomes The Poison  Aubie Baltin  Gold-Eagle
12/13/11  Another Euro Zone Crisis, Another Backdoor Taxpayer Bailout?  EconMatters  The Market Oracle
12/13/11  Changing Views on Growth and Economic Recovery  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/13/11  Signs of Disintegration  Greg Hunter  USA Watchdog
12/12/11  Are Funds At US Financial Firms Safe?  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
12/12/11  What Happens When the World’s Economic Growth Engine Goes Kaput  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/11/11  ECRI: U.S. Recession In Next 3 Quarters  Doug Short  Financial Sense
12/10/11  Jon Corzine Dodges the Fraud Question  Janet Tavakoli  Business Insider
12/09/11  To ECB or Not to ECB?  Philip Davis  Seeking Alpha
12/09/11  When Consumers Stop Consuming  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/08/11  Eurozone Debt Downgrade Shock Waves Could Slam Into US Economy  Dan Amerman  GoldSeek
12/07/11  Economic Armageddon: 2012 or 2013?  Clif Droke  GoldSeek
12/07/11  Europe Entering a Decade Long Recession  Mike Shedlock  Business Insider
12/06/11  Zombified Government Spending  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/06/11  The Pressing Weight of Compounding Debt  Richard Russell  Financial Sense
12/05/11  The Real Reason Why U.S. Unemployment Will Remain High  Mike Stathis  The Market Oracle
12/05/11  Psychopathic Economics 101  D Sherman Okst  Financial Sense
12/04/11  U.S. Employment Up But Not Enough, World Slips into Recession  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
12/03/11  ECRI Recession Watch  Doug Short  Financial Sense
12/02/11  Why the U.S. Economy Will Be Weaker Than Expected in 2012  Kerri Shannon  Money Morning
12/02/11  Deflation vs. Inflation: Who is Right?  Robert Nuez  Gold-Eagle
12/01/11  Leaping Toward the Keynesian Dream  Jeffrey Tucker  The Daily Reckoning
12/01/11  A Summary Of The Risks  Steve Saville  Gold-Eagle
11/30/11  Euro-zone Debt Crisis, Where Would We Be Without Rules?  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
11/30/11  U.S. Government Spends More than It Earns, It’s All Very Taxing  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
11/29/11  How The NY Fed Missed the Great Recession  Barry Ritholtz  Ritholtz Blog
11/28/11  American’s Comfortably Numb on the Highway to Economic Collapse  James Quinn  The Market Oracle
11/28/11  Totally Corrupt America  Paul Craig Roberts
11/27/11  The Hallmark of the Fed is Duplicity  Rob Kirby  The Market Oracle
11/26/11  US GDP - Sinking!  David Chapman  Safe Haven
11/25/11  Terrifying Economic Conditions in the US and Europe  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
11/24/11  We Are All Keynesians Now - Except Me  Asha Bangalore  FX Street
11/23/11  Gold / Housing Ratio Falls To Historic Low  Daniel R. Amerman
11/23/11  Here You Go: It’s Over  Karl Denninger  321 Gold
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08/10/11  The Day The Middle Class Died  Michael Moore
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07/16/11  US Risks AAA Rating Even With Debt Deal  Richard Blackden  The Telegraph
07/15/11  The Fed, the Debt, Ron Paul and Gold  RTAmerica  Prison Planet
07/15/11  Who Caused the Crisis and Why Is the Recovery Taking Forever?  John R. Talbott  Huffington Post
07/15/11  Moody’s Warns of a Downgrade for US Debt  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
07/14/11  QE1 and 2 Hurt the Economy ... Bernanke Proposes Round 3  Washington’s Blog  Prison Planet
07/14/11  The Greater Economic Depression Is Upon Us  David Galland  The Market Oracle
07/13/11  Future of America: Harder Than Anything You’ve Experienced in Your Lifetime  Mac Slavo  Lew
07/13/11  Moody’s Puts USA On Credit Downgrade Watch  CNBC  Prison Planet
07/13/11  Baloney  Gary North  Lew
07/12/11  Debt–ceiling Talks Hit Brick Wall as Pres. Obama, GOP Trade Jabs  S. Youngman & E. Wasson  The Hill
07/12/11  Geithner Says Hard Times to Continue for Many  AP
07/12/11  What Is Really Going On Behind The Scenes As Rome Burns  Tyler Durden  Prison Planet
07/11/11  Why Small Business Won’t be HiringCharles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense  Financial Sense
07/10/11  Feds Force State & Local Government Insolvency  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
07/09/11  Boehner Abandons Efforts to Hammer Out Debt–reduction Deal  P. Kane & L. Montgomery  The Washington Post
07/08/11  In Europe, an ’Argentinean Re–Run’  Catherine Boyle  CNBC
07/07/11  16 Reasons To Feel Really Depressed About The Economy  Ed.  Prison Planet
07/06/11  The Time to Acquire Tangible Assets is Coming Soon!  Deepcaster  Financial Sense
07/05/11  The Rise of the Barter Economy  Peter Schiff  Safe Haven
