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12/31/10  Forecast, Silver Will Be Worth More Than Gold  Mac Slavo  The Market Oracle
12/31/10  Silver Rises to 30–Year High  N. Larkin & S. Park  Businessweek
12/31/10  Gold Ends Year Up 27.7% but Silver & Palladium Far Better  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
12/30/10  If You Haven’t Bought Silver Yet, Read This!  DailyWealth  The Market Oracle
12/29/10  Silver Price Gains 6%  Adrian Ash  IB Times
12/29/10  Gold, Silver: Back Over $1400 & $30 Against the Odds  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
12/28/10  Maund On Gold & Silver  Clive Maund  Gold–Eagle
12/28/10  Is China The Big Silver Short?  The Golden Economizer  Gold–Eagle
12/28/10  Observations  Richard Russell  321 Gold
12/27/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
12/26/10  Silver Steep Uptrend About to Break Higher  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
12/25/10  Gold Market Technicals & Ratios  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
12/24/10  Volatility Set to Pick Up in the New Year  Captain Hook  Safe Haven
12/23/10  The Silver Shock  Ryan Jordan  Gold–Eagle
12/22/10  SILVER  Howard S. Katz  Gold–Eagle
12/21/10  Gold Rises Above $1,390 on Euro Bounce, Others Hit Session Highs
12/20/10  Analysis: Platinum, Palladium Flagged as Stars of 2011  Jan Harvey  Reuters
12/19/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Gold–Eagle
12/18/10  Jim Rogers: $2,000 Gold, $50 Silver  Alix Steel  The Street
12/18/10  Silver (and gold) Price Manipulation and the COT Reports  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
12/17/10  Metals As Money  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
12/16/10  Silver Price Forecast Rise to $40/oz in 2011 and $400/oz by 2015  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
12/16/10  Why Gold Investors are Still in the Minority  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
12/15/10  Silver Monster Move in the Making  Ronald Rosen  The Market Oracle
12/15/10  US Tax Policy Will Push Gold & Silver Much Higher  James West  Gold–Eagle
12/14/10  Buy Silver... Again!  Byron King  The Daily Reckoning
12/14/10  Silver Shines in India on China Woes & Higher Gold Price  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
12/13/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
12/12/10  Gold, Silver, Oil: Volatility Is The New Stability  James West  Gold–Eagle
12/11/10  A Gentleman’s Agreement  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
12/11/10  Gold Likely to Hit $1,600 in 2011 – Credit Suisse  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
12/10/10  Silver’s Explosive Potential  Michael Checkan  Gold–Eagle
12/10/10  Hedge Funds and Investors Target Silver 1980 Record High  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
12/09/10  Silver Likely to Trade Between $25 and $30 but Upward Bias Remains  David Levenstein  Mineweb
12/09/10  What To Look For In The Gold/Silver Ratio  Sunshine Profits  Gold–Eagle
12/09/10  Despite Brief Corrections, Gold & Silver to Remain Star Performers––BMO  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
12/08/10  Silver’s 30–Year High is Just the Beginning  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
12/08/10  What’s Next For Silver?  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
12/07/10  Palladium to the Moon & PAL to the Sun  John Townsend  The TSI Trader
12/07/10  Gold at New Record – Again; Gold:Silver Ratio Down to 47  Amanda Cooper  Mineweb
12/07/10  U.S. Mint Delays ’America the Beautiful’ Release  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
12/06/10  Silver No Sign of an End to Accelerating Advance  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
12/06/10  Start Hoarding Gold and Silver Right Now  Investment U  The Market Oracle
12/06/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
12/05/10  Silver Price Forecast $86.75 in 2011  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
12/04/10  The Silver Shortage; Pre–Panic Line  Bill Downey  Gold–Eagle
12/03/10  Broad Market Reversal– >Upward!  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
12/03/10  Sprott Sees Silver as the Next Big Investing Windfall  Shirley Won  The Globe and Mail
12/03/10  Why Governments Will Buy Silver  Silver Strategies  Silver Strategies
12/02/10  ’Shock And Awe’ In Precious Metals  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
12/01/10  Just A Matter Of Time Before Gold Becomes Priceless!  J. Western & L. Wilson  Gold–Eagle
11/30/10  Silver Prices Surging on Near–Record Demand  Sharon Epperson & Jessica Golden  CNBC
11/30/10  India to Consider Hike in Import–duty on Gold & Silver  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
11/29/10  Silver money for China  Hugo Salinas Price  321 Gold
11/29/10  There’s ’A Hard Rain A Comin’  Richard Russell  321 Gold
11/29/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
11/28/10  The 2010 Silver Buying Guide  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
11/27/10  Silver Shortages Accelerate As Wholesale Supplies Plunge  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
11/27/10  Gold & U.S. Dollar Rise Together?  Chris Vermeulen  The Market Oracle
11/26/10  2010 U.S. Silver Bullion Coin Sales Already Surpasses Records  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
11/25/10  Gold vs. The Fed: The Record Is Clear  Charles Kadlek  Gold–Eagle
11/24/10  Gold and Silver Thanksgiving Thoughts  Anthony J Stills  The Market Oracle
11/24/10  Follow Up to Question of Gold Being Overvalued  Tom McClellan
11/23/10  Investor Demand to Continue to Buoy Silver Prices in 2011  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
11/23/10  Is Gold Overvalued?  Tom McClellan
11/22/10  How HIGH Could Silver Go in December?  John Townsend  The Market Oracle
11/22/10  Technically Precious With Merv  Merv Burak  Gold–Eagle
11/22/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321gold
11/21/10  Target Zones for Buying Silver  Jeff Clark  The Market Oracle
11/21/10  Silver: The Undervalued Asset Looking for a Catalyst  James J Puplava  Financial Sense
11/21/10  Battle for the Silver Market on December Expiration  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
11/20/10  GFMS says Silver is Likely to Trade Above $30/oz in 2011  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
11/19/10  Silver Correction Proved to be Very Short Lived, Targets $36 to $40  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
11/19/10  Silver Physical Supplies and Price Action  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
11/19/10  Which Way Will Silver Pop?  Bob Kirtley  The Market Oracle
11/18/10  Silver & Gold: Everyone Loves, But Which Should You Own?  Jerry Western  SHTF Plan
11/18/10  Silver Springs  Warren Bevan  Gold–Eagle
11/18/10  India and China Continue to Drive Gold Demand  Frank Holmes  321 Gold
11/17/10  Silver: Can You Say Deficit?  Chris Marchese  Financial Sense
11/17/10  How High The Ultimate Gold Price?  John H. (Jack) Weber  Gold–Eagle
11/16/10  How Gold and Silver Compare as Investments  Jerry Western  Gold–Eagle
11/16/10  Gold Continues To Advance And Make Record Highs  David Levenstein  Gold–Eagle
11/15/10  The Day The Silver Suppression Stopped  The Golden Economizer  Gold–Eagle
11/15/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
11/14/10  Can Gold Prevent Hyper–inflation?  Julian D.W. Phillips  Gold–Eagle
11/13/10  Silver Toppings  Adam Hamilton  Zeal llc
11/12/10  Silver Margin Hike Shows Need for Metal Ownership  Jeff Berwick  Gold–Eagle
11/12/10  Diwali, Dollars and Gold  Frank Holmes  321 Gold
11/11/10  The Silly Silver Manipulators  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
11/10/10  Precious Metals Update  Bob Hoye  321 Gold
11/09/10  Silver Correction Proved Very Short Lived, Targets $36 to $40  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
11/08/10  Run, Silver, Run!!  Ryan Jordan  Financial Sense
11/07/10  Gold’s Rise is More Than Devaluation of the Dollar  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
11/07/10  This Past Week In Gold  Jack Chan  Gold–Eagle
11/06/10  Gold Price Now Targeting $1400 – and What of Silver?  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
11/06/10  Gold Smells Blood  Greg Hunter
11/05/10  The Silver Alpha  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
11/05/10  Silver...Silver...Silver....’More on the Case of Silver’  David Galland  The Market Oracle
11/05/10  Silver Breaks $26; Shows What A Little RICO Lawsuit Can Do  Tyler Durden  Zero Hedge
11/04/10  If Manipulation Ends, Silver Prices Could Rise Sharply  David Levenstein  Mineweb
11/04/10  When the Price of Silver Doubles in a Month  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
11/04/10  Gold Surges as Fed, ECB Moves Batter Dollar  Laura Mandaro & Myra P. Saefong,  Market Watch
11/03/10  Profit In Silver  Howard Katz
11/03/10  Silver Investment is Breaking Records in 2010–>Silver Institute  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
11/03/10  The Changing Landscape In Gold Silver  James West  Gold–Eagle
11/02/10  Gold & Silver Markets Update  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
11/02/10  Silver Revelations  Warren Bevan  321 Gold
11/02/10  Unemployment Figures Confirm the Precious Metals Bull  Roland Watson  The Daily Bell
11/01/10  Gold and Silver Correcting, But Too Early for a New Upleg  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
11/01/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
10/31/10  David Morgan: Why Silver Is Catching Up  Ron Holland  The Daily Bell
10/30/10  Rebirth of the Comstock Lode  Bob Moriarty  321 Gold
10/29/10  The Scenario For Silver Just Keeps Getting Better & Better  David Levenstein  Gold–Eagle
10/29/10  The Silver Sleuth  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
10/28/10  Gold vs Bonds  Nick Barisheff
10/27/10  Silver money for Americans  Hugo Salinas Price  321 Gold
10/26/10  $3k gold & $70 silver Could Come in 5 Years  G. S. Mack & K. Roche  Mineweb
10/26/10  Gold Explained... And Then Some  Warren Bevan  Gold–Eagle
10/25/10  Gold Gains, Palladium Soars to Highest Level Since 2001  Nicholas Larkin and Sungwoo Park  Bloomberg News
10/25/10  This Past Week In Gold  Jack Chan  Gold–Eagle
10/24/10  Setting Up a Grid to Buy The Silver Dips  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
10/24/10  A Brief History of Gold  Sean Brodrick  The Market Oracle
10/24/10  Gold and the Great Depression; the Great Myth  Paul Mladjenovic  Safe Haven
10/23/10  You Chose Gold Bar – Please Insert $11,350  Ed.  Sydney Morning Herald
10/22/10  Silver 30 Year Resistance Breakout, Big Profit Opportunity Against Gold  Investment Score  The Market Oracle
10/22/10  Robust Long Term Demand Fundamentals For Precious Metals  Mike Stall  Gold–
10/22/10  Inflation Expectations And Gold Prices  Rosanne Lim  Gold–
10/21/10  Now– That (’79–’80) –Was a Gold Bubble  Tim Iacono
10/21/10  The World According to Gold  James West  321 Gold
10/20/10  Doubling the Value of Silver  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
10/20/10  The Reasons Behind Gold’s Upward Surge  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
10/19/10  Gold Still Under Owned  Captain Hook  The Market Oracle
10/19/10  Gold prices to Rise Further but QE2 Probably Priced In  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
10/18/10  Silver Is On The Move  Howard Katz  The Market Oracle
10/18/10  Gold – Enough Vigor To Delay The Inevitable?  Ed.  Gold–
10/17/10  Silver – Reflections Of A Major Price Breakout  Bill Downey  Gold–
10/16/10  Gold and Silver Best Protection Against the $100 Tr Bailout  DeepCaster LLC  The Market Oracle
10/16/10  Gold and Commodities Respond to QE2  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
10/15/10  Aggressive Gold Investors Target $1400, and Silver $25  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
10/15/10  U.S. Mint 5oz Silver Bullion Coins Nearing the Market  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
10/15/10  The Momentum In Silver Propels The Price To New Levels  David Levenstein  Gold–
10/14/10  Silver Producers Set to Shine as the Metal Out–performs Gold  Julie Gordon
10/14/10  The Mystery of Rising Commodity Prices  John Butler  The Daily Reckoning
10/14/10  Gold Futures Zoom to Record as Weaker Dollar Ups Demand; Silver Rallies  N. Larkin & S. Park  Bloomberg News
10/13/10  Something Has Drastically Changed in the Silver Market  Lorimer Wilson  The Market Oracle
10/12/10  What’s Happening With Silver These Days  Chris Mack  Gold–
10/12/10  Silver: The House Always Wins, Until Now  Chris Mack  Financial Sense
10/12/10  The Most Perfect Medium  Howard S. Katz  Gold–
10/11/10  Gold & Silver Breakout  Jim Willie CB  Gold–
10/11/10  Citi Investment Forecasts $1,450/oz gold, $25/oz silver  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
10/11/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
10/10/10  Momentum In Silver Drives Prices To A 30–Year High  David Levenstein  Gold–
10/10/10  Is the Gold Dollar Seesaw About to Tilt?  Przemyslaw Radomski  The Market Oracle
10/09/10  Silver Price Manipulation: ’public deserves answers’  Rob Mackinlay
10/09/10  Gold, Get it While You Can  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
10/08/10  Silver Surges, Playing Catch Up With Gold  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
10/08/10  Palladium Climbs to Highest Price Since 2001  Claudia Carpenter and Sungwoo Park  Bloomberg News
10/07/10  Silver Blow Out, But Where To Buy?  Clark  The Market Oracle
10/07/10  THE ONLY EXPERT ON GOLD IS...  Peter Souleles  Gold–Eagle
10/07/10  STRAP YOURSELVES IN – this is going to be HUGE  Clive Maund  Clive Maund
10/06/10  Record High Gold all about Fear  Greg Hunter  USA Watchdog
10/05/10  Silver to Win Even if Economy Picks Up  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
10/05/10  Super–rich Investors Buy Gold by the Ton  Laura MacInnis  Reuters
10/05/10  Wall Street Sees World Economy Decoupling From U.S.  Simon Kennedy  Bloomberg News
10/04/10  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safehaven
10/04/10  Gold is Severely Overbought  Toby Connor  Gold Scents
10/04/10  Gold Posts New record High at $1,317,$USD Declines Against Euro  Sergei Balashov
10/03/10  Gold: New U.S. Dollar High and Silver Ratio Falls to 12–Month Low  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
10/02/10  US Mint Silver Eagles: Dealer Premium over spot up 33%  Tarek Saab
10/02/10  Central Banks – have they lost control of the Gold Market?  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
10/02/10  Buying Gold Before the "Blow Off Phase"  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
10/01/10  The Recent Move in Silver Just a Preview  David Levenstein  Mineweb
10/01/10  Welcome to the Mania!  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
09/30/10  Gold Fluctuates Near Record on Wealth Protection; Silver Climbs  Nicholas Larkin  Bloomberg News
09/30/10  Trading Time?  Bob Hoye  321 Gold
09/29/10  Gold Rallies to Another Record High  Ben Rooney
09/29/10  Does Silver’s ’Smooth Ride’ Lead Past $30?  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
09/29/10  Gold Thoughts  Ned W Schmidt  Financial Sense
09/28/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
09/28/10  Return of Quantitative Easing Good for Gold  Frank Holmes  321 Gold
09/28/10  How Realistic Is $5,000 Gold?
