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11/30/09  The Speculator  Howard S. Katz  Gold–
11/26/09  China, Gold, and the Civilization Shift  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard  Telegraph UK
11/26/09  Investors Buy Gold as Central Banks on Course to Crash World Economy  Bob Chapman  The Market Oracle
11/24/09  Gold & Mount St. Helens  Jim Willie CB  Gold–
11/24/09  How Much Longer Can Gold Rise  Bill Fleckenstein  MSN Money
11/24/09  South Africa’s Golden Age Coming to an End  Times Editorial  Times Online
11/23/09  Welcome to Stage Two of Gold’s Bull Market  James Turk
11/23/09  Gold: Channel Buster or Runaway Parabola?  Clif Droke
11/23/09  December Gold Hits Another New High  Editorial
11/23/09  Gold Six Grand  Chuck DiFalco  Gold–
11/20/09  Gold’s !Money! Value is $4,000 to $11,000: Market Strategist  JeeYeon Park  Prison Planet
11/16/09  Gold Going Parabolic  Captain Hook  Financial Sense
11/12/09  BBBS This past week in gold  Jack Chan 321gold  321 Gold
11/10/09  FYI The new Kitco Gold Index  Kitco
11/10/09  GSR Analysis of 20 mining stocks $21  Clif Droke
11/09/09  ––> The questions are endless  Richard Russell  321 Gold
11/09/09  Gold Futures CoT 3  Adam Hamilton  321 Gold
11/09/09  Gold/Silver: The First Global Bull Market  Acamar Journal  321 Gold
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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11/30/09  Dollar Set to Surprise  Captain Hook  Financial Sense
11/30/09  US Dollar is Likely Source of Next Financial Crisis  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
11/30/09  Madmen, Gamblers, Alcoholics, the US Dollar and Gold  Ron Hera  Gold–
11/30/09  Taking a Closer Look at Dollar Alternatives  Bryan Rich  Commodity Online
11/28/09  If the US Weakens Again, What Happens to Metals?  David Coffin & Eric Coffin  Gold–
11/28/09  Fiat Currency Money Printing Leading to Decentralization  Dr. Gary North  The Market Oracle
11/25/09  Mr. Yen Breaks Code of Omerta on US Dollar
11/23/09  Dollar Slump Persisting as Top Analysts See No Bottom  Bo Nielsen
11/20/09  US Dollar May Resume Decline  Wanfeng Zhou  Reuters
11/16/09  Foreign policy Decline of the Dollar  Christian Caryl  Foreign Policy
11/12/09  $$$ Chronic Depression  Bill Bonner  321 Gold
11/12/09  ––> A Call to Action Peter Schiff  321 Gold  321 Gold
11/11/09  Your Dollars are Just Monopoly Money  Bill Fleckenstein  MSN Money
11/07/09  Faces of Death: The US Dollar in Crisis  Ron Hera  321gold
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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11/30/09  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Real Time  Frank Holmes  Financial Sense
11/30/09  The Collapse of Finance  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
11/30/09  Lessons from a Dubai Default  Greg Hunter  USA Watchdog
11/29/09  The Fed Becomes The Buyer of Last Resort  James Turk
11/29/09  The Economic Crisis and What Must Be Done  Richard C. Cook  Prison Planet
11/27/09  Is Britain on the Brink of Financial Armageddon?  James Palumbo  The Daily Mail
11/27/09  Recession is Over, Welcome Back to the Depression  Bill Bonner  321 Gold
11/25/09  Crunch Time for the Cartel  DeepCaster LLC  Financial Sense
11/24/09  The Bankruptcy of the US is Now Certain  Porter Stansberry  The Daily Crux
11/24/09  US Economy Mired in Form of Depression:  Rosenberg  Prison Planet
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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