07/04/11  The Great Misdiagnosis  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
06/28/11  Dream A Little Dream  Gonzalo Lira  Financial Sense
06/28/11  Why I’m Not Optimistic for the Second Half  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
06/28/11  Can the Fed and Economists Forecast the Future?  EWI  The Market Oracle
06/27/11  Don’t be Distracted by Greece: Americans Must Also Face Financial Facts  Justin Webb  The Telegraph
06/27/11  Third World America Drowning in Debt and Choking on Lies  Janet Tavakoli  The Market Oracle
06/26/11  Is the Fed the World’s Largest Fixed–Income Hedge Fund?  Global Macro Monitor
06/25/11  Per Household Annual Deficit Exceeds US Income Per Household  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
06/25/11  Why Are Food Prices Rising So Fast?  The Economic Collapse Blog  The Economic Collapse Blog
06/25/11  Strategic Petroleum Reserves the New Global QE?  Ashraf Laidi  The Market Oracle
06/24/11  U.S. Dollar Repatriation and Inflation  Fred Sheehan  The Market Oracle
06/24/11  Fed Holds Economy Hostage  Scott Silva  Gold–Eagle
06/24/11  U.S. Horrific National Debt, Are You Prepared?  Chris Kitze  The Market Oracle
06/23/11  Cook County Taxpayers Owe $108 Billion, County Treasurer Says  Greg Hinz
06/23/11  Recovery Fails Its Midterm Exams  Bill Fleckenstein  Money
06/22/11  Best of Times & Worst of Times  Joseph Dancy  Financial Sense
06/22/11  Who Turned Out the Lights?  Brian Pretti  Financial Sense
06/21/11  US Must Raise The Debt Ceiling By Aug 2, Or Risk Losing Its AAA  Joe Weisenthal  Business Insider
06/21/11  Fitch Sees Risk of Greece, U.S. Debt Defaults  Masayuki Kitano  Reuters
06/20/11  How An Economy Collapses  Dr Martenson  The Market Oracle
06/19/11  More Signs That Society Is Collapsing  Submissions  The Market Oracle
06/18/11  Shakier Foundations  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
06/17/11  Housing Market Tanks Again, Say Builders  Lee Adler  Financial Sense
06/17/11  Slow Economic Growth and Other Costs of Avoiding Disaster  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
06/16/11  The Systematic Financial Pillaging of the Middle Class  MyBudget360
06/15/11  End Game  Peter Schiff  321Gold
06/14/11  Too Much Money  Scott Silva  Gold–Eagle
06/13/11  Where Is The Economic Recovery? I Cannot Seem To Find It  Tony Pallotta  The Market Oracle
06/12/11  The Unemployment Conspiracy; It’s the Policy, Stupid!  Mike Whitney  The Market Oracle
06/10/11  U.S. Hurtles Toward System Failure  Jim Willie  Financial Sense
06/09/11  The Coming Economic Hell For American Families  The Economic Collapse  Prison Planet
06/09/11  The Global Debt Crisis: How We Got in It and How to Get Out  Ellen Brown  Web of Debt
06/09/11  We need an ’Evil Plan’ to foil our own leaders  Paul B. Farrell  MarketWatch
06/08/11  U.S. Funding for Future Promises Lags by Trillions  Dennis Cauchon  USA Today
06/08/11  Social Security – Boomers Will Have to Pay  Bruce Krasting  Financial Sense
06/07/11  True Cost of Fannie, Freddie Bailouts: $317 Billion, CBO Says  Matt Cover  Prison Planet
06/07/11  Is The US Market About To Go "Mega–Bearish"?  Joe Weisenthal  Business Insider
06/06/11  Half of Last Month’s New Jobs Came from McDonald’s  Mark Hemingway  The Weekly Standard
06/05/11  Dismal Payroll Data  Doug Noland  Safe Haven
06/05/11  Peter Schiff: ’US Economy Heading for Disaster’  RT  Prison Planet
06/05/11  Bearish Whispers  Adam Brochert  Gold–Eagle
06/04/11  U.S. Debt Ceiling Debate is Just Politicial Theatre  Paul Craig Roberts  The Market Oracle
06/03/11  10 Reasons Why The "Economic Recovery" Is a Fraud  Paul Joseph Watson  Prison Planet
06/02/11  An Eye on the Next Financial Crisis  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
06/02/11  Earnings Will Follow The Economy – Down  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
06/01/11  Why Is The Economy So Bad?  The American Dream  Prison Planet
06/01/11  Obama Dips into US Retirees’ Funds  PressTV  PressTV
06/01/11  Global Economic Rebound Weakens  Simon Kennedy  Bloomberg
05/31/11  Fiat Currency Economic Death Spiral Has Been Triggered  Gordon T Long  The Market Oracle
05/30/11  Things Get Curiouser and Curiouser  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/27/11  Fannie and Freddie Try to Hide From the FoIA  Bruce Krasting  Financial Sense
05/26/11  Economy: Not Quite in "Tailspin," But...  Dock Treece  Financial Sense
05/25/11  The Successful Failure of US Money Printing  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/24/11  Market and Economy at an Important Juncture  Richard Russell  Financial Sense
05/23/11  Import Inflation Inferno Hits US Consumers  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
05/21/11  Why The Fed Is Waiting To Announce QE3  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
