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10/31/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
10/31/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/30/11  How Will Gold and Silver React to the EU Bailout Plan?  Eric McWhinnie  Wall St Cheatsheet
10/30/11  Will Precious Metals Go Up With the Stock Market?  P Radomski  Safe Haven
10/30/11  Sit on Your Gold as Currencies Become Worthless  Paul Tustain  Mineweb
10/29/11  Gold as "Risk Management Vehicle" and "Store of Wealth"  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
10/28/11  Gold Gains as Eurozone Optimism "May Fade" Following Details  Ben Traynor  Revolution
10/28/11  Hands Off Germany’s Gold!!!  Adrian Ash  Bullion Vault
10/28/11  Gold Gains as Eurozone Optimism "May Fade" Following Details  Ben Traynor  Revolution
10/28/11  Hands Off Germany’s Gold!!!  Adrian Ash  Bullion Vault
10/28/11  A Golden Mistake Worth Repeating  Jeff Clark  Safe Haven
10/27/11  Gold Breaks Out and Consolidates Above $1,700/oz.  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
10/27/11  Gold, Silver and Fraudulent Investor Traps  Jim Willie CB  Gold Seek
10/27/11  Fireworks in Europe Confirm that Gold and Silver are Still the Safe Havens  George Maniere  Seeking Alpha
10/26/11  Gold Climbs as Euro Crisis Terrifies Markets  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/26/11  Occupy Gold  Byron King  The Daily Reckoning
10/26/11  Stack Attack on Gold  Bill Fleckenstein  Financial Sense
10/25/11  Gold to Average $1,900 Into 2012  Brian Sylvester  The Gold Report
10/25/11  Silver Waits to Begin Breakout  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
10/25/11  Silver in Late Stages of Base Building  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/24/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
10/24/11  TSA Agents Harass Man Over Silver Coins  Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones  Prison Planet
10/24/11  The Slippery Slope of Sliver  EconMatters  The Market Oracle
10/23/11  Gold Bullish Outlook Remains Despite Declines  Przemyslaw Radomski  The Market Oracle
10/23/11  Is Gold Good for Society?  Eric McWhinnie  Wall St Cheatsheet
10/22/11  What’s Going On With Gold?  Eric McWhinnie  Kitco
10/22/11  Algorithms, Bullion and Criminals...  Rob Kirby  Gold Seek
10/21/11  Silver at Crossroads, Analysis Suggests Should Go Much Higher  Hubert Moolman  The Market Oracle
10/21/11  India’s Gold and Silver Imports Jump 80%...  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
10/20/11  Preemptive Strike Against Precious Metals Nears End  Jeff Nielson  Gold-Eagle
10/20/11  Gold and Silver Investment Prospects - Auerback  Brian Sylvester  Mineweb
10/19/11  Three Reasons for Higher Gold & Silver Prices  Peter Degraaf  Financial Sense
10/19/11  Alternative Misery Index Drives Gold Demand  Michael J Kosares  The Market Oracle
10/18/11  Will Weak Bank Earnings Force Investors into Gold?  Eric McWhinnie  Wall Street Cheatsheet
10/18/11  Silver’s Savage Correction Appears to be Complete  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/18/11  Gold: Final Opportunity to Load Up Ahead of Major Rally  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/17/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
10/17/11  Gold to silver Ratio Could be Set to Decline Again  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
10/17/11  The European Union and Silver  George Maniere  The Market Oracle
10/16/11  Gold Building a Base above $1650  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/16/11  Gold, Gold, Gold... What About Silver?  Przemyslaw Radomski  Silver Seek
10/15/11  Gold to Top $2,000 on Central Bank Buying: Chart of the Day  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
10/14/11  Euroland & the Gold Rebound  Jim Willie CB  Financial Sense
10/13/11  Gold Gains, ECB "Could Print Euros" to Fund Own Bailout  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/13/11  Days Of Reckoning Are Here: Accumulate Gold, Silver and Hard Assets  Jeb Handwerger  24hGold
10/12/11  Gold: MACD And The Greed Factor  Stewart Thomson  Safe Haven
