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Gold and Silver News
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06/28/11  Gold headed to $5,000 per ounce?  Willem Weytjens  Gold–Eagle
06/28/11  World Production of Gold, 2011  Dr. Thomas Chaize
06/28/11  The Eurozone Crisis and What it Means for Gold & Silver  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
06/27/11  The Greeks Are Buying Gold – So Should You  Ed.  Daily Mail
06/27/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
06/26/11  Growing Fan Base  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
06/25/11  Chinese Gold Sales to Surge Two Fold  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
06/25/11  U.S. House & White House Debate Transparency of U.S. Gold Reserves Info  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
06/25/11  Ron Paul Worries Fort Knox Gold is Gone  Jennifer Liberto
06/24/11  Gold Falls in Dollars But Hits New High in Sterling as Greeks Hoard Bullion  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
06/24/11  Greeks Turn Savings To Gold And Perth Mint Silver  Gold Core  Prison Planet
06/24/11  Gold and Silver Imports in India Surge 222%  GoldCore
06/23/11  Gold Going to $5,000 or More!  Lorimer Wilson  Market Oracle
06/23/11  Take the Bird in the Hand, not the Pipedream in the Bush  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
06/22/11  Gold on the Brink... of What?  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
06/22/11  The Real Interest Rate Case for Higher Gold Prices  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
06/21/11  Indian Gold And Silver Imports Surge By Stunning 500% In May  Tyler Durden  Prison Planet
06/21/11  6 Myths Of The "Gold Bubble"  Adrian Ash  Gold–Eagle
06/20/11  Is Gold About To Have Its Status Upgraded?  Frank Holmes  Gold–Eagle
06/20/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
06/19/11  Fort Knox U.S. Gold Reserves to be Independently Audited and Assayed?  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
06/18/11  Silver Correction Appears to be Over  Bob Kirtley  The Market Oracle
06/17/11  Big Gold Weighing Down Stocks ETF – Physical Gold Outperforms  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
06/17/11  Are We Running Out of Silver?  Jeff Clark  Casey, Research
06/16/11  Is There A COMEX Silver Shortage?  Ryan Jordan  Gold–Eagle
06/15/11  Newmont’s O’Brien Sees Gold at $1600 This Year and Higher Next  Michael Taylor  Mineweb
06/14/11  Gold Update  David Levenstein  Gold–Eagle
06/13/11  Gold and Silver Rises So Far a Drop in the Bucket  Wiegand  Mineweb
06/13/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
06/10/11  Silver in China Could Turn Out to be the New Gold  Shivom Seth  Mine Web
06/10/11  Comex Silver Deliverable Inventory Hits New Low  Jesse  The Market Oracle
06/09/11  Gold Update  David Levenstein  Gold–Eagle
06/09/11  Surprise Surprise?  Aubie Baltin  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  Gold Within Reach of New Record Nominal High  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
06/08/11  Waiting For Godot  Scott Silva  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  Richard Russell: Buy Silver  Cullen Roche  Pragcap
06/07/11  Seasonal Gold Price Trends Favor Summer Purchases  Jonathan Kosares  Gold–Eagle
06/07/11  Gold Price Jumps on U.S. Economic Weakness  Ben Traynor  The Market Oracle
06/06/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
06/06/11  Market Sentiment And Volume Reach Extreme Panic Levels  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
06/06/11  Gold as Collateral – A Major Step for the Gold Market  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
06/05/11  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Safe Haven
06/05/11  Goldman Sachs & Richard Russell Concur With Maund  Clive Maund  Gold–Eagle
06/05/11  Gold On The Attack!  Roy Martens  Gold–Eagle
06/04/11  Will the Masses Soon Be Promoting Silver?  Submissions  The Market Oracle
06/03/11  Silver a Strategic Metal?  Anthony David  The Market Oracle