05/17/11  US Raids Civil Service Pension Fund as It Hits Debt Limit  Richard Blackden  The Telegraph
05/16/11  U.S. Housing Market is Still Sick  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
05/15/11  50 Things Every American Should Know About The Collapse Of The Economy  Economic Collapse Blog  Prison Planet
05/14/11  Social Security deficits now ’permanent’  Stephan Dinan  The Washington Times
05/13/11  Treasury Auctions To Take US Over Debt Ceiling On Monday  Jeffrey Sparshott & Jeff Bater  NASDAQ
05/10/11  Employment Numbers Not Good News For Housing  Lee Adler  Financial Sense
05/09/11  What’s the Real U.S. Unemployment Rate?  MikeShedlock  The Market Oracle
05/06/11  $2 Trillion Mile Marker on Road to Perdition  Greg Hunter  USA Watchdog
05/05/11  Excessive Leverage Helped Cause the Great Depression and the Current Crisis  Washington’s Blog  Prison Planet
04/29/11  Wealthquake  Stephen Johnston  Safe Haven
04/28/11  QE2 and the Fate of the U.S. Economy  Dave Galland  Prison Planet
04/25/11  Fed QE and SPX  Adam Hamilton  321 Gold
04/19/11  Paying Down Debt  Captain Hook  Financial Sense
04/18/11  Why S&P’s Official Statement is Nothing But a Joke  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
04/17/11  SPX Correction Looms 2  Adam Hamilton  Zeal llc
04/14/11  Raising the Debt Ceiling, and Extending QE–2 Indefinitely  Gonzalo Lira  Gonzalo Lira
04/04/11  Tomorrow Happened Yesterday  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
04/01/11  The Credit Cycle  Puru Saxena  321 Gold
03/31/11  To Lower The Debt Ceiling, Fix The Monetary System  Rich Danker  Forbes
03/30/11  Social Security Hits 60 Billion  Bruce Krasting  Financial Sense
03/29/11  At 220 MPH, Fed Is Without Brakes  Rick Ackerman  Gold–Eagle
03/28/11  Government Shutdown May Be Near  Jeremy Wallace  The Herald Tribune
03/26/11  Protests, State Budgets & Collapsing Artificial Employment  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
03/25/11  Household Wealth Down 23% in 2 years – Fed  Charles Riley  CNN Money
03/24/11  Top 10 Keynesian Ways to Boost the US Economy  Jason Kaspar  Financial Sense
03/23/11  Two Ways for the US to Go Broke  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
03/22/11  Mega–Banks and the Next Financial Crisis  James Freeman  The Wall Street Journal
03/21/11  Home Sales Tumble, Prices Near 9–year Low  Reuters  Reuters
03/20/11  Why Deflation Will Torpedo the Economic Recovery  Clif Droke  Safe Haven
03/19/11  What Happens When We Come to the End of QE2?  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
03/18/11  Why Inflation Hurts More Than It Did 30 Years Ago  Daily Finance  Daily Finance
03/16/11  Food Is Fuel, Rising Food and Energy Costs Triggering Uprisings  The Energy Report  The Market Oracle
03/15/11  U.S. Interest Rates Are On The Launch Pad  Jack Steiman  The Market Oracle
03/14/11  Stock Market Investors, It’s Time to Get Out!  Toby Connor  The Market Oracle
03/13/11  The Day Of Gold–Plated Public Sector Pensions Are Numbered  Arnold Bock  Gold–Eagle
03/10/11  World’s Biggest Bond–Fund Dumps All US Gov Debt  Susanne Walker  Bloomberg News
03/09/11  Charting the Economy  Robert Kientz  Financial Sense
03/08/11  Four Time–bombs That Will Blow–up Wall Street  Paul B. Farrell  Market Watch
03/07/11  Economic Booms, Busts, and Food Prices  Gary North  The Market Oracle
03/06/11  A Resumption Of The Housing Decline In 2011  Cliff Droke  Gold–Eagle
03/05/11  U.S. Economic Death Spiral Into the Second Great Depression  D Sherman Okst  The Market Oracle
03/04/11  Fed Emperor Nakedly Monetizing Debt, Desperately Seeking Stability  Jesse  The Market Oracle
03/02/11  Yellen and Khaddafy – Studies in Paranoia  Fred Sheehan  Safe Haven
03/01/11  A No–Win Situation For the Fed  Clif Droke  Safe Haven
02/28/11  A Barrel of Troubles  DR.Aubie Baltin  Gold–Eagle
02/27/11  Of Government and Famine  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/26/11  Greenback Armageddon Ahead?–Vickers  (video) CNBC  Prison Planet
02/25/11  The Recovery That Never Was  Andy Sutton  Gold–Eagle
02/24/11  Cheating Investors As Official Government Policy  Daniel Amerman  Safe Haven
02/11/11  Escaping the Great Depression – & Extending the Greater Depression  Doug Casey  Safe Haven
02/10/11  Mythology & Official Nonsense  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
02/09/11  Coming Soon: A 300–Percent Increase in Foreclosures  Tim Cavanaugh
02/08/11  Job Openings in U.S. Decrease to Three–Month Low  Bob Willis  Bloomberg News
02/07/11  If Friday’s U.S. Employment Data Confused You...  Trader Mark  The Market Oracle
02/06/11  Weathering Wheat Prices and Unemployment Numbers  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
02/05/11  The Job Crisis Isn’t Over  MarketWatch  MarketWatch
