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Gold and Silver News
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12/31/10  Forecast, Silver Will Be Worth More Than Gold  Mac Slavo  The Market Oracle
12/31/10  Silver Rises to 30–Year High  N. Larkin & S. Park  Businessweek
12/31/10  Gold Ends Year Up 27.7% but Silver & Palladium Far Better  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
12/30/10  If You Haven’t Bought Silver Yet, Read This!  DailyWealth  The Market Oracle
12/29/10  Silver Price Gains 6%  Adrian Ash  IB Times
12/29/10  Gold, Silver: Back Over $1400 & $30 Against the Odds  Lawrence Williams  Mineweb
12/28/10  Maund On Gold & Silver  Clive Maund  Gold–Eagle
12/28/10  Is China The Big Silver Short?  The Golden Economizer  Gold–Eagle
12/28/10  Observations  Richard Russell  321 Gold
12/27/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
12/26/10  Silver Steep Uptrend About to Break Higher  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
12/25/10  Gold Market Technicals & Ratios  Morris Hubbartt  321 Gold
12/24/10  Volatility Set to Pick Up in the New Year  Captain Hook  Safe Haven
12/23/10  The Silver Shock  Ryan Jordan  Gold–Eagle
12/22/10  SILVER  Howard S. Katz  Gold–Eagle
12/21/10  Gold Rises Above $1,390 on Euro Bounce, Others Hit Session Highs
12/20/10  Analysis: Platinum, Palladium Flagged as Stars of 2011  Jan Harvey  Reuters
12/19/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  Gold–Eagle
12/18/10  Jim Rogers: $2,000 Gold, $50 Silver  Alix Steel  The Street
12/18/10  Silver (and gold) Price Manipulation and the COT Reports  Julian Phillips  Mineweb
12/17/10  Metals As Money  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
12/16/10  Silver Price Forecast Rise to $40/oz in 2011 and $400/oz by 2015  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
12/16/10  Why Gold Investors are Still in the Minority  Joel Bowman  The Daily Reckoning
12/15/10  Silver Monster Move in the Making  Ronald Rosen  The Market Oracle
12/15/10  US Tax Policy Will Push Gold & Silver Much Higher  James West  Gold–Eagle
12/14/10  Buy Silver... Again!  Byron King  The Daily Reckoning
12/14/10  Silver Shines in India on China Woes & Higher Gold Price  Shivom Seth  Mineweb
12/13/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
12/12/10  Gold, Silver, Oil: Volatility Is The New Stability  James West  Gold–Eagle
12/11/10  A Gentleman’s Agreement  Richard Zimmerman  Gold–Eagle
12/11/10  Gold Likely to Hit $1,600 in 2011 – Credit Suisse  Geoff Candy  Mineweb
12/10/10  Silver’s Explosive Potential  Michael Checkan  Gold–Eagle
12/10/10  Hedge Funds and Investors Target Silver 1980 Record High  GoldCore  The Market Oracle
12/09/10  Silver Likely to Trade Between $25 and $30 but Upward Bias Remains  David Levenstein  Mineweb
12/09/10  What To Look For In The Gold/Silver Ratio  Sunshine Profits  Gold–Eagle
12/09/10  Despite Brief Corrections, Gold & Silver to Remain Star Performers––BMO  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
12/08/10  Silver’s 30–Year High is Just the Beginning  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
12/08/10  What’s Next For Silver?  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
12/07/10  Palladium to the Moon & PAL to the Sun  John Townsend  The TSI Trader
12/07/10  Gold at New Record – Again; Gold:Silver Ratio Down to 47  Amanda Cooper  Mineweb
12/07/10  U.S. Mint Delays ’America the Beautiful’ Release  Dorothy Kosich  Mineweb
12/06/10  Silver No Sign of an End to Accelerating Advance  Clive Maund  The Market Oracle
12/06/10  Start Hoarding Gold and Silver Right Now  Investment U  The Market Oracle
12/06/10  This Past Week in Gold  Jack Chan  321 Gold