09/27/10  Silver the Bargain Investment of the Century?  Richard Daughty  The Market Oracle
09/27/10  Undervalued Silver in a Government Spending Frenzy  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
09/26/10  Silver Prices On The Verge Of A Major Move, Upside!  David Levenstein  Gold–Eagle
09/25/10  Why Silver Will Beat Gold  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
09/25/10  Are Corporate Insiders Ditching Their Firms for Precious Metals?  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
09/24/10  Silver; 30–Year High and a Daily Upside Exhaustion Alert  Bob Hoye  321 Gold
09/24/10  Gold Through the Ages: Our Love Affair with the Yellow Metal  U.S.G.I.
09/24/10  Gold on the $1300 brink – London silver fixes at $21.35  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
09/23/10  No End to Gold’s Surging Price Ahead?  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
09/22/10  Gold to Silver Ratio Analysis  Jordan Roy Byrne  The Market Oracle
09/22/10  Gold Climbs to Record, Silver Jumps to 30–Month High on Dollar  Wendy Pugh and Glenys Sim  Business Week
09/22/10  How High Will Gold Go This Fall?  Jeff Clark  Financial Sense
09/21/10  $2,500 Gold Could Easily Result In $178.50 Silver  Lorimer Wilson  Gold–
09/21/10  How Will Gold Perform During Deflation?  Pragmatic Capitalism  Pragmatic Capitalism
09/21/10  Gold is on the Move  Aden Sisters  321 Gold
09/20/10  Is Silver The Next Gold?  Abigail F. Doolittle  Gold–
09/20/10  Gold Forecast $2,500, Silver Could Easily Reach $180  Lorimer Wilson  The Market Oracle
09/20/10  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe
09/19/10  Silver Offers Investors An Outstanding Opportunity  David Levenstein  Gold–
09/18/10  THE OMINOUS SILENT CANARY  Jim Willie CB  Gold–
09/18/10  Will Silver De–couple From Gold?  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
09/18/10  Gold’s Rally: Breakout or Fakeout?  David Morgan  Financial Sense
09/17/10  Silver Posting Best Streak Since Hunt Brothers  Nicholas Larkin and Pham–Duy Nguyen  Bloomberg News
09/17/10  Something Big (About Silver) Is Brewing  Toby Connor
09/17/10  Gold Hits Record High and Follows Hype Trajectory Straight to Nightline  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
09/16/10  Silver Breaks $20: Where are the Deflationists Now?  Moses Kim
09/16/10  Silver is Set to Shine  Jeffrey Nichols  Resource Investor
09/16/10  Silver Steals Some Thunder From Gold  Clif Droke  Financial Sense
09/15/10  Nine Main Reasons to Push Gold, and Silver, Higher  Lawrence Williams  .com
09/15/10  Gold Confiscation  David Galland  Financial Sense
09/15/10  Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  Clive
09/14/10  The Rush! Gold Gains on Fed Bond–Purchase Speculation  Michael P. Regan and Rita Nazareth  Bloomberg News
09/13/10  Fear Stalks the Markets and Gold and Silver Benefit  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
09/13/10  In India, Silver Tops the Charts  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
09/13/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
09/12/10  China August New Lending Rebounds, Exceeds Forecasts  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
09/11/10  China’s Posted $20 Billion Trade Surplus May Add Yuan Pressure  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
09/10/10  Investors Are Slowly Realizing The Potential In Silver  David Levenstein  Gold–
09/10/10  Gold Entering a Virtuous Circle  Egon von Greyerz
09/09/10  Bulls Are About To Move The Markets Higher  Dave Banister  Gold–
09/09/10  Gold & Silver On Verge Of Dramatic Break Out  Rolf Nef  Gold–
09/09/10  Gold, and the Future Way Through Economic Collapse  Darryl R Schoon  The Market Oracle
09/08/10  Investor Shift from U.S. Treasury Bonds and into Gold and Commodities?  Gary Dorsch  The Market Oracle
09/08/10  Gold Prices Set To Move Higher During The Coming Months  David Levenstein  Gold–
09/07/10  Silver About To Break Out Big!  Dave Banister  Gold–
09/07/10  Silver Makes Triple Top Breakout, Expect Major Move Higher  Jeb Handwerger  Safe Haven
09/07/10  Obama/Bernanke Policies Ultimate Gold price–drivers  Richard Mills  Mineweb
09/06/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
09/06/10  The QE Money Printing Case for Gold and Silver  Ashraf Laidi  The Market Oracle
09/05/10  Gold Imminent Breakout and Investment In Failure  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
09/05/10  "Don’t fall asleep at your gold wheel!"  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
09/04/10  Platinum, Palladium Uptrend to Continue  Karvy Global  The
09/03/10  Gold – Boxed In  Bob Hoye  321 Gold
09/02/10  How to Buy Silver, Special Report  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
09/02/10  No Secret to Gold Investing. Just Accumulate.  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
09/02/10  Ratio Analyses Suggest Gold & Silver Will Go MUCH Higher!  Lorimer Wilson  Gold–
09/01/10  Bank of Japan’s Economic Stimulus is Good For the Gold Price  Julian DW Phillips  The Market Oracle
09/01/10  Silver & Gold Showing Upside Promise and Still the Best safe–havens  Lawrence Williams
09/01/10  An Addendum to the ’Flations – Gold $5,000  Frederick Sheehan  The Daily Reckoning
08/31/10  Figuring out the Real Importance of Gold  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
08/30/10  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safehaven
08/30/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
08/30/10  Uncle Scam  David Galland  Casey Research
08/29/10  Gold BIG Move Is Still To Come!
08/27/10  Russia is Buying Gold!  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
08/27/10  Gold and Silver Protection From Economic Cancer and Desperation of QE2  Jim Willie  The Market Oracle
08/27/10  My Take on Gold  Richard Russell  321 Gold
08/26/10  You’ll Buy Gold Now and Like It!  Jeff Clark  Financial Sense
08/26/10  Gold Rises to $1240, Eight–week High  Reuters  Businessday
08/26/10  World Gold Council 2Q Report (PDF)  Zero  Zero
08/25/10  The Ethics of Gold  Ron Robins  Alrroya
08/25/10  Using Gold to Protect Your Wealth from the Printing Press  (pdf)
08/24/10  Economic "Water Torture" Coming to U.S, Bullish for Gold  Brian Sylvester  The Gold Report
08/23/10  Big Autumn Silver Rally 2  Adam Hamilton  321 Gold
08/23/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
08/22/10  Silver Velocity – The Coming Bullet  Hinde Capital
08/21/10  Silver Has Potential To Be One Of Best Performing Assets  David Levenstein  Gold–
08/20/10  Converting Your 401K to Silver or Gold  Paul Drockton
08/20/10  Gold and Deflation  Frank Holmes  Financial Sense
08/19/10  Silver, Two of Seven  Richard Mills  The Market Oracle
08/18/10  Gold & Silver – A Pair Of Aces For A Winning Hand!  Lachlan Rattray  Gold–
08/18/10  Hedge–Fund Giants Buy Gold to Hedge Against Inflation  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
08/18/10  The Best Gold Interview of 2010  Jeff Clark  Casey Research
08/17/10  Gold to Move Up Sharply – and Silver Even Better  The Gold Report
08/17/10  All That Glitters...  Aden Forecast  The Market Oracle
08/16/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
08/15/10  Chinese Spending on Gold Sextupled in the Noughties  Rhona O’Connell
08/14/10  Shariah–friendly Gold and Silver coins Introduced by Malaysian State  Lawrence Williams
08/13/10  Gold Probes Further Above $1,200 Before Data  Deborah Levine  Market
08/12/10  Why the Official Antipathy to Gold and Silver?  Jesse  The Market Oracle
08/10/10  Gold  Bob Hoye  321 Gold
08/09/10  The Days Of Silver Manipulation Are Coming To An End  David Levenstein  Gold–
08/09/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
08/08/10  The Importance of Gold in U.S. Monetary Reserves  Julian D.W. Phillips  Mineweb
08/07/10  Gold Surges To Three Week High As Dollar Tanks  Steve Watson  Prison Planet
08/06/10  Gold Moving Toward $1,200  LiveCharts  The Market Oracle
08/06/10  Indians Tune–in to Gold  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
08/06/10  Gold, Silver and Sardines – Barter Solutions for Hyper–inflation Ahead  The Energy Report  Mineweb
08/05/10  Time to Buy Silver Nears  Bob Clark  The Market Oracle
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03/18/10  Gold’s Unique Technicals. Survey Says Buy!  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
03/17/10  Gold is Money  Nick Barisheff  BMG
03/17/10  Gold: The End of "Seasons"  Jeff Nielson  Gold–
03/16/10  Are Rising Interest Rates Bullish or Bearish for Gold?  Steve Saville  Safe
03/16/10  Currencies and Gold Analysis  Douglas V. Gnazzo  The Market Oracle
03/15/10  Gold As A Way To Protect Wealth  David Levenstein  Gold–
03/15/10  Gold: ’Not A Bad Asset’, Indeed  Brady Willett  Gold–
03/15/10  China’s Golden Plans and Silver’s Long– and Short–Term Trends  P. Radomski  Safe
03/14/10  This Past Week In Gold  Jack Chan  Gold–
03/14/10  Paper Gold Market Is Going to Explode, Buy Physical Bullion NOW!  Gordon Gekko  The Market Oracle
03/14/10  Don’t Mail in Your Gold  Byron King  The Daily Reckoning
03/14/10  Systemic Shock Will Kill Sucker Rally  Rick Rule  The Gold Report
03/14/10  Is a Major Correction to the Gold Price Coming?  Julian D. W. Phillips  Safe
03/13/10  1,500,000,000 Potential Chinese Gold Bugs  Peter Cooper  Gold–
03/13/10  Is Gold Starting to Trade Like a Currency?  Sol Palha  The Market Oracle
03/12/10  Gold, Bigamy & Elevators  Peter Souleles  Gold–
03/12/10  Bet Against the Majority. Buy Gold.  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
03/12/10  The Seasonality of Gold Has Broken Down  Ellis Martin  The Gold Report
03/11/10  Competition for the IMF’s Gold?  Jeff Clark  Financial Sense
03/11/10  China Assesses its Gold–strategy  Russell Hsiao  Asia Times
03/11/10  $2000/oz Gold by Year End, Rob McEwen  BNN–
03/11/10  Gold and the Paper Bubble  Adam Brochert  The Market Oracle
03/10/10  Why Buy Gold?  Larry Miles Report  Gold–
03/10/10  General Stock Market’s Influence on The Price of Gold  Przemyslaw Radomski  The Market Oracle
03/10/10  China Cannot Afford to Buy Gold  Peter Souleles  Gold–
03/09/10  Who "owns" the Bullion in a Precious–metal ETF?  David Ranson  BMG
03/09/10  When is the Best Time for You to Look at Junior Miners?  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
03/08/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan–  321 Gold
03/08/10  James West: Gold’s Value Stands the Test of Time  Gordon Holmes  The Gold Report
03/08/10  Gold: Best Asset of the 2000s  Staff Report  The Daily
03/08/10  Honest Money Gold and Silver Report: Market Wrap  Douglas V. Gnazzo  Safe
03/07/10  Gold Price Trend in U.S. Dollars and Other Currencies  Przemyslaw Radomski  The Market Oracle
03/07/10  Precious Metals Will Be This Decade’s Best Investment Too  Warren Bevan  Gold–
03/06/10  Why is the Gold–price Rising Now?  Julian D.W. Phillips  Financial Sense
03/06/10  Price Per Ounce or Ounces Owned?  Jeff Clark  Financial Sense
03/06/10  Why Gold Bulls Should be Excited  Ed.–Seven_Days_Ahead  The Market Oracle
03/05/10  Marc Faber: You Must Own Gold and Land  Mac Slavo  SHTF
