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09/30/11  Effect on Gold, Silver Prices of a Greek Default & the Eurozone/bank Crisis  Julian Phillips  Gold-Eagle
09/29/11  Peak Silver?  Ryan Jordan  Financial Sense
09/29/11  Recent Gold Takedown A Form of Economic Warfare  Bob Chapman  Prison Planet
09/28/11  He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
09/28/11  GOLD UPDATE  David Levenstein  Gold-Eagle
09/27/11  Mints Can’t Keep Up With Silver Coin & Bar Demand  Dillon Gage Metals  Mineweb
09/27/11  France Bans Cash Sales Of Gold & Silver Over $600  Paul Joseph Watson  Prison Planet
09/27/11  How The Silver Shortage Will Unfold  Tehmaas S. Gorimaar  Gold-Eagle
09/26/11  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
09/26/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
09/25/11  Too Much Gold, Not Enough Space in Bullion–vaults  Bloomberg  Bloomberg
09/25/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
09/24/11  Precious Metals: Just a Squiggle  John Rubino  Safe Haven
09/23/11  What Another Banking Crisis Would Mean for the Gold Price  Julian Phillips  Gold-Eagle
09/22/11  Weight Of The World  Richard Zimmerman  Gold-Eagle
09/21/11  Perfect Storm Creates Tidal Wave of Gold Demand  Frank Holmes  321 Gold
09/21/11  Positive Prognostications on Palladium Prices  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
09/20/11  Gold Up on Italy Downgrade  Amanda Cooper  Reuters
09/20/11  How Far Can Gold and Silver Climb?  Jeff Clark  Safe Haven
09/19/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
09/19/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
09/18/11  Silver is Once Again Beginning a Runup  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
09/18/11  Don’t Sell Your Silver Until It Hits $150  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
09/17/11  Fall 2011: Gold Breakout Season?  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
09/17/11  What A Major Banking Crisis Would Do To The Gold Price  Julien D.W. Phillips  Gold-Eagle
09/16/11  Turning East  Richard Zimmerman  Gold-Eagle
09/15/11  Gold is Confidence in Money Systems  Julian D. W. Phillips  Gold Seek
09/14/11  TD Securities Increases 2012 Gold Forecast to $1,975/oz.  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
09/14/11  Report From The Gold Battlefield  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
09/13/11  Gold and Silver Resist Stronger Dollar’s Headwinds  Mike Paulenoff  The Market Oracle
09/13/11  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund
09/12/11  The Gold and Silver Precious Metals Tsunami  GoldRunner  The Market Oracle
09/12/11  Gold New Record High on Greek Default And Eurozone Contagion Risk  Ty Durden  Zero Hedge
09/11/11  The Case for Gold & Silver Investment Gets Stronger and Stronger  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
09/11/11  Gold Stimulus  Scott Silva  Gold-Eagle
09/11/11  Gold Continues "White–Knuckle Ride"  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
09/10/11  Silver to Shine as Indian Expatriates Boost Demand  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
09/09/11  Why Invest in Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion?  Nick Barisheff  The Market Oracle
09/09/11  Gold – The Safest Haven?  Ian R Campbell  The Market Oracle
09/08/11  False Comparison to 2008  Jim Willie CB  Gold-Eagle
09/08/11  The Silver Siren: Reversion To Reality  Rob Kirby  The Market Oracle
09/07/11  Swiss Franc Peg Could Pave the Way for $2,000 Gold  A. Cooper & J. Harvey  Mineweb
09/07/11  Gold Prices Punch Through $1900 Level  David Levenstein  Gold-Eagle
09/07/11  140 Years Of Silver Volatility  Antal E. Fekete  Safe Haven
09/06/11  Gold Reaches $1,900 Again – Supported by Risk of U.S. Recession  Gold Core  Prison Planet
09/06/11  The Gold Price Parabola And Silver Rocket Update  GoldRunner  The Market Oracle
09/06/11  Strong Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Sales for August–U.S. Mint  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
09/05/11  Governments Increasingly Buying Gold  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
