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Gold and Silver News
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12/31/09  GATA Drops New Years Bombshell On The FED  Il Bagattel
12/31/09  China’s Pressing Need To Buy Gold  Vronsky  Gold–
12/30/09  Jim Sinclair – A Markets Bear, But Gold Bull, Crying in the Wilderness  Lawrence Williams
12/30/09  Why Gold Will be the "Greatest Trade Ever"  Peter Krauth  Money
12/29/09  Gold’s Volatility is Your Free Leverage  Stewart Thomson  321 Gold
12/29/09  The Truth About Gold Prices Today  Bullion Vault Editorial  The Bullion Vault
12/23/09  Golden Santa: What’s In His Toybag?  Stewart Thomson  Gold–
12/23/09  Gold: Going Higher Or About To Pop?  Graham Summers  Gold–
12/21/09  Maund On Gold & Silver: Gold Market Update  Gold–  Gold–
12/21/09  Seven Lean Years  Dr Baltin  Gold–
12/18/09  Gold: How High Will the Price Go in 2010?  Paul Farrow
12/17/09  Eptstein On Gold & US Dollar  Ira Epstein  Gold–
12/17/09  As Good As Gold  John Browne  321 Gold
12/15/09  Gold Heading for $1,500 Before Mid–2010  Rhona O’Connell
12/15/09  Gold’s Old Enemies: Allies in 2010  Marc Davis  Gold–
12/14/09  Gold is Up on Russian Central Bank’s 30–Ton Purchase  Rocky Vega  The Daily Reckoning
12/14/09  The IMF Sold Gold–plated Tungsten Bars to India?  Youtube
12/14/09  Four Pillars of Gold Price Strength Remain Intact  Jeffrey Nichols  Mineweb
12/11/09  GLD Conspiracy Theories  Adam Hamilton
12/08/09  Does Gold Do Anything But Rise  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning Global Ed.
12/07/09  Gold Is Not Going Up – Paper Money Is Going Down  Egon von Greyerz  Gold–
12/04/09  Possible Gold Problems At The COMEX  Lundeen  Gold–
12/04/09  The Ups and Ups of Gold Ownership  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/04/09  The Gold Bull, Time for a breather or?  Sol Palha  Financial Sense
Gold and Silver Articles
Currencies News
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12/31/09  Fannie Debt Merger Monetization  Jim Willie CB  Gold–
12/31/09  The Mother of All Balance Sheets  Ian Mathias  The Daily Reckoning
12/30/09  USD Collapse 2012  Christopher Laird  Gold–
12/29/09  Gold Rises 1.5% as U.S. Dollar Falters  Humeyra Pamuk–Reuters  The Globe and
12/29/09  At Tiny Rates, Saving Money Costs Investors  Stephanie Strom  NY
12/23/09  Flaherty Says Russia, China May Buy Canada Dollars  Theophilos Argitis and Christopher Fournier  Bloomberg News
12/23/09  The Inflation Bomb Hiding On The Fed’s Balance Sheet  John Carney  Business
12/21/09  Swiss Franc Hit By Talk of Intervention  Peter Garnham  Financial Times
12/17/09  Latest Threat to Dollar Hegemony  Ambrose Evans–Pritchard
12/15/09  ’Good peg’ Illusion  Chan Akya  Asia Times Online
12/15/09  The Last Real American Dollar  Bill Downey  Gold–
12/15/09  Recognition of the US Inflation Problem  Steve Saville  Gold–
12/14/09  Fall in Short Positions Bodes Well For Dollar  Peter Garnham  Financial Times
12/14/09  The Fed’s "Independence" Argument Is False  Washington’s Blog  Prison Planet
12/12/09  Winners and Losers as the Dollar Falls  Bill Marsh  NY
12/11/09  Cash Trades on Bluff and Deception  Bill Baker  Conservative
12/11/09  Dollar Rises to 2–month High on Euro  Reuters  
12/11/09  Central Banks In Rising Nations Bulk Up On Gold,Fueling Prices  Norm Alster
12/09/09  Euro Faces ’Bearish Setup’ Against Dollar: Technical Analysis  Chris Fournier  Bloomberg News
12/08/09  The Coming Cyclical Collapse of the Dollar  Bob Clark  Financial Sense
US Dollar Articles
Economy News
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12/31/09  My Ten Predictions for 2010  Thomas Tan  321 Gold
12/31/09  A Hell of a Decade  Peter Schiff  321 Gold
12/31/09  False Hope in the Real Estate Comeback  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/30/09  Leading the American Middle Class Through a Lost Decade  Chuck DiFalco  Financial Sense
12/29/09  We’re Screwed!  Phil Maymin  Fairfield
12/29/09  U.S. Stuck in a World of Hurt  Market Watch Editorial  Market
12/29/09  Time To Fold  The Economist Editorial  Gold–
12/23/09  Caught In A Lie  Captain Hook  Financial Sense
12/23/09  Bernanke Tightens The Noose  Mike Whitney
12/21/09  Residential Lending Credit Losses Worsen, Gov’t Support, Unsustainable  Reggie Middleton
12/21/09  Has Moral Hazard Hit the FDIC?  Reggie Middleton
12/21/09  Regulators Shutter 2 Big Calif. Banks, 5 Others  Marcy Gordon–Apnews
12/21/09  Treasury Yield Curve Steepens to Record Amid Growth Outlook  Cordell Eddings  Bloomberg News
12/18/09  Profit Opportunities & Wealth Destroyers in 2010  DeepCaster LLC  Financial Sense
12/18/09  The Debt Time Bomb  Puru_Saxena  The Market Oracle
12/18/09  A New World War for a New World Order, The Origins of World War III  Andrew_G_Marshall  The Market Oracle
12/17/09  Economic Contraction Will Continue  Brian Bloom  Gold–
12/17/09  Awaiting a Fix of the Bubble Mistakes  Bill Bonner  The Daily Reckoning
12/15/09  Full Circle of Govt Debt Default  Jim Willie  Financial Sense
12/15/09  Mission Not Accomplished  Peter Schiff  Asia Times Online
12/14/09  Be Very Afraid of Obama’s Latest Big Brother Plan  Bradley Blakeman  Foxnews
12/14/09  Obama’s Big Sellout  Matt Taibbi  Rolling Stone
12/14/09  Top Economic Adviser: ’Of Course’ Recession Isn’t Over  Youtube  Prison Planet
12/14/09  Obama Says Banks Have Obligation to Aid in Recovery  Roger Runningen and Nicholas Johnston  Bloomberg News
12/14/09  Fastest Food Inflation Since Riots Means Milk Up 39%  Alan Bjerga, Madelene Pearson and Yi Tian  Bloomberg News
12/11/09  Joyce Warns of US ’Armageddon’  Mark Davis and Phillip Coorey  Sydney Morning Herald
12/11/09  Bernanke’s Golden Heirloom  Hossein Askari and Noureddine Krichene  Asia Times Online
12/07/09  2010 Ready or Not Here it Comes  Darryl Robert Schoon  321 Gold
12/04/09  Britain’s Inflationary Debt Spiral as Bank of England Keeps Expanding It’s Easing  Nadeem Walayat  The Market Oracle
12/04/09  Bernankeism – The Art of Spreading Starvation  Hossein Askari and Noureddine Krichene  Asia Times Online
12/01/09  Inflating Away the Debt? Not Really.  Steve Saville
Economy Articles
Geopolitical News
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