03/05/10  Precious Metals and the U.S. Dollar  Sol Palha  The Market Oracle
03/04/10  Gold Looking Good, Silver Even Better  Gordon Holmes  The Gold Report
03/04/10  Gold and Silver Supply: Get Some While You Can  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
03/04/10  Investing in Gold: Protection from Runaway Inflation  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
03/03/10  Gold: Feeling the Feelings  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
03/02/10  The Measuring Stick Illusion  Adam Brochert  Gold–
03/02/10  The Truth On Gold  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
02/29/10  Gold Stock Fractal Dreamin’ On the Threshold  Adam Brochert  The Market Oracle
02/28/10  The Global Gold Supply  Scott Wright  Zeal
02/28/10  Gold at $15,000 and The Death of Economic Theory  John Kutyn  Gold–
02/26/10  Gold, the IMF, and Dirty Jokes  Jeff Clark  Financial Sense
02/25/10  India to Buy IMF Gold  Edirorial–
02/24/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
02/24/10  A Long–Term Look At Silver  Jordan Roy–Byrne  Gold–
02/23/10  PaperBug Fight In The Gold Jail  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
02/22/10  Palladium Still Shines  Jennifer Barry  Gold–
02/22/10  Gold in Euro Terms Hits Record–high 816.33 Euro/oz  Jan Harvey  Reuters
02/22/10  Gold’s Bull Market Turns 9 Years Old  The Aden Sisters  Kitco
02/20/10  Gold Shows Great Resilience in the Face of Adversity  Lawrence Williams
02/19/10  1001 Reasons To Own Gold  Jeff Clark  Gold–
02/19/10  Hedging NON–GOLD Investments With Gold  Antal E. Fekete  Financial Sense
02/18/10  Gold Breaks Out in Europe, Complete Global Debt Crisis Coordination  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
02/18/10  George Soros Buys Gold Despite Dubbing It ’ultimate bubble’  James Quinn  The Telegraph
02/18/10  Gold Wrecking Ball & OTCD Valuations  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
02/17/10  Gold in Euros is About to Go Parabolic  Jordan Roy–Byrne  321 Gold
02/16/10  China and India: The Asian Gold–buying Phenomenon  Lawrence Williams  321 Gold
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02/13/10  Marc Faber sees ’no huge downside risk for gold,’  BI–ME staff–
02/12/10  Why Silver Price Will Boom to $50/oz  Mark O’Byrne  Commodity Online
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02/10/10  The Allure Of Gold: Now And Through The Ages  Ron Robins  Gold–
02/10/10  Jim Sinclair’s Thought For The Day: Central Bankers Meeting Room  Jim Sinclair  JS
02/09/10  I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT GOLD  I. M. Vronsky  Financial Sense
02/09/10  Fear, Gold and the Dollar  Frank Holmes–U.S. Global Investors
02/09/10  Beginning of the End  Bill Baker  The Daily Reckoning
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01/30/10  Risks of Investing in Precious Metals ETFs  David Ranson  BMG
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01/28/10  Effortlessly Changing Cash to Gold at the Bank of China  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
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01/19/10  Gold the Only Defence Against Bad Keynesian Economic Policies  Ned W.Schmidt  The Market
01/18/10  Gold May Gain in London on Concern About Greek Public Finances  Nicholas Larkin and Glenys Sim  Bloomberg News
01/17/10  Investing in Silver as Gold Rises  Blog Silver Ed.
01/16/10  How Does the USD Really Affect the Gold Price?  Julian D. W. Phillips–Gold/Silver Forecaster  The Gold Report
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01/12/10  The One Real Fundamental Factor Driving Gold Prices  McClellan Financial Publications, Inc  321 Gold
01/12/10  Currency Crisis Will Drive Gold  Neil Charnock  Gold–
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01/10/10  The 1929 & 2007 Bear Market Race to The Bottom  Mark J. Lundeen  Gold–
01/09/10  One More Nail In The Coffin Of The Gold Bears  Peter Degraaf  Gold–
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01/05/10  China To Control Gold Prices In 2010  Editorial  Commodity
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01/03/10  Gold Is Cheap To Buy At $1,100/oz:  Marc Faber  Commodity
01/02/10  Who’s Rigging The Gold Markets?  Robert Wutscher  321 Gold
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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12/31/10  Ultimate Cost of 0% Money  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
12/30/10  Different Stories: Aussie Dollar, Japanese Yen, & Euro  Bari Baig  The Market Oracle
12/29/10  2010 Worst Year for Bank Failures Since 1992  David S. Hilzenrath  The Washington Post
12/28/10  Japan Officials Warn About Rising Yen  T. Fujioka and K. Ujikane  Bloomberg News
12/27/10  Why Fed Money Creation Hurts the Poor Population  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
12/26/10  The Derivatives Market Monstrosity  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
12/25/10  Serious Problems Ahead for the British Pound  James Turk
12/24/10  Bond Fund Investors Pull Most Money in Two Years  Charles Stein  Bloomberg News
12/23/10  We Are Already Hyper Inflating  Gary Tanashian  Gold–Eagle
12/22/10  U.S. Treasury Yields: "Yield" or Die  Eidetic Research  Financial Sense
12/21/10  Is This the Week Which Brings "bad–fortune" to the Euro?  Bari Baig  The Market Oracle
12/21/10  US Dollar Rallies on Safe Haven Buying and EU Debt Crisis  Chris Gaffney  The Daily Reckoning
12/20/10  Quantitative Easing = Counterfeiting  Bob Moriarty  321 Gold
12/19/10  The Bell Tolls for the U.S. Treasury Bond Market Investors  Peter Schiff  The Market Oracle
12/18/10  Making Money from Nothing  Vitaliy N. Katsenelson  The Daily Reckoning
12/17/10  Fed – Inflation, Inflation, Inflation  Axel Merk  321 Gold
12/16/10  We Get An Official Confirmed Hindenburg Omen  Robert McHugh  Gold–Eagle
12/16/10  The U.S. Dollar: Too Big to Fail?  Jerry Western  Safe Haven
12/15/10  Muni Bond Funds Blood Bath, Will it Continue?  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
12/15/10  Treasury Debt Trap  Russ Winter  The Wall Street Examiner
12/14/10  Fed Meets Today, Will Review It’s $600B Bond–buying Program  Jeannine Aversa  USA Today
12/13/10  Bernanke Meddles as Bondholders Exit the Market  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/13/10  Global Currencies Rally Against the US Dollar  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
12/12/10  Will Ron Paul Be Able To End The Fed?  The Economic Collapse  The Economic Collapse
12/11/10  Fact, Fiction & Finally the Fix  Davos Sherman Okst  Financial Sense
12/11/10  Debunking Bernanke’s Myth  Axel Merk  321 Gold
12/10/10  Global Bond–rout Deepens on US Fiscal Worries  The Telegraph  The Telegraph
12/09/10  Gold and Silver Tumble From Bull Market Highs on Rising Interest Rates  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
12/09/10  Two Flawed Currencies  John Browne  321 Gold
12/08/10  The Municipal Bond Pitch: "What You’re Giving Me is Pure Bulls**t"  Frederick Sheehan  The Daily Reckoning
12/07/10  The US Federal Reserve: A Bank that Will Live in Infamy  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/07/10  Bernanke: 60 Minutes, 2 Big Lies  Michael Pento  Financial Sense
12/06/10  Crisis Or Coup?  Andy Sutton  Gold–Eagle
12/05/10  What Jamie Dimon Won’t Tell You  Anat Admati  Huffington Post
12/04/10  Twilight of the Euro  Adrian Ash  Financial Sense
12/03/10  Is Quantitative Easing the Road to Zimbabwe Style Hyperinflation?  Ellen Brown  The Market Oracle
12/03/10  Fed Made $9 Trillion in Emergency Loans  Chris Isidore
12/03/10  Can the Fed Become Insolvent? Should We Care?  Robert Murphy  The Market Oracle
12/02/10  As The Euro Goes The Way Of The Dodo...  Gonzalo Lira
12/01/10  Currency–war: Threat Not Over Yet  Wm. R. Thomson  321 Gold
11/30/10  The END of Shangri La  Aubie Baltin  Gold–Eagle
11/29/10  China, Russia, Iran Dumping Dollar For Gold  Pakalert  Pakalert Press
11/28/10  Euro Falls to Two–Month Low on European Debt Crisis Concerns  Ron Harui  Bloomberg News
11/27/10  Coming Competing Currency Devaluations  Peter Brimelow  Market Watch
11/25/10  QE2 & The Great Misdiagnosis  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
11/24/10  Inflating the Debt Away  Steve Saville  321 Gold
11/23/10  Dollar Direction Dependent on UUP  Peter Ruud  Safe Haven
11/22/10  Global Inflation Watch as Gold and Silver Hit Good Support  Anthony J Stills  The Market Oracle
11/22/10  Bernanke Seeks New "International Monetary System"  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
11/21/10  Economies are Crumbling as Governments Play Musical Chairs with Money Printing  Captain Hook  The Market Oracle
11/20/10  The Sorcerer’s Apprentice  Peter Souleles  Gold–Eagle
11/19/10  QE2 Backfires, Collapse in Irish and U.S. Bond Markets  Gary Dorsch  The Market Oracle
11/18/10  How Far Could Stocks Fall?  Ciovacco  Gold–Eagle
11/18/10  Bernanke Not the Only One Printing Money  Michael Pollaro  Forbes
11/17/10  Inflation Expectation Tuesday  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
11/17/10  Gold Standards, the World Bank, and Fiscal Responsibility  James West
11/16/10  Inflation Is Coming! Inflation Is Coming!  Chris Mayer  The Daily Reckoning
11/16/10  Monetary Policy from Hell  Doug Gnazzo  Financial Sense
11/15/10  Monetary Reforms & Silver Consolidation  P. Radomski  Gold–Eagle
11/14/10  Decision For Gold In All Major Currencies  Stephen Bogner  Gold–Eagle
11/13/10  What a Dollar Collapse Will Look Like  Troy Grice  Shtf Plan
11/12/10  The Dollar: Every Man For Himself  Axel Merk  321 Gold
11/11/10  Alert: QE II Has Lit the Fuse  Chris Martenson
11/10/10  Gold Standard Nirvana  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
11/09/10  The Currency War – Good for Gold  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
11/08/10  Fed Inflationary Money Printing Propels Stocks Bull Market  Nadeem Walayat  The Market Oracle
11/07/10  An Economic Certainty: Gold to Rise as Fiat Currencies Fall  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
11/06/10  Radical Difference Between Monetization 1 and QE2  Daniel R Amerman CFA  Financial Sense
11/05/10  One of the Greatest Blunders in History  Toby Connor  Safe Haven
11/05/10  Two More Nails in the Dollar’s Coffin  Gonzalo Lira  Gonzalolira.blogspot
11/04/10  Fed Clicks Print Button, Saves America (Again)  Mac Slavo  SHTFPlan
11/03/10  Good Money And The Fall Of Bankers  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
11/03/10  Who Wants to be a Millionaire?  Peter Souleles  Gold–Eagle
11/03/10  The Other Currencies  Chris Baken  321gold
11/02/10  Get ready for a Volatile Week in the Markets  Chris Gaffney  The Daily Reckoning
11/02/10  Further Gold Gains Hinge on New Wave of US Money Printing  Rod Myer
11/02/10  It’s The Money STUPID  Joe Russo  Gold–Eagle
11/01/10  Why the Value of Paper $$ Declines as Quantity Rises  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
11/01/10  Guess What’s Coming to Dinner: Inflation!  John Butler  The Daily Reckoning
11/01/10  Keep Your Head Above Dollar  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
10/31/10  QE DID NOT WORK iN tHE U.K.  ED.