02/04/11  Anticipating a Budget Deficit  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
02/03/11  The "Recovery" in Consumer Loans Isn’t Real  Bud Conrad  Casey Research
02/02/11  The Financial Crisis "Round Two" Survival Guide  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
02/01/11  PopCon: The ’Economic Recovery’ Lie  James West  Gold–Eagle
01/31/11  U.S. Real Statistical Economic Recovery, Bubble Complacency  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
01/30/11  The Fed Effect: Full Spectrum Dominance  Joe Russo  Gold–Eagle
01/29/11  State of Denial  David Galland  Gold–Eagle
01/28/11  Obama State of the Union Pie–in–the–Sky Speech  John Browne  The Daily Reckoning
01/27/11  US Unemployment and Other Data Not Indicative of "Recovery"  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
01/27/11  Rising Costs Threaten Corporate Profits  Scott Malone  Reuters
01/26/11  Inflated Prices  Scott Silva  The Daily Reckoning
01/25/11  The Great Debt Shift  John Browne  Financial Sense
01/24/11  World Economic Forum Endorses Fraud  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
01/23/11  Misconceptions About the Consumer’s Role in a US Recovery  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
01/22/11  State Bankruptcy Option Is Sought, Quietly  Mary Williams Walsh  The New York Times
01/21/11  Muni–Bond CrisisCan Only Deepen  Rick Ackerman  Gold–Eagle
01/20/11  An Economic Recovery Unto Death  Cliff Droke  Gold–Eagle
01/19/11  Tossing Consumers Under the Bus & Expecting an Economic Recovery  D Sherman Okst  The Market Oracle
01/18/11  A Word of Advice to Financial Authorities  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
01/17/11  America Replicating Japan’s Depression  Stephen Lendman  The Market Oracle
01/16/11  Be Wary of Rosy Economic Outlooks for 2011 ... and Profit Along the Way!  Bryan Rich  The Market Oracle
01/15/11  We Could Be In Great Depression II – But We’re Not!  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
01/14/11  No Such Thing as Cost–Push Inflation  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
01/13/11  No Fed Bailout for Main Street  Ellen Brown  The Market Oracle
01/12/11  Krugman’s Straw–Man Market System  William Anderson  The Market Oracle
01/11/11  Hoover and Bush, Interventionism Turns Crisis into Great Depression  Mark Thornton  The Market Oracle
01/10/11  Following the Efficient–Markets Hypothesis into Absurdity  Robert Murphy  The Market Oracle
01/09/11  Long Shadows Cast Over US Economy 2011  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
01/06/11  Imagining The Unimaginable  Rick Ackerman  
01/05/11  BofA Settlement, Another Taxpayer Rip–off  Greg Hunter  USA
01/04/11  The Plight of the Baby Boomers  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
01/03/11  Stop Accumulating Additional Debt, 2011 To–Do List  Andy Sutton  The Market Oracle
01/01/11  The Truth is We’re Freakin’ Finished  Mac Slavo  The Market Oracle
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12/31/11  Coming of the Violent Global Revolutions  Submissions  The Market Oracle
12/30/11  Another Asian Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe Imminent?  John Daly
12/29/11  Devil Deals  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/29/11  Japan – Land of the Rising Debt  Pater Tenebrarum  Financial Sense
12/28/11  The U.S. Government is Run by Liars  Gary North  The Market Oracle
12/27/11  The Unintended Empire  John Mauldin  Financial Sense
12/26/11  The Perfect Heist: Why Government Theft Continues to Go Unnoticed  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/25/11  What Government Really Is  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/24/11  The United States, the Ununited Empire  STRATFOR  The Market Oracle
12/23/11  Our Financial "Regulators" Just Let Us Down Again  David Zeiler  Money Morning
12/23/11  The Corruption of America  Porter Stansberry  The Daily Reckoning
12/22/11  What Happens When Ron Paul Wins Iowa?  CNN  Prison Planet
12/22/11  The Arab Winter: Violence from a US–back Egyptian Military Junta  Patrick Henningsen  Global Research
12/21/11  Beware the Coming Bailouts of Europe  Dr Ron Paul  Safe Haven
12/21/11  What Kim Jong Il’s Death Means for the Global Economy  Kerri Shannon  Money Morning
12/21/11  "Power Corrupts..."  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/20/11  Is the United States Too Big to Succeed?  Roman Skaskiw
12/19/11  China’s Meltdown Continues  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
12/18/11  The End of Canada as a Sovereign Nation State...?  James Corbett  Global Research
12/18/11  Is Operation GLADIO on the Rebound in Europe?  Patrick Henningsen  Infowars
