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05/31/10  US Debt and the Gold Price: Numbers On the Up and Up  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
05/30/10  Gold Savers Will Get the Last Laugh  Adam Brochert  Gold–
05/29/10  Gold’s latest "Buy" Signal  Money Morning  The Market
05/29/10  Get Your Gold and Silver Coins Now  Sean Brodrick  The Market
05/28/10  Silver ’Poor Man’s Gold’ to Play Catch with as Ratio Falls  GoldCore  The Market
05/28/10  What Recession? Mining Equipment is Sold Out  Nin–Hai Tseng
05/27/10  The Gold & Silver Precious Metals Correction  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–
05/26/10  Dark Days For The Realists  Jeff Nielson  Gold–
05/26/10  Gold Gains a Third Day on Euro Concern  Nicholas Larkin and Kim Kyoungwha  Bloomberg News
05/26/10  Investing in Silver as China Enters its "Spend" Phase  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
05/25/10  Another "I" in the BRIC Wall?  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/25/10  Coming Economic Calamity Could Lead to a New World Order  Robert McHugh  Safe
05/25/10  Europe Braces for Chaos  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
05/24/10  This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
05/24/10  Inflation–Proof Deflation Hedge  Adrian Ash  Gold–
05/24/10  The Chinese Gold Rush  Mac Slavo
05/23/10  Market Wrap–Week Ending 5–14–10 Gold & Silver Report  Gnazzo  Gold–
05/23/10  Smart Money Holds Gold and Buys Major Miners  The Gold Report  The Market Oracle
05/23/10  Platinum at $1,500 Could be Looking Cheap by Year–end  Rhona O’Connell
05/22/10  Why Gold Is a Sure Long–Term Bet  DailyWealth  The Market Oracle
05/21/10  Focus On What Matters  Toby Connor  Financial Sense
05/21/10  Another Million ozs of Russian Palladium stock to Hit the Market This Year?  Rhona OC’onnell
05/21/10  Gold Gets Political  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
05/20/10  Deflation and Economic Weakness Are the Best Catalysts for Gold  Jordan Roy–Byrne  Financial Sense
05/19/10  $1800 – $2000 gold this year – and $30 silver –>James Turk  Lawrence Williams
05/19/10  Gold and Silver Update  Steve Saville  321 Gold
05/19/10  Gold: What a Difference Two Months Makes  Bob Hoye  321 Gold
05/18/10  Why Gold Keeps Breaking Records  Annalyn Censky
05/18/10  New High in Gold  Howard S. Katz  321 Gold
05/18/10  Euro Gold Near €1,000 On Euro Currency Survival Concerns  GoldCore  The Market
05/17/10  Silver About To Break $20 And Looking Better Than Gold  Peter Cooper  Gold–
05/17/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
05/16/10  Gold Technicals vs Gold Parabola!  Stewart Thomson  Financial Sense
05/16/10  Sovereign Debt Crisis Sends Euro Gold to €1000, Will it Hold?  Zeal LLC  The Market Oracle
05/15/10  Silver Sparkles as Gold Plays Fairy–godmother  Myra P. Saefong  Market Watch
05/14/10  The Gold Rush That Greece has Ignited  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/14/10  Gold Could Explode To $3,000 As Confidence In Currencies Collapses  Paul Joseph Watson  Prison
05/14/10  Gold & Silver Wrap Week Ending in 05–07–10  Douglas V. Gnazzo  Financial Sense
05/13/10  Euro–Bailout To Send Gold & Silver Prices Much Higher  Peter Cooper  Gold–
05/13/10  Gold and Silver: The Only Game in Town 2010–2011  Jordan Roy–Byrne  Safe Haven
05/13/10  Investing in Gold: No Doubt About It  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
05/12/10  Investor Interest in Silver to Remain Strong over Several Years  Dorothy Kosich
05/12/10  Gold And Silver’s Big Move  Hubert Moolman  The Market Oracle
05/12/10  Gold and Silver Parabola Update  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
05/11/10  Gold: The World’s #1 Asset Class  Bob Hoye  321 Gold
05/11/10  Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  Safe Haven
05/11/10  Investors You need to PROTECT Your Wealth NOW!  Larry Edelson  The Market Oracle
05/10/10  What Gold’s Latest Break Through $1,200 Could Mean  Lawrence Williams
05/10/10  Has Gold Become A New Reserve Currency?  blog
05/10/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
05/09/10  The No. 1 Reason Gold Could Enter Mania Phase Soon  DailyWealth  The Market Oracle
05/09/10  Gold Investing: Keep On Keeping On  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
05/09/10  U. S. Gold Coins Sales Soar on Economic Anxiety  Frank Tang