10/30/10  Bonfire of the Currencies  Eric Sprott  The Daily Reckoning
10/29/10  "I Guarantee Hyperinflation"  John Embry  Kingworld News
10/28/10  New "Virtual World Reserve Currency" in the Works  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
10/27/10  When Gamblers Drive the Markets  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
10/26/10  Foreclosure Probs Creating ’Seismic Legal Clash’ Across The Country  G. Morgenson & A. Martin  The NY Times
10/25/10  A Currency War? It’s Just What The Doctor Ordered!  DotE
10/24/10  U.S. Screwflation Nation – Ben and Tim at it Again!  PhilStockWorld  The Market Oracle
10/24/10  Watch Your Asterisk  Barry Ferguson  Financial Sense
10/23/10  Water Scarcity a Bond Risk, Study Warns  F. Barringer & D. B. Henriques  The New York Times
10/22/10  The US Dollar is Doomed  Puru Saxena  321 Gold
10/21/10  Bond, Junk Bond: A Casino Royale?  Kieran Osborne  Merkfunds
10/21/10  Will the US Treasury Defend the US–Dollar?  Gary Dorsch  321 Gold
10/20/10  Two Bank–failures Bring Year’s Total to 131  John Letzing  Market Watch
10/19/10  More Inflation Fears  Ron Paul  Financial Sense
10/18/10  Banks Shared Clients’ Profits, but Not Losses  Louise Story  The New York Times
10/17/10  Demise Of the Dollar  The Golden Economizer  Gold–
10/16/10  Global Currency Meltdown  John Browne  Gold–
10/15/10  Banks Laundering Counterfeit Mortgages, Largest Financial Fraud in History!  Washingtons Blog  The Market Oracle
10/15/10  Banks Fall for a Second Day on Concerns Over Foreclosure Probe  John Spence  Market Watch
10/14/10  Why Bernanke’s Money Printing Promises Spell Disaster  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
10/13/10  Fed Mandates Inflation  Peter Schiff  Safe Haven
10/12/10  Peter Schiff on Currency War: ’The Object is To Kill Our Own Troops’  Mac Slavo
10/11/10  Castles Made of Sand Return to the Sea  Ryan Jordan  Financial Sense
10/10/10  How to Protect Yourself from More Q. E.  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
10/09/10  Finance Chiefs Warn Currency ’War’ Is Risk to Growth  Flavia Krause–Jackson and Ye Xie  Bloomberg News
10/08/10  A Few Reasons to Anticipate a Stock Market Downturn  Eric Fry  The Daily Reckoning
10/08/10  Central Bankers: The REAL Rogue Traders  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
10/07/10  Central Bankers are Paid to Lie – Buy Corn  Frederick Sheehan  The Daily Reckoning
10/07/10  U.S. Banking Entering New Crisis  Ronald D. Orol  Market Watch
10/06/10  War Has Broken Out & Your Savings Are At Stake  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
10/06/10  Insider Trading and Central Banks  Staff Report  Money
10/05/10  The Fed, Selling Paper & Buying Physical Gold  Rob Kirby  Financial Sense
10/05/10  The Myopic Bond Market  Michael Nairne
10/05/10  Paper & Printing  Michael Berry  Money
10/04/10  In Gold We Trust – The Fed Can’t Print It  P Radomski  Safehaven
10/04/10  FOMC Itching to Implement Quantitative Easing  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
10/03/10  Investors Refuse to be Suckered Back into the Stock Market  Anthony Cherniawski  The Market Oracle
10/03/10  Flash–Crash Report Leaves Key Questions Unanswered  M. Mackenzie, T. Demos, H. Kuchler  Financial Times
10/03/10  Hedge Fund Exodus Costs UK £500m  Sam Jones and Vanessa Houlder  Financial Times
10/02/10  Fragging Your Own Money  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
10/02/10  Beware the Fed Money Monitoring System  Bill Bonner  321 Gold
10/02/10  An Inflationary Cocktail in the Making  Richard Benson  321 Gold
10/01/10  When Only a Much Weaker Dollar Will Do, Part Two of Two  John Butler  The Daily Reckoning
10/01/10  Huge Flaw in Municipal Bond Assumptions  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
10/01/10  Fed About To Become 2nd Largest Holder Of US Debt  Tyler Durden  Zero
09/30/10  How Hyperinflation Really Happens  Steve Saville  321 Gold
09/29/10  Debtflation  David Galland
09/28/10  U.S. Dollar Is ’One Step Nearer’ to Crisis  Shamim Adam and David Yong  Bloomberg News
09/27/10  Return of Quantitative Easing Good for Gold  Frank Holmes  Financial Sense
09/26/10  Recession Officially Over... Someone Tell the Unemployed  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
09/25/10  Gold vs. Treasuries: Something’s Gotta Give  David Roda  Safe Haven
09/25/10  Dollar Crisis Looming  Deric O. Cadora  Safe Haven
09/24/10  Foreign Currency Wars fuel Gold’s Rally to $1,300/oz  Gary Dorsch  321 Gold
09/24/10  Dr. Marc Faber on the Federal Reserve and Hyperinflation  Ron Hera  321 Gold
09/24/10  Deflation: Reality or urban myth?  Puru Saxena  321 Gold
09/23/10  Retirees Duped by Derivatives With Structured Notes Sale Surge  Zeke Faux  Bloomberg News
09/23/10  Greenspan’s Warning About Gold Echoes After Fed Speaks  The New York Sun  The New York Sun
09/22/10  P.R.I.N.T. Money, That’s how Ben’s Gonna fix the Economy  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
09/22/10  Hyperinflation Will Start in ’Six to Nine Months’  Mac Slavo
09/21/10  Devaluing the Dollar  Steve Saville  321 Gold
09/20/10  Pensions: Even Worse Than They Seem  John Rubino  Safe Haven
09/19/10  Gold Price in All Major Currencies  The Market Oracle
09/18/10  Pension Gaps Loom Larger  David Reilly  The Wall Street Journal
09/18/10  The Illusion of Pension Savings  Mary Williams Walsh  The NY Times
09/18/10  Hedge Fund Managers Set Up for Next Acts  Julie Creswell  The NY Times
09/17/10  Was Stagflation in ’79 Really Hyperinflation?  Gonzalo Lira
09/16/10  Who Owns the U.S. Dollar?  Pravda  The Market Oracle
09/15/10  Never Before Seen Banking Phenomena  The Mogambo Guru  Bloomberg
09/14/10  ’Silent Heart Attack’ for Pensions Driven by Yields  John Detrixhe  Bloomberg News
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09/08/10  Yuan Trading Against Ruble Said to Start Within Weeks  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
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03/24/10  Wall Street Despised in Poll Showing Majority Want Regulation  John McCormick and Alison Vekshin
03/24/10  Grandmother Knew What to Watch  Larry LaBorde  321 Gold
03/24/10  U.S. Economy, Banking Sector and Gold, Houdini Lives!  Steve Betts  The Market Oracle
03/23/10  Bernanke Running Amuck  Martin D. Weiss  Money and
03/23/10  My Inflation Nightmare  Michael Kinsley  The Atlantic
03/23/10  No Stocks!  Howard S. Katz  321 Gold
03/22/10  China Currency Dispute Threat to U.S. Muddle Through Economic Growth  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
03/21/10  Is Your Money What You Think It Is?, Part II  Doug Casey  The Daily Reckoning
03/20/10  The IMF, the EMF and All the Worthless Money In Between  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
03/20/10  Watch the Bond Market, not Bank Lending or Velocity  Jordan Roy–Byrne  321 Gold
03/19/10  Many Calls for Avoiding a Repeat of Bank Bailouts  Sewell Chan  NY
03/19/10  Paul Krugman Versus Reality  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
03/19/10  Germany Does Not Rule–out IMF Aid for Greece  Reuters  Reuters
03/18/10  US Junk Bonds are Also Catastrophic  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
03/17/10  Lehman Brothers Scandal Rocks the Fed  Mike Whitney  Counter
03/17/10  U.S. Hyperinflation Possible By Year 2015  N.I.A.
03/17/10  Fed Affirms Plan to End Mortgage Intervention  Sewell Chan  NY
03/16/10  Nobel Winner Stiglitz Calls Fed Corrupt  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
03/16/10  Inflation Explosions in a Financial Action Film  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
03/16/10  Dollar Bulls Beware  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
03/16/10  Lehman’s Possible Fraud "One of the Greatest Crimes Ever"  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
03/16/10  Bombshell: We Now Know What Set It Off (2008)  Karl Denninger  321 Gold
03/15/10  Inflation Lessons Learned and Lessons Forgotten  Jim Richter  The Market Oracle
03/15/10  National Debt History as a Credit Card Statement  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
03/14/10  Why Inflation Won’t Help to Reduce US Debt  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
03/14/10  Surviving Financial Apocalypse Now  Louis James  Financial Sense
03/13/10  The Desperation of Quantitative Easing  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
03/12/10  Opportunities to Profitably Escape Fiat Currency Paper "Wealth" in 2010  DeepCaster LLC  The Market Oracle
03/12/10  Yellen Brings the Dollar Down  Chris Gaffney  The Daily Reckoning
03/11/10  Using Gold to Fend of the FDIC and Its "Problem Banks"  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
03/11/10  Traders Fear Chinese ’Bubbles’  Chris Gaffney  The Daily Reckoning
03/11/10  Consumer Debt and the Supply–Demand Dynamic  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
03/10/10  Bernanke’s Dilemma: Hyperinflation and the US Dollar  Ron Hera  321 Gold
03/09/10  Trade Deficits and Fiat Currencies  Robert Murphy  The Market Oracle
03/09/10  Diverting the Blame for "inflation"  Steve Saville  321 Gold
03/08/10  Healthcare Crisis? Look No Farther Than The Fed  Mark J. Lundeen  Gold–
03/08/10  The FED Won’t Deflate or Even Seriously Disinflate  Michael S Rozeff  The Market Oracle
03/08/10  Big–Bank Oversight to Stay with Fed  Tom Braithwaite  Financial Times
03/07/10  British Pound in for a Sharp Fall?  Bryan Rich  The Market Oracle
03/07/10  Sarkozy Says EU Must Back Greece or Jeopardize Euro  John Fraher and Lorenzo Totaro
03/06/10  Yields on Tax–Exempt Bond Sales Reach Lowest in Three Months  Catarina Saraiva
03/06/10  Inflationary Head Fake  John Rubino  Safe
03/05/10  Sell Bank Stocks: The "Truth" Behind Non–Performing Loans  Eric Fry  The Daily Reckoning
03/05/10  Underreported Money Supply may be Disguising Hyperinflation  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
03/04/10  Will the US Devalue the Dollar?  Darryl Robert Schoon  321 Gold
03/03/10  British Pound GBP Australian Dollar AUD Currency Analysis and Forecast 2010  Nadeem Walayat  The Market Oracle
03/02/10  The Real Cause of Hyperinflation  Jordan Roy Byrne  The Market Oracle
03/02/10  Debt and Inflation Push British Pound Below £/$1.50  Nadeem Walayat  The Market Oracle
03/02/10  Global Debt Crisis: The Killing of Paper Money  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
03/01/10  What Are Banks Doing with Their Depositors’ Money?  James Turk  Free Gold Money Report
03/01/10  A Propensity to Screw Up  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/29/10  Head of IMF Proposes New Reserve Currency  Harry Dunphy  ABC
02/28/10  Gold is De–coupling from the $:Euro Exchange–rate  Julian D.W. Phillips–Global Watch  Safe Haven
02/27/10  China Currency Poses Greatest Danger to Global Economic Recovery  Bryan Rich  The Market Oracle
02/26/10  Prepare for Slim Pension Annuities  Fred Sheehan  The Market Oracle
02/25/10  Dennis Gartman: The Euro Is ’Doomed’  Lara Crigger
02/24/10  Fed vs. Fed, Bankster Contradictions  Gary North  The Market Oracle
02/24/10  Panic at the Fed or Back to Normalcy?  F. William Engdahl  Financial Sense
02/24/10  At Least Greenspan Told The Truth Once  Peter Souleles  Gold–
02/23/10  Regulators Report 27 percent Jump in Problem Banks  Karey Wutkowski  Reuters
02/23/10  The Sovereign Debt DisasterEgon von Greyerz  The Daily Reckoning  The Daily Reckoning
02/22/10  Monetary Inflation and the 32–Cent Gallon of Gas  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
02/22/10  Japanese Investment Trusts To Buy Aussie Dollars?  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
02/20/10  Discount Rate Increases 25 Points... So What?  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
02/20/10  IMF Gold Sales, Fed Rate Hike, China, Soros And Inflation  Jason Hamlin  Gold–
02/19/10  Greece Turns the Euro into a "Carry Trade" Currency  Gary Dorsch–Global Money Trends  321 Gold
02/19/10  The ABCs of ETFs  Marin Katusa  Financial Sense
02/18/10  Paper Hangers  John Browne  321 Gold
02/18/10  Monetary Inflation And The Fed’s Exit Strategy  Steve Saville  Gold–
02/17/10  How You Can Gain From the Explosive Trajectory of China’s Currency  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
02/13/10  Keynesian Economics: A Halfwit’s Guide to Monetary Inflation  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
02/12/10  Bailout of Greece and the End of the Euro Currency  Philipp Bagus  The Market Oracle
02/12/10  Gold Important Juncture, and the United States a Giant Ponzi Scheme?  Puru Saxena  The Market Oracle
02/12/10  Sovereign Alchemy Will Fail  Egon von Greyerz  Matterhorn Asset
02/11/10  Obama Risks China’s Ire If Pushes Too Hard on Yuan  Ed.  Reuters
02/10/10  The "Second Round of Pain"  Dan Denning  The Daily Reckoning
02/10/10  A Retrospective Look At U.S. ’Gold Reserves’  Jeff Nielson  Gold–
02/10/10  Traders Make $8bn Bet Against Euro  Peter Garnham, Victor Mallet and David Oakley  Finacial Times
02/09/10  Ron Paul Introduces Free Competition in Currency Act  Mike Miller  Liberty
02/09/10  Economic Recovery: Demanding More Purchasing Power  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/08/10  2009–2010 Bill 4501: Silver and gold coins – South Carolina Legislature Online  Submission
02/08/10  Gold to Benefit from Inevitable More Bailouts  Adam Brochert  The Market Oracle
02/07/10  Secret Summit of Top Bankers  George Lekakis and Fleur Leyden–Herald Sun
02/07/10  Marc Faber Says High Inflation, Depression Then War.  A submission  The Market Oracle
02/06/10  USD Index Update  Bob Hoye  321 Gold
02/05/10  Are We Looking At the Wrong Inflation Model?  Robert Wutscher  321 Gold
02/04/10  What Does One TRILLION Dollars Look Like?