09/05/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
09/04/11  $1,500 or $2,000 Gold?  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
09/03/11  Has Gold Really Been So Frantic?  Ben Traynor  Safe Haven
09/02/11  Gold Rises 12% in August as Stocks Plunged  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
09/02/11  The Gold Market From 1969 To 2011  Mark J Lundeen  Gold-Eagle
09/02/11  Tracking Gold  Doug Hornig  Safe Haven
09/01/11  Twelve Reasons To Own Gold & Silver Now!  Mark Thomas  Gold-Eagle
09/01/11  Galluping Gold!  Adrian Ash  Gold-Eagle
09/01/11  Why Bankers, Governments and the Media Hate Gold  Mac Slavo
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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09/30/11  The Destiny Of Mankind Hinges Upon Gold  Hugo Salinas Price  Gold-Eagle
09/29/11  THE EURO: A Machine Of Perpetual Destruction  Cullen Roche  Prison Planet
09/29/11  Bankers Torpedoed Financial System – Veteran Trader  John MacKenzie
09/28/11  Doug Casey: How to Prepare for When Money Dies  The Gold Report  Casey Research
09/28/11  Why the US Dollar is (for Now) Still in Demand  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
09/27/11  Precious Metals vs. U.S. Treasuries  Jeff Nielson  Gold-Eagle
09/27/11  Lots of Physical Buying while Paper Sells Off  Kathryn A Derbes  Financial Sense
09/26/11  £1.75 Trillion Deal to Save the Euro  Patrick Hennessy  The Telegraph
09/26/11  Meltdown Fears for Euro as G20 Makes Plans for Athens to Default  Ben Chu & M. Pagano  The Independent
09/26/11  IMF May Need Billions in Extra Funding  L. Armitstead & J. Russell  The Telegraph
09/25/11  The Fed’s Ultimate Lie Exposed, Central Banks Are Not Banks  Michael S Rozeff  The Market Oracle
09/24/11  Dow Destruction & Gold Super Highway  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
09/23/11  From Breeze to Gale to Hurricane  Pater Tenebrarum  Acting-Man
09/23/11  Operation Twist and Shout: Fed Launches Stealth Attack On Pensions  Kurt Nimmo  Prison Planet
09/22/11  Liquidity Crisis? A Currency Perspective  Axel Merk  321 Gold
09/21/11  The Case for Hyperinflation in the US  The Dollar Vigilante  The Dollar Vigilante
09/21/11  Is the US Monetary System on the Verge of Collapse?  David Galland  Prison Planet
09/20/11  The Federal Reserve As Criminal Syndicate  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
09/20/11  Will Ben Bernanke and the Fed Pump the Stock Market?  Michael Swanson  The Market Oracle
09/19/11  Europe Stock Selloff  Adam Hamilton  Gold-Eagle
09/19/11  Crises Ahead As U.S. Banks Fight Against Needed Overhaul  M. Guild & A. Danaher  Financial Sense
09/18/11  Europe’s Stock Market Panic  Zeal LLC  The Market Oracle
09/18/11  What Does the Future Hold for the Pound?  Dominic Frisby  Financial Sense
09/17/11  U.S. Dollar As the World’s Reserve Currency. Poor World  Gary North  The Market Oracle
09/17/11  10 Steps To Prevent the Next Bank Crisis  Barry Ritholtz
09/16/11  How To Run A Central Bank With A Gold Standard  Nathan Lewis  FORBES
09/16/11  Alleged Rogue Trader Costs UBS $2bn  J. Treanor & G. Wearden  The Guardian
09/16/11  Worlds Banks Flood Markets With Dollars  L. Elliott & D. Rushe  The Guardian
09/15/11  Will The Dollar Hinder Precious Metals In The Short-term?  P. Radomski  Gold-Eagle
09/14/11  Deflation Is Back In A Big Way  Graham Summers  Gold-Eagle
09/14/11  Greek Crash May Trigger Currency Death Spiral  Wealth Cycles  Prison Planet
09/13/11  Manipulating Inflation Indexes To Steal From Retirees & Public Workers  Daniel R Amerman  Financial Sense
09/13/11  Market Update  Mark J Lundeen  Gold-Eagle
09/12/11  Central Banking: The God That Failed  Video
09/12/11  Moody’s Downgrade Of French Banks Imminent  Zero Hedge  Prison Planet
09/11/11  Crumbling Pillars  Doug Noland  Safe Haven
09/11/11  Prepare for a Recession and Bear Market!  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
09/11/11  Global Currency Wars Sees Swiss Franc Devalue 8.5% Against Gold  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
09/10/11  Fed Can’t Twist Sell Signals Away  Chris Ciovacco  Safe Haven