12/17/11  The Five Most Idiotic Things U.S. Congress Did This Week  David Zeiler  Money Morning
12/16/11  U.S. Wastes $3.5 Trillion on Iraq War, Prepares for War Against Iran  Global Research  The Market Oracle
12/16/11  Legislating Tyranny in America, Orwell and Beyond  Stephen Lendman  Global Research
12/15/11  The Diabolical Genius that is Modern Government  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/15/11  The US Becomes Just Another Military Dictatorship  Lew Rockwell  The Market Oracle
12/14/11  US Special Forces Mass On Syrian Border  Paul Joseph Watson
12/14/11  Americans Fear Big Government Over Everything  MJ Lee  Prison Planet
12/14/11  The Great Unraveling  Pater Tenebrarum  Acting-Man
12/13/11  Russia Transformed  JR Nyquist  Financial Sense
12/13/11  U.S.-NATO Troops Reported On Jordan’s Border with Syria  Kurt Nimmo  Prison Planet
12/13/11  Report: Iran To Practice Closing Strait Of Hormuz  Paul Joseph Watson  Prison Planet
12/12/11  Germany Is Saying that Europe Needs a Dad  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
12/12/11  The Rotten Heart of Europe  Frederick J Sheehan  Financial Sense
12/11/11  A Treaty to Save Euro May Split Europe...  S. Erlanger & S. Castle  New York Times
12/10/11  Germany Wins Eurozone War, UK Veto Puts Britain on the Fast Track to EU Exit  Nadeem Walayat  The Market Oracle
12/09/11  Hugo Salinas-Price: What Every Politician Needs to Know About Silver  Ron Hera  GoldSeek
12/09/11  More on a New Theory of Government...  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/08/11  The American Dream In Reverse  Jeff Berwick  The Market Oracle
12/07/11  Global Economy and Financial Markets 2012 Outlook  Bloomberg  The Market Oracle
12/06/11  The Great Western Crackup  Peter Schiff  Safe Haven
12/06/11  Federal Reserve Slowly Replacing U.S. Government on Policy Decisions...  Joshua Zumbrun  Bloomberg
12/06/11  Is the World Spinning Out of Control?  Greg Hunter  USA Watchdog
12/05/11  Indefinite Military Detention of Citizens Not Blocked For Second Time  Michael McAuliff  The Huffington Post
12/05/11  ‘America’s great game could spark World War Three’  RT  Prison Planet
12/04/11  America’s War on Pakistan, Anti–NATO Protests across Pakistan  Rick Rozoff  Global Research
12/03/11  America’s Lost Half Century and the Loss of Values  Barry Elias  Newsmax
12/02/11  Everything Wall Street Does Is Illegal?  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
12/02/11  Amendments Introduced To Halt Indefinite Detention of Americans  Paul Joseph Watson  Prison Planet
12/01/11  Why Politicians Are Good for Gold  Julian DW Phillips  Financial Sense
12/01/11  The SEC’s Day in Court  Fred Sheehan  Safe Haven
11/30/11  With Rising Wages, Will China Remain a Manufacturing Hub?  Frank Holmes  Safe Haven
11/30/11  How Paulson Gave Hedge Funds Advance Word  Richard Teitelbaum  Bloomberg
11/29/11  On the Folly of Economic Sanctions  Dr Ron Paul  The Market Oracle
11/28/11  The Mega Banks Seizing Control of Europe  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
11/28/11  U.S. Foreclosure Fraud in a Nutshell  Lew Rockwell  The Market Oracle
11/27/11  Europe is Falling Apart, ECB to the Rescue?  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
11/26/11  What is Good for EU is Bad for Germany?  Capital3X  The Market Oracle
11/25/11  The Roads To War And Economic Collapse  Paul Craig Roberts  Prison Planet
11/24/11  U.S. and European Fiscal Ticking Time Bombs, Whose Fuse is Shorter?  Peter Schiff  The Market Oracle
11/23/11  Super Committee Fails to Reach Deficit Agreement  Billy House  National Journal
11/23/11  Massive Hydrovolcanic Explosion Inevitable at Fukushima  Kurt Nimmo  Prison Planet
11/22/11  On the Congressional Super Committee on Federal Budget Spending Cuts  Dr Ron Paul  Safe Haven
11/22/11  World Government, Currency and the Bilderberg Group  Sam Chee Kong  The Market Oracle
11/22/11  Announcement: ‘End The Fed’ – Marches And Rallies – Tuesday  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
11/21/11  Center Can’t Hold  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
11/21/11  Freedom: The New and Future Experiment  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
11/21/11  Supercommittee Failure Could Trigger US Credit Downgrade  Dominic Rushe  The Guardian
11/20/11  Bankster Conspiracy for a United States of Europe  Lew Rockwell  The Market Oracle
11/19/11  The Symbiotic Relationship of Feds and Insiders  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
11/18/11  To Save the Euro We Must Destroy Germany  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
11/18/11  Bank Fraud Prosecution Continues to Drop Under Obama  Barry Ritholtz  Ritholtz Blog
11/18/11  W. Buiter: A Spanish Or Italian Default Could Happen In JUST Days  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