02/03/10  What’s Next for the Dollar?  Axel Merk–Merk Hard Currency Fund  321 Gold
02/02/10  The Fed as Giant Fiat Currency Counterfeiter  Robert Murphy  The Market Oracle
02/02/10  The Ultimate Bubble and the Mother of All Carry Trades  Ron Hera  Financial Sense
02/01/10  Growing Investor Discontent With U.S. Government Economic Solutions ...  Oakshire Financial  The Market Oracle
02/01/10  Getting Rid of the Fed  Robert Wutscher  321 Gold
02/01/10  U.S. Dollar In Jeopardy Of Losing Its Value  Future Of Dollar  The Market Oracle
01/31/10  The Coming Cataclysm  DeepCaster LLC  Financial Sense
01/30/10  Ron Paul Bill Seeks Coin and Bullion Tax Ban  Before Its  Before Its
01/29/10  The Descent of Money  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
01/29/10  Creating A Trillion From Thin Air  Daniel R. Amerman  Financial Sense
01/28/10  Dollar Value Sent to the Corn Fields  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
01/27/10  Legalize Competing Currencies  Ron Paul  Daily
01/26/10  Gold: The Great American Debt Machine  John Ing  Gold–
01/25/10  U.S. Dollar Giant Double Top Pattern Implies Bearish Outlook  Howard Katz  The Market Oracle
01/24/10  Inflation Control: Mission Not Accomplished  Bill Baker  The Daily Reckoning
01/23/10  The Euro/Dollar Dance  Sol Palha  Financial Sense
01/23/10  America’s Impending Master Class Dictatorship  Stewart Dougherty  Financial Sense
01/22/10  Hyperinflation, Money Demand, and the Crack–up Boom  Thorsten Polleit  The Market Oracle
01/21/10  Russia Diversifies Into Canadian Dollars  Peter Garnham  Financial Times
01/21/10  How Can Localities Cope if the Dollar Crashes?  Richard C. Cook  Richard C
01/20/10  In Banksters We Trust  Bill Fleckenstein  Financial Sense
01/20/10  4 Reasons Why Bernanke Will Refuse to Fight Inflation  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
01/17/10  China About To End Dollar–Peg  Jeff Nielson  Gold–
01/16/10  Watch Your Money Disappear  Peter Souleles  Gold–
01/15/10  Inflation 101  Puru Saxena  321 Gold
01/14/10  What the Falling Dollar Means for You  Charley Blaine  Money
01/12/10  401k/IRA Screw Job Coming?  Karl Denninger  321 Gold
01/12/10  Things Fall Apart in Eurozone  John Browne  321 Gold
01/11/10  Dollar Trend and Gold Technicals and Hint at Further Downside  Douglas V. Gnazzo  The Market
01/09/10  The Difference a Printing Press Makes  John Rubino  24hGOLD
01/08/10  2010 Preview: The Wonderful Wizard of USD  Brady Willett–  Financial
01/07/10  Willem Buiter Warns of Massive Dollar Collapse  Edmund Conway–London Telegraph
01/06/10  Bond Investors Wary of QE’s End  Michael Mackenzie in New York and David Oakley in London
01/02/10  One Golden Decade, 13 Decayed Currencies  Adrian Ash–  321 Gold
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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12/31/10  The Economic Flop that Was 2010  Bill Bonner   The Daily Reckoning
12/31/10  Hiding A Depression: How The US Government Does It  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
12/30/10  Government Spending, GDP and Nonsense In Between Them  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/30/10  America’s Second Great Depression 2010 Year–end Update (Part 2)  Mike Stathis  The Market Oracle
12/30/10  Social Security Is Not "Insurance"  Dr. Ron Paul  The Daily Bell
12/28/10  U.S. House Prices Tumble in October  Steve Goldstein  Market Watch
12/27/10  Alabama Town Defaults on Pensions, Files for Bankruptcy Protection  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
12/26/10  A Visit from the Ghost of Economic Future  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/25/10  5 Things that Could Happen in 2011  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/24/10  Why the United States of America is Broke  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
12/23/10  US Military Spending – Keynesian Stimulus?  Gonzalo Lira  Gonzalo Lira
12/22/10  Post&ndashSteroid Economics  Vitaliy Katsenelson  Financial Sense
12/21/10  We Are Not Repeating the Mistakes of Japan... YET  Pragmatic Capitalism  Pragmatic Capitalism
12/20/10  The Zombie Banks Feast, Whilst the Economy Starves  Gary North  The Market Oracle
12/19/10  The U.S. Is Free–Falling Into Bankruptcy  Tyler Durden  Chris
12/18/10  A Capital Paradox  John Butler  The Daily Reckoning
12/17/10  Downgrading The USA: Moody’s Has It Backwards  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
12/16/10  Crisis USA: Mounting Household Debts, Threat to Pension Funds and Social Security  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
12/15/10  Shadowstats’ John Williams Expects Hyperinflation Within Months  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
12/15/10  November Consumer Inflation Ticks Up  Ruth Mantell  Market Watch
12/15/10  The Economy Is Still On Shaky Foundation  Rosanne Lim  Gold–Eagle
12/14/10  Inflation, Deflation And The Year Ahead  Cliff Droke  Gold–Eagle
12/13/10  Will Rising Mortgage Rates Spur Home Sales?  Nin–Hai Tseng  CNN Money
12/12/10  NOT Having a Mortgage Won’t Free You from Foreclosure Mess  Michelle Conlin  USA Today
12/11/10  Out of Ammo  David Galland  Market Watch
12/11/10  John Williams: Hyperinflation Will Start in the Next Couple Months  Mac Slavo  321 Gold
12/10/10  U.S. Home Values to Drop by $1.7 Trillion This Year  H. Yu & J. Gittelsohn  Bloomberg News
12/09/10  The 10 Worst States for Retirees  Robert Powell  Market Watch
12/09/10  Fed’s QE Ponzi Scheme Begins to Backfire  Gary Dorsch  321 Gold
12/08/10  U.S. Jobs Off–Shoring Tsunami QE 3, a Perfect Stagflation Storm  Dian L Chu  The Market Oracle
12/07/10  Keynesian Economics  Howard S. Katz  Gold–Eagle
12/06/10  Western Economic Foundations Rotten To The Core  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
12/05/10  Scary Picture: Spiraling U.S. Debt  Prieur du Plessis  Safe Haven
12/04/10  Unemployment Jumps to 9.8%  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis.blogspot
12/03/10  Debt Panel Rejects $3.8 Trillion Budget–Cutting Plan  H. Przybyla & B. Faler  Bloomberg News
12/02/10  Default Risk Levels by State  Bespoke I.G.