09/09/11  We’re About To See Another Round Of Deflation  Graham Summers  Gold-Eagle
09/09/11  Swiss Franc Abdicates – Gold and Silver Now King!  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
09/08/11  The Swiss National Bank Goes "Nuclear"  Justice Litle  The Market Oracle
09/08/11  Don’t Become Wall Street’s Next Victim  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
09/08/11  Many Banks Will Not Survive...  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
09/07/11  Is The End Of The Euro In Sight?  The Economic Collapse
09/07/11  Swiss National Bank to Fix CHF to EUR and Debase Currency  Gold Core  Prison Planet
09/07/11  US Dollar Rallies as Swiss Franc Loses Its Ability to Float  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
09/06/11  Why Economic Recession and Stocks Bear Market May Be Inescapable!  Sy Harding
09/06/11  The Logical Case For 49% Drop In Stocks  Chris Ciovacco  Safe Haven
09/05/11  The Reasons Behind China’s Shadow Gold Buying Spree  Zero Hedge  Prison Planet
09/05/11  Bear Market: An Abysmal August Jobs Report  Robert McHugh  Safe Haven
09/04/11  On the Collapse of Paper Money  Video
09/03/11  Feds to Sue Dozens of Banks Over Mortgages  CNN Money
09/02/11  What Corruption Does to the Markets  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
09/02/11  Morons and the Economic Elite  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
09/02/11  As the Euro Turns  Bob Moriarty  321 Gold
09/01/11  Fix the Banks!  Greg Hunter  USA
09/01/11  Illusion of Stable Currency Vortex  Jim Willie CB  Financial Sense
09/01/11  Quarterly Inflation Outlook  Michael Ashton  Safe Haven
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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09/30/11  The Savings of Millions of People are Going to Vanish...  Mac Slavo  SHTF PLan
09/29/11  Economy Going Into Recession and Deflation  Bloomberg  The Market Oracle
09/29/11  U.S. Banks Exposure to the $200 trillion US Derivatives Market  Sam Chee Kong  The Market Oracle
09/28/11  Catastrophic Success  John Mauldin  Financial Sense
09/28/11  Never Believe Anything Until Officially Denied  Michael Pettis  Financial Sense
09/27/11  U.S. August New Home Sales Still Hovering around Recession Lows  Asha Bangalore  The Market Oracle
09/27/11  Global Takeover Rebound Falters on Europe  Bloomberg  Bloomberg
09/26/11  America and Europe: Saving the Rich and Losing the Economy  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts  Prison Planet
09/26/11  September–October Recession Call for U.S. Getting Stronger  Chris Puplava  Financial Sense
09/25/11  Deflation, What You Can do to Survive the Economic Depression  EWI  The Market Oracle
09/24/11  Why Debt Levels Are So High  Steve Saville  321 Gold
09/23/11  Billboard Signals Of Collapse  Jim Willie CB  Gold-Eagle
09/23/11  Give Collapse a Chance  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
09/22/11  Welcome to the Suburban Depression  John Carney  CNBC
09/21/11  A Repeat of the Great Depression Is Our Best Case Scenario  Mac Slavo  SHTF
09/21/11  U.S. Home Construction Declines, Permits Post a Small Gain  Asha Bangalore  The Market Oracle
09/20/11  Greek Default Could Tip US Into Recession  John Melloy  CNBC
09/20/11  U.S. Economy Is About To Go Into The Toilet  The Economic Collapse  Prison Planet
09/19/11  World’s Declining, Graying Population Doesn’t Spell Economic Growth  Bill Bonner  The Market Oracle
09/19/11  Waiting Until the Panic Sets In  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
09/18/11  Not Made in America at the Root of U.S. Economic Crisis  Richard Mills  The Market Oracle
09/18/11  U.S. Economy Suffers Lost Decade, The Great Middle Class Poverty  EconMatters  The Market Oracle
09/17/11  Next Wave of Foreclosures Expected to Hit the Market...  Diana Olick  CNBC
09/17/11  Why Economic Growth is Not a Sure Thing  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
09/16/11  Washington Post: Obama Green Jobs Cost $5 Million Each  Dan Gainor  Prison Planet
09/16/11  Mortgage Default Warnings Surged in August  AP  Yahoo Finance
09/15/11  Abandon Hope All Ye...  Bob Moriarty  321 Gold