10/12/11  Gold is Not in a Bubble: It’s On Its Way to $10,000 an Ounce  Nick Barisheff  Safe Haven
10/12/11  Hedging With Gold Against Imminent Economic Collapse  Editorial  The Gold Report
10/11/11  Gold Starts Week Strongly  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/11/11  Peak Silver Revisited  Steve St. Angelo  Financial Sense
10/11/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
10/10/11  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/10/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
10/09/11  Gold Back in Favour with Top Fund Managers  Claire Milhench  Reuters
10/09/11  Gold Price Protection in Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation  Julian D. W. Phillips  Mineweb
10/08/11  Gold Gains on the Week...  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/07/11  The Gold Price Conspiracy Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want You to Know About  Peter Krauth  Money Morning
10/07/11  U.S. Gold Confiscation – How It Could Happen and How to Avoid It  David L. Ganz  Mineweb
10/06/11  Gold Tests $1600 Support as Eurozone Fears Banking Crisis  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/05/11  Silver Eagle bullion Coins Sales Headed for Another Record–setting Year  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
10/05/11  Indian Silver Demand Leads to ‘Supply Issues’  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
10/04/11  Gold Up as Equity Markets Fall on Greek Debt Debacle  GoldCore  FX
10/04/11  A Rock, A Hard Place & Gold  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
10/04/11  Will The U.S. Ever Build A Strategic Metals Reserve?  Anthony David  Critical Strategic
10/03/11  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund
10/03/11  Physical Silver Shortage to Follow Paper Selloff  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
10/03/11  Europe’s Debt Crisis Clearly Very Bullish for Gold and Silver - Gardner  Brian Sylvester  Mineweb
10/02/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
10/02/11  6 Reasons Not To Panic About The Precious Metal Plunge  John Browne  Prison Planet
10/01/11  Corruption and Financial Manipulation Behind Gold and Silver Takedown  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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10/31/11  $1 million Gold-coin Minted  AAP  The Age
10/30/11  Saving The Eurozone, Will it Work?  Bob Chapman  Global Research
10/30/11  The Never Ending Euro Fiasco  Mike Whitney  The Market Oracle
10/30/11  Money, Credit and the Federal Reserve Banking System  EWI  The Market Guardian
10/29/11  So How Do These Sorts of Crises End?  Paul Tustain  The Market Oracle
10/28/11  Do You Trust The Eurocrats To Deliver?  Bob Kirtley  IB Times
10/28/11  EU Leaders Throw Europe a Plutonium Life Preserver  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
10/28/11  Brazil Refuses To Buy European Bonds...  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
10/27/11  Bet Against the U.S. Dollar as a Store of Value  Casey Research  The Market Oracle
10/27/11  Foreigners Losing Confidence in Holding U.S. Treasury and Agency Debt  Bud Conrad  Casey Research
10/27/11  Bank of Japan Ponders Further Intervention  Editorial  Seeking Alpha
10/26/11  We Pay Tax for the Privilege to Have Currency  Casey Research  The Market Oracle
10/26/11  Don’t Forget About Gold but Watch the Currencies  P. Radomski  Safe Haven
10/26/11  UK’s Huge New Euro Bailout  T. Shipman & H. Duncan  Prison Planet
10/25/11  Another U.S. Sovereign Downgrade Likely By 2011 Year End, Says Merrill  EconMatters  Business Insider
10/25/11  Fed Offers Hints That QE3 is Likely If Soft Patch Persists  Asha Bangalore  The Market Oracle
10/25/11  Penny Wise and Euro Foolish  John Hussman PhD  Financial Sense
10/24/11  Ron Paul: "Blame The Fed For The Financial Crisis"  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
10/24/11  EU Bank Failures Will Crash Wall Street – Again  Paul B. Farrell  Market Watch
10/24/11  Savers Protect Your Deposits From Q.E. & Bankrupting Banks  Nadeem Walayat  The Market Oracle