06/02/11  The Sky Is Falling – Up!  Scott Silva  Gold–Eagle
06/02/11  Silver the New Gold?  Gijsbert Groenewegen  321 Gold
06/01/11  Richard Russell: BUY SILVER  Cullen Roche
06/01/11  Why Gold Is Going Higher  David Galland  Casey Research
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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06/28/11  Mark ’Set for Comeback’ as German Euro Crisis Deepens  Martyn Brown  The Express
06/28/11  The Twin Spiral USD And EUR Collapse  Andrew McKillop  The Market Oracle
06/27/11  Enter the Dragon ’to save the euro’  M. Moore & P. Foster & A.Cave  The Telegraph
06/27/11  The War Over Money  Andy Sutton  Gold–Eagle
06/26/11  Greek Debt Crisis Fears Trigger Flight to Safety  Ed.  The Telegraph
06/25/11  Dow Slides for Seventh Week Out of Eight  Ken Sweet
06/25/11  Stock Market Plunge Protection Team Losing Traction?  Brian Bloom  The Market Oracle
06/25/11  New Stocks Bear Market?  Zeal LLC  The Market Oracle
06/24/11  The U.S. Federal Reserve Plan For QE3 – And Why It’s a Done Deal  Keith Fitz–Gerald  Money Morning
06/24/11  If The Dollar Goes, What Happens To Your Portfolio?  Jeff Clark  Gold–Eagle
06/24/11  Stealth QE3 Comes to Fruition, Soaring Inflation is Next  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
06/23/11  Currency Indices & Gold/Silver Prices – What’s Next?  P. Radomski  Gold–Eagle
06/23/11  Why the Eurozone and the Euro Are Both Doomed  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
06/22/11  Euro: Safer than the U.S. Dollar?  Axel Merk  321 Gold
06/21/11  Bank Reserves, Money Supply, and a Secular Change in Credit  Steve Saville  321 Gold
06/21/11  Bullion Blows–Up Banksters  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
06/20/11  Dollar’s Close Friday Important for Stocks and Commodities  Chris Ciovacco  Financial Sense
06/19/11  Fiat Currencies Weight in Gold, The Real Prices of Things  Casey Research  The Market Oracle
06/18/11  9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve, Fed Inspector General Can’t Explain  VIDEO  The Market Oracle
06/17/11  Dollar’s Close Friday Important for Stocks and Commodities  Chris Ciovacco  Financial Sense
06/16/11  UK to Force Firewalls Upon Major Banks...  Robert Peston  BBC
06/16/11  Is There A COMEX Silver Shortage?  Ryan Jordan  Gold–Eagle
06/14/11  Central Bankruptcy – Why QE3 is Inevitable  Michael Pento  Financial Sense
06/13/11  Magic Money  Warren Bevan  The Market Oracle
06/12/11  What the U.S. Dollar & the Euro Mean to the S&P 500  J W Jones  The Market Oracle
06/11/11  Free Coinage Of Gold & Silver – Then And Now  Hugo Salinas Price  Gold–Eagle
06/10/11  The War on Digital Currency  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
06/09/11  What "Backs" Today’s Money?  Steve Saville  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  Higher Prices are Around the Corner  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  The Dollar Will Fall Because The Fed Won’t Stop The Juice  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  Gold and the Collapsing Dollar  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
06/07/11  The QE Fraud On America  Robert McHugh, Ph.D.  Gold–Eagle
06/07/11  Has A Major Correction Begun?  Warren Bevan  Gold–Eagle
06/06/11  An Emerging Free Market Currency  Joel Bowman  Daily Reckoning
06/05/11  Silver:Euro  Erik SwartzMarket Anthropology  Market Anthropology
06/05/11  Making Cents of the Currency Crisis  William R. Thomson  321 Gold
06/05/11  Currency No.1  Adrian Ash  Gold–Eagle
06/04/11  Currency Market Volatility Should Support Gold and Silver  Jebb Handwerger  The Market Oracle
06/03/11  QE3 and the Globalist Plan to Destroy the Dollar  Kurt Nimmo  Info Wars
06/01/11  U.S. Dollar Could ’collapse’: UN  Patrick Worsnip  Prison Planet
06/02/11  After The Dollar: What Comes Next?  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
06/01/11  Second Biggest Weekly Drop Ever In Treasurys  Tyler Durden  Prison Planet
06/01/11  Green Shoots, Exit Strategy, No QE3  Jim Willie CB  Goldseek
