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06/30/10  Gold, Silver and Austerity Versus Growth  Bob Kirtley  The Market Oracle
06/30/10  Fractional Gold and Silver Accounts  Darryl Robert Schoon  Gold–
06/29/10  Palladium Could Offer Huge Returns  David Levenstein  Gold–
06/29/10  While The Economy Fizzles – Gold Sizzles!  Chris Blasi  Gold–
06/29/10  Did the G–8 Push Us Closer to Gold Confiscation?  Julian DW Phillips  Safe
06/28/10  Worlds Collide  Warren Bevan  Gold–
06/28/10  Maund On Gold & Silver  Clive Maund  Gold–
06/27/10  New Demand Sources to Bolster Silver Price  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
06/26/10  What’s In Your Wallet?  Davos Sherman Okst  Financial Sense
06/25/10  Gold, Silver, How High? When?  DeepCaster LLC  Financial Sense
06/24/10  Time to Focus on Silver  Jordan Roy–Byrne  Financial Sense
06/24/10  Use Gold to Protect Purchasing Power Against Inflation  The Gold Report  The Market Oracle
06/24/10  Golden Times  The Aden Sisters  321 Gold
06/23/10  Gold Correction Tactics Part 2:  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
06/23/10  The New Word on Gold Reserve Reporting  Addison Wiggin  
06/23/10  Why Many Analysts See Gold Going As High As $10,000  Lorimer Wilson  The Market Oracle
06/22/10  Finding Gold in the Mainstream  Frank Holmes  The Market Oracle
06/22/10  Ratio of Gold Price to Stock Market  Ned W Schmidt  The Market Oracle
06/22/10  Saudi Arabia’s "Restated" Reserves Double its Gold  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
06/21/10  Gold’s Good Times  Brian Milner  The Globe & Mail
06/21/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
06/21/10  Central Banks Join Gold–rush  Annalyn Censky
06/20/10  Central Banks Not Selling Gold – But Some Are Buying  Lawrence Williams
06/20/10  Gold Surges to All–time High  Aaron Smith and Hibah Yousuf
06/19/10  Gold & Silver Power Update  Stewart Thomson  Financial Sense
06/19/10  How Vietnam Consumes 10x More Gold Than China  Frank Holmes  The Daily Reckoning
06/19/10  Gold Almost Free at Last  The Gold Report  The Market Oracle
06/18/10  The 2010 Silver Buying Guide  Jeff Clark
06/17/10  Silver, Is Now a Good Time to Buy?  Jeff Clark  The Market Oracle
06/16/10  Soaring Gold  Howard Ruff
06/15/10  Moving Away From Fiat Currency Dependency  Bill Baker  The Daily Reckoning
06/14/10  Debt Burden Falls Heavily on Germany and France  Jack Ewing  NY
06/14/10  This Past Week In Gold  Jack Chan  Gold–
06/13/10  Why is China Promoting Gold Investments?  Julian Phillips  Financial Sense
06/12/10  Hidden Gold Taxes: The Secret Weapon Of Bankrupt Governments  Daniel R. Amerman  Financial Sense
06/11/10  Gold: Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be  John Ing  Gold–
06/11/10  Riding the Palladium Roller Coaster  Jennifer Barry  Financial Sense
06/10/10  Believing in Gold  Frank Holmes  The Daily Reckoning
06/10/10  Market Wrap Week Ending in 06/03/10  Douglas V. Gnazzo  Financial Sense
06/09/10  Insufficient Silver to Supply China’s Growing Demand  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
06/09/10  Gold’s Flashing Warning Sign  Greg Hunter  USA
06/08/10  House of Cards  Aubie Baltin  Gold–
06/08/10  Gold $7,000!  Chris Mayer  The Daily Reckoning
06/08/10  Carpe Diem – Seize the Day(Gold at New Highs)  Dudley Baker  Financial Sense
06/07/10  If 1 + 1 Still Equals 2 Then Gold Will Explode!  Chris Blasi  Safe
06/07/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan
06/07/10  Articles Point to a Higher Gold Price  Steve Saville
06/06/10  "Reality" to Protect Profits,"Delusion" to Court Disaster  DeepCaster LLC  Financial Sense
06/05/10  What Will Happen to Gold Supply if Demand is Very High?  Julian D.W. Phillips  Financial Sense
06/04/10  Silver to Break Through $20 per Ounce  Miles Banner  The Market Oracle
06/04/10  Gold Sales to Europe Jump on Crisis, Perth Mint Says  Jason Scott
06/04/10  Government Desperate. Gold Tax Imminent?  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
06/03/10  Gold Coins Flying off US Mint Shelves  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