10/23/11  Is Bank of America Headed for the Glue Factory?  Mike Whitney
10/23/11  Europe’s Bank Bailout Bill: $3 Trillion  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
10/22/11  Global Trade and the Yuan Chinese Currency  Richard Mills  The Market Oracle
10/22/11  FOREX-Dollar Slumps to Record Low Versus Yen  Wanfeng Zhou  Reuters
10/21/11  Stock Market Poised For A Sharp Pullback Near Term says Dr Copper  David Banister  The Market Oracle
10/21/11  Murder of the Savers, Killed by Inflation  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
10/21/11  Can OWS Lead to Bank Holiday to Avert People Closing Bank Accounts In Nov.?  Realman2020  Lone Star Watchdog
10/20/11  Laying the Groundwork for 8% Inflation  Frederick J Sheehan  Financial Sense
10/20/11  U.S. Dollar and Euro Review and Outlook  Axel Merk  Merk Funds
10/20/11  The Day the U.S. Treasury Doomed America  Martin Hutchinson  Money Morning
10/19/11  Can "It" Happen Here?  John Mauldin  Financial Sense
10/18/11  UK Inflation: Bankrupt Britain’s Stealth Debt Default Continues  Nadeem Walayat  The Market Oracle
10/18/11  Europes Banks Are Still About to Go Bust  Keith Fitz-Gerald  Money Morning
10/18/11  How the Fed Could Boost the Money Supply Without ‘Printing’ Money  Steve Saville  24H Gold
10/17/11  Is the Stock Market Being Manipulated By the Fed and its Banks?  Lew Rockwell  The Market Oracle
10/16/11  Eurozone Plan Spurs Currency Rally  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
10/16/11  G20 Tells Euro Zone to Fix Debt Crisis in Eight Days  C. Bremer and J. Strupczewski  Reuters
10/15/11  Bank of England’s Bankster’s Paradise Depression Economy  Nadeem Walayat  The Market Oracle
10/14/11  Obama Administration Fights to Halt Bank Investigations by States  Noel Brinkerhoff
10/14/11  Big Banks Are About to Get Blasted by the Volcker Rule  David Zeiler  Money Morning
10/13/11  The Euro is Dead. Long Live the Euro  Axel Merk  Morningstar
10/12/11  Currency Rally is Stopped by Slovakia Vote  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
10/12/11  Adjusted U.S. Monetary Base Less Excess Bank Reserves  Jesse  Jesses Crossroads Cafe
10/11/11  Fiat Money and the Euro Crisis  Robert Murphy  The Market Oracle
10/11/11  The USA After A Euro Collapse  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold-Eagle
10/10/11  Inflation, Money Circulation Problems  Julian DW Phillips  Forex Journal
10/10/11  Warning U.S. HyperInflation Ahead  Seth Barani  The Market Oracle
10/09/11  How Ben Bernanke "F*d" the Banks and Fixed Income Savers at the Same Time  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
10/08/11  Investing in "Toxic Waste Treasuries" or Gold and Silver?  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
10/07/11  Gold Accepted as Collateral by LCH.Clearnet  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
10/07/11  Load Up On Gold and Silver as Bernanke Dives Off the Deep End  Martin Hutchinson  Money Morning
10/06/11  Race to Debase – 2011 Q3 – Fiat Currencies vs Gold & Silver  GoldSilver  The Market Oracle
10/06/11  The Fed Pays a King’s Ransom to China  Richard Benson  321 Gold
10/05/11  U.S. Treasury Bond Market Rally Strong Signal of Systemic Failure  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
10/05/11  Currency: The Hidden Portfolio Risk  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
10/04/11  Stock Market Beginning of the End  Andre Gratian  The Market Oracle
10/04/11  Bad Financial News Keeps Pouring In  The Economic Collapse  Prison Planet
10/04/11  Operation Twist a Primer for QE3?  Axel Merk  Safe Haven
10/03/11  Enron–i–sation of Europe; Is the Euro "Beyond Rescue"?  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
10/03/11  Bernanke’s Plot to Overthrow the US Dollar  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
10/02/11  Fear Sets In, Panic Begins, Ruin Perceived, Prepare for Gold $2100  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
10/02/11  Rip–Off Conspiracy, the United States of Banks  Gary North  The Market Oracle