05/08/10  Military Might Cannot Win the Economic Struggle!  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
05/08/10  ECB Paralysis Rattles Markets as Debt–costs Hit New Highs  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The Telegraph
05/07/10  The Policies of Insolvency  Ty Andros  Financial Sense
05/07/10  Speaking of Trouble...  Michael Panzer  Financial Sense
05/06/10  Greece Will Default & Gold Will Vault  Peter Souleles  Gold–
05/06/10  Bond–Market Collapse as Certain as Time and the Tides  Karen Roche  The Gold Report
05/06/10  Gold Heats up as Athens Burns  John Browne  321 Gold
05/05/10  Gold Surges To New Record Highs in Swiss Francs, Euros and Pounds  GoldCore  The Market
05/05/10  The Death–knell  Richard Russell  321
05/05/10  Gold Boosted by Keynesian Economies Heading for Bankruptcy  Ned W Schmidt  The Market
05/04/10  The Silver Price Spiral Part III: Tomorrow  Jeff Nielson  Gold–
05/04/10  ’Safest Refuge Will Be in Physical Gold and Silver’  Bob Moriarty  321
05/04/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321
05/03/10  If Gold to Take–off, then Silver Should Be an Even Better Bet  Lawrence Williams
05/03/10  Gold Breaks Key Resistance, Trades at Record highs in EUR, CHF and GBP  David Levenstein
05/03/10  Gold Price Ready to Explode  Howard Katz  The Market
05/02/10  All–fired Hot  Richard Russell  321
05/02/10  Today’s Most Important Gold Price Points  Bill Downey  The Market
05/01/10  Gold, Silver and Currencies Favoured as Hyper–inflationary Great Depression Nears  John Williams
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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05/31/10  Stage Set For Another Bernanke Adventure  Brady Willett  Gold–
05/30/10  The Consequences Of M3  Andy Sutton  Gold–
05/29/10  The Great Deceit  Kenneth J. Gerbino
05/29/10  Financial and Euro Debt Crisis, Preparing for What’s Next  David Galland  The
05/28/10  The Path to Hyperinflation  Jordan Roy–Byrne  Financial Sense
05/28/10  Do You Answer the Question?  Toby Connor  Gold–
05/27/10  Gold Correction Factors, Hidden Dollar Swap Hammer  Jim Willie  The
05/26/10  Inflation Prospects  Hans Wagner  Financial Sense
05/26/10  Warning: Crash dead ahead. Sell. Get liquid. Now.  Paul B. Farrell  Market Watch
05/25/10  Gold Bullion Or A ’Guaranteed’ Retirement Account?  Lorimer Wilson  Gold–
05/24/10  Massive Currency and Debt Devaluations Lie Ahead  Bryan Rich  The Market
05/24/10  The Japanese Yen  Guy Lerner  Safe
05/23/10  ’100% Protected’ Isn’t as Safe as It Sounds  Gretchen Morgenson  NY
05/23/10  Danger in Numbers: The Decline of Paper Currency  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
05/23/10  Re–pricing the World’s Credits  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/22/10  The Euro as We Know It is Dead  Jeff Randall  The Telegraph
05/21/10  Global Debt Defaults Ahead as Keynesian’s Race to Bankruptcy  Gary North  The Market Oracle
05/21/10  Stock Funds See Biggest Exit in Two Years, EPFR Says  Jonathan Burgos and Garfield Reynolds  Bloomberg News
05/20/10  Gold & Greece: Not What You Think  Kenneth J. Gerbino  321 Gold
05/19/10  The Great Commodities Con, Dangers of Investing in ETFs  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
05/19/10  Beyond Help  Adam Brochert  Financial Sense
05/18/10  Gold Looking Good as the Turmoil in Global Currencies Continue  David Levenstein
05/18/10  Why Treasury Bonds Aren’t Always So Safe  Allan Sloan
05/17/10  Euro Price Hits a 4–Year Low  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
05/16/10  The Mysterious Stagnation of M2 Money Supply  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
05/15/10  Signs of Deflation You Might Not be Able to See Clearly  ED. EWI  Financial Sense
05/14/10  Euro Crash, ECB Losing Credibility as it Prints Money When It Said It Wouldn’t  Charles Maley  The Market Oracle
05/14/10  Greek Wildfire Engulfs the Euro in Flames  Gary Dorsch  321 Gold
05/13/10  Gold Investing: Protection Against Inflation  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/13/10  Shock Events & Gold Breakout  Jim Willie  Financial Sense
05/13/10  Gold Rising Whether Dollar Rises or Falls?  Przemyslaw Radomski  The Market Oracle
05/12/10  HyperInflation or HyperDeflation? The Quantity Theory of Money  Professor Emeritus  The Market Oracle