12/01/10  Consumer Price Inflation: The Wolf at the Door  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
12/01/10  World Food Prices Climb For Fifth Month to Highest in Two Years  Rudy Ruitenberg  Bloomberg News
11/30/10  The Rise and Fall of the American Middle Class  Byron King  The Daily Reckoning
11/29/10  11 Statistics Show Just How Far the Economy Has Deteriorated  Lew Rockwell  The Market Oracle
11/29/10  FDIC chief: ’Urgent action’ Needed on Debt  Charles Riley
11/28/10  Too Much Borrowing Puts U.S. at Risk: Bair  Robert Schroeder  Market Watch
11/27/10  Totally Standard Hyper–Inflation  Adrian Ash  Safe Haven
11/26/10  Stimulus Is Effective Only Under Certain Circumstances  P. Radomski  Gold–Eagle
11/25/10  Major Retailers Brace for Soaring Clothing Costs (And So Should You)  Mac Slavo
11/24/10  It’s Official: The Economy is Set to Starve  Chris Martenson
11/23/10  Another Hit to States: Interest Payments to Uncle Sam  Tami Luhby
11/22/10  The Sputtering U.S. Economy, Deflation Exactly Where is it?  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
11/22/10  Why Fed Meddling is Only Prolonging the Financial Crisis  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
11/21/10  Fed’s Hidden Agenda of Driving U.S. Into a Second Great Depression  Washingtons Blog  The Market Oracle
11/21/10  Debt Delenda Est  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
11/20/10  Band–aid Solutions  Puru Saxena  321 Gold
11/19/10  Philadelphia Fed Factory Index Rises to 22.5, More Than 4x Forecast  Shobhana Chandra  Bloomberg News
11/18/10  Economies are Crumbling as Governments Play Musical Chairs with Money Printing  Captain Hook  The Market Oracle
11/17/10  U.S. Housing–starts Slide Nearly 12% to an 18–month Low  Jeffry Bartash  Market Watch
11/16/10  The Great "DEPRESSION"  Howard S. Katz  Gold–Eagle
11/15/10  Bernanke vs. America  Howard S. Katz  321 Gold
11/14/10  The Biggest Threat to America  Justin Raimondo
11/13/10  Parabolic Asset Prices Are A Precursor For Deflation, Not Inflation  D. Aaronson & L, Markowitz  Safe Haven
11/12/10  > 1/2+ of Foreclosures Are Occurring In These 5 States  Gus Lubin  Business Insider
11/11/10  Courts Helping Banks Screw Over Homeowners  Matt Taibbi  Rollingstone
11/10/10  Job Openings in U.S. Decreased 163,000 in September  Shobhana Chandra  Bloomberg News
11/09/10  Fake U.S. Unemployment Data, Rising Poverty in America  Paul Craig Roberts  The Market Oracle
11/07/10  From Stagnation to Stagflation  John Butler  The Daily Reckoning
11/06/10  The Age of the Dollar is Drawing to a Close  Jeremy Warner  The Telegraph
11/05/10  Does Anyone Care about the U.S. Jobs Data?  Trader Mark  The Daily Reckoning
11/04/10  Freddie Mac Reports $2.5 Billion Loss, Warns of Weak Housing Market  Nick Timiraos  The Wall Street Journal
11/03/10  Private Sector Debt Burden About to Get More Burdensome  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
11/02/10  Guess What’s Coming to Dinner: Inflation! (Part 2/2)  John Butler  The Daily Reckoning
11/01/10  Fraud Caused the 1930s Great Depression and Current Financial Crisis  Washingtons Blog  The Market Oracle
11/01/10  Deflation Is Not the Enemy, Bad Economics Is  Gerard Jackson  The Market Oracle
10/30/10  Roubini Sees US ’fiscal train wreck’ Ahead  ED.  The Telegraph
10/29/10  US Not Even In Top 20 of Least Corrupt Countries  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
10/28/10  The Imminent Big–Bank Death Spiral  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
10/27/10  The End of Cheap Food  Eric Fry  The Daily Reckoning
10/26/10  The New Tax Man From Ancient Rome  William Alden  The Huffington Post
10/26/10  1.2 Million Will Lose Job Benefits By Christmas  Mac Slavo
10/25/10  Fed’s Waller: Probability of Easing Pretty High  Mark Felsenthal  Reuters
10/24/10  Default or Hyperinflation: The US’s Only Two Options  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
10/23/10  Fannie and Freddie May Need Infusion  Binyamin Appelbaum  The New York Times
10/22/10  The U.S. Public Is About To Revolt  Gregory White  Business Insider
10/20/10  11 State Pension Funds that May Run Out of Money  Gus Lubin  Yahoo Finance
10/19/10  California Pension Promises May Top Taxes by Fivefold  Michael B. Marois  Bloomberg News
10/18/10  UK Tax Scheme Targets Pensions, Could the US be Next?  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
10/17/10  The Rot Within: Our Culture of Financial Fraud and the Anger of the Honest  C. H. Smith
10/16/10  The Second Leg Down of America’s Death Spiral  Gonzalo Lira
10/15/10  The Mother of All Shorts  Bob Moriarty
10/14/10  Future Chaos: There Is No "Plan B"  Chris Martenson PhD  Financial Sense
10/13/10  Recession Job Losses: Worse Than First Thought  Chris Isidore
10/12/10  Senate Hearing: Seizure of 401k Accounts May Be Reality Soon  Mac Slavo
10/11/10  In Foreclosure Controversy; Problems Run Deep  Brady Dennis and Ariana Eunjung Cha  Washington Post
10/10/10  Foreclosure Crisis Threatens Larger Economy  William Alden  The Huffington Post
10/09/10  U.S. Economy Sheds 95,000 Jobs in September  Greg Robb  Market Watch
10/08/10  No Way Out  Doug Casey  Casey Research
10/08/10  Three Horrifying Facts About the US Debt "Situation"  Phoenix Capital Research  Zero Hedge
10/07/10  Real Estate Downturn Could Last 8 Years  Steve Goldstein  Market Watch
10/06/10  Insolvency Too  John Mauldin  Safehaven
10/05/10  Cities in Debt Turn to States, Adding Strain  Mary Williams Walsh  The NY Times
10/05/10  Can the Fed Help the US Economy?  Steve Saville  321 Gold
10/05/10  Is the Fed Better... as the Devil You Know?  Rocky Vega  Bloomberg News
10/04/10  US Economy: Demand Deficiency is Not the Problem  Gerard Jackson  Safehaven
10/04/10  The Promise of Austrian Economics in the 21st Century  Ron Holland  The Daily Bell
10/03/10  Connecticut Halts All Foreclosures for All Banks  The Washington Post  The Washington Post
10/02/10  To Save Our Economy From Destruction  Murray N. Rothbard  Bloomberg News
10/02/10  Surviving the Depression: Our Entrepreneurial Spirit Will Never Be Destroyed  Mac Slavo  The Washington Post
10/01/10  Foreclosures Slow as Document Flaws Emerge  David Streitfeld  The New York Times
10/01/10  California Budget Impasse, IOU Option Looms Larger  Michael B. Marois  Bloomberg News
09/30/10  Postal Service Close to Going Broke  Ed O’Keefe  The Washington Post
09/30/10  What’s Really in the Social Security Trust Fund?  Ian Mathias  The Daily Reckoning
09/29/10  Healthcare Reform: A Huge Misdiagnosis  Dr. Ron Paul  The Daily Bell
09/29/10  Shut Down the Fed (Part II)  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The
09/28/10  U.S. Household Income Falls for 2nd Straight Year, Census Says  Alexandra Harris  Bloomberg News
09/27/10  Gold: Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD)  John Ing  Safe Haven
09/26/10  Recession Officially Over... Someone Tell the Unemployed  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
09/25/10  The Moment Of Truth Has Arrived?  Brian Pretti  Financial Sense
09/24/10  The Economics of Mass Destruction  Jeffrey Harding  Safe Haven
09/24/10  A House In Every Garage! And Some Will Have Two!  Michael Ashton  Safe Haven
09/24/10  Today’s Existing Home Sales Number Confirms More Price Declines To Come  Calculated Risk  Business Insider
09/23/10  12 Terrible Data Points Suggest the NBER is Wrong  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
09/22/10  The 7 States With The Worst Unemployment  Gregory White  Business Insider
09/22/10  Proof There’s Something Wrong With The Mortgage Paper Trail  Mac Slavo
09/21/10  The End of Social Security as We Know It  Ian Mathias  The Daily Reckoning
09/20/10  A Generational Perfect Storm – Boomerang Kids Meet Baby Boomers  Jeff Berwick  Safe Haven
09/19/10  Myths About ’What’s Economically Important’  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
09/18/10  Household Worth in U.S. Fell in Second Quarter  Bob Willis and Anthony Feld  Bloomberg News
09/18/10  Six U.S. Banks Fail as Georgia Lender Community & Southern Acquires Three  Dakin Campbell  Bloomberg News
09/18/10  U.S. Consumer Sentiment Index Unexpectedly Declines  Courtney Schlisserman  Bloomberg News
09/17/10  Losses from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Seizures May Near $400 billion  Jim Puzzanghera  The LA Times
09/16/10  Home Prices Drop in 36 States  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
09/15/10  ’Death Spiral’ Besets State Pensions as Benefits Outgrow Assets  Dunstan McNichol  Bloomberg News
09/14/10  Atlanta, Awash in Empty Offices, Struggling  John Helyar and Steve Matthews  Bloomberg News
09/12/10  You Say Obama; I Say Ozawa!  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
09/11/10  Retailers – Reality Check  James Quinn  Financial Sense
09/11/10  Companies pile on debt, but for what?  MarketWatch  MarketWatch
09/11/10  Don’t Doubt the Double Dip  Neeraj Chaudhary  321 Gold
09/10/10  Is It Deflation Yet?  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
09/09/10  Burning the Economic Toast  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
09/08/10  The U.S. Unreal Real Estate Market  Mark B Rasmussen  The Market Oracle
09/08/10  The Emperor’s Clothes  Paul A. Hein Jr., M.D.  Gold–
09/07/10  Economist Christina Romer Serves Up Dismal News  Dana Milbank  The Washington Post
09/06/10  Best of the Worst  D Sherman Okst  Financial Sense
09/06/10  Taxpayers Likely to Face Initial Loss on GM IPO–sources  Reuters  Reuters
09/05/10  Should US–government Debt be Rated Junk?  Daryl G. Jones
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03/16/10  Through a Looking Glass Darkly  Aubie Baltin  Gold–
03/16/10  Economists to Miss the Next Financial Crisis  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
03/15/10  Paul Krugman’s Bad Economics  Gerard Jackson  Safe
03/15/10  Mission Far from Accomplished  Jeremy Gaunt  Reuters
03/15/10  U.S. Financial System is On the Edge of Default  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
03/14/10  2010 Outlook: When Hope Turns to Fear: Part IV  Ty Andros  Safe
03/14/10  The March To Bankruptcy – Only A Matter Of Time  Joel Skousen
03/13/10  Government Media Complex Manipulated Statistics, The Greatest Show on Earth  Andy Sutton  The Market Oracle
03/12/10  Distress Signals On Financial Crisis Watch  Jim Willie CB  The Market Oracle
03/12/10  The Two Sides on the Debate Over Government Spending  Tim Iacono   The Market Oracle
03/12/10  The End of the Recovery?  Clif Droke  Financial Sense
03/11/10  Organized crime: The ’looting’ of $11 Trillion from the U.S. Economy  Cliff Kincaid  World
03/11/10  Why California Is Doomed  Charles Hugh Smith
03/10/10  Economists Trim 2011 U.S. Growth–forecast  Reuters  Reuters
03/10/10  Enron Fun with Fannie and Freddie  Midtowng’s blog
03/09/10  Robbing the Old to Pay the Rich  Sol Palha  Safe
03/09/10  Consumer Debt and the Supply–Demand Dynamic  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
03/09/10  NOLTE NOTES: Spring Flowers  Paul J. Nolte  Financial Sense
03/08/10  Signs of the Times  Bob Hoye–Institutional Advisors  321 Gold
03/08/10  Zombieland  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
03/08/10  A River of Debt  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
03/07/10  Obama’s Budget is Worse Than You Thought  Q1 Publishing  The Market Oracle
03/07/10  Losing Control of the US Debt Machine  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
03/06/10  $1 Trillion Mortgage Bomb Still Ticking Away  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
03/06/10  A Storm Is Brewing  John Townsend  Gold–
03/06/10  Deficits Higher Than Obama Forecast: CBO  Reuters  Reuters
03/05/10  Economic Recession, Depression, or Systematic Breakdown  James Quinn  The Market Oracle
03/05/10  Payrolls in U.S. Fell 36,000; Unemployment at 9.7%  Timothy R. Homan
03/04/10  U.S. Economy: Pending Sales of Existing Homes Decline  Courtney Schlisserman
03/03/10  Don’t Bet on a Recovery  Peter Schiff  The Daily Reckoning
03/02/10  The Trust Fund Con  David Walker  The Daily Reckoning
03/01/10  Bernanke Belatedly Starts to Tell the Truth  Peter Souleles  Gold–
03/01/10  Regulator Warns Against Caving in on Bank Reform  Victoria Thieberger  Reuters
02/28/10  Surviving Deflation: First, Understand It  Robert Prechter  Financial
02/27/10  True Fiscal Insanity: Creating Money to Buy Government Debt  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
02/27/10  Crisis–Related Bank Failures Racing Toward 1,000  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
02/26/10  Sovereign Debt Follies  Bob Hoye  321 Gold
02/25/10  Secret AIG Document Shows Goldman Sachs Minted Most Toxic CDOs  Richard Teitelbaum  Bloomberg News
02/24/10  The Criminal Economic Stimulus Package  LewRockwell  The Market Oracle
02/24/10  The Bottomless Lie: Wall Street – and its regulators  Ian Mathias  The Daily Reckoning
02/24/10  Government Growth Does Not Equal Economic Growth  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/23/10  Doomsday Predictions Tax Illinois  Jenel Nels  NBC
02/23/10  The "too big to fail" Lie (as applied to US banks)  Steve Saville  321 Gold
02/22/10  Flavor of the Month: the Double Dip  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