10/02/11  What the Euro Will Look Like in Five Years  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
10/01/11  Greece Debt Crisis Keeps Getting Worse, ECB Will Inflate  Gary North  The Market Oracle
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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10/31/11  Eurozone Bailout Deal: Hold the Cheers  Stephen Lendman
10/31/11  The Proof That EUROPE Knows It Will Fail  Peter Souleles  Gold-Eagle
10/30/11  Revealed – The Capitalist Network That Runs The World  A. Coghlan and D. MacKenzie  New Scientist
10/30/11  Want a Truly Healthy Housing Market?  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
10/30/11  Rick Perry: Social Security Should Offer Private Accounts  Ryan Grim  The Huffington Post
10/29/11  US Economy is No Place for Small Business Growth  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
10/28/11  As State Funds Dry Up, College Costs Skyrocket  Alison Damast  Business Week
10/28/11  Greenspan: Why the Euro Zone Is Doomed to Fail  Maneet Ahuja  CNBC
10/28/11  OWS Launching First Nationwide General Strike In America Since 1946  Karl Denninger  Zero Hedge
10/27/11  U.S. Company Job Layoffs Portend Poorly for Economy 2012  David Zeiler  Money Morning
10/27/11  U.S. Consumer Confidence Index Near Recession Low in October  Asha Bangalore  FX Street
10/26/11  The Dominoes of Debt  Charles Hugh Smith  Of Two Minds
10/26/11  Signs Of The Times  Bob Hoye  321 Gold
10/26/11  Amazon Reports Shocking Drop In Profits  Arpita Mukherjee  Reuters
10/25/11  The Real Debt Crisis Contagion Risk  Dr Martenson  Financial Sense
10/25/11  The Great Depression 80 Years Later, Same Culprits, Same Rage  James Quinn  Financial Sense
10/25/11  Can Germany Support The Eurozone Without Nuclear Energy?  Jeb Handwerger  Safe Haven
10/24/11  Obama’s Efforts to Aid Homeowners, Fall Far Short of Goals  Zachary A. Goldfarb  The Washington Post
10/24/11  Another US Debt Downgrade Is Coming In Just A Few Weeks  Joe Weisenthal  Business Insider
10/24/11  The Natural Course of the US Empire  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
10/23/11  Economic Growth Is Obsolete  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
10/23/11  The New American Standard of Living  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
10/22/11  Revisionist History and the Great Depression  Andy Sutton
10/22/11  Why the U.S. Recession Forecasters Are Wrong (For Now)  Clif Droke  The Market Oracle
10/21/11  Six Layers Of Deficits Mean Debt Retirement Disaster  Dan Amerman  The Market Oracle
10/21/11  Does The Economy Need a Referee?  Jeff Berwick  The Market Oracle
10/21/11  Point of No Return – $1 Trillion in Student–loan Debt on the Horizon  Editorial  My Budget360
10/20/11  Fed’s Dual Mandate Not Working, Inflation and Unemployment Are Rising  Michael Pento  The Market Oracle
10/20/11  Who Will Bail Out the Rescuers?  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
10/19/11  Debt–Serfdom Is Now the New American Norm  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
10/19/11  Monetary Madness – Is the US Monetary System on the Verge of Collapse?  David Galland  The Daily Reckoning
10/18/11  Lowes,Gap to Close Stores; Expand in China...  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
10/18/11  AWA, Americans with an Attitude  Bob Moriarty  321 Gold
10/18/11  The Seven Biggest Economic Lies  Robert Reich  The Huffington Post
10/17/11  The Truth and Financial Meltdown  JR Nyquist  Financial Sense
10/16/11  The United States’ 65-Year Debt Bubble  Gail Tverberg  Financial Sense
10/16/11  Failing Dreams: California Faces It’s Own Great Depression  Nick Allen  The Telegraph
10/15/11  Obama: Major Part Of Health Care Reform Law Canceled  Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar  The Huffington Post
10/14/11  Economist Who Supports Wall Street Protests SLAMS the Federal Reserve  Washington’s Blog  Prison Planet
10/13/11  These Seven Companies Are Headed for Bankruptcy  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