06/03/10  The World’s True Reserve Currency is Gold  Michael Pento  Safe
06/03/10  Gold & Silver Progress Report  Peter Degraaf  Gold–
06/01/10  Gold is the Safest Currency – Daniele – The Gold Report
06/01/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
06/01/10  Gold And The Budget Deficit  Howard Katz  The Market
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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06/30/10  Gold and the G20 Summit  Dr Jeff Lewis  The Market Oracle
06/29/10  Radical Money Printing Just Like the Continental Congress  Bill Baker  The Daily Reckoning
06/29/10  RBS: Prepare for ’Monster’ Money–printing by the Fed  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard
06/29/10  The Bad–Policy Spiral  Steve Saville  321 Gold
06/28/10  Fed Looks to Hyperinflate  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/28/10  Suiting Up for a Post–Dollar World  John Browne  321 Gold
06/27/10  What The Economist Doesn’t Know About Gold  Adrian Ash  Financial Sense
06/26/10  Pathway to the Gold–backed Euro  Jim Willie  Gold–
06/26/10  Why Municipal Bonds Aren’t the Answer  Dave Gonigam  The Daily Reckoning
06/25/10  Andre Julian: Gold As Currency  Mike Norman
06/24/10  Central Banking in Crisis, Twenty Countries on the Verge of Insolvency  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
06/23/10  Yen Monetization: The "Fair Fight?"  Sid Klein  Gold–
06/23/10  The Truth Behind China’s Latest Currency Move  Richard Lee  The Daily Reckoning
06/22/10  Central Banks Diversifying into Gold  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
06/22/10  Free Floating Yuan: The Real Story  Ian Mathias  The Daily Reckoning
06/22/10  Inflation Update  Steve Saville  Safe Haven
06/21/10  China to Put Renminbi in a Currency Basket  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
06/21/10  Russia Kicks Dollar Dominance  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/20/10  Greenspan Says U.S. May Soon Reach Borrowing Limit  Jacob Greber
06/20/10  Fiat Money And Schemes Collapsing  Bob Chapman
06/19/10  ECB Must Buy ’hundred of billions’ of Bonds to Tame Europe’s Debt Crisis  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard
06/19/10  Medvedev Promotes Ruble to Lessen Dollar Dominance  Paul Abelsky
06/17/10  Bernanke’s Missing Puzzle Pieces  Graham Summers  Gold–
06/16/10  Euro Declines on a Sea of Bankruptcy and Paper Promises  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
06/15/10  Government Quest to Buy Inflation, Print Baby Print  John Mauldin  The Market Oracle
06/14/10  BP Crisis Wipes $19 Billion From Energy Bonds: Credit Markets  John Glover and Bryan Keogh  Bloomberg
06/13/10  Schultz: Hyperinflation May Happen Suddenly  Peter Brimelow  Market Watch
06/11/10  PONZI Finance Recipe for Economic Catastrophe, Gold Not a Bubble  Ty Andros  The Market Oracle
06/11/10  Castles Made of Sand  Adam Brochert  Financial Sense
06/10/10  Financial Security: Gold Or Gambling  Jeff Nielson  Gold–
06/09/10  The Euro Index And Gold, The Most Important Pair?  Radomski  Gold–
06/08/10  What You Always Wanted To Know About Gold  Professor Emeritus  The Market Oracle
06/08/10  Inflation Corroded Copper Coins  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
06/07/10  Currency Woes Continue to Boost Gold  David Levenstein
06/06/10  Six Giant Banks Made $51 Billion Last Year; The Other 980 Lost Money  Robert Lenzner  Forbes
06/05/10  Gold Futures Rebound on Demand for Alternative to Slumping Euro  Pham–Duy Nguyen  Bloomberg News
06/04/10  Jim Rogers on Currencies and Inflation  Ron Hera  Gold–
06/04/10  Should Investors Boycott the Stock Market?  Frederick Sheehan  The Daily Reckoning
06/03/10  The Euro is Doomed, But So is the U.S. Dollar  Claus Vogt  The
06/03/10  No More Japan?  Sarel Oberholster  Gold–
06/01/10  The Looming Financial Holocaust – Is Closer Than We Thought  Clive Maund  Safe
06/01/10  Asia–Pacific Bond Sales Drop to the Low on Risk Aversion  Shelley Smith and Katrina Nicholas
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
  (For Current Articles, click here.  For Articles by Month & Year, click Gold News Archives.)