02/22/10  America A Country of Serfs Ruled By Oligarchs  Paul Craig Roberts  The Market Oracle
02/20/10  Interest on U.S. Government Debt, a Brewing Time Bomb  Michael Pollaro  True
02/19/10  Economic Fiat End–Times?  Ed.  The Daily Bell
02/19/10  US Bank–lending Falls at Fastest Rate in History  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The Telegraph
02/18/10  Credit Markets Flash Hottest Warning Signal Since Crisis  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  Gold–
02/18/10  For The Love Of Money  Ian Gordon  Gold–
02/18/10  US Budget Deficit: Enjoying the Ride on the Road to Ruin  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/17/10  Lone Voice Warns of Debt Threat to Fed  Alan Rappeport  Finacial Times
02/16/10  What People Want  David Walker  The Daily Reckoning
02/15/10  Blame Game Over Giddy China–savings Takes a Twist  Reuters  Reuters
02/14/10  A New Era of Fiscal Irresponsibility  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
02/13/10  Fear Takes the Wheel  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
02/13/10  Economic Instability a Result of Extreme Imbecility  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/12/10  Economists See Slower Growth Toward Year–end  Emily Flitter  Reuters
02/12/10  Hey Taxpayers! Get Ready To Bail Out The FHA  John Carney  Business
02/11/10  Recoverygeddon  Neil Charnock  Gold–
02/11/10  2011 Budget the "Perfect Plan for Catastrophe"  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
02/11/10  Bailing Out a Welfare State: The California–Greece Debate  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/10/10  What the Past Tells Us  David Walker  The Daily Reckoning
02/10/10  Does Every "Solution" Have to Require Spending?  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
02/09/10  Citi Plans Crisis–Derivatives  Laurie Carver
02/08/10  Banks Won’t Be Able to Clean Up Fed’s Mortgage Mess  Editorial  Money
02/08/10  It Is Now Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off The U.S. National Debt  Editorial
02/08/10  No Job Growth for Small Business Spurs Recovery Doubt  Michael McKee  Bloomberg News
02/07/10  Obama’s Budget Has One Small, Missing Piece... For $6.3 Trillion Dollars  Tyler Durden  Zero
02/07/10  Necessary Preparations For Financial Chaos  SHTF
02/06/10  Containing Inflation Via Unlimited Money Creation  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–
02/06/10  U.S. Government, on Its Way to Bankruptcy, Part 3  Michael Pollaro  True
02/05/10  More Government Equals Fewer Jobs  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
02/05/10  Who’s Left? A Few Ultra–Rich and the Tapped–Out Masses  J. Speer–Williams
02/04/10  Homeowner Defaults: The Inevitable Truth Behind the Mystery  Bill Bonner  321 Gold
02/04/10  20 Reasons Global Debt Time Bomb Explodes Soon  Paul B. Farrell
02/04/10  US Debt to Hit Proposed Ceiling by End–February: Treasury  AFP  Google News
02/03/10  Will the real Real Economy please stand up  Eric Janszen
02/02/10  Beyond The Welfare State  Sam Mathid  Gold–
02/02/10  Fiscal Stimulus in a Real Depression  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/01/10  The Nature of Socialism  MISES  The Market Oracle
01/31/10  They Don’t Own Shovels, Crowbars Or Even Gloves!  J. Speer–Williams
01/31/10  On the Origin of Big Bank Failures  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
01/31/10  The Precarious State of Our Union  Peter Schiff  Financial Sense
01/30/10  Municipal Meltdown: Teacher Pensions, Bondholder Coupons, Go to Court  Frederick Sheehan  The Daily Reckoning
01/29/10  Warning: Capt Bernanke’s Sinking U.S.S. Titanic  Paul B. Farrell
01/29/10  This is Like the Great Depression and Worse  Mac Slavo  SHTF
01/28/10  Celente: The Guillotine or Death By A Thousand Cuts?  Mac Slavo  SHTF
01/28/10  The Scary Budget Numbers  David Walker  The Daily Reckoning
01/28/10  Stimulating Depression Through Government Spending  Bill Bonner  Gold–
01/26/10  Insider’s View of the U.S. Real Estate Train Wreck Crash  David Galland  The Market Oracle
01/26/10  Prepare Now to Escape Obama’s Retirement Trap  Ron Holland  Whiskey and
01/25/10  We Are All Speculators Now  Craig Harris–earthblognews  321 Gold
01/25/10  Faber’s Take on US Debt, "We’re All Doomed"  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
01/24/10  Banks Shut in Fla., Mo., NM, Ore., Wash.  Marcy Gordon–AP  AP News
01/24/10  USA is Bankrupt  Ron Paul  Daily
01/23/10  U.S. Government, On It’s Way to Bankruptcy, Part 2  Michael Pollaro  True
01/23/10  Congress Sacks Samoan Economy  Peter Schiff  Financial Sense
01/22/10  After The Welfare State, What?  Hugo Salinas Price  Financial Sense
01/21/10  Paralyzed In An Idiotic Fiscal Freezer  Roger Wiegand
01/20/10  Two More Reasons to Sell Treasury Bonds  Dan Amoss  The Daily Reckoning
01/19/10  More and More States on Budget Brink  Colin Barr–Fortune  321 Gold
01/19/10  Interest Rate Manipulation  Steve Saville Speculative–  321 Gold
01/18/10  Regulators Seize Three More Banks in U.S.  Reuters  Reuters
01/17/10  The US Economy: A Quick Survey of the Pathetic, the Fallacious and the Ignorant  Gerard Jackson  Safe
01/16/10  U.S. Government, On It’s Way To Bankruptcy  Michael Pollaro  True
01/16/10  SEC Subpoenas Big Banks Over CDOs  Joanna Chung and Francesco Guerrera  Financial Times
01/16/10  USSR Was Better Prepared For Collapse Than The US  Dmitry Orlov  Energy
01/15/10  Why Not Let the Whole Banking System Collapse?  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
01/15/10  Is America’s Financial Collapse Inevitable?  Pat Buchanan  World Net Daily
01/14/10  The End of Extend and Pretend  Dan Amoss  The Daily Reckoning
01/12/10  Argentina Seizes Pension Funds to Pay Debts, Whos Next?  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard
01/12/10  The Gamblers and the Clueless are Leading This Nation into the Abyss  Bill Fleckenstein  Money
01/11/10  Why Deflation is Not Ahead  Gary North  The Market
01/08/10  Tim Geithner "Protects America From Itself"  Tyler Durden–Zero Hedge  Prison
01/08/10  U.S. Job Losses in December Dim Hopes for Quick Upswing  Peter S. Goodman  Ny
01/07/10  Betting Against the US Treasury  Eric Fry  The Daily Reckoning
01/06/10  Iceland Beckons As America Reckons  Peter Souleles B. Com. LLB.  Gold–
01/05/10  In The News: Federal Reserve Repos  Jim Sinclair  JS
01/05/10  US Public Pensions Face $2 Trillion Deficit Editorial
01/04/10  The USA – An American Tragedy  Darryl Robert Schoon  321 Gold
01/03/10  How Deflation Is Inflation  Shelby Henry Moore IIIl  Gold–
01/02/10  Euthanasia Of The Pension Funds  Antal E. Fekete  Gold–
01/01/10  When Greed And Theft Were Legalized  Aubie Baltin  Gold–
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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12/31/10  Lull Before the Storm: What’s Coming in 2011  Gonzalo Lira Blog  Gonzalo Lira Blog
12/30/10  North Korean Dear Leader Calls for Holy War  Lew Rockwell  The Market Oracle
12/29/10  Theft by Mercantilism, China and the Keynesian Trap  Gary North  The Market Oracle
12/28/10  A Spectre is Still Haunting Europe...  Ashvin Pandurangi  The Market Oracle
12/27/10  Europe’s New Plan to Save the Euro  STRATFOR  The Market Oracle
12/26/10  Global Economic Crisis Triggers Debt Driven Suicides in India  Global Research  The Market Oracle
12/25/10  Economic Austerity Fails in Euroland: Time for Some Deficit Easing?  Ellen Brown  The Market Oracle
12/23/10  Is Brazil For "Real?"  Chris Mayer  The Daily Reckoning
12/22/10  Will France Be the Next Euro Nation to Fail?  Richard Lee  The Daily Reckoning
12/21/10  Brazil From Debt Pariah to Cash King, The New Miracle Economy  Martin D Weiss  The Market Oracle
12/20/10  Europe Kicking the Debt Crisis Can Down the Road  John Mauldin  
12/19/10  IMF Chief Worried About Europe Domino–effect  Glenn Somerville  Reuters
12/18/10  How $90 Oil Affects the Global Economy  Dave Gonigam  The Daily Reckoning
12/17/10  Currency Wars and China  John R. Ing  Financial Sense
12/16/10  Chinese Take–Out (of the US Economy)  Jim Willie CB  Bloomberg News
12/15/10  West’s Employment Dysfunction  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
12/14/10  China Did Not Want To Be The Grinch That Stole The Holidays  Jeb Handwerger  Safe Haven
12/13/10  China Increases Bank’s Reserve Ratios to Cool Prices  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
12/12/10  China’s Relentless Advance Continues!  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
12/11/10  The Implacable Enemy  JR Nyquist  Financial Sense
12/10/10  China Tells Bernanke To Take A Hike  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
12/09/10  Belligerent US Diplomacy Promotes War, the Coming Armageddon in Iran  Michael S Rozeff  The Market Oracle
12/09/10  The Korean War 2  Mike Whitney  Bloomberg News
12/08/10  Three Things You Need to Know About the Chinese Economy  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
12/07/10  China Inflation Taking Off, Declares Price Controls on Walmart  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
12/07/10  China Outstrips Fed in Liquidity Surge  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
12/06/10  The Pros and Cons of Investing in India  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/06/10  Chinese Gold Demand ExplodesJ  ulian D. W. Phillips  Safe Haven
12/05/10  Geopolitical Journey Into Ukraine  STRATFOR  The Market Oracle
12/04/10  Texas, Ireland and Ten Little Indians  John Mauldin  Safe Haven
12/03/10  The Pain in Spain... and in Ireland  Dan Amoss  The Daily Reckoning
12/02/10  Rapidly Escalating Euro Crisis Threatens Financial Armageddon III  Chris Laird  Financial Sense
12/01/10  Hedge Fund Predicts China Disaster  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
12/01/10  EU Faces More Bailouts as Euro Contagion Spreads  John Fraher & James Hertling  Bloomberg News
11/30/10  Justifiably Concerned  Michael Ashton  Safe Haven
11/29/10  The Stench of US Economic Decay Grows Stronger  Paul Craig Roberts  The Market Oracle
11/29/10  U.S. Empire Built on a Foundation of Lies  James Quinn  The Market Oracle
11/29/10  Bets Against Europe Are Unlikely to Lose  Rick Ackerman  Gold–Eagle
11/28/10  Merkel’s Dilemma; Eurozone Borrowing = Sovereign Defaults  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
11/27/10  CHINA TELLS AMERICA: Turn Around The USS George Washington  Gus Lubin  Business Insider
11/26/10  Preparing for The Big One, Coming Soon  Deepcaster  Financial Sense
11/25/10  What Happens When China Collapses?  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
11/24/10  For Europe’s Future, Spain Is All That Matters  Gonzalo Lira  Financial Sense
11/23/10  Global Monetary Policy – Negligence, Ignorance or Fraud?  The Gold Report  The Market Oracle
11/22/10  Russia, India and China Forming Strategic Geopolitical Alliance  Pravda  The Market Oracle
11/22/10  Officials See Irish Rescue at 50 Billion Euros, at Least  Matthew Saltmarsh  The New York Times
11/21/10  Higher Interest Rate Yields Impact on Gold, Metals and Commodities  Jeb Handwerger  The Market Oracle
11/21/10  America Surrenders, The Collective Will is Broken  Barry M Ferguson  The Market Oracle
11/20/10  The Horrible Truth Starts to Dawn on Europe’s Leaders  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The Telegraph
11/19/10  Turkey Deepens Strategic Relationship with China  Global Intelligence Report  Safe Haven
11/18/10  G20: Look for Even More Friction in the Future  Jeff Rubin  Financial Sense
11/17/10  Why Angela Merkel Wants Ireland to Take a Bailout  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
11/16/10  World Debt Comparison; The Global Debt Clock  The Economist  The Economist
11/15/10  Greece’s Deficit Revised to Largest in EU as Debt Tops Italy’s  Maria Petrakis  Bloomberg News
11/14/10  Gold Price Plummets as China Applies the Economic Brakes  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
11/13/10  G20 Goes Wrong?  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
11/12/10  China May Be Bigger Economy Than US Within Two Years  Jeremy Warner  The Telegraph
11/11/10  Should One Invest In America’s Stock Market Now – Or China’s?  Nu Yu, Ph.D. & L. Wilson  Gold–Eagle
11/10/10  How the US Will React to China’s Trade Surplus  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
11/09/10  Hong Kong: ’Goodbye U.S. dollar, Hello Chinese yuan’  Tony Richardson  Financial Sense
11/08/10  The World Reacts to QE2  Dave Gonigam  The Daily Reckoning
11/07/10  Left–Center Political Parties Pay the Price for Bailing Out the Bankster’s  Global Research  The Market Oracle
11/05/10  China’s Leg Up in the Rare Earths Market  Byron King  The Daily Reckoning
11/04/10  Default or Hyperinflation: The US’s Only Two Options  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
11/03/10  World Bank Says China Needs to Raise Rates  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
11/02/10  Central Banker Takes a Chance by Speaking Out  Jack Ewing  The New York Times
11/01/10  China Manufacturing Posts Biggest Gain in Six Months  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