11/17/11  Euro Bankrupting States Technocrats Now, Strong Man Next?  Adrian Ash  Safe Haven
11/17/11  Taxpayers, Forget Retirement  Gary North  The Market Oracle
11/17/11  The Crisis Eats Its Way Into the Core  Pater Tenebrarum  Acting-Man
11/16/11  Central Bankers Abuse of Global Monetary System  Rob Kirby  The Market Oracle
11/15/11  Hokey Pokey  John P. Hussman, Ph.D.  Hussman Funds
11/15/11  The Coming Global Systemic Collapse and Its Implications  Sam Chee Kong  The Market Oracle
11/15/11  Euro Zone Split Fears as EU Dithers on Italy  B. Moody & A. Rinke  Reuters
11/14/11  Big Lies Launch Wars. "All Wars are based on Deception"  Stephen Lendman  Global Research
11/14/11  G20 Breeding Ground of Corruption  Joseph Russo  The Market Oracle
11/13/11  The Illusion of Capital  Dan Amoss  The Daily Reckoning
11/12/11  Unity of Europe: Germany’s Challenge?  DK Matai  The Market Oracle
11/11/11  Americans Are Now Living Orwell’s 1984  Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones  Prison Planet
11/11/11  A Financial Nightmare For Italy  The Economic Collapse  Prison Planet
11/10/11  The High Cost of Nuclear Energy Freedom from Fossil Fuels  Walter Brasch  The Moderate Voice
11/10/11  France & Germany Begin Talks To Break Up Eurozone  Elliott, Stewart & Hooper  The Guardian
11/09/11  Wall Street Conspiracy to Bankrupt the United States  Video  The Market Oracle
11/09/11  Ron Paul on President Obama Taking Executive Orders Too Far  Dr Ron Paul  The Market Oracle
11/09/11  Stalling German Economy Will Throw Gasoline on Eurozone Debt Fire  David Zeiler  Money Morning
11/08/11  Former Fed Economist Likely Next Prime Minister of Greece!  Economic Policy Journal  Prison Planet
11/08/11  America Will Be Judged as the Most Brutal Empire in History  Activist Post  Prison Planet
11/07/11  Libertarians Are SCARY;They Hate Illegal Wars!  Washington’s Blog  Washingtons Blog
11/07/11  Greece Talks Under Way in Bid to Avoid Bankruptcy  AP  CBS News
11/07/11  A Zombie War Is a Perfect War, Goal to Transfer Wealth  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
11/06/11  Global Warfare: Targeting Iran: Preparing for World War III  Michel Chossudovsky  Prison Planet
11/06/11  Bundesbank’s Weber Warns Germany Will Be On The Hook For European Bail Out  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
11/05/11  The Problem With People Seeing Government as God  David Galland  Casey Research
11/04/11  Bad Moon Rising  James Quinn  Financial Sense
11/04/11  Greek Democracy Could Be Costly  John Browne  Business Insider
11/03/11  Eurocrats Terrified of Democracy  Daniel Hannan  The Telegraph
11/03/11  America’s Other 87 Deficits  Stephen S. Roach
11/03/11  Greece Will Be Told No Alternative to Budget Cuts as EU Races to Save Pact  R. Christie and S. Kennedy  Bloomberg
11/02/11  Greek Gov’t ‘on verge of imploding’  AFP  News 24
11/02/11  Fukushima: More Frightening Details  Arnie Gundersen  Prison Planet
11/02/11  Ain’t no Chairs  Bob Moriarty  321 Gold
11/01/11  Why the Latest Eurozone Bail–out is Destined to Fail Within Weeks  Liam Halligan  The Telegraph
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08/10/11  Economic Uncertainty Leading to Global Unrest  Mark Koba  CNBC
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07/12/11  The Emperor has no Clothes  Bob Moriarty  321 Gold
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06/20/11  Greek Default Spells ’Havoc’ for Banks  A. Kirchfeld & E. Logutenkova  Businessweek
06/19/11  Queen Worried About Empire’s Meltdown  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/18/11  Greek Debt and U.S. Banks Trigger for Next Global Credit Crisis  Money Morning  Money Morning
06/17/11  Can China Fail Like Japan?  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
06/16/11  Why The Wheels Are Falling Off China’s Boom  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
06/15/11  How the U.S. Government Is Choking Off Access to Traditional Safe Havens  DailyWealth  The Market Oracle
06/14/11  The Root Causes of Global Imbalances  Micheal Pettis  Financial Sense
06/13/11  Europe Replacing Economic Democracy with Financial Oligarchy  Michael Hudson  The Market Oracle
06/12/11  Welcome to Police State Amerika  David Galland  The Market Oracle
06/11/11  Attacks on Gold Retailers and Student Loan Debtors This Week  Dollar Vigilante  Dollar Vigilante
06/10/11  Our Economic Future: From Best to Worst Case  Doug Casey  Gold–Eagle
06/10/11  The State’s Foundations Are Collapsing  Butler Shaffer  The Market Oracle
06/09/11  World’s Most Powerful Group Meets in St Moritz  Nicole della Pietra  Prison Planet
06/08/11  Financial Repression: A Sheep Shearing Instruction Manual  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  The Coming Simultaneous European Banking Collapse  Toni Straka  Financial Sense