06/30/10  Perfect–Worlders, Get Real!  David Galland  Gold–
06/29/10  How do Other Nations Balance Their Trade? Try Germany  Ian Fletcher  The Market Oracle
06/29/10  The New Ideological Divide Between Stimulators and Austereians  Peter Schiff  The Market Oracle
06/29/10  Obamanomics Hits a Reef  Gerard Jackson  Safe
06/28/10  The Big Picture Following the Worst Crisis Since the Great Depression  Bryan Rich  The Market Oracle
06/28/10  The Risk of Recession  John Mauldin  Gold–
06/27/10  50 Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe  Ed.
06/26/10  Gold Can Provide Protection Against Looming U.S. Debt–Hurricane  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
06/25/10  Europe’s Fiscal Dystopia: The "New Austerity" Road to Financial Serfdom  Michael Hudson  The Market Oracle
06/24/10  US Real Estate Market Strikes Out  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
06/23/10  The Governator Will Have to Train Harder  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
06/22/10  Fannie and Freddie in the Financial System  Bill Baker  The Daily Reckoning
06/22/10  Battles in California Over Mortgages  David Streifeld  NY Times
06/22/10  101 Scary Thoughts About the U.S. Economy  Gary North  The Market Oracle
06/21/10  Consumer Deleveraging, New Worry  Clif Droke  Safe Haven
06/21/10  Spain: The New Crisis in Euroland  V. Mock – J. Lichfield – A. Brooks  The
06/20/10  In Budget Crisis, States Take Aim at Pension Costs  Mary Williams Walsh  NY Times
06/19/10  Three Types of Government Spending
06/19/10  Wither Government. Chaos! Anarchy! Lost Revenue  Kurt Nimmo  Prison Planet
06/19/10  Following the Worst Crisis Since the Great Depression  Bryan Rich  The Market Oracle
06/18/10  No Quick Recovery for the US Economy  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
06/17/10  Delusions & Denials  Aubie Baltin  Gold–
06/16/10  The Promises Must Be Broken  Steve Saville  Gold–
06/15/10  Congressman, Heal Thyself!  Paul L Kasriel  The Market Oracle
06/14/10  U.S. Economy Heading For the Rocks?  Gerard Jackson  The Market Oracle
06/13/10  Recovery Flops!  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
06/12/10  In–Disposable Income and The Long Road out of Debt  HRA Advisory  The Market Oracle
06/11/10  Worse than a Depression  Mac Slavo  SHTF
06/11/10  Bernanke Fails His Own ’Two Lessons Learned’ from the Great Depression  Paul J. Lamont  Financial Sense
06/10/10  US Best for Growth – Say What?  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/09/10  The Phantom Recovery  Peter Schiff  Financial Sense
06/08/10  50 Economy Statistics Almost Too Crazy To Believe  Michael Snyder  SHTF
06/08/10  US Tax Collapse Coming?  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/07/10  Europe is Headed For a Mini Economic Depression  Mike Whitney  The Market Oracle
06/07/10  Bloomberg: US Debt to Overtake GDP in 2012  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
06/06/10  Jobs Report Sucker Punches Recovery!  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
06/05/10  Deflation comes to Europe  Hans Wagner  Financial Sense
06/04/10  Key Indicators of a New Depression  Neeraj Chaudhary  Financial Sense
06/03/10  Trending Towards The Inflationary Economic Depression  Bob Chapman  The
06/03/10  Leading Indicators Indicate a Lagging Economy  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