12/05/10  Silver Price Forecast $86.75 in 2011  Money Morning  The Market Oracle
12/04/10  The Silver Shortage; Pre–Panic Line  Bill Downey  Gold–Eagle
12/03/10  Broad Market Reversal– >Upward!  Chris Vermeulen  Gold–Eagle
12/03/10  Sprott Sees Silver as the Next Big Investing Windfall  Shirley Won  The Globe and Mail
12/03/10  Why Governments Will Buy Silver  Silver Strategies  Silver Strategies
12/02/10  ’Shock And Awe’ In Precious Metals  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
12/01/10  Just A Matter Of Time Before Gold Becomes Priceless!  J. Western & L. Wilson  Gold–Eagle
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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12/31/10  Ultimate Cost of 0% Money  Jim Willie CB  Gold–Eagle
12/30/10  Different Stories: Aussie Dollar, Japanese Yen, & Euro  Bari Baig  The Market Oracle
12/29/10  2010 Worst Year for Bank Failures Since 1992  David S. Hilzenrath  The Washington Post
12/28/10  Japan Officials Warn About Rising Yen  T. Fujioka and K. Ujikane  Bloomberg News
12/27/10  Why Fed Money Creation Hurts the Poor Population  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
12/26/10  The Derivatives Market Monstrosity  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
12/25/10  Serious Problems Ahead for the British Pound  James Turk
12/24/10  Bond Fund Investors Pull Most Money in Two Years  Charles Stein  Bloomberg News
12/23/10  We Are Already Hyper Inflating  Gary Tanashian  Gold–Eagle
12/22/10  U.S. Treasury Yields: "Yield" or Die  Eidetic Research  Financial Sense
12/21/10  Is This the Week Which Brings "bad–fortune" to the Euro?  Bari Baig  The Market Oracle
12/21/10  US Dollar Rallies on Safe Haven Buying and EU Debt Crisis  Chris Gaffney  The Daily Reckoning
12/20/10  Quantitative Easing = Counterfeiting  Bob Moriarty  321 Gold
12/19/10  The Bell Tolls for the U.S. Treasury Bond Market Investors  Peter Schiff  The Market Oracle
12/18/10  Making Money from Nothing  Vitaliy N. Katsenelson  The Daily Reckoning
12/17/10  Fed – Inflation, Inflation, Inflation  Axel Merk  321 Gold
12/16/10  We Get An Official Confirmed Hindenburg Omen  Robert McHugh  Gold–Eagle
12/16/10  The U.S. Dollar: Too Big to Fail?  Jerry Western  Safe Haven
12/15/10  Muni Bond Funds Blood Bath, Will it Continue?  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
12/15/10  Treasury Debt Trap  Russ Winter  The Wall Street Examiner
12/14/10  Fed Meets Today, Will Review It’s $600B Bond–buying Program  Jeannine Aversa  USA Today
12/13/10  Bernanke Meddles as Bondholders Exit the Market  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/13/10  Global Currencies Rally Against the US Dollar  Chuck Butler  The Daily Reckoning
12/12/10  Will Ron Paul Be Able To End The Fed?  The Economic Collapse  The Economic Collapse
12/11/10  Fact, Fiction & Finally the Fix  Davos Sherman Okst  Financial Sense
12/11/10  Debunking Bernanke’s Myth  Axel Merk  321 Gold
12/10/10  Global Bond–rout Deepens on US Fiscal Worries  The Telegraph  The Telegraph
12/09/10  Gold and Silver Tumble From Bull Market Highs on Rising Interest Rates  Adrian Ash  The Market Oracle
12/09/10  Two Flawed Currencies  John Browne  321 Gold
12/08/10  The Municipal Bond Pitch: "What You’re Giving Me is Pure Bulls**t"  Frederick Sheehan  The Daily Reckoning
12/07/10  The US Federal Reserve: A Bank that Will Live in Infamy  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/07/10  Bernanke: 60 Minutes, 2 Big Lies  Michael Pento  Financial Sense
12/06/10  Crisis Or Coup?  Andy Sutton  Gold–Eagle
12/05/10  What Jamie Dimon Won’t Tell You  Anat Admati  Huffington Post
12/04/10  Twilight of the Euro  Adrian Ash  Financial Sense