06/08/11  The Republicrats One–Party Police State  Jack D Douglas  The Market Oracle
06/07/11  Shrinking Economy, Expanding State  JR Nyquist  Financial Sense
06/07/11  The Dangers of Fukushima Are Worse Than We Think  Chris Martenson PhD  Financial Sense
06/06/11  Weak Economic Reports Across the Globe  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
06/05/11  China Has Divested 97 Percent of Its Holdings in U.S. Treasury Bills  Terrence Jeffrey  Activist Post
06/05/11  Gaddafi’s Stolen Billions: Max Keiser Explains ’Financial Terrorism’  RT  Prison Planet
06/05/11  Trouble for the Establishment in Europe, Protests Spread to France (Video)  We Are Change  Prison Planet
06/04/11  Chinese Demand For Metals Expands  Anthony David  The Market Oracle
06/03/11  Confirmed: Big Banks Borrowed Cash For Next To Nothing  Washington’s Blog  Prison Planet
06/01/11  The Door is About to Shut for Americans
06/02/11  Greece Has Defaulted and So Has Everyone Else  Peter Souleles  Gold–Eagle
06/01/11  Bid to Use Gold as Collateral Advances in Europe  Francesca Freeman
05/31/11  Global Crisis ’May Not Be Over Yet’: OECD  Peter Guest
05/30/11  The Ticking Time Bomb  Bob Moriarty  321 Gold
05/27/11  The Mounting Debt of the US Empire Business  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/26/11  Are China’s Factories Running out of Power?  Jeff Rubin  Financial Sense
05/25/11  The Flight into Gold. Rampant Inflation and the Collapsing Dollar System  Bob Chapman
05/24/11  BLANCHFLOWER: The EURO Crisis Is Headed For "DISASTER"  Cullen Roche
05/23/11  Euro Doom Is What’s Happening In Spain Right Now  The Automatic Earth  Prison Planet
05/21/11  What Happens When Greece Defaults  Andrew Lilico  The Telegraph
05/17/11  Taking Control of Your IRA  Simon Black  The Daily Reckoning
05/16/11  The Fall of the U.S. Empire...  David Galland  The Market Oracle
05/15/11  Chinese Growth on a Mountain of US Debt  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/14/11  Shanghai Silver Trading Volume Surges By 65% Last Month  Tyler Durden  Prison Planet
05/13/11  It’s Now Easier to Enter the US than it is to Leave  Jeff Berwick  Dollar Vigilante
05/10/11  China, the Global Locomotive  Bill Witherell  Financial Sense
05/09/11  Probability of Greek Default at 68%  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
05/06/11  The World Is Already Dumping The US Dollar  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
05/05/11  U.S. Treasury: China Has Decreased Its Holdings of U.S. Debt  Terence P. Jeffrey  CNS News
04/29/11  Europe Faces Double Dip  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
04/28/11  Boomerang Inflation  Richard Benson  Gold–Eagle
04/25/11  China Proposes To Cut Two Thirds Of Its $3 Trillion In USD Holdings  Tyler Durden  Prison Planet
04/19/11  Will China’s Economy Overheat?  Frank Holmes  The Market Oracle
04/18/11  China Gains Wider Distribution of the Yuan  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
04/17/11  Land of the Free, Indeed  Jeff Berwick  Safe Haven
04/14/11  Predicting Global Revolutions, Civil Wars and Riots  Russ Winter  Financial Sense
04/04/11  The Causes of the Mess We’re In  Gonzalo Lira  Financial Sense
04/01/11  Thin Air In – Thin Air Out  Bob Hoye  SHTF Plan
03/31/11  G20 Considers Global Currency  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
03/30/11  Finding Religion Is Uplifting  Captain Hook  Safe Haven
03/29/11  Start Thinking In Terms of Survival  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
03/28/11  French Plan to Topple Gaddafi on Track Since Last November  Global Research  The Market Oracle
03/26/11  A Nation of Dropouts Shakes Europe  Charles Forelle  The Wall Street Journal
03/25/11  EU Summit Leaves Loose Ends in Debt Crisis  William L. Watts  Market Watch
03/23/11  Imperialists Shred U.N. Charter for War Against Libya  Global Research  The Market Oracle
03/22/11  Budget Deficits and Foreign Policy  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
03/21/11  The 1st Great War of 21st Century Has Begun  Gerald Celente  The Daily Reckoning
03/20/11  Japan: So Many Implications to Consider  Fred Cederholm  Financial Sense
03/19/11  The Rule of Gold After the Financial Collapse  James Hunt  The Market Oracle
03/18/11  Japanese Fallout May Hit Treasuries  John Browne  Financial Sense
03/17/11  Global Crisis in Leadership Nearly Everywhere You Look  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
03/16/11  The Death of the Nuclear Power Renaissance  Eric Fry  The Daily Reckoning
03/15/11  WTO Sides With Chinese State Capitalism Against the U.S.  Ian Fletcher  The Market Oracle
03/14/11  The Gathering Political and Economic Storm  James Quinn  The Market Oracle