05/12/10  US Could See a Debt Downgrade as Early as 2013  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/12/10  EU Bailout Footnote: Currency Swap Lines Reopened  Ian Mathias  The Daily Reckoning
05/11/10  Gold Remains The Perfect Hedge  David Levenstein  Gold–
05/11/10  Short–term Trading Forecasts for Stock Market, Gold, and U.S. Dollar  Chris Vermeulen  The Market Oracle
05/10/10  Fed Fraud and Stock Market Crash Bamboozles Investors  Steve Betts  The Market Oracle
05/10/10  Bonds Tumble as Euro Leaders Craft Lending Package  Susanne Walker and Keith Jenkins  Bloomberg
05/10/10  296 ’funked up’ Stocks –– Trades Canceled  David Goldman
05/09/10  The Turmoil Continues  Andy Sutton  Gold–
05/09/10  Stock Market Collapse – More Goldman Rigging?  Ellen Brown
05/08/10  The Dollar Rally is Hugely Bullish for Precious Metals  Stewart Dougherty  Financial Sense
05/07/10  EUR–v–USD  Guy Lerner  Safe
05/07/10  Stock Market Crash More to Come  Anthony Cherniawski  The Market Oracle
05/07/10  Bank Risk Soars, Default Swaps Overtake Lehman Crisis  Abigail Moses
05/06/10  Marc Faber: All Currencies are Doomed, Except for Gold  Mac Slavo  SHTF
05/06/10  Gold, the Euro, and the Sins of the Fuhrer  Adrian Ash  Safe
05/06/10  The Fiat Money End Game  Michael Rozeff  Safe
05/05/10  Interest Rates: How to Protect Your Wealth and Profit  Mike Larson  The Market
05/05/10  America at the Crossroads and the War on Gold  Darryl Robert Schoon  321
05/05/10  The Great Reflation, The Mother of all Financial Experiments  John Mauldin  The Market
05/04/10  U.S. Dollar Doomsday Crash 2010, Protect Your Wealth With Gold  Larry Edelson  The Market
05/04/10  Is it 1998 All Over Again?  Clif Droke  Financial Sense
05/04/10  What Next for U.S. Treasury Bonds?  Frank Shostak  The Market
05/03/10  If Inflation Is Contained Why Are Prices Soaring?  Graham Summers  Gold–
05/03/10  Bernanke Admits Printing $1.3 Trillion Out Of Thin Air  Greg Hunter  USA
05/03/10  Goldman Sachs has Mounting Legal Woes  David Ellis
05/02/10  Stock Market Investing: Why the Majority Must Lose  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
05/02/10  It is a Pressure–cooker Waiting to Explode!  blog
05/01/10  What Will Happen to Currencies if the Euro Collapses?  Julian D.W. Phillips  Financial Sense
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
  (For Current Articles, click here.  For Articles by Month & Year, click Gold News Archives.)
05/31/10  Sovereign Debt Defaults = Social Unrest  Arnold Bock  Safe
05/30/10  Three American Cities on the Brink of Broke  Sara Behunek
05/29/10  An American Concept: Crushing Debt  David Galland  Financial Sense
05/28/10  US Government to Kill Its Own Economy  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/27/10  E.U. Bailout Just Delays Inevitable Sovereign Debt Default  The Gold Report  The Market Oracle
05/26/10  The U.S. Economy Really is in Trouble  Gerard Jackson  The Market Oracle
05/26/10  US Debt Crisis the Result of Bad Behavior  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/25/10  The Truth Behind California’s Pension Shortfall  Eric Fry  The Daily Reckoning
05/24/10  A Successful Collapse  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/24/10  "It Ain’t Over ’Til It’s Over"  Ian Gordon  Gold–
05/23/10  Too little. Too late.  Anthony Cherniawski  Financial Sense
05/22/10  "Problem Banks" Look Even More Problematic  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
05/21/10  Beauty is Truth  Eric Fry  The Daily Reckoning
05/20/10  Is Your IRA or 401K a Target of Government Appropriation?  Chris Blasi  Financial Sense
05/19/10  War is Coming – the Public vs. Government Workers  Cliff Kule  Safe Haven
05/19/10  Guess Who’s Even More Broke Than Greece?  Graham Summers  Gold–
05/18/10  Path to Economic Recovery Filled With Lethal Obstacles  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/18/10  A Warning Shot Across Our Collective Bow  Captain Hook  Financial Sense
05/17/10  It’s the EU’s Crisis now, but the US Could be Next  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/16/10  Uncle Sam IS the Mortgage Market  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
05/16/10  The Basic Math Behind Subprime Foreclosures  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/15/10  Strategic Mortgage Defaults – the Next Time Bomb  Sol Palha  Financial Sense
05/14/10  America, PIIGS ’R’ Us too?  Michael Pollaro