10/12/11  How Long Will This Economic Depression Last?  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
10/12/11  The Next Shoes to Drop  Steve Saville  Safe Haven
10/11/11  Jobless Claims Rise Back to 400,000  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
10/11/11  Ignorance is Not Bliss  Aubie Baltin  Gold-Eagle
10/10/11  U.S. Unemployment Rate 9.1% in September, Unchanged from August  Asha Bangalore  The Market Oracle
10/10/11  Think An American Economic Resurgence Is Imminent?  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
10/09/11  California and Bust  Michael Lewis  Vanity Fair
10/08/11  Financial Debt Destroyed Our Economy  Barry Elias  The Market Oracle
10/07/11  The Top 100 Statistics About The Collapse Of The Economy...  The Economic Collapse  Prison Planet
10/06/11  High Unemployment Means More Job–Killing Taxes  Kerri Shannon  Money Morning
10/06/11  Bernanke Presents a Pessimistic Economic View...  Asha Bangalore  The Market Oracle
10/06/11  The Great Default and the Great Divergence  Gary North  The Market Oracle
10/05/11  CBO: Deficit Would Be One–Third Lower If Economy At Full Potential  Kristina Peterson
10/04/11  Why The Inflationists PROBABLY Have It Wrong, For Now  David Haas
10/04/11  U.S. House Prices, Expect Lower Lows  Bill Bonner
10/04/11  The Economic Recession As Forecasted By The Consumer  Tony Pallotta  Safe Haven
10/03/11  Further Recession and Financial Turmoil in America and the EU  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
10/03/11  A Look at the Long–Term Trends in Government Spending  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
10/02/11  We’re in a Recession Right Now  Trader Mark  The Market Oracle
10/02/11  Real Disposable Personal Income Drop is Highly Deflationary  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
10/02/11  Markets Signaling Economic Recession  EconMatters  The Market Oracle
10/01/11  Governments Powerless to Prevent Another Recession  Jeff Rubin  Financial Sense
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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10/31/11  America Is a Police State, There is No Longer Any Doubt  Lew Rockwell  The Market Oracle
10/31/11  10 Signs That The American People Are Angrier Than Ever  The American Dream  Prison Planet
10/30/11  Americans Drowning In Spin  Paul Craig Roberts  The Market Oracle
10/30/11  Trapped in Amerika, a Fasco–Communist Police State  Jeff Berwick  GoldSeek
10/30/11  Greek Credit Default Swaps Are A Sham And It’ s No Surprise  Janet Tavakoli  Business Insider
10/29/11  Euro Bailouts – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly  Axel Merk  The Market Oracle
10/28/11  Forget Wall Street, Instead Occupy Capital Hill  Michael S Rozeff  The Market Oracle
10/28/11  Eurozone on the Verge of Triggering a Shift in Trends  C. Vermeulen & JW Jones
10/28/11  What Wall St. Protesters Have Right  Michael Brush, MSN Money  Money.MSN
10/27/11  The Decline of Empire, Idiot Solons and Pentagon Zombies  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
10/27/11  Unfair Chinese Business Practices Threaten Profits of U.S. Businesses  David Zeiler  Money Morning
10/27/11  90% Chance Of "Collapse Of Global Civilization"?  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
10/26/11  Occupying Wall Street, The State Is the 1 Percent  Douglas French  The Market Oracle
10/26/11  The US Is Fast Becoming a Third World Police State  Jeff Berwick  Safe Haven
10/26/11  Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Will Make Libya a Puppet State  Video  Prison Planet
10/25/11  Totalitarian Methods  JR Nyquist  Financial Sense
10/25/11  The Revolution Will Not Be Televised...  Gary Tanashian  Safe Haven
10/25/11  Reckless Endangerment: Totally Corrupt America  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts  Prison Planet
10/24/11  Now That the CIA’s Proxy Army has Murdered Gadhafi, What Next for Libya?  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts  Global Research
10/24/11  Government is a Monopoly of Force – Video  Casey Research  The Market Oracle
10/24/11  Why We Should All Be Very Skeptical on China  Michael Pettis  Financial Sense