12/03/10  Is Quantitative Easing the Road to Zimbabwe Style Hyperinflation?  Ellen Brown  The Market Oracle
12/03/10  Fed Made $9 Trillion in Emergency Loans  Chris Isidore
12/03/10  Can the Fed Become Insolvent? Should We Care?  Robert Murphy  The Market Oracle
12/02/10  As The Euro Goes The Way Of The Dodo...  Gonzalo Lira
12/01/10  Currency–war: Threat Not Over Yet  Wm. R. Thomson  321 Gold
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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12/31/10  The Economic Flop that Was 2010  Bill Bonner   The Daily Reckoning
12/31/10  Hiding A Depression: How The US Government Does It  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
12/30/10  Government Spending, GDP and Nonsense In Between Them  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/30/10  America’s Second Great Depression 2010 Year–end Update (Part 2)  Mike Stathis  The Market Oracle
12/30/10  Social Security Is Not "Insurance"  Dr. Ron Paul  The Daily Bell
12/28/10  U.S. House Prices Tumble in October  Steve Goldstein  Market Watch
12/27/10  Alabama Town Defaults on Pensions, Files for Bankruptcy Protection  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
12/26/10  A Visit from the Ghost of Economic Future  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/25/10  5 Things that Could Happen in 2011  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/24/10  Why the United States of America is Broke  Mike Shedlock  Safe Haven
12/23/10  US Military Spending – Keynesian Stimulus?  Gonzalo Lira  Gonzalo Lira
12/22/10  Post&ndashSteroid Economics  Vitaliy Katsenelson  Financial Sense
12/21/10  We Are Not Repeating the Mistakes of Japan... YET  Pragmatic Capitalism  Pragmatic Capitalism
12/20/10  The Zombie Banks Feast, Whilst the Economy Starves  Gary North  The Market Oracle
12/19/10  The U.S. Is Free–Falling Into Bankruptcy  Tyler Durden  Chris
12/18/10  A Capital Paradox  John Butler  The Daily Reckoning
12/17/10  Downgrading The USA: Moody’s Has It Backwards  Daniel R. Amerman  Gold–Eagle
12/16/10  Crisis USA: Mounting Household Debts, Threat to Pension Funds and Social Security  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
12/15/10  Shadowstats’ John Williams Expects Hyperinflation Within Months  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
12/15/10  November Consumer Inflation Ticks Up  Ruth Mantell  Market Watch
12/15/10  The Economy Is Still On Shaky Foundation  Rosanne Lim  Gold–Eagle
12/14/10  Inflation, Deflation And The Year Ahead  Cliff Droke  Gold–Eagle
12/13/10  Will Rising Mortgage Rates Spur Home Sales?  Nin–Hai Tseng  CNN Money
12/12/10  NOT Having a Mortgage Won’t Free You from Foreclosure Mess  Michelle Conlin  USA Today
12/11/10  Out of Ammo  David Galland  Market Watch
12/11/10  John Williams: Hyperinflation Will Start in the Next Couple Months  Mac Slavo  321 Gold
12/10/10  U.S. Home Values to Drop by $1.7 Trillion This Year  H. Yu & J. Gittelsohn  Bloomberg News
12/09/10  The 10 Worst States for Retirees  Robert Powell  Market Watch
12/09/10  Fed’s QE Ponzi Scheme Begins to Backfire  Gary Dorsch  321 Gold
12/08/10  U.S. Jobs Off–Shoring Tsunami QE 3, a Perfect Stagflation Storm  Dian L Chu  The Market Oracle
12/07/10  Keynesian Economics  Howard S. Katz  Gold–Eagle
12/06/10  Western Economic Foundations Rotten To The Core  Jeff Nielson  Gold–Eagle
12/05/10  Scary Picture: Spiraling U.S. Debt  Prieur du Plessis  Safe Haven
12/04/10  Unemployment Jumps to 9.8%  Mike Shedlock  Global Economic Analysis.blogspot
12/03/10  Debt Panel Rejects $3.8 Trillion Budget–Cutting Plan  H. Przybyla & B. Faler  Bloomberg News
12/02/10  Default Risk Levels by State  Bespoke I.G.