05/14/10  US Debt and Deficit Numbers Overlooked by the Mainstream  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
05/14/10  You Are Being Lied To By The Entire Financial System  blog
05/13/10  Keynesian Waterloo  Chan Akya  Asia Times
05/13/10  Dumbing–Down the Economic Curriculum  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
05/13/10  Deficit Landmines Dead Ahead!  Chris Wood, Jake Weber & Vedran Vuk
05/12/10  Using the Same Economic Recipe Means Getting the Same Tragic Results  Paul Mladjenovic  Financial Sense
05/12/10  High Frequency Terrorism: The Fed & Banks  David DeGraw & Max Keiser  Amped
05/12/10  Brother Can You Spare a Trillion?  Bill Downey  Financial Sense
05/11/10  A "Lost Decade" Ahead For U.S. Housing Market  Mike Whitney  The Market
05/11/10  Did Bankster’s Crash the Stock Market to Send a Message to Congress?  Mac Slavo  The Market
05/11/10  Where’s My Government Check?  Richard Benson  Financial Sense
05/10/10  Goodbye, Stimulus. Hello, State–budget Cuts  Tami Luhby
05/10/10  Government Sponsored Bankruptcy  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/10/10  Taking Weighty Steps Making a Golden Getaway  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
05/09/10  Regulators Close Four Banks, Total Now 68  Reuters  Reuters
05/09/10  Is Sovereign Debt Crisis Contained to Subprime?  Peter Schiff  Financial Sense
05/08/10  The Canary is Dead  Greg Hunter  USA
05/07/10  Following the ’03–’07 Template?  Toby Connor  Gold Scents
05/07/10  Great Insight Into The Consumer And Retail Sector  Guy Lerner  Safe
05/07/10  U.S. Anemic GDP Growth Rate Not Good Enough  Hans Wagner  The Market Oracle
05/07/10  US Deficit Spending: Greenspan and the Government Giveaway  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
05/06/10  The Subprime Rhyme with U.S. Debt Debacle  Michael Pento  Safe
05/05/10  The Ulterior Motive Behind The Greek Bailout  Sol Palha  Gold–
05/05/10  Lost in the Zeroes of Government Finance  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
05/05/10  $7B in Bank Failures, 25% of Puerto Rico’s Bank Assets  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/04/10  Was There A Plan to Blow Up The U.S. Economy?  Mike Whitney  The Market
05/04/10  The Unfolding Debt Danger: Greece Today... America Tomorrow?  Paul Mladjenovic  The Market
05/04/10  A Global Rebalancing Act  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/03/10  The Fed’s Hollowing Out Of US Banks  Daniel Amerman  Safe
05/03/10  Fixing the Dollar Machine  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
05/03/10  Fab Finance  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/02/10  The Bittersweet Memories of Commercial Property Ownership  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
05/02/10  Our Entire Economy Is Built On Fraud  Mark Ames  Exiled
05/01/10  The Euro Is Screwed  Kevin Brekke and David Galland  Financial Sense
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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05/31/10  Uncertainty Reigns Supreme  John Browne  Financial Sense
05/30/10  Our Russian Oracle  J. R. Nyquist  Financial Sense
05/29/10  Why Bank Regulators Can’t Tell A Dead Parrot From A "Resting" One  Andrew Butter  The Market
05/29/10  Credit Storm in Europe, Politics on Capital Hill  Mike Whitney  The Market
05/28/10  Euro Crisis to Set One World Currency?  Staff Report  The Daily
05/28/10  PIIGS Are the Least of Our Economic, Financial Challenges  Paul L Kasrie  The Market
05/28/10  The Fine Print of Central Banking Money Printing  Mises  The Market
05/27/10  In a Word, the Problem is DEBT  Tim Iacono  The Market Oracle
05/26/10  The Damning Effects of the Global Debt Crisis  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
05/25/10  Another "I" in the BRIC Wall?  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/25/10  Coming Economic Calamity Could Lead to a New World Order  Robert McHugh  Safe
05/25/10  Europe Braces for Chaos  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
05/24/10  Financial Reform Is Here But Banks Are Still Too Big To Jail  Danny Schechter  The Market Oracle
05/24/10  Stormy Seas on the Atlantic  John Browne  321 Gold
05/24/10  Why Silver Should Be Legal Mexican Currency  Scott Smith  The Daily Bell
05/23/10  Will Germany Drag World Economy Into Another Great Depression?  Mike Whitney  The Market Oracle
05/23/10  A View of the Chinese Economy from Atop the Great Wall  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
