The Obamacare War on the American People

obamacarepicI received a newsletter from, one of the far left hyperliberal organizations I “belong” to. They always provide interesting stuff; 5% of it worthy causes, 95% of it highly amusing glimpses into the mind of the Obamaton, and some of the whiniest and most misguided rants I’ve ever read anywhere.

This one paints a black and white picture of pro-Obamacare vs anti-Obamacare thinking in such lurid and drastic tones that I thought you might find a few quotes from it amusing.

Here is an excerpt from their latest offering, The GOP plot to destroy Obamacare:

“A group of evildoers has a plot to destroy Obamacare — they’re offering the President an impossible choice: They’re prepared to sabotage the entire U.S. economy unless Democrats defund Obamacare, sacrifice millions of uninsured citizens and put insurance companies back in charge.

If it sounds like a super-villain plan to you, you’re not alone. But extremist Republicans are obsessed with repeal — to the tune of 40 failed repeal votes. I am not making this up — they want to shut down the entire U.S. government and force default on our nation’s obligations. And all so they can keep millions of Americans uninsured.

We can send in the super-heroes and defeat this crazy plan, before it goes too far. But to do it, we need your support.”

Note the characterizations, and the sliced and diced salad of lies they promote:

“A group of evildoers”
No, the real evildoers are the politicians and health care companies that collaborated to create this train wreck, ensuring huge profits to the companies, and the worst, most bureaucratic, most expensive, mandatory, penalty-ridden, economy-destroying piece of crap that passes for a “health” plan the world has ever seen.

“sabotage the entire U.S. economy”
What a joke. Obamacare ALL BY ITSELF, even without a war in the Middle East, is more than capable of sabotaging the US economy.

“they’re offering the President an impossible choice”
And the “choice” the president offered the American people when the polls showed two-thirds of us did NOT want this health plan? Remember the godfather? “Let me make you an offer you can’t refuse…” That was the choice WE got.

“sacrifice millions of uninsured citizens and put insurance companies back in charge.”
Who’s kidding who here? The insurance companies ARE in charge with Obamacare, like they never have been before. They have the IRS standing by armed to the teeth to go after anyone who doesn’t “comply” with Obamacare’s requirements, which are themselves designed to put the final nail in the coffin of both small businesses and full-time jobs (employers can’t WAIT to cut worker hours below the Obamacare minimum to avoid having to deal with this health plan, thus, full-time jobs are dropping like a stone while part-time jobs (ususally right on the edge – 29.5 hours a week…) are mushrooming.

If it sounds like a super-villain plan to you…
Hey they got this one right! Obamacare IS a super-villain plan. Oh wait, they’re not talking about Obamacare as a super-villain plan, they mean OPPOSITION to Obamacare. Oops.
And what a mature intelligent phrasing – “super-villain plan”. Childish, and you don’t get more polarized than that (“super-villain” vs “super-hero” – give me a break already).
Well, the hyperliberals always have had a comic book grasp of reality…

“extremist Republicans are obsessed with repeal”
Whew, what a relief that there’s no such thing as extremist Democrats obsessed with passing this health plan; then we’d REALLY be in trouble!
Damn, I got it wrong again.
They ARE extremist democrats obsessed with passing this crap!
Double oops.

“And all so they can keep millions of Americans uninsured”
Yes, let’s make it clear from the outset that the Republicans’ primary motive in this couldn’t possibly be pulling our ass out of a real disaster – they MUST want to hurt Americans, they’re sadists, they are trying to do harm. I mean, what else could it possibly be?

Let’s paint this as black and white as possible.
Obama and all Obamanites – super-heroes. Everyone else – super-villains.
That makes life so much simpler… we don’t need to think anymore!!

“But to do it, we need your support.”
Drum roll… and now the punchline.
Kind of like paying someone to shoot you in the head…

Welcome to the comic book black and white world of Obamacare and the hyperliberal Democrat playground.
( I wonder if they’ve killed the rodeo clown yet…)

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