10/23/11  Gov. Buddy Roemer Calls for Withdrawal From NAFTA, WTO  Ian Fletcher  The Huffington Post
10/23/11  Global Trade and the Yuan  Richard Mills  Financial Sense
10/22/11  Withdrawal of US Troops From Iraq Highly Suspect  Tony Cartalucci  Prison Planet
10/22/11  Government Is NOT a Business  Ron Paul
10/21/11  Eurozone on the Edge of Chaos: Illusion of Hope & Misaligned Expectations  DK Matai  The Market Oracle
10/21/11  Realpolitik  David & Eric Coffin  Gold Seek
10/21/11  Who Owes Whom?  Andis Kaulins  Law Pundit
10/20/11  Occupy Wall Street, A Lesson in Democracy  James Quinn  The Market Oracle
10/20/11  Greece Prepares for the "Mother of All Strikes"  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
10/19/11  Your Country is Dying... And It Wants To Take You With It  Jeff Berwick  The Market Oracle
10/19/11  China Cuts Holdings of US Debt After Ratings Downgrade  Editorial  BBC News
10/18/11  Banks Must Take Bigger Losses on Greek Loans  P. Inman, & H. Smith  The Guardian
10/18/11  Greece Heads for Standstill Before Austerity Vote  R. Maltezou & L. Papadimas  Reuters
10/18/11  Chicago Arrests 175 in Crackdown on Protesters  DM Reporters  The Daily Mail
10/17/11  Mitt Romney’s Plan to Replace Free Trade  Ian Fletcher  The Market Oracle
10/17/11  People Arrested for Trying to Close Citibank Accounts  Reno Berkeley  Gather
10/17/11  World: The Indignant Rise Up Against Corporate Greed and Cuts  D. Randall & M. Thomas  The Independent
10/16/11  The Discipline of Government  Richard Mills  The Market Oracle
10/16/11  What You May Not Know About Obamacare  Marti Oakley  PPJG
10/15/11  China Continuing Economic Boom or Bursting Bubble?  James Quinn  Casey Research
10/14/11  Forcing Investment Advisors to "Identify" Suspected Terrorists  Rob Kirby  The Market Oracle
10/13/11  Gold Supported by Geopolitical Risks, Currency & Trade War  Mark O’Byrne  FX Street
10/12/11  China Economy Going Bust: Tic Toc  Kel Kelly  The Market Oracle
10/12/11  Chaos in Greece...  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
10/12/11  Book the Funeral...The Hole Has Been Dug  Peter Souleles  Gold-Eagle
10/11/11  U.S. Assassinating American Citizens Sets Dangerous Precedent  Dr Ron Paul  Safe Haven
10/11/11  Secret Kill Lists Now Admitted by Lawless White House  Mike Adams  Natural News
10/11/11  Putin’s New Vision of ‘Eurasia’  OilPrice.Com  Safe Haven
10/10/11  How Long Before The Eurozone Debt Crisis Catastrophic Avalanche Occurs?  DK Matai  The Market Oracle
10/10/11  An Irish Debt Haircut  John Mauldin  Fx Street
10/09/11  Hope for Occupy Wall Street?  Anthony Wile  The Daily Bell
10/08/11  United States versus China Round Two  Richard Mills  The Market Oracle
10/07/11  Three Reasons the China Currency Bill Will Backfire  David Zeiler  Money Morning
10/07/11  The Fed Twists, the Market Shouts  Dr Ron Paul  Skeptical Eye
10/07/11  Putin says wants to build ‘Eurasian Union’  Reuters  Reuters
10/06/11  Ron Paul: Federal Reserve is Why Americans are Protesting on Wall St.  Joshua Altman  The Hill
10/06/11  The Day America Died  Paul Craig Roberts  The Market Oracle
10/06/11  Germany Will NEVER Leave the Eurozone–Because It Can’t  Gonzalo Lira
10/05/11  The China Economic Model Is Unsustainable  Douglas French  The Market Oracle
10/04/11  Unions Promise Support As Occupy Wall Street Enters Third Week  Danny Schechter  Economic
10/04/11  One Million Protesters to Occupy Wall Street  Mac Slavo  SHTF Plan
10/04/11  Occupy The Fed Movement Launched  Editorial  Prison Planet
10/03/11  Southeast Asia: Strong Economic Growth, Humming Factories, No Debt Crisis  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
10/02/11  Is The War On Terror A Hoax?  Paul Craig Roberts  The Market Oracle
10/02/11  Stupidity May Have Limits, But It Has No Boundary  Pater Tenebrarum  Financial Sense
10/02/11  Our Many Layers of Entitlement  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
10/01/11  More Signs China Is Going Bust  Justice Litle  The Market Oracle
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