05/22/10  Greek Tragedy, Just a Sneak Preview of What’s Coming  Ron Holland  321 Gold
05/21/10  Euro Crisis Totally Out Of Control?Implications?  Christopher Laird  Gold–
05/20/10  German Anger Rises Against Afghan War  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
05/20/10  Germany Is About to Pull the Plug On Europe  Mac Slavo
05/19/10  Greek Banking Crack–Up Exposed  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
05/18/10  "Panicking German dealers" on a "Gold Rush Frenzy"  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/18/10  The Government as Identity Thieves  Dr. Ron Paul  The Daily Bell
05/18/10  Europe’s Debt Crisis Casts a Shadow Over China  Keith Bradsher  Ny
05/17/10  China Stock Market Crash In Progress  Robert McHugh  The Daily Bell
05/16/10  ECB Abandons Independence and Prints $1Trilion to Prevent Euro–Zone Collapse  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
05/15/10  In the Eye of a Storm?  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
05/14/10  As Predicted, EU Leaders Seek ’US of Europe’  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
05/14/10  Europe’s Tragedy of the Commons  Dr Tibor Machan  The Daily Bell
05/14/10  European Powerbrokers Present Proposal For New Economic And Political Order  Steve Watson  Prison
05/13/10  Breaking News, Germany to Leave the Euro This Weekend?  Mac Slavo  The Market Oracle
05/13/10  European Bailout: Deciphering the ’I’ in IOU  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/13/10  Band–aids for Everyone  John Browne  321 Gold
05/12/10  The European Bailout Absurdity: Money for Nothing  James Howard Kunstler  The Daily Reckoning
05/12/10  Stock Market Time–bomb?  Arnaud de Borchgrave  The Washington Times
05/12/10  The Global Crisis of Legitimacy  George Friedman
05/11/10  The Bailout Era  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
05/11/10  EU Backstops Euro With Almost $1T, US Joins the Fray  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/11/10  A Brief Note on China  Scott McDonald  Safe Haven
05/10/10  EU Consolidation Is Key to Halting Crisis  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
05/10/10  The Greek Spirit–of–Resistance Turns its Guns on the IMF  Helena Smith  The
05/10/10  Consensus for Limits to Secrecy at the Fed  Sewell Chan  The NY Times
05/09/10  Has the Power Elite Over–Reached?  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
05/09/10  Europeans Move to Head Off Spread of Debt Crisis  James Kanter and Judy Dempsey  The NY Times
05/09/10  Three Ways to Save the Euro That Won’t Work  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/08/10  Military Might Cannot Win the Economic Struggle!  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
05/08/10  ECB Paralysis Rattles Markets as Debt–costs Hit New Highs  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  The Telegraph
05/07/10  The Policies of Insolvency  Ty Andros  Financial Sense
05/07/10  Global Deflation, Global Inflation & Australia’s Gold Tax Grab  Daniel R. Amerman  Financial Sense
05/07/10  Paying People to Break Windows  Steve Saville  321 Gold
05/06/10  World Markets Worried About Sovereign Debt Crisis  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
05/06/10  EU Creates Money Out of Thin Air to Float Greece  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
05/05/10  Greek Debt Crisis: 7 More Lean Years  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
05/05/10  Threats Of Civil War  Karl Denninger  321
05/05/10  Debt Crisis Triggers Global Crisis of Legitimacy  STRATFOR  The Market
05/04/10  How Germany’s Romance With Europe has Wilted  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
05/03/10  Is China’s Economic Recovery a Fraud?  JamesQuinn  The Market
05/03/10  Global Debt Crisis Hits Markets, The Moment of Truth is Upon Us  Steve Betts  The Market
05/03/10  China May ’Crash’ in Next 9 to 12 Months, Faber Says  Shiyin Chen and Haslinda Amin
05/02/10  Global Debt Crisis: Navigating Through the Icebergs  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
05/02/10  What Iceberg? Just Glide to the Next Boardroom  Gretchen Morgenson  The NY
05/02/10  Repaying Taxpayers With Their Own Cash  Gretchen Morgenson  The NY
05/01/10  Grand Strategy  J. R. Nyquist  Financial Sense
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