09/14/11  How the Government Can Create Jobs  Peter Schiff  Safe Haven
09/14/11  20 Signs Of Imminent Financial Collapse In Europe  The Economic Collapse  Prison Planet
09/13/11  No Hiding Place From Crisis Bigger Than Lehman: Economist  Patrick Allen  Prison Planet
09/13/11  What If There Is a Double Dip?  William R. Thomson  321 Gold
09/12/11  Obama’s Job Numbers Don’t Add Up  Barry Elias  The Market Oracle
09/12/11  The Fed Has Even More Tricks Up Its Sleeve  Bob Chapman  Prison Planet
09/11/11  America’s Sick Economy  Stephen Lendman
09/11/11  A Zombie Economy Following Unfaithful Shepherds  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
09/11/11  Ron Paul Has Saved Us From Hyperinflation  Gary North  The Market Oracle
09/10/11  Dirty Word: Debt  Richard Russell  321 Gold
09/09/11  Are You Prepared? The Worst Year For Natural Disasters In U.S. History  M. T. Snyder  The Economic Collapse Blog
09/09/11  NAFTA Of The Pacific: Giant Sucking Sound Part 2?  M. T. Snyder  The Economic Collapse Blog
09/08/11  Bernanke’s Waterloo; Deflationary Collapse or Inflationary Disaster?  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
09/08/11  Counting the Zeros in the US Economy  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
09/08/11  US Falls to 5th Among World Economies  AAP
09/07/11  All Work and No Pay: The Great Speedup  M. Bauerlein & C. Jeffery  Mother Jones
09/07/11  Swiss Move on Franc Puts U.S. at Risk of D-D Recession  Bruce Krasting  Financial Sense
09/07/11  For Most Americans: Pathetic Jobs, Bad Debts And A Crappy Economy
09/06/11  Labor Day Has Been Rendered Completely Meaningless (Happy Serf Day)  Washington’s Blog  Prison Planet
09/06/11  No Jobs.....No Surprise...  Jack Steiman  The Market Oracle
09/06/11  The Navigator Weighs in on Jobs and the Economy  The Navigator  Safe Haven
09/05/11  Postal Service Is Nearing Default as Losses Mount  The New York Times
09/05/11  The Great GDP Caper  Andy Sutton  Gold-Eagle
09/04/11  Counterfeit Culture – Understanding Why Collapse is Inevitable  Mike Adams  Prison Planet
09/03/11  Economist Calls Entitlements A Massive Ponzi Scheme  Simone Foxman  Business
09/02/11  Can We Trust Government Statistics On The Economy?  Gary Dorsch  Gold-Eagle
09/02/11  London’s Telegraph Discovers Cancerous Debt Levels  STAFF  The Daily Bell
09/02/11  Why Would Anyone Want to Weaken the Economy?  Rex Nutting  Market Watch
09/01/11  We’re Going Into a Recession  Bloomberg  Safe Haven
09/01/11  The Road From Capitalism to Socialism and...  Jeff Berwick  Safe Haven
09/01/11  Catastrophic Economic Crunch Will Be Oil Mastitis  Andrew Butter  The Market Oracle
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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09/30/11  Will Germany Bring Back Deutsche Mark?  Prison Planet
09/29/11  Debt Crisis: German Parliament Backs Expanded Eurozone Fund  Chris Ciovacco  Safe Haven
09/29/11  Pay Up! You Owe China $3,719  Cris Sheridan  Financial Sense
09/28/11  Stansberry: Here’s What Will Happen Next  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
09/28/11  Germany’s Inner Struggle Stifles EU Debt Crisis Action  John Browne  The Market Oracle
09/27/11  Federal Reserve Seeks Real–Time Monitoring of Social Networks, Bloggers  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
09/26/11  Fear Gauge Enters the Red Zone  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The Telegraph
09/25/11  The 9/11 Decade  David Chapman  Gold-Eagle
09/24/11  Petition To Abolish The TSA Appears On White House Website  Paul Joseph Watson  Prison Planet
09/23/11  China’s Growth Based on Misleading Indicators  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
09/23/11  Greece Forced to Swallow EU’s Bitter Pills  Pravda  The Market Oracle
09/22/11  How Greece’s Debt Issues Are Becoming a Global "Black Hole"  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
09/21/11  Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme?  Robert Murphy  The Market Oracle
09/21/11  Potential Euro Collapse and Rapid Redistribution Of Personal Wealth  Dan Amerman  The Market Oracle
