Feeding the Beast

The bestiary that comprises our federal system of government and its associated helper agencies such as the Federal Reserve and the IRS, has grown immensely over the last few administrations, and has changed in its basic character. Originally conceived as a protectorate of individual freedoms and dignity, the federal government has undergone a not too gradual transformation, a fundamental mutation at the level of its DNA. Radiation can create monsters in a next generation, and corporate monoliths, aided by a self-absorbed public dedicated to short term self-interest, have poured sleeting radiation onto the delicate and vulnerable genes of compassion and responsibility in all levels of our country’s governance, and transformed Washington DC into H G Wells’s Island of Dr. Moreau, peopled by creatures bearing but a distant semblace to their human antecedents.

These mutants are not freaks of nature. They did not arise spontaneously in response to the urgings of some overarching social Darwinism; they are freaks of our own making. The evils they promote have long been embraced by the American people themselves, and distill the greed and self-absorption of a populace willing to allow and ignore innumerable atrocities perpetrated by its leaders.

Our American corporate government has destroyed the independence and autonomy of dozens of third world nations. We send in hit squads to assasinate governmental leaders in these nations with leaders of our own persuasion and choosing, leaders who will play ball with Uncle Sam. Under the guise of noblesse oblige, we steal billions of dollars worth of natural resources. We arm opposing factions, fueling and instigating what amounts  to genocidal slaughter in the furtherance of these ambitions. We have shredded the Geneva Convention and thrown it into the round file along with the Constitution, and pretend to fight the inhumanity of terrorism by engaging in  the inhumanity of torture. We cheer a president who refuses to prosecute or even investigate the war crimes of the previous (and current) administration.

And while this happens before our noses, we the people have stood by silently, looking away and burying our heads in the sand, reaping the benefits obtained through these actions, and singing the songs of the “new age”, songs of “empowerment” (oh how we have come to love that word, whose central root is “power”) and “liberation” (which is a terrific irony) in between slurps of our microbrews and lattes.

I have heard so often now “How did this happen right before my eyes? Why didn’t we stop it before it went this far?”

I have seen and signed hundreds of petitions, written letters to congress, the senate, the president, attorney generals, and discussed endlessly with friend and foe equally the existing and approaching disasters. And yet I know I acted late in the game. I moved sluggishly until the alarm bells became so numerous and jangling that I had to act. I am fighting these mutants now, but their preparations have been decades in the making. I came late to the party, and the good seats are all gone…

Most people I started talking to years ago were offended that I was bringing these “negative” issues to their attention and exhorted me to “focus on the positive!” And it was clear to me that they had been following and would continue to follow their own advice. I slowly realized just how many ostriches were standing around me neck deep in sand, long rows of ostrich butts pointing skyward.

How do we defeat the bestiary, the grotesque, powerful, and savage Moreauvian mutants of Washington DC? We have written them, scolded them, exposed them, attempted to shame them (which completely failed… guess why!), appealed to their better natures (which completely failed… same reason), petitioned, blogged, talk-showed, tweeted, liked, disliked, etc.

In some cases our efforts have prevented or reversed a tragedy, ameliorated an injustice, or at least raised awareness. What about the really big issues? Trillions in bailouts “loaned” to the banks that brought about the housing collapse, replaced a robust production-based economy with a derivative-driven house of cards and wagered away trillions of investors’ and clients’ personal savings, retirement funds, etc., “loans” to be paid back by you and me and our children and their children and their children and their children’s grandchildren and great grandchildren forever and ever, amen; a national health “care” plan that makes HMOs look generous and carries heavy penalties for those who don’t want it and try to refuse, and that all polls showed clearly was in great disfavor with the majority of our citizens as “our” president rammed it through proudly and arrogantly over the protests of 70% of his constituents; and an Orwellian “enemy of the state” manufactured by the greatest false flag attack in history (911 was indeed an inside job – this REALLY should be past all debate now…) and used to justify nonstop violent US intervention in the Middle East, torture at Guantanamo, and the real point  – the complete deconstruction and dismantling of the essential personal rights  (no longer) guaranteed US citizens by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

What more can we do? First, if you are doing nothing, start doing SOMETHING! Write letters, discuss, call politicians, etc. But lets go deeper. (Again the question: How did this happen in the first place, and what can we really do to stop it?)

Second, Stop voting strictly for candidates paraded by the 2 party system. Don’t accept the myth that you are “wasting your vote” if you don’t choose between a Democrat or a Republican. VOTE FOR WHO YOU REALLY WANT, never for the ripoff compromise offerings by the corrupt powers that be. START ENCOURAGING EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO DO THE SAME. Make it clear that voting for either of these parties’ bully boys and girls is truly wasting your vote (not to mention the shame of knowing one day that you voted for the man or woman who became Hitler, that your constant “its gotta be one or the other, all other votes are a waste” refrain is EXACTLY why we can’t seem to pry ourselves loose from these monsters.) DON’T ACCEPT THE TWO-PARTY LINE ANYMORE. I am NOT saying “Never vote Republican” or “Never vote Democrat” – just vote for who you really WANT. I actually like a few (as in very few) Democratic AND Republican politicians. Generally the ones that the other members of their own party most despise.

Third, don’t act or think like the people you blame for the problems, whether they be big corporate CEO types, corrupt politicians, dirty dishonest big pharma folks, or Monsanto. Be honest. Be courageous.

Put self-interest on the back shelf and think of the future, and your children’s future, in this country, and the future of this country, in the world. Act morally, ethically, honestly, and vigorously. Be diligent, read everything, never accept the first thing you hear – research EVERYTHING. Never let a friend make up your mind for you (much less a news station, Oprah, Ellen, your bartender…) Make up YOUR OWN MIND.

In other words, go off automatic pilot and grab the steering wheel. Do so now, and never let go of it again.

And maybe, just barely maybe, by the skin of our teeth, in the 11th hour, against all odds – you can REALLY make a difference! You want change you can believe in? Look in the mirror.

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