11/01/10  Iran Switched 15 Percent of Foreign Exchange Reserves Into Gold  Ladane Nasseri  Bloomberg News
10/31/10  Misguided Love Affair with China  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
10/30/10  CURRENCY WARS: Debase, Default, Deny!  ED.  Gold–Eagle
10/29/10  The One–Sided CompromiseJ  ohn Browne  321gold
10/28/10  China Unveils World’s Fastest Supercomputer  Leslie Horn  PC
10/27/10  ’Uncontrolled’ Dollar Is China Inflation Threat, Official Says  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
10/26/10  Cutting the Welfare State, Paris Dithers While London Shows the Way  Lew Rockwell  The Market Oracle
10/25/10  Bondholder ’Immunity’ to Losses Challenged as Irish Bail Banks  S. Clark and J. Glover  Bloomberg News
10/24/10  Is China’s Decision Going To Hurt Canada and Australia?  Richard Lee  The Daily Reckoning
10/23/10  China’s Naval Ambitions Spur New Regional Strategic Planning  Global Intellegence Report  Financial Sense
10/22/10  Can China and India Save the World?  Chris Mack  Financial Sense
10/21/10  China: US has "Clearly a Double Standard" on Exchange Rates  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
10/20/10  King Says G–20 Needs ’Grand Bargain’  Simon Kennedy  Bloomberg News
10/19/10  World Bank Blames U.S. for Unruly Capital Flows  Stanley White and Jim Christie  Reuters
10/18/10  Winds of Chinese–change Mostly Hot Air  Kent Ewing  Asia Times
10/17/10  China to USA: We are not to blame for your problems  Peter Foster  The Telegraph
10/16/10  Weekly Geopolitical Summary  Global Intelligence Report  Financial Sense
10/15/10  India’s Inflation Unexpectedly Quickens  Unni Krishnan  Bloomberg
10/14/10  Currency Wars; 1914 All Over Again?  Ton Coumans  321 Gold
10/13/10  Australia’s Mining Boom Biggest Since 1850s Gold–rush  Mineweb
10/12/10  IMF–G7 Weekend Will Just Hurt the Dollar More  Richard Lee  The Daily Reckoning
10/11/10  China Currency Reserves May Hit $2.5 Trillion, Stoking Tensions  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
10/10/10  Weekly Geopolitical Summary  Global Intelligence Report  Safe Haven
10/09/10  China to Overtake Japan in Global Wealth Rankings?  The Wall Street Journal  The Wall Street Journal
10/08/10  EU Confrontations Continue  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
10/07/10  India’s Economy May Expand 9.7% This Year  Unni Krishnan  Bloomberg News
10/06/10  IMF Article Predicts New World Order  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
10/05/10  BOJ Independence Challenged as Japan Deflation Continues  Mayumi Otsuma  Bloomberg News
10/05/10  Connecting the Dots of Chinese Gold and Currency Reserves  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
10/05/10  Wall Street Sees World Economy Decoupling From U.S.  Simon Kennedy  Bloomberg News
10/04/10  A Quiet, Global Revolution  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
10/03/10  China Offers to Buy Greek Debt  Reuters  Reuters
10/03/10  Capital Controls Eyed as Global Currency Wars Escalate  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The Telegraph
10/02/10  When The Taliban Calls, Should We Answer?  Danny Schechter  The Market Oracle
10/02/10  In China, Nothing Says ’upwardly mobile’ Like a $6,000 Toilet  David Pierson  The Los Angeles Times
10/01/10  Austerity Bites Ireland and Elite  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
10/01/10  Irish ’Groundhog Day’ Leaves Lenihan Battling Biggest Deficit  Finbarr Flynn  Bloomberg News
09/30/10  Eye on China, House Votes for Greater Tariff Powers  David E. Sanger and Sewell Chan  The New York Times
09/29/10  Flip–Flops–On–The–Ground Research  Chris Mayer  The Daily Reckoning
09/28/10  France Chafes at German Plea for Quasi–Automatic Euro Penalties  J G Neuger and Mark Deen  Bloomberg News
09/27/10  To Shelve Bush Individual Tax Cuts; Pass Small Business Tax Cuts  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis
09/27/10  Japan Will Ease Monetary Policy If Necessary  Tetsushi Kajimoto  Reuters
09/26/10  Ron Paul’s Bill to Audit the Fed, A Red–Alert Threat to the Regime  Gary North  The Market Oracle
09/25/10  Politicians’ Criminal Minds  Dr. Tibor Machan  The Daily Bell
09/24/10  China’s Rise Curbs US Influence in Australia  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
09/24/10  Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century  James J Puplava  Financial Sense
09/23/10  The Game is Changing and the US is Now on the Defensive  Global Intelligence Report  Safe Haven
09/22/10  Global Banking System Collpase, on the Edge of The Precipice, Basel III  Matthias Chang  The Market Oracle
09/22/10  U.S. Loses No. 1 to Brazil–China–India Market in Investor Poll  Mike Dorning  Bloomberg News
09/21/10  Brazil Quickly Becoming a Player in the Global Economy  Juan Forero  The Washington Post
09/20/10  A Third Sino Japanese War?  Static Chaos  The Market Oracle
09/19/10  Japan’s Economic Problem Is Bigger Than Yen  Dian L Chu  The Market Oracle
09/18/10  Real Versus Fake Crises, Concealing The Risk of An All Out Nuclear War  Michel Chossudovsky  The Market Oracle
09/18/10  Can the U.S. Afford to Call China a Currency Manipulator?  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
09/18/10  Brazil’s Debt Crisis, if it Does Not Defend Itself Against Financialization  Michael Hudson  The Market Oracle
09/17/10  Losing Faith in the Zombie–Run Government  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
09/16/10  Internet Continues to Change the World  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
09/16/10  Germany Asks US to Give Up its IMF Veto  Ben Moshinsky  Bloomberg News
09/15/10  Europe Proposes Rules to Help Steady Markets  James Kanter  The NY Times
09/14/10  China to Be The World’s Largest Market Soon  Eric Fry  The Daily Reckoning
09/13/10  Chinese Economy: Change in Banking Regulations  Brewer Futures Group  Safe
09/12/10  China August New Lending Rebounds, Exceeds Forecasts  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
09/11/10  China’s Posted $20 Billion Trade Surplus May Add Yuan Pressure  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
09/11/10  India’s Industrial Production Rises, Adding Rate Pressure  Kartik Goyal and Tushar Dhara  Bloomberg News
09/10/10  U.S. Losing Competitive Edge  Aaron Smith
09/09/10  Welfare States Decline Along With Youth Population  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
09/09/10  The IMF is Blowing Smoke – Big Time!  Mike Endres  Financial Sense
09/08/10  EU Probes Hidden Greek Deals as 400% Yield Gap Shows Doubt  Alan Katz and Elisa Martinuzzi  Bloomberg News
09/08/10  Startling Increase in UK Food Price Inflation  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
09/06/10  EU to Defend Its Clout at IMF as U.S. Seeks Overhaul  Sandrine Rastello  Bloomberg News
09/06/10  Greece Default Risk Is ’Substantial’, Bosomworth Says.  Josiane Kremer  Bloomberg News
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07/31/10  China Overtakes Japan as No.2 Economy  Reuters  Reuters
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07/29/10  Russia Moves to Sell Shares in State Companies  Andrew E. Kramer  NY Times
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07/27/10  India Raises Rate More Than Forecast to Tame Prices  Kartik Goyal  Bloomberg News
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03/06/10  Iceland Votes Over Foreign Debts, Economy at Risk  Reuters  Reuters
03/05/10  Goldman Sachs Authors a Greek Tragedy  Jim Hightower
03/05/10  Iceland – the Lemmings Rule!  Scott B. MacDonald  Financial Sense
03/05/10  The Dominos of Default  John Browne  321 Gold
03/04/10  Soros, Goldman, Hedge Funds Attack Greece, Euro  Webster Tarpley
03/03/10  How Quickly the Fragile US Empire may Collapse  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
03/03/10  Greece – From Hard Money to Fool’s Gold  Axel Merk
03/02/10  United States Trade Policy: The New Reality  Russell Smith–KWR  Safe Haven
03/01/10  Greece Now, U.K. Next as Scots Ready for Pound Plunge  Rodney Jefferson  Bloomberg News
03/01/10  Soros "Very Cautious" on China’s Economy  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
02/28/10  Japan Rethinks US RelationshipEditorial  Dead Man Musings
02/27/10  Seeds of War  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
02/25/10  China Wins the Battle of the Brains  Tony Sagami  The Market Oracle
02/23/10  Basically, It’s Over  Charles Munger
02/23/10  The Beginning of the Endgame is Coming???  Reggie Middleton  Boom Bust
02/23/10  Debt Dynamite Dominoes: The Coming Financial Catastrophe  Andrew Gavin Marshall  Global
02/22/10  How Global Fiat Money Dies  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
02/20/10  Are US Taxpayers Bailing Out Greece?  Dr. Ron Paul  
02/20/10  History to Fukayama: The Show Must Go On  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
02/19/10  Hold On to Your Underpants  Tom Engelhardt  Asia Times
02/18/10  IMF Sends Gold to the Woodshed  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
02/18/10  Foreigners Reduce Holdings of US Debt by Record Amount  Matthew Jaffe  ABC
02/18/10  China Dumps US Treasuries  P. Drockton–Dead Man Musings
02/17/10  Global Financial Dominance and Control, All Roads Lead to Goldman Sachs  Rob Kirby  The Market Oracle
02/16/10  Germany Growls as Greece Balks at Immolation  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The Telegraph
02/13/10  Do Unto Others  J. R. Nyquist  Finacial Times
02/12/10  The Winner Takes All in Afghanistan  M K Bhadrakumar  Asia
02/12/10  China Orders Retreat from Risky Assets  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The Telegraph
02/12/10  Investors Bewildered by EU Deal Over Greece  Jamie Chisholm  Finacial Times
02/11/10  ’War on Terror’ to Last as Long as Cold War  Ed.  The Telegraph
02/11/10  The Dumping Begins: Chinese Reserve  Tyler Durden  Zero
02/11/10  European Central Bank in a Squeeze  Jack Ewing  NY
02/10/10  Think Government Is Corrupt? You May Face 10 Years In Jail  Paul Joseph Watson  Prison Planet
02/10/10  Will Obama Play the War Card?  Patrick J. Buchanan
02/10/10  China’s Debt Bomb  Arthur Herman  NY
02/09/10  Israel and the US Preparing for Iran  Maysaa Jarour–PT Editor  The Palestine Telegraph
02/09/10  The Greatest Money War of All Time  Martin D Weiss  The Market Oracle
02/09/10  Greek Ouzo Crisis Escalates  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The
02/08/10  The Budget That Forecasts America’s Decline  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
02/07/10  The Planning of War Behind Closed Doors  Rick Rozoff
02/07/10  The Bernanke Reappointment: Be Afraid, Very Afraid  Prof Michael Hudson
02/06/10  Hair of Damocles’ Sword  Chan Akya  Asia Times
02/06/10  Frank Holmes: Game–Changing Action Is Afoot  Karen Roche  The Gold Report
02/05/10  Celebrating the Demise of the Liberal Capitalist System  J. R. Nyquist  Financial Sense
02/04/10  America is Broke, and Needs Its Old Friends  Simon Tisdall  The Guardian
02/03/10  Bases, Missiles, Wars: U.S. Consolidates Global Military Network  Rick Rozoff
02/03/10  The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti  F. William Engdahl
02/01/10  Is The War In Afghanistan About Terror, Or Heroin?  Andrew Butter  Washington Post
02/01/10  SEC to Require Disclosure of Climate Change Risks  Zachary A. Goldfarb  The Market Oracle
01/31/10  The US Game in Latin America  Mark Weisbrot  The Guardian
01/31/10  Zimbabwe – ’Just Push In’  Cathy Buckle
01/30/10  Sanctions, Regime Change Take Center Stage  Jim Lobe  Asia Times
01/29/10  Russia’s Conquest of Europe  J. R. Nyquist  Financial Sense
01/28/10  Brazil Inflation Quickens...  Andre Soliani  Financial Sense
01/28/10  U.S.: Court Overturns Limits on Corporate Election Money  Jim Lobe  Global
01/23/10  Anti–Capitalists and Capitalists  J. R. Nyquist  Financial Sense
01/22/10  Ron Paul: ’$300 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Undermine Iran!’  Michael Nystrom  Daily
01/21/10  Is America A Failed State?  Spengler  Asia Times
01/21/10  Seven Days Of Indifference  Jim Kirwan
01/20/10  Conflicts and Dilemmas When New States are Born  Jorgen Johansen  Journal of Turkish Weekly
01/19/10  Yemen: A Geopolitical Oil Chokepoint to Eurasia  F. Wm.Engdahl
01/18/10  A Global Fiasco is Brewing in Japan  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard
01/17/10  Our Revolting Elites  J. R. Nyquist  Financial
01/17/10  Today Haiti Tomorrow America?  Mike Adams  Natural
01/16/10  The Geopolitics Behind the Phoney US War in Afghanistan  F.Wm. Engdahl
01/15/10  Obama’s Yemeni Odyssey Targets China  M K Bhadrakumar  Asia Times
01/12/10  Afghanistan: Politics, Security and Drugs  Julien Mercille  Exploring
01/11/10  Middle East: Security, Sunni–Shia Divide and the Palestinian Question  Andrea Teti  Exploring
01/09/10  Tomgram: Michael Klare, The Blowback Effect, 2020  Michael Klare  TomDispatch
01/09/10  Iran  Anup Shah  Global Issues
01/09/10  Chinese Real Estate Tiger & Hidden Credits Iceberg  B.Raman  Global Geopolitics News and Analysis
01/09/10  Act Now For Compassionate, Wise, Fair Budget Priorities  Editorial  Friends Committee on National Legislation
01/09/10  Global Financial Crisis  Anup Shah  Global Issues
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