09/20/11  The US Government is Going After Your Retirement Funds  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
09/20/11  EU – Britain Wants Out?  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
09/19/11  Radiation Experts: Tokyo May Have to Be Evacuated  Al Jazeera  Prison Planet
09/19/11  Greeks Discuss Drastic Moves to Receive Aid  J. Ewing & N. Kitsontonis  NY Times
09/18/11  A Desperate Bid to Keep a Twitching EU Corpse Alive  Simon Heffer  The Daily Mail
09/18/11  Greece Under Pressure as Finance–ministers Put Brakes on Bailout  Phillip Inman  The Guardian
09/17/11  China Risks Hard Landing as Global Woes Spread  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The Telegraph
09/17/11  Mayor Bloomberg Predicts Riots in the Streets  E. Einhorn and C. Siemaszko  NY Daily News
09/16/11  China to ‘Liquidate’ US Treasuries, Not Dollars  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The Telegraph
09/16/11  Cameron and Sarkozy Travel to Libya to Meet al–Qaeda  Kurt Nimmo  Prison Planet
09/15/11  Deliberate Impoverishment of the Western World  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
09/14/11  Greek Downfall Would Be EU Setback  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
09/14/11  Warning For Americans: Be Safe and Stay Alert. It’s Coming.  Mac Slavo  SHTF
09/14/11  Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme? – I Think So  Bruce Krasting  Financial Sense
09/13/11  Preparing for a Credit Crisis  John Mauldin  Financial Sense
09/13/11  Stupid Politician Monkeys Another Reason to Buy Gold  David Galland  The Market Oracle
09/13/11  Austerity Riots Rage as Greece Faces Debt Default  Kurt Nimmo  Prison Planet
09/12/11  German Minister Raises ‘Orderly Default’ for Greece  Jonathan Sibun  Prison Planet
09/11/11  Willie Wonka & the National Security State  P. Fitzgerald and E. Gould
09/11/11  More of the Same  Peter Schiff  Safe Haven
09/11/11  War – The Fiscal Stimulus of Last Resort  Ellen Brown  The Market Oracle
09/10/11  Banks, Governments Move To Restrict Personal Gold Bullion Purchases  Mac Slavo  SHTF
09/09/11  The Reason(s) Behind China’s Shadow Gold Buying Spree – from Wikileaks  Ty Durden  Zero Hedge
09/09/11  Who Runs the World?  Michael Ricciardi
09/08/11  Where is Global Growth Without the U.S., Europe, and Japan?  Jeff Rubin  Financial Sense
09/08/11  Italy Grinds to a Halt as Three Million Strike  N. Pisa & O. Pickup  The Daily Mail
09/08/11  Proof European Leaders Know That The Financial System Is Doomed  The Economic Collapse  Prison Planet
09/07/11  UBS: Euro Collapse Could Lead To Martial Law, Civil War  Paul Joseph Watson  Prison Planet
09/07/11  Coming Soon: The IRS Will Do Your Taxes for You!  Matt Lewis  Prison Planet
09/07/11  "The European Financial System Is Finished" In Quotes  Ty Durden  Zero Hedge
09/06/11  Germans Don’t Want a Europe of Broken Promises  Wolfgang Nowak  The Telegraph
09/06/11  US Government versus World’s Big Banks, Cascading Risks Multiply  DK_Matai  The Market Oracle
09/06/11  Are Wall Street Banks Too Big To Blame For Subprime?  EconMatters  The Market Oracle
09/05/11  "Labor Day" Should be Renamed "Corporation Day" or "War Day"  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts  Prison Planet
09/05/11  The World Economy Hanging By A Thread  Chris Puplava  Financial Sense
09/04/11  The Last Haven Standing  Peter D Schiff  Financial Sense
09/03/11  UK Riots Coming to America...  Ian Cooper  Wealth
09/02/11  Ron Paul: Feds Preparing For "Breakdown Of Law And Order"  Paul Joseph Watson  Prison Planet
09/02/11  Emerging Markets Deteriorate, No Cure for Global Economy  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
09/02/11  Why the European Union Could be Dead Within a Week  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
09/01/11  War Is Better Than Ron Paul, Say (Many) Progressives  TomWoodsTV  You-Tube
09/01/11  The Financial World Is About To Hit The Big Red Panic Button  The Economic Collapse  Prison Planet
09/01/11  Russia and China’s Energy Dispute  OilPrice.Com  The Market Oracle
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