12/01/10  Consumer Price Inflation: The Wolf at the Door  The Mogambo Guru  The Daily Reckoning
12/01/10  World Food Prices Climb For Fifth Month to Highest in Two Years  Rudy Ruitenberg  Bloomberg News
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
  (For Current Articles, click here.  For Articles by Month & Year, click Gold News Archives.)
12/31/10  Lull Before the Storm: What’s Coming in 2011  Gonzalo Lira Blog  Gonzalo Lira Blog
12/30/10  North Korean Dear Leader Calls for Holy War  Lew Rockwell  The Market Oracle
12/29/10  Theft by Mercantilism, China and the Keynesian Trap  Gary North  The Market Oracle
12/28/10  A Spectre is Still Haunting Europe...  Ashvin Pandurangi  The Market Oracle
12/27/10  Europe’s New Plan to Save the Euro  STRATFOR  The Market Oracle
12/26/10  Global Economic Crisis Triggers Debt Driven Suicides in India  Global Research  The Market Oracle
12/25/10  Economic Austerity Fails in Euroland: Time for Some Deficit Easing?  Ellen Brown  The Market Oracle
12/23/10  Is Brazil For "Real?"  Chris Mayer  The Daily Reckoning
12/22/10  Will France Be the Next Euro Nation to Fail?  Richard Lee  The Daily Reckoning
12/21/10  Brazil From Debt Pariah to Cash King, The New Miracle Economy  Martin D Weiss  The Market Oracle
12/20/10  Europe Kicking the Debt Crisis Can Down the Road  John Mauldin  
12/19/10  IMF Chief Worried About Europe Domino–effect  Glenn Somerville  Reuters
12/18/10  How $90 Oil Affects the Global Economy  Dave Gonigam  The Daily Reckoning
12/17/10  Currency Wars and China  John R. Ing  Financial Sense
12/16/10  Chinese Take–Out (of the US Economy)  Jim Willie CB  Bloomberg News
12/15/10  West’s Employment Dysfunction  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
12/14/10  China Did Not Want To Be The Grinch That Stole The Holidays  Jeb Handwerger  Safe Haven
12/13/10  China Increases Bank’s Reserve Ratios to Cool Prices  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
12/12/10  China’s Relentless Advance Continues!  Sy Harding  Financial Sense
12/11/10  The Implacable Enemy  JR Nyquist  Financial Sense
12/10/10  China Tells Bernanke To Take A Hike  Graham Summers  Gold–Eagle
12/09/10  Belligerent US Diplomacy Promotes War, the Coming Armageddon in Iran  Michael S Rozeff  The Market Oracle
12/09/10  The Korean War 2  Mike Whitney  Bloomberg News
12/08/10  Three Things You Need to Know About the Chinese Economy  Addison Wiggin  The Daily Reckoning
12/07/10  China Inflation Taking Off, Declares Price Controls on Walmart  Mike Shedlock  The Market Oracle
12/07/10  China Outstrips Fed in Liquidity Surge  Bloomberg News  Bloomberg News
12/06/10  The Pros and Cons of Investing in India  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/06/10  Chinese Gold Demand ExplodesJ  ulian D. W. Phillips  Safe Haven
12/05/10  Geopolitical Journey Into Ukraine  STRATFOR  The Market Oracle
12/04/10  Texas, Ireland and Ten Little Indians  John Mauldin  Safe Haven
12/03/10  The Pain in Spain... and in Ireland  Dan Amoss  The Daily Reckoning
12/02/10  Rapidly Escalating Euro Crisis Threatens Financial Armageddon III  Chris Laird  Financial Sense
12/01/10  Hedge Fund Predicts China Disaster  Staff Report  The Daily Bell
12/01/10  EU Faces More Bailouts as Euro Contagion Spreads  John Fraher & James Hertling  Bloomberg News
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