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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06/28/11  Dream A Little Dream  Gonzalo Lira  Financial Sense
06/28/11  Why I’m Not Optimistic for the Second Half  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
06/28/11  Can the Fed and Economists Forecast the Future?  EWI  The Market Oracle
06/27/11  Don’t be Distracted by Greece: Americans Must Also Face Financial Facts  Justin Webb  The Telegraph
06/27/11  Third World America Drowning in Debt and Choking on Lies  Janet Tavakoli  The Market Oracle
06/26/11  Is the Fed the World’s Largest Fixed–Income Hedge Fund?  Global Macro Monitor
06/25/11  Per Household Annual Deficit Exceeds US Income Per Household  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
06/25/11  Why Are Food Prices Rising So Fast?  The Economic Collapse Blog  The Economic Collapse Blog
06/25/11  Strategic Petroleum Reserves the New Global QE?  Ashraf Laidi  The Market Oracle
06/24/11  U.S. Dollar Repatriation and Inflation  Fred Sheehan  The Market Oracle
06/24/11  Fed Holds Economy Hostage  Scott Silva  Gold–Eagle
06/24/11  U.S. Horrific National Debt, Are You Prepared?  Chris Kitze  The Market Oracle
06/23/11  Cook County Taxpayers Owe $108 Billion, County Treasurer Says  Greg Hinz
06/23/11  Recovery Fails Its Midterm Exams  Bill Fleckenstein  Money
06/22/11  Best of Times & Worst of Times  Joseph Dancy  Financial Sense
06/22/11  Who Turned Out the Lights?  Brian Pretti  Financial Sense
06/21/11  US Must Raise The Debt Ceiling By Aug 2, Or Risk Losing Its AAA  Joe Weisenthal  Business Insider
06/21/11  Fitch Sees Risk of Greece, U.S. Debt Defaults  Masayuki Kitano  Reuters
06/20/11  How An Economy Collapses  Dr Martenson  The Market Oracle
06/19/11  More Signs That Society Is Collapsing  Submissions  The Market Oracle
06/18/11  Shakier Foundations  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
06/17/11  Housing Market Tanks Again, Say Builders  Lee Adler  Financial Sense
06/17/11  Slow Economic Growth and Other Costs of Avoiding Disaster  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
06/16/11  The Systematic Financial Pillaging of the Middle Class  MyBudget360
06/15/11  End Game  Peter Schiff  321Gold
06/14/11  Too Much Money  Scott Silva  Gold–Eagle
06/13/11  Where Is The Economic Recovery? I Cannot Seem To Find It  Tony Pallotta  The Market Oracle
06/12/11  The Unemployment Conspiracy; It’s the Policy, Stupid!  Mike Whitney  The Market Oracle
06/10/11  U.S. Hurtles Toward System Failure  Jim Willie  Financial Sense
06/09/11  The Coming Economic Hell For American Families  The Economic Collapse  Prison Planet
06/09/11  The Global Debt Crisis: How We Got in It and How to Get Out  Ellen Brown  Web of Debt
06/09/11  We need an ’Evil Plan’ to foil our own leaders  Paul B. Farrell  MarketWatch
06/08/11  U.S. Funding for Future Promises Lags by Trillions  Dennis Cauchon  USA Today
06/08/11  Social Security – Boomers Will Have to Pay  Bruce Krasting  Financial Sense
06/07/11  True Cost of Fannie, Freddie Bailouts: $317 Billion, CBO Says  Matt Cover  Prison Planet
06/07/11  Is The US Market About To Go "Mega–Bearish"?  Joe Weisenthal  Business Insider
06/06/11  Half of Last Month’s New Jobs Came from McDonald’s  Mark Hemingway  The Weekly Standard
06/05/11  Dismal Payroll Data  Doug Noland  Safe Haven
06/05/11  Peter Schiff: ’US Economy Heading for Disaster’  RT  Prison Planet
06/05/11  Bearish Whispers  Adam Brochert  Gold–Eagle
06/04/11  U.S. Debt Ceiling Debate is Just Politicial Theatre  Paul Craig Roberts  The Market Oracle
06/03/11  10 Reasons Why The "Economic Recovery" Is a Fraud  Paul Joseph Watson  Prison Planet
06/02/11  An Eye on the Next Financial Crisis  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
06/02/11  Earnings Will Follow The Economy – Down  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
06/01/11  Why Is The Economy So Bad?  The American Dream  Prison Planet
06/01/11  Obama Dips into US Retirees’ Funds  PressTV  PressTV
06/01/11  Global Economic Rebound Weakens  Simon Kennedy  Bloomberg