06/01/10  Guarding Your Money from Government Onslaughts  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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06/30/10  Strategies of Military Disinformation  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/29/10  Russian ’spies’, Goldbugs and the Struggling Dollar  Heidi N. Moore
06/29/10  UK to Use INFLATION Stealth Tax to Erode Value of Public Debt  Nadeem Walayat  The Market Oracle
06/29/10  For the Baby Busters, It’s Downsize or Die  Richard Benson  321 Gold
06/28/10  Afghanistan, the 50–Year War  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/27/10  Why China’s Currency Has Two Names  Stephen Mulvey  BBC News
06/26/10  US Jobs Aren’t Coming Back  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/25/10  Serious Questions About Afghan War  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/24/10  Detroit is Dying, Impact of Globalization, Social Decay and Urban Destruction  Global Research  The Market Oracle
06/23/10  Gold and the Architecture for a New World Financial System  Professor Emeritus  The Market Oracle
06/22/10  Systemic Crisis of the World Economy, Global Geopolitical Dislocation  Global Research  The Market Oracle
06/21/10  Warships Prelude to Faceoff with Iran  Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
06/20/10  Iran’s New Revolutionary Politics  Chris Zambelis  Asia Times
06/20/10  China Loosens It’s Currency Chokehold
06/19/10  Afghanistan is a Profit driven "Resource War"  Michel Chossudovsky
06/19/10  Reasons Why American Workers Hate the State  Global Research  The Market Oracle
06/18/10  The Crisis of Capitalism; Why the Socialists are Wrong  David Knox Barker  The Market Oracle
06/17/10  The Ultimate Solution to the US Debt Crisis  Ian Mathias  The Daily Reckoning
06/16/10  Investing in China Gets Contrarian  Ian Mathias  The Daily Reckoning
06/15/10  The Surprising Beneficiary of China’s Global Land Grab  Richard Lee  The Daily Reckoning
06/14/10  Debt Burden Falls Heavily on Germany and France  Jack Ewing  NY
06/13/10  Western Capitalism in Decline  Peter Morici  The
06/12/10  The Foundations of a Free Society  Nathaniel Branden  The Daily Bell
06/11/10  A Guide To The Road Ahead  Gordon T Long  Gold–
06/11/10  Holding The Tigers  John Browne  321 Gold
06/10/10  America’s Predicament  Vasko Kohlmayer
06/10/10  EU to Expand Rescue If Package Fails, Van Rompuy Says  James G. Neuger  Bloomberg
06/09/10  Debt Can Never Be Repaid (By Bankster Design)  Jason Hamlin  Gold–
06/08/10  The New Great Game  David N. Vaughn  Financial Sense
06/08/10  Why Governments Hate Gold  Ron Paul  Financial Sense
06/07/10  Israel Faces Off With Iran  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/06/10  G20 Scraps Plans for Universal Bank Tax  Reuters  Reuters
06/05/10  Chaos of the Bilderbergers?  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
06/04/10  Sovereign Credit–Default Swaps Surge on Hungarian Debt Crisis  Kate Haywood
06/04/10  Hungary in ’Grave’ State  Edith Balazs and Zoltan Simon
06/03/10  North European Euro Nations Preparing to Slaughter the PIIGS  Jim Willie  The
06/03/10  The Central Banker’s Dilemma  Darryl Robert Schoon  Gold–
06/01/10  Dead Global Economy Walking  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
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