03/13/11  Five Principles That Made America Great  Gary North  The Market Oracle
03/10/11  A Handy Guide to the Revolts in the Middle East  Gonzalo Lira  Gonzalo Lira
03/09/11  Global Currency War Flash Points in the Middle East ’Age of Rage’  Gordon T Long  The Market Oracle
03/08/11  Debt, Inflation and Global Economy Systemic Risks, The ZIRP Trap  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
03/07/11  Global Financial System is One Gargantuan Ponzi Scheme  Global Research  The Market Oracle
03/06/11  Confirmation of "the Sequence"  JR Nyquist  Financial Sense
03/05/11  U.S. Taxpayers in Revolt  Douglas French  The Market Oracle
03/04/11  Inflation and Tax Rises Crush Britain’s Middle Class, Real Earnings 25% Drop!  Nadeem Walayat  The Market Oracle
03/03/11  Global Food Crisis, Not Only Speculation  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
03/02/11  Egypt’s Revolution  William F.Engdahl  Financial Sense
03/01/11  The Middle East and the Coming Global Tsunami  Global Intelligence Report  Financial Sense
02/28/11  Congress Must Reject the Welfare/Warfare State  Ron Paul  >Safe Haven
02/27/11  Bank of India Becomes First to Offer Trade Settlement in Yuan  Saibal Dasgupta  The Times of India
02/26/11  China – Risks and Opportunities  Puru Saxena  Safe Haven
02/25/11  When the Money Stops Flowing  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
02/24/11  Arab Autocracies and US Inflation  Michael Pento  The Market Oracle
02/11/11  Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lender  Terry Coxon  Casey Research
02/10/11  Ireland ’may need further EU help’  Ciara O’Brien  The Irish Times
02/09/11  The Battle for Egypt – The People vs. Washington  Michael T Bucci  The Market Oracle
02/08/11  Chinese Puzzle  Antal E. Fekete  Safe Haven
02/07/11  Egyptian Crisis To Only Get Deeper With No Quick Fix Likely  Danny Schechter  The Market Oracle
02/06/11  Inflation ’Round the World  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
02/05/11  A Book Report on "The Breakdown of Nations"  Bud Wood  321 Gold
02/04/11  Britain is an Incipient Fascist State  Global Research  The Market Oracle
02/04/11  Understating the Economic Cost of a Carbon Tax  Robert Murphy  The Market Oracle
02/03/11  Capital Leaving Middle East Looking For Safe Havens  Jeb Handwerger  Safe Haven
02/02/11  U.S. Chickens Come Home to Roost in Egypt  Global Research  The Market Oracle
02/01/11  10 Things We Can Learn From Egypt  Mac Slavo  SHTF
01/31/11  China Allows Renminbi Trading In The US  Rosanne Lim  Gold–Eagle
01/30/11  Why Egypt Matters  Michael Ashton  Safe Haven
01/29/11  US Panel Blames Banks for ’08 Meltdown, but Not Central Banks  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
01/27/11  China Plays Europe Card  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
01/25/11  UN Wants New Global Currency to Replace Dollar  Edmund Conway  The Telegraph
01/24/11  In Praise of Anarchy  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
01/23/11  Why Tunisia Changed the World  Shamus Cooke  The Market Oracle
01/22/11  Spain Plans Partial Nationalization of Savings Banks  M. M .Ruiz and S. Dowsett  Reuters
01/21/11  China  Richard Russell  The Market Oracle
01/20/11  China’s Inflation Problem Looms Large  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
01/19/11  The U.S. & China Going in Opposite Directions  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
01/18/11  Global Aging and the Crisis of the 2020s, Demographic Storms Ahead  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
01/17/11  Food Riots 2011  Chris Kitze  The Market Oracle
01/16/11  If Demography Is Destiny, Then India Has the Edge  Peter Coy  Business
01/15/11  Why the World is Financially Doomed  Charles Hugh Smith
01/14/11  Does Fascism Lurk Around The Corner In The USA?  Danny Schechter  The Market Oracle
01/13/11  U.S. Recruits Japan As Global Military Partner  Rick Rozoff  The Market Oracle
01/12/11  Budget Battles Ahead  Axel Merk  The Market Oracle
01/11/11  EU Prepares to Approve €1 Trillion Master Energy Plan  Global Intel Report  The Market Oracle
01/10/11  The Global Effects of the Economic Crisis: A European Strategy for the Left  Michael Hudson  The Market Oracle
01/09/11  Toward Sensible Monetary Policy  Dr Ron Paul  The Market Oracle
01/08/11  The Next Decade  John Mauldin  Financial Sense
01/06/11  Putin Prepares For War  Mike Whitney  The Market Oracle
01/05/11  2011: Year of the European Bank–run?  Colin Barr
01/03/11  Don’t Invest in the Eurozone Until The Defaults Begin  Doug Carey  The Daily Reckoning
01/01/11  PIIGS Spreads to German Debt at Record Levels  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
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