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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06/28/11  What’s the Endgame for the Arab Spring?  HRA Advisory  The Market Oracle
06/28/11  Banker Occupation of Greece  Stephen Lendman  The Market Oracle
06/27/11  The Big Fat Greek Gravy Train  Andrew Malone  Daily Mail
06/27/11  Greatest Criminals Ever Seen?  Staff Report  Daily Bell
06/26/11  Eurozone ’mess’ is a Risk to UK Banks  Jill Treanor  The Guardian
06/25/11  Geithner: Taxes on ’Small Business’ Must Rise So Government Doesn’t ’Shrink’  Terence P. Jeffrey  Prison Planet
06/25/11  Dr. Edwin Vieira: The U.S. Monetary System and Descent into Fascism  David Galland  Casey Research
06/25/11  Greece Debt Crisis Response Risks Wider Contamination  Bloomberg  The Market Oracle
06/24/11  "It’s a Program for Pillage (of Greece) Before Bankruptcy"  Washington’s Blog  Prison Planet
06/24/11  Will the United States Survive Until 2015?  Rick Ackerman  Gold–Eagle
06/24/11  Farage Explains Why Greece Must Be Allowed To Default  Tyler Durden  Zerohedge
06/23/11  Black Swans from New Normal  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
06/23/11  Betting On The End Of The World – Gold  Christopher Laird  Gold–Eagle
06/22/11  Playing With Debt Nukes  Greg Hunter  USA
06/22/11  Fukushima, the Greatest Nuclear & Environmental Disaster in Human History  Global Research  Market Oracle
06/21/11  Dizzying New Heights of Global Criminal Enterprise  James West
06/21/11  Greek Yields: "Certain Default, But Not Yet"  John P. Hussman, Ph.D.  Hussman Funds
06/20/11  Greek Default Spells ’Havoc’ for Banks  A. Kirchfeld & E. Logutenkova  Businessweek
06/19/11  Queen Worried About Empire’s Meltdown  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/18/11  Greek Debt and U.S. Banks Trigger for Next Global Credit Crisis  Money Morning  Money Morning
06/17/11  Can China Fail Like Japan?  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
06/16/11  Why The Wheels Are Falling Off China’s Boom  Charles Hugh Smith  Financial Sense
06/15/11  How the U.S. Government Is Choking Off Access to Traditional Safe Havens  DailyWealth  The Market Oracle
06/14/11  The Root Causes of Global Imbalances  Micheal Pettis  Financial Sense
06/13/11  Europe Replacing Economic Democracy with Financial Oligarchy  Michael Hudson  The Market Oracle
06/12/11  Welcome to Police State Amerika  David Galland  The Market Oracle
06/11/11  Attacks on Gold Retailers and Student Loan Debtors This Week  Dollar Vigilante  Dollar Vigilante
06/10/11  Our Economic Future: From Best to Worst Case  Doug Casey  Gold–Eagle
06/10/11  The State’s Foundations Are Collapsing  Butler Shaffer  The Market Oracle
06/09/11  World’s Most Powerful Group Meets in St Moritz  Nicole della Pietra  Prison Planet
06/08/11  Financial Repression: A Sheep Shearing Instruction Manual  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
06/08/11  The Coming Simultaneous European Banking Collapse  Toni Straka  Financial Sense
06/08/11  The Republicrats One–Party Police State  Jack D Douglas  The Market Oracle
06/07/11  Shrinking Economy, Expanding State  JR Nyquist  Financial Sense
06/07/11  The Dangers of Fukushima Are Worse Than We Think  Chris Martenson PhD  Financial Sense
06/06/11  Weak Economic Reports Across the Globe  Michael Shedlock  Financial Sense
06/05/11  China Has Divested 97 Percent of Its Holdings in U.S. Treasury Bills  Terrence Jeffrey  Activist Post
06/05/11  Gaddafi’s Stolen Billions: Max Keiser Explains ’Financial Terrorism’  RT  Prison Planet
06/05/11  Trouble for the Establishment in Europe, Protests Spread to France (Video)  We Are Change  Prison Planet
06/04/11  Chinese Demand For Metals Expands  Anthony David  The Market Oracle
06/03/11  Confirmed: Big Banks Borrowed Cash For Next To Nothing  Washington’s Blog  Prison Planet
06/01/11  The Door is About to Shut for Americans
06/02/11  Greece Has Defaulted and So Has Everyone Else  Peter Souleles  Gold–Eagle
06/01/11  Bid to Use Gold as Collateral Advances in Europe